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  • I can understand cases where dates are current. But how they decide on cases which might have "visas available in coming months"? Do they know beforehand the movement of dates for coming months? or does that mean they continue pre-adjudicating cases in an order (probably by Priority Date)?

    Well - from what I understand is that - these are the low hanging fruits - just like how you optimize time and resources, they pick candidates that are approvable and and utilize the time to process.

    It is actually meaningless unless they make it public - say - send a letter saying that your case is preadjudicated and all we are doing here is waiting for the number.

    If it is something internal - then well as long as your file is lying on the shelf waiting for visa availability internal policies may change anytime.

    The entire preadjudication thing was started at the peak of economic turmoil - some say it was planned to weed out as many bad apples as possible from the GC queue by issuing denials, noids and rfes - if this is the case - then this will continue to happen as long as economy does not improve and job market is still bad.

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  • If this is true, it is really scary for people who are solely on EAD and no longer hold H1 status.

    New Traps for Aliens Filing for a Green Card (

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  • Statisitcs and Data on Green Card ( raises following issues

    Labor certification stats + AOS application stats + Name check stats + ...
    Also, keep in mind that IV is working on a permanent solution for future GC applicants
    Importance of employment based (EB) GC applicant grassroot lobbying
    Anemic EB GC applicant response
    Consequences of anemic EB GC applicant response

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  • Why did you do it? Oh why why why?

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  • Yes you said it right. See if IV can come up with some provision to encourage those who have expressed to shell out only few dollars. It doesn't look good critisizing those who have expressed their geniune feelings.

    The question here is not asking the Poster to donate more but rather tell him the provisions to contribute less as well.
    No two individuals are at the same thinking level. so his thoughts are that he can contribute less frequently if allowed. So let him know how he can do that. There may be many in the same boat like him.

    For the sake of generating more funds, let IV act like collection agency and look at the member as a customer/defaulter(those fence sitters). Collection Agencies make all sorts of efforts and provisions to collect money from these people. Finally they end up some how getting the money paid. There could be a payment installments based on the capability, lesser or higher amount, reminders etc. I am not sure if this anology is good for IV or not. The ultimate goal is to generate funds with the willingness from the members...

    You gave perfect examples here. Let's take a close look.

    If you think the atterney fee worth $10, you wouln't hire an atterney asking for $6k. Samething with the restraunt check. Samething with IV contribution. If you think $100 is too high, you don't pay it. But if you think it worth $10 you simply ask for it, like everybody will do. Imagine a car saleman responds to his potential buyer's request to a lower price of a car with insulting remarks, he'll loose this customer and many more.

    And IV ALLOWED everyone ...? You went too far, pal.

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  • ... Per the USCIS website, they are suppose to process even the first week of Mar 2006 although the Aug VB says it is 01MAR06 ...

    tooclose -

    Can you post the link to the page on the USCIS site which says so?

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  • I have my I140 approved long back but I wanted to make sure that we can get 3 yr extensions if we file 485 extensions.

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  • Agree on ur second point, however I was surprised with the context that "ok lets see how much we can buy the MS course and how soon can i finish it" as supposed to it will be great to do MS and lets see how I can furtherey ar my career with an added benefit of getting C in case of GC process.

    Again just my thoughts.

    How can some one further their career if they cannot take a higher qualification job because of AC21 constraints. MS or not i am sure that these people are qualified for better jobs, but they cannot advance their career because of lack of green card. To rectify that situation they are planning to do MS. So they are planning to do MS to further their career as you suggested which according to you is the right and moral way. I don't see any reason for surprise

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  • what is diff between llc and s-corp and which one is good to start?

    The latest issue of the inc magazine has a good article on this topic... that way you will get unbiased non-debate information...

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  • So, what are the options for EB3-I? It appears that porting to EB2 will be more difficult moving forward due to difficulties in getting PERM approved especially for IT professions.

    If the recapture of unused visas does happen, what is the estimate on how much EB3I would move?

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  • these movements are not really worth anything.. it has to overcome that resistance

    Dude, these are not stocks where resistance and support play parts, it is USCIS/DoS. All they offer: resistance from with-in with no support to its customers. I am surprised you are still trying to find a pattern/curve. At best, it can be represented by a squiggly line my nephew draws..

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  • Only way is Visa # recapture or USCIS Start interpreting the overflow rules as it was before 2007 or come up with some thing new to share between EB2/3.

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  • OMG... some imposter called Hrithik is trying to impose himself as paskal... god Save IV :D:D:D:D:D

    Isn't the new one cool enough. :D

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  • Contributed 25$ for this month

    Total contribution more than 450$

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  • Sent my second contribution in the last 3 weeks! I will keep contributing till I can, God willing!

    Thanx buddy

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  • My inside sources tell me that EB1-I is going to be scrapped, and all those waiting in this queue are to be declared "illegal aliens".

    But cheer up EB1-I, immigration reforms are on the horizon, with big sops for illegals.

    EB1- U (Always)
    EB2- Sep 2010
    EB3-Sep 2010

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  • My point is if we check our credentials, how many of us are 'true' innovators? I know I am not, I am an expert in what I do and am an asset to my company but I haven't filed any patents or publications which would be the true requirement for this country. My skills are indeed readily available in domestic workers as well. Could that be the reason for the backlog in EB-3 and none in EB-1? So do we need to do a reality check here? Just wondering if this could be the reason why we're getting a raw deal. Could it be that 'highly skilled' is not enough but 'genius' and 'highly skilled' is what's required here? Just a thought.

    I sit next to am all American worker who has 30 years of experience, has 3 master's degrees and claims some major achievements in his technical life. Facts: I had to set his browser's proxy multiple times so that he could connect to the internet. He does not have 1% of the skills he claims and the word is out that he will be laid off next week. Although I am sure he has a membership of Programmer's Guild and IEEE and all that (he wears soda glasses , and it really makes him look brilliant). The point is , cases such as these make our presence here viable.
    I have more examples of such geniuses I have seen over past 10 years.
    It is not a secret that all of us are not innovators.However one must accept that there is a shortage of people who can run these operations.In my professional life , I have not seen a skilled American unemployed. Financial reasons may force a business to lay off a good worker. However, if you are good , you get a job instantly.
    I am lucky to be working at a place where your skills are more important than your nationality.

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  • Even if its multiplied by 100 we should be ok, if the USCIS does a good of not waisting visas by doing their best in the month of Sep. Say we have 6500 * 2 .25 (Family) = 15000people waiting from EB2 2004. Looking at the spillover numbers from last year, we might be lucky enough. Just trying to be optimistic for the next 35 days.

    We received our 2nd biometric appointment notice for Sep 11th. Our Notice date is Sep 19th 2007. Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for something good. :)

    It may sound crazy, 2nd biometrics may not be good sign when dates are current. I had my 2nd FP in June09. I spoke with IO out of curiousity to know of any update- more so to know whether my case is pre-adjudicated (as there was lot of roar on recent preadjudication). IO told me my 'NC is pending'. I told her that around this time, last year, I was repeated told on infopass and on phone that my NC/BC etc is cleared and case waiting for Visa#. She that that is true but 2ND FP TRIGGERs NC and unless they get clearance they have to wait for 180 days before my case is ready for adjudication.

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  • bank a/c updation

    anyone from july filers got their cheques cashed and got reciepts.i am checking my bank a/c a 1000 times in a day but i think it gets updated only once in a day am i correct can anyone throw light on how many times bank a/c are updated in a day

    thanks for the replies

    Only once in a day ( Monday night to Friday night) for check transactions (NOT ATM)

    Can anyone recommend attorney who are good in AC21 and I-485 Motion To Reopen cases. Who is better, muthy or Oh law firm, or Ron Gotcher ? I am confused as to whose services I should take knowing that my I-140 will be revoked and if I have to file MTR.

    Yes. AC21 has nothing to do with AP directly.
    But it enables job easy change into a similar job if you have EAD. And that provision is predominantly used by people going thru the AOS process.
    When they use AC21 to change jobs, they are strictly in AOS and not in another visa status.
    My point was that when AC21 was made, they did not look at all the down stream impacts.

    anyways... lets not argue about AC21<->AP.

    Since DOS routinely updates their forms, why can't the the form used for AP be updated to change its wording?
    Can this be approached as an administrative fix?

    You can use H1-B transfer under AC-21 so you don't loose Non Immigrant visa just because you used AC-21 provisions.

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