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  • Why is llc less risk? i know that the legal paper trail requirements are lower... but i dont know of any other major benefit than ability to share profit and loss disproportionate to ownership stake... which could be a double edged sword too... what risk is covered in llc that is not covered in corp?

    in fact i chose corp because it was cheaper.... thats it.

    the low risk lies in the fact that any adverse decision you may have to take ever (God forbid) like bankruptcy does not affect your own personal credit history and assets. I am not sure whether the same exists for corp or not. So I may be wrong regarding the low risk factor of LLC. But I always had the notion of starting any venture as an LLC and then moving on to a corp.

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  • I sent Flowers to Gonzalez Yesterday, it will be reaching tomorrow(Jul10th).

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  • In Dec DOS will move the EB2I date to april 01, 06. And USCIS exhaust the visa number by approving the 06 cases and retrogress back to april 01, 03.
    And whoever has the 03 and 04 PDs will be screwed as usual.:mad:
    It is not just the USCIS , DOS is also the culprit.

    If that happens, it will give me a stronger reason to return to India. In fact, at times I feel that is exactly what's going to transpire. The dates probably will keep inching forward and then make a U turn somewhere and I'll be back in India much sooner. And I don't think it would be that bad considering growth opportunities back home and of course our accumulated savings which will go out of the country along with us.

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  • Agreed

    Article is as clear as mud. What exactly he is trying to deliver?

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  • There are 3 work categories,
    at least 3 queues each for three stages.
    the first queue had at one time, rir, regular and then bec, perm added to the mix.
    EB portings.
    07/07 havoc
    name check delays.

    a single queue at the end.

    bottomline, PD monthly graph is arbitrary.
    if your PD remains current for at least three months in a row and everything else is clear, there is good chance you are out of the pipeline.

    Excellent point. I think it would be almost impossible to predict an exact number since people would be in and out of the line becz of above factors but atleast they should be more reasonable than from all current to all na to 06 to 03....

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  • 5 for legals and 10 for illegals.
    That's the only fair thing to do, for us suckers as well as for the illegals. And the lawmakers anyway have to create the perception that illegals are being "punished" in some form (In this case, by having a greater number of years)

    The other option is to state, that they can apply but they wont get processed (approved) until all the other applicants in the legal categories are processed first. Given the size of the illegal community, they will start pushing the USCIS through their morchas, etc to process faster and the legals can benefit as a result.

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  • Why don't we mail copies of our degree certificates, diplomas and other credentials? They will know who is more educated..Lou Dobbs or us !!!

    Thanks for your message.

    The issue at hand is not to "prove" if you are educationally qualified rather long delays in legal employment based immigration. So sending copies of degree certificates may not convey our message. Also, if we wrap the stoppers in the photo copies of the degrees that might show subtle disrespect to American learning institutions that gave you those degrees. On the contrary, these degrees are to be framed, if you want to. We want positive message e.g. stop reverse brain drain.

    Stopper is a good idea because it weaves two ideas very effectively:
    - Stop American jobs from off-shoring : use a stopper
    - Stop reverse brain "drain" from America to keep America competitive : use stopper

    This concept of reverse brain drain is well documented by the recent Kauffman foundation study http://www.kauffman.org/items.cfm?itemID=906
    where they mention that 100K high skilled immigrants have left US to go back to India, China and other countries.

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  • I called some and it feels like not many had started calling yet.
    Please Call.
    Please Call.
    Please Call.
    Please Call.

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  • Dunno how credible this information is, but quoting from usvisainfo (Pederson Immigration Law Group, P.C. - Home (http://www.usvisainfo.com/))... "Mr. Charles Oppenheim who is the official in charge of the Department of State visa number allocations and probably the only person alive who truly understands the mysterious and sometimes mystical movement of immigrant visa numbers made the following predictions for the movement of visa numbers during the current fiscal year as of October 17, 2009:

    * Indian EB2 may become unavailable by March or April 2010 for the remainder of the fiscal year.
    * Indian and China EB3 category will like advance a little in December 2009.
    * Indian EB2 has 35,000 applicants in line.
    * Indian EB3 has 54,000 applicants in line.
    * Worldwide EB2 should remain current for this fiscal year.
    * There are 15,000 EB2 Chinese applicants in USCIS line as of 10/13/09.

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  • The reason why most people end up with such situations is that the employers don’t file for H1 extensions on time. Though the law allows filing of H1 extensions upto 6 months before its expiry, most employers file for extensions only at the last moment. It’s advisable to go for premium processing in such cases, so as to get the approvals on time.

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  • Just bought a T-shirt and donated for the event.
    Will definitely be there on the lobby days!

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  • it is the job profile that dictates whether the case is eb2 or eb3 - the applicant should meet the criteria for the job. not the other way around.

    Sure. h-1b is now; labor is what you are going to do when greencard gets approved.

    try telling a consultant who is qualified for eb2 that the job dictates it is eb3 and they won't sleep or eat -:).

    Reality of the process and how it works is quite different. If you really wanted to pick on things; DOL assessment of education and experience dictate that all of the IT positions should not require more then bachelors and four years of experience (ever IT labor filed with eb2 requirements it to be answered that the job requirements are NOTnormal for the positoin.

    If companies don't want to file eb2 then employee will not stay (they cannot fathom waiting 10 years for greencard).

    Maybe people don't want to hear this but that is reality of the situation.

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  • what a timeless masterpiece!!!
    gives me goosebumps everytime i listen to this!!!

    Couldnt agree with you more - absolute magic from ghalib

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  • You are an anti-immigrant troll. Good we caught you.
    I know your kind

    Now you will go to your site and announce how bravely you fought with H1Bs

    Oh really . My bad ...lol:D

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  • Hi,

    I am also in the same boat and waiting for the approval as I have recently took a new job with EAD. Yesterday I called USCIS to check what the options are if I don't get my EAD in 90 days. The customer service representative told me to take an info appointment further to get the Interim EAD. I have explained him that local offices are not giving Interim EADs and surprisingly he told me the following thing.

    "You can continue the work with I765 receipt notice provided your employer is OK to continue and told me to provide the receipt notice to the employer as a proof of your application is in pending. As I am surely aware of the fact that in order to continue the work we must have an approved physical EAD. I was totally surprised and asked him "Are you sure?? can we continue the work with the receipt??", he replied "Yes and only if your employer agrees for that!"

    I have no clue???? What to do, friends please share your thoughts on this.

    Hope you noted the officers's ID number. if not, call again and see if you can get similar reply with some other officer. If you get the reply, try to get it in writing and also get the officers ID number, note the date and time.

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  • Thanks Admin..I can understand..we can only try ..I am happy that IV is trying..\

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  • Hi all,
    my priority date is jan 2003.first ours was at TSC and then it was transferred to VSc and now it was transferred to TSC.

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  • Maybe we are not looking at this article in the right context.

    This artilce was written for the purpose of Russian version of 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'. So it was written in the context of commedy. Lets read it and laugh about it as was intended by its author.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha, it means I just finished reading the article.



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  • Please contribute so that we can work/lobby for changes


    Outlook is very very grim without a bill from what I understand. EB3 India is going to be in a hole and EB3 PDs that are 2006 and later have a really long wait time ahead that they are not imagining. We are all hopeful by nature and look forward to visa bulletins with a positive attitude but such PD folks may be disappointed month after month for several years. For EB2 India it is important to know number of ported cases. EB3ROW folks also need to worry now. Their journey may not be that smooth due to spillover rules and high demand. We need to get data via FOIA to make a better guesstimate. Without such data we will hear various theories, predictions and interpretations from various websites and blogs that may not be always true.

    USCIS has specified that they would have processed all the records into a single database by 29th October.

    Does this not mean that there could be a forward movement in the Nov bullietin ?

    Could be -ve too .We will all be surprised if we see a +ve movement.

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