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  • Might be EB2-I. EB3-I becoming current I don't think so.

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  • This whole spelling bee thing is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. By any standards, it is pure and simple torture to subject the kids to memorizing thousands of words and their stupid spellings. And what use is that? Have they never heard of something called SPELL-CHECK in Microsoft Word and other email services ?

    Or are they afraid that their kid will go to a job interview and someone might ask them to spell the word that no one on the planet ever uses and is only present in the Oxford Dictionary.

    Those who subject their kids to such a regimented, rigorous, scripted childhood are preparing a next generation of work-force that would only know how to follow the orders and accept directions.

    85 % of the fortune 500 CEOs are not MBAs. And the other 15% that have an MBA, only 3 of the 15 have done MBA from an IVY LEAGUE school.

    What that tells you is that too much education and scholarly childhood increases your job security, in that sense that you will never be unemployed, but it decreases the chances that you will be on the top or you will be a billionaire.

    The biggest prize goes NOT TO people who can follow directions and know everything, but who can GIVE directions and get things done.

    Absolutely true, It is torturing the kids for the aspirations of the parents to be seen in the national TV and for award.
    It is not the poor kids are not getting the award, it is the parent, especially it is the trend with indians.

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  • Ideally you would like her to come to states at least for 2-3 business days to get court marriage and filing of docs, but if thats not the case then this is your best option.


    Let's say, I am not able to do that. But, do you suspect that they might APPROVE my 485 BEFORE my PD gets current? If they don't then, I am in no trouble, isn't that right? If they don't approve, then, I can add her into AOS when my PD gets current again assuming I don't file for EAD (I won't - I like my employer for now).


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  • Just signed up to contribute $20 per month. Will bump up the amount soon!!

    Thanks srgadi. Need more people to come forward.

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  • As illustrated below, since 1994 there have been over 218,000 un-recaptured employment-based visas lost due to underutilization of the employment-based visas."

    Some unused EB #s were recaptured for families in following year. For example, in 1994 there were 29,430 (column 2) unused EB #s. However, 27,721 (= 253,721 (column 3) - 226,000 (family quota)) of these #s were recaptured for families. Thus, only 29,430 - 27,721 = 1,709 (column 4) were un-recaptured.

    Also, 50,000 unused EB #s from 01-04 were recaptured for Schedule A.

    Finally, unused EB #s in 99 and 00 were recaptured, hopefully for EB.

    Thus, unused EB #s are more important then un-recaptured EB #s (mentioned above) since some of them have not been recaptured for EB.

    The unused EB #s is 506,384 (total column 2) - 98,941 (99 recaptured for EB) - 31,098 (00 recaptured for EB) = 376, 345

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  • whats ur pd? eb3 or eb2? which country? ??????

    Bangladesh ---EB3

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  • What if DMV refuses to renew the license if I-94/H1 is extended for 1 year (mostly in the case of H1 extension beyond 6th year) but is not stamped on your passport. This happened with me. DMV officer insisted on visa stamped on my passport and he was not ready to accept the I-797 form which I was showing. Finally, I've to go to other DMV and count on my luck to get my license renewed.
    This is a as much a problem with DMV as a problem with employees. I did not 100% agreed with your comments that it's a problem with an employer. Now a days even filing 6 months prior to expiration is not guranteed to give you a timely approval.
    In Florida, no matter if you have 1 yr or 3yrs I-94/Visa, they only issue you a license for 1 year. Period. Florida..anyway sucks.

    Also, can someone tell me, once you get an EAD, can we use that to get the license renewal?

    Yes, I agree with you. Asking for valid visa stamp is too much, the latest I-797 and latest valid I-94 should be enough to get driver's license, because latest valid I-94 proves that you are legal and that's enough. Passport stamp is not neccesary to prove legal status.

    The sad part is that employers should get involved with state legislature and state regulators, DMV etc to make sure their foriegn workers have ability to get driver's license based on approved I-797. Its a mess.

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  • Called 3 from Ohio and left messages. I will call most of them tonight.


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  • chandrajp, many times it's not because of rules. It is common courtesy to go to a cafeteria if one is available. Smell of Indian food in general (it's a fact not criticism) may have a distracting effect in a work location so it should be eaten in a cafeteria (if available). Also, we need not emulate other people's lack of courtesy and do the same thing (like some people quoted Americans eating burgers in their cube). If we have the option, we should eat in the appropriate location.

    In addition, with respect to discrimination, I do not condone it at all but we need to do a reality check for ourselves as well. I have never worked in India since I left the country 10 years ago but my friends working in India have told me how their managers have humiliated them by speaking in a regional language in meetings that they didn't know. So wherever there is a difference of culture, language etc., unfortunately human beings tend to behave the same i.e. discriminate against others who are different from them. For example, how do we explain the 'Fair & Lovely' ads? It's blatant discrimination based on skin colour.

    Discrimination should be done away from every aspect of life.

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  • I do not think they told us the lies, I think we raised our expecations too much, we did not do our homework. its one of those advertisement gimmicks,
    where they say everthying is free and at the bottom of the page there are all kinds of restrictions written in small fonts.


    BS. i found out about the 10,000 visas rule after 5 years here. before that it was always "you'll do well, you know math and so on".

    how many of you realize that the queue gets longer every year by _seven_ years? how many people applying for h1 know this?

    its not that i didn't read the fine print. _they_ kept the fine print. i was never even allowed to see it.

    and when i asked for the promotions etc due to me for my work, they said, you're free to leave.

    the intimidation is clear.

    in hindsight, yes, i should have paid a US lawyer consulation before coming here. but before coming here i've worked in 4 countries and the experience was always nice.

    except here.

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  • ###

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  • The silicon link does not work. Have they removed the article???
    try now



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  • DOJ does not ask congress to act. They directly give orders to executive branch that is USCIS in this case, based on their judgment..

    Right on. DOJ can order the recapture.

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  • So what is the general feeling about the Original GC sponsoring Job, Should we continue the Primary Job and Start a company on the sides. In my case

    1. I am not on H1B anymore
    2. I am already using my EAD with my GC sponsoring employer.
    3. My Employer is ok if i leave the company ( i have been with them for 6-7 yrs now and they have made enough from me...fair enough i think)
    4. My employer will not revoke the I-140 for sure.
    5. My client is ok to work with me if i start my own company.

    All the above points make me inclined towards starting a company and work for it, Do you think it is not advisable to change the employer specially in the case when you are starting your own company..

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  • Thanks Bhasky25.:)
    If you will be benefited by �I-485 filing without current priority Date�, please vote YES on the Poll.
    Then please send an email to ivcoordinator@gmail.com with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your 1) IV username 2) Email address 3) Ph#, 4) State of Residence, 5)Priority Date so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated. Please refer to the first post on the thread and use the flier,talk to your friends/colleagues to spread the message.We need all members to get involved

    Labor is done via perm process and they are now centrally processed (only prevailing wage is state dependent). Your company can apply for it online and you should get a result in 3-4 wks if the case is not audited. Good Luck to you.

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  • EB3 was like that most of the time. If you go back to 1995 all of the categories were current. China had cut off dates as more chinese than Indians were coming. From there number of H1bs were increased gradually.From 1997 they put cutoff dates and by the time 1999 things got worsened and there were 4 year waiting time and Many people were leaving country because of 6 year Cap of H1b. 1999 first time h1b cap was reached and 40% of them were Indians. In 1999 and 2000 demand for IT was so high and unemployment was record low US economy was in internet Boom. So congress realized that they need to do something. So they increased H1b(for 3 years) and recapture of GC and also AC21 was done. After Dot com Bust everything changed and outsourcing was so much and Indians were using 60% of H1b and equal number of L1. Still Indian H1b and L1 are increasing as there are more Indian consulting companies than H1b Cap numbers. So it will become worse for EB3 as there are so many restrictions of Eb2 unless congress increases GC quota. But it is going to be tough for any immigration reform as economy is very bad and unemployment is increasing. But if there is CIR there is a good chance of recapture bill to pass with CIR. Otherwise AC 21 is only way to survive here for those who filed I485.It is going to be challenging for those who not filed I485 as they have to survive as well they need to maintain immigration status

    i am getting frustrated to see the bulletin everymonth and it never moves.
    people applied in 2006 got their GCs. one of collegue ROW got when applied in 2007.

    dont know whom to blame. why cant they understand our problems.
    r they least bothered.

    my PD is oct 2003-EB3

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  • Yoda says:

    Bill hard to be approved that it is.

    Unemployment rising for Americans rapidly it is. Tough to let more immigrants like us get jobs from Americans. Obama try he will.

    Be the Force be with you. IV contribute more should you.

    Done !

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  • I respectfully disagree, he is the president of USA and to its citizens, you might morally/personally declare him to be your president, but as long as your passport is not from USA you my friend are an alien (not extraterrestrial) living in the US of A :), please dont take this personally I am in the US too, and I got my passport recently renewed, and I had to pledge my allegiance in order to get my passport. It's just a law point. And I wish you all the best in your endeavor. Bharat mata ki Jai.

    Bharat mata ki Jai. ...This is height of hypocracy. I don't want to live, work or raise family in India, but for others ..."Bharat mata ki Jai". I want to come to US, live here, work here, earn US dollars, show-off to family/friends back in India, want and beg for GC/Citizenship, stood in line for year to GC or married citizen just to get GC, but ..."Bharat Mata ki Jai".:cool:

    Oye ... kis nu ullu banna reha hain? Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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  • Is it a guaranty or just assumption that we get GC in few months if we pool $300 ??? sounds to me is a guaranty.. can you back this up with reasonable explanation????

    Sorry, if I did not state properly. I did not mean it and there is no guaranty. But if we have more money, IV core can go ahead and lobby with full force.

    Apologize for the miscommunication.

    Guys, we have 200+ members on board but only a fraction have contributed. So does that mean that the rest do not know about this?
    Please pass on this message to your friends
    As you probably know, Employment Based immigration is currently showing years of retrogression; more than 350,000 labor applications are stuck in the backlog centers and there is no information on when we can see even a ray of hope. Applicants have to wait for their green cards for as many as 4-7 years, depending on the country where they were born. With retrogression, applicants are unable to complete their final phase of green card even if they have cleared all the previous hurdles. We, a group of volunteers at www.immigrationvoice.org (http://www.immigrationvoice.org) . We have set up a non profit organization to work towards resolution of these problems.
    In the past we have seen that due to a lack of professional representation, employment based immigration issues have been ignored by the lawmakers. The latest example has been dropping of section 8001 & 8002 from the Budget Reconciliation Bill passed by the congress in December 2005. With comprehensive immigration reforms on the anvil in the early part of 2006, the time to act is now. However, with the current political scenario and the overpowering debate about illegal immigration, this is going to be an uphill battle. We have already initiated talks with professional strategists who have in the past been able to achieve goals similar to the ones we are working for. We feel that these are the following ways a professional strategist can help:
    1. Identify feasible goals that can be achieved and are representative of the people in this forum. We should not have to piggy back on H1s or illegal immigration - we need an identity of our own
    2. Identify the champions amongst the lawmakers, alliances, organizations who are willing to shoulder some or all of the responsibility in passing provisions to solve retrogression & address labor backlogs centers.
    3. Identify opportunities to meet/interact with those mentioned in point no 2.
    4. Help us in putting our points across cohesively and in a way relevant to the political situations
    5. Keep a close monitor on the progress and the situation so as to identify the opportunities as they arrive.
    Hiring professional strategists requires several thousands of dollars. If we hope to counter some of the anti immigration propaganda, we have to accumulate funds to the tune of atleast about $100k. Keeping this and the short deadline in mind, we would urge you to contribute at http://www.immigrationvoice.org . To lead by example, the volunteers have themselves come forward with contributions - in one night we had a collection of around $5000 from 20 contributors. This is a tiny fraction of what we as an organization need.
    We also need your contribution in terms of your ideas and efforts by registering you as a Volunteer. Please be assured that funds and their utilization would be transparent in this process. All the volunteers will be provided a weekly update on the funds collected and their utilization. We look forward to you helping us and yourselves.
    Please contact us for more info at info@immigrationvoice.org

    Your Name

    i am getting frustrated to see the bulletin everymonth and it never moves.
    people applied in 2006 got their GCs. one of collegue ROW got when applied in 2007.

    dont know whom to blame. why cant they understand our problems.
    r they least bothered.

    my PD is oct 2003-EB3


    Having PD earlier than you, I completely understand your frustration. But just talking about it is not going to help. We need to work as a team to fight this injustice. Follow all the action items.

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