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  • Sure Buddy !! Sure !!
    So....What's the point? The employees at USCIS are humans too. Give them a break will ya? They are doing the best they can to accomodate everyone in here.

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  • Guys and Gals,
    I decided to go with my credit union and called them this morning to lock the rates. I just received some disclosures and rate lock agreement, when I was reading it, there was a section where it asks "Are you a U.S citizen?", loan office assumed that I'm a citizen and checked the box.

    I understand that I should tell them the truth, but wondering if that may increase my interest rates. Please share your experience or advice you may have for me.

    H1B - Valid till 2011
    EAD - Expires on Sept 08 (will be renewing it soon).

    You have to inform that you are in H1 ...Mention to them that you are processing your green card.I own my home for the past 4 years.At first she was hesistant and later she did work out great rates for me.Actually it does not matter.

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  • tell him u need a copy of ur 140 he might mail u a scanned copy of the same. Then switch the company using this 140.
    i know its a dumb idea.:rolleyes:
    but u have to take a chance.;)
    if ur employer is pissed off he might revoke ur 140 :eek: :eek:

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  • 05/26/2006: Critical Role of House-Senate Conference Committee and Importance of Selection of the Conferees

    More than ever, in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation, the role of the upcoming House-Senate Conference Committee will be critically important. Traditionally, once conference committee reaches an agreement, the floors of both Houses usually accepted the compromise report of the conference committee. It is thus critically important to learn who will be selected to the conference committee by each House. The key players in the selection are the Speaker of the House, the President of the Senate, Majority and Minority leaders in both Houses.
    In the Senate, the floor has already decided how the conferees from the Senate will be selected. It proposes to send conferees at the ratio of 14 from the House and 12 from the Senate. On the Senate side, all the conferees will be selected from the Judiciary Committee at the ratio of 7 from the Republicans and 5 from the Democrats. On the Republican side, the Majority leader will select the seven Republican conferees and the Minority leader will select the five Democrat conferees. Without doubt, the Democrats will select the hardcore supporters of the CIR, but it is unclear who the Majority leader Bill Frist will pick on the Republican side. He may attempt to balance between the hardcore supporters and the hardcore opponents within the party. We just wish that the hardcore Republican opponents who posed a roadblock to the today's passage of the bill in the Senate as revealed in the amendment and final roll calls do not take a dominant power on the Republican side of the Senate delegaton. Readers may want to know who these opponents are by checking the voting records of S. 2611.

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  • Are you sure? Cause I did work with them, no one imagined the crisis of real estate was going to be soooo steep and also no one imagined that my i-485 was going to be approved so fast.
    I can proof I worked with them from 2002-2006 (4 years). They gave me a letter saying they still not able to get me a job, i did have intent to work with them.

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  • I'm trying to secure a residency in one of the hospitals in the US and my husband is already has I140 approved for himself. Currently i'm in the US on H-4 status and want to apply for residency at one of the hospitals. The problem is, some hospitals only offer J-1 visa and i know there is some restrictions to J-1 visa, that i might have to serve in some under serve area for ? years.

    I was thinking that i can sign the contract but by the time i'm done with my residency, my husband will already have his EAD or atleast GC and he wil aplly for me as well. WOuld this releive me of the responsibility to serve in an underserve area ot not? Thanks.

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  • Hi All,

    I would really appreciate everyone's honest opinions on this matter.

    We filed 140 and 485 concurrently in July 2007, EB3. As of now there is no word on either application. Previously we had also obtained Canadian PR, the 3 year grace period of which will expire this August.

    Not only am I faced with a decision of staying in the US or going to Canada, but my future career is on the line too. This year I will be 23. After taking my undergrad degree in electrical engineering, I have been accepted into Boston University Law School in the US as well as the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law in Canada. Canadian lawyers make around half as much as American ones after all factors are considered.

    In your opinion, should I stay in the US, going to law school, in hopes that the green card will come through, or should I pursue a new life in Canada, but take the lower future salary / international renown?

    This issue is currently causing much discord in my family. I hope to hear your frank opinion so that I won't take my decision lightly.

    Many Thanks! :)

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  • Guys pls stop taking useless info pass appointments. People like me who have not received EAD and may loose the job are not able to get infopass appointments because of all the people taking appt to know the 485 status. Pls understand......

    We always get appointments with in less than 24 hrs in the local USCIS office(closest to Upstate New york). I don't think its a big deal here. I am not sure about other offices.

    Again based on the urgency, one can always decide whether to take info pass or not. Appointment time frame is always same for everyone. Unless its urgent(relative to personal needs), one can always take an appointment with USCIS.

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  • about your situation, but what I heard if you want to keep your H1b you need to find new job in 2-3 weeks.....

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  • Hi!
    My lawyer filed my application in Nebraska on July 2 ( it should have been filed in Texas). Probably it will get transfered to Texas?

    But I have not recieved any updates on my case
    - no checks cashed
    - no reciepts issued.

    The USCIS asks me to wait for 3 months ( till Oct 2) to help in any way.

    Is any one in similar situation. Is this normal?


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  • His name is Yann ,I hosted him .

    myself , chandu , siddhi, poonam and tikka had lunch with him at the Union Station and he did tell us his experiences .
    Ppl on their own have to realize the importance of a movement like this .No amount of convincing by friends/relatives would make any difference.

    Hats off to ppl like Yann , Swede who really understood what this rally was all about...

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  • I am under the impression that atleast in Illinois, the local law enforcement (police) CANNOT ask for the legal status or check any documents if it is a routine traffic stop or just pull you over and then ask for the documents. I know for a fact as this had become a big issue at one of the Chicago's northern suburbs recently and was in news for quite some time. There were two sections of citizens who wanted police to check and others (ACLU) argued that legal status was a federal jurisdiction and the local law enforcement were not authorized to check and violated the rights.

    I think only ICE or CBP can ask that and how many of them are around in cities/ towns far away from the border?

    I assume the same is true with other Police Depts.

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  • Pappu, thanks for the update. Mr.Kaplan's testimony was pretty assuring. Will the transcript of the Q&A be available in the electronic format as well?

    IV Update:

    IV had contacted Lance Kaplan, (speaker today ) as well as American Council on International Personnel he was representing. Here is the testimony of Lance Kaplan.

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  • :mad: 12/11/2006: USCIS Considers Termination of Concurrent Filing (140/485)

    According to the USCIS rule-making agenda, the USCIS is to propose to terminate current concurrent I-140 and I-485 filing. The proposed rule is scheduled to be published in March 2007 with 60-day comment period. It is thus not imminent, but in the later part of next year(Oops!), the immigrant community may see a totally different filing procedure including electronic registration and filing just like current PERM labor certificaiton application procedure. Once the concurrent filing is terminated, the immigrants may experience a terrible pain as related to maintenance of nonimmigrant status pending I-140 petition, eligibility for 245K benefit, plus unavailability of EAD and AP pending I-140 petition, AC-21 180-day portability, etc. etc. Should the I-140 petition processing be dragged, the pain will be extremely unbearable!

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  • My AP online status says mailed on Sep 11 th. I have not received them yet.
    My wife AP online status said Sep 11 th. We received them on Sep 21 st.

    Even mine was approved on 18th september...Neither me nor my attorney has received it...It's frustrating..I have to travel to India next week..

    I received my EAD card in 4 days...I don't know why this is taking so much time.

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  • The time frame depends your infopass location. I went to DC USCIS Service center. I get appointment in 2 weeks.

    select option 2 (You are a new Permanent Resident and have not yet received your Permanent Resident Card)

    Infopass appointment letter, 485 approval notice and your passport is enough to get the stamp.

    It takes hardly 15 mts for me to get the stamping in the passport.

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  • Thanks for the thoughts. My EAD was approved last week and I already got it in mail.
    I aske my attorney's office and they say "document mailed" means its approved. I dont know what to make of it, guess I'll just wait to see something in mail.

    Hi ,

    I too got the same notice that the "Document is mailed" for AP. I hope it is the approval notice and no other information is req to process the case.

    Has anyone else got the same notice before receiving the actual AP docs in mail. Please let me know


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  • SO if USCIS wants to make a new rule of filing I485 for the one whose I 140 is cleared and priority date is not current, It CAN DO That RULE Right?
    We do not need any Congress approval for that Right?
    If so can we explore this option??

    I agree with you. Why we don`t explore this option ???? USCIS make so many rule by itself then why they don`t make this rule to file 485 while PD is not current without going in Senate. Like they start premium processing of I-140. They make this rule without any bill in US Senate. correct me if I am wrong

    I think, core team should look this option or ask us to find more information about it. I think, core team can meet with high official from USCIS.

    what do you guys think about it ??


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  • My 2nd I-140 which I wanted to use for interfiling was denied based on A2P - it is under Appeals now which will take forever; so I'm not a candidate for interfiling for the time being.

    Because of illegals granted amnesty any legal immigrant filing after Apil 30, 2001 faced longer waits and backlogs because they consumed the existing quota of immigrant visas. In essencem legals were penalized for obeying the law and standing in line.

    Let's do a poll to see how many EB3IND folks will be willing to be a party to a class action lawsuit to provide relief. Obviosuly if the lawsuit prevails the plaintiff's pending GC applications will be approved. GCOP, mirage or anyone else- want to put up a poll (i don't know how to do it)

    This might be a better option for many who cannot do a Writ of Mandamus lawsuit


    I got my EAD card for 2 years on 7/16.

    It was paper filing on 6/22 at Texas Service center.

    I hope everybody gets EAD card in time and continue working.

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