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    It is highly discriminatory. However looks like it lets you drive till 2014.

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  • I opened 2 SR back in Oct for FP. My wife got FP in December whereas I got a letter to basically wait. I'm the primary and still waiting.

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  • The idea here could be to give tough time for people who do not have valid visas. If they cannot get drivers license because they are on expired visa they cannot drive.

    Illegals will anyway figure out a way to drive. They may even drive without a drivers license.

    We are the ones who have to bear the brunt of all these illogical rules.
    Can't we do anything about this ?

    I read somewhere in IV that employers can't even ask for the type of work authorization when giving a job.

    How come DMVs can ask our immigration status for drivers license ?
    There may be scope for some action here.

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  • My RFE's are
    1. Emloyment verification letter
    2. Proof of authenticity of Marriage.

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  • I am 19 yrs old and on H4 visa since Sept 2002. Will this act be of any help for students on H4 who will get be aging out shortly at 21 yrs.
    Your valuable input will be of great help. Please share your views.
    Or is the act only for students of Illegal parents.


    My son and you are in the same boat. He came here 9 years ago went to middle/high school here. Now, he is in college and will turn 21. He will not get his greencard because he is here on H4 legally.

    Isn't that a shame?


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  • The link to states clearly what "Last acition" is in your case.

    "The USCIS responded that the travel does not change the equation. The USCIS, through Efren Hernandez, Chief, Business and Trade Services Branch, reasoned that the last action would not be the travel and reentry in the prior status, but the previously-approved petition and change of status with a future start date. The travel does not invalidate the previously-approved USCIS change of status effective from a future date. This is because the last action regarding the person's status governs. "

    I believe there is no diffirence in that logic for extension of status or change of status. It would be good to find the original letter of Efren Hernandez.


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  • I applied my first H1B extension through my company in June 2008. On 11th Feb, I received REF. I am very much tense about it. Since I am out of project. I got cleared my I 140 with this company in July 2008.

    I applied H1B transfer(Normal process) also in October 2008 to other company . This one is still pending.
    I am very much tense about my status. Please suggest me what to do?

    Is it better to answer to RFE for first company?
    Can I do PP with second company? or else any better thing?


    months you are out of projects? if its more than 60 days then even though if you transfer to other company they will ask for pay stubs..... which you may/may not have......

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  • I think what is being conveyed is NOT that he is superior .... but that he has been in the US atleast 2 yrs more than when he actually started the journey towards GC by formally putting in an application

    Thanks for understanding Hinglish. :o

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  • basically, there are lot of people on the other site, who don't want to join iv but participate:) they think that they might be accidentally causing a benefit to iv by joining iv:)

    Such attitude is Worthless! How confident should we be that they will stick to the message and not go of on tangent in the meeting? It may be better off not to have them.

    If people believe a cause is worthwhile and will benefit them, they will come - and registering will not be an issue for them.
    If people don't want to do the heavy lifting, they will give any excuse - including registering as the detractor to join the cause. The change has to come from within and cannot be forced. You can talk to a person who has a question on what needs to be done during the advocacy days, you can talk to a person who has doubts - if he/she can be reasoned with, but you are wasting time with people who have no intention of participating to begin with!

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  • Thanks everyone for being patient and supporting us. The work is happening at all ends and it is an uphill task.

    We really need to increase our membership. Higher membership will mean us looking tall when we meet lawmakers. Please all try to help us spread the word of IV to everyone you know that is stuck in retrogression. We represent at least half million people but we currently not even have 6 thousand members. Thus we have to bring lot many people into IV. I would encourage everyone to pls. register on this forum instead of being visitors.

    Pls try to help us increase our membership in your own capacity, in any way you can. This is something everyone on this forum can help us with.

    What is current strenght of IV? I have not seen the number changed or updated for long?...Any update on Membership count as well as funds will be appreciated

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  • I have sent letter twice. They forward it as it is to USCIS and send a reply back that it has been forwarded to USCIS for action. Then you receive a letter or call from USCIS that your case cannot be considered unless your PD becomes current.

    How about you send the USCIS letter back to president again and tell him that this is not what you asked for. You already know PD is not current. The letter was for President to implement a fix A,B and C.

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  • what option you used to call? my case is similar. but both labor is mine(one stuck due to auto remand). I want to know if interfile is automatic or not? I am candidate for layoff this month end after 7 years of job in company. I also want to call to USCIS know.

    hi pd_recapturing/gene 77,

    Is there any update on your case, I have similar situation,

    I have applied my I485 with priority date of Jan2006 (my I 14O is approved).Mean time the same company
    applied a sublabor with a priority date july10,2001 for Eb3 ,which is current. Can i replace my old i140 with
    the new i 140(eb3). and if i success fully do so, do I have still have to be with same employer for another 180 days.

    When I called USCIS today they said some officer is reviewing my case, does this mean interfiling is automatic?

    My PD is current for 2001 july10 eb3 category?

    Please let me know...

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  • SOP - that is exactly the same reply I got. My PD is June 04, RD is 07/02/07, Notice Date is 08/24/07.

    Yes, there is not much we can do except for keeping our fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone who is waiting. I think visa numbers are exhausted for September. Let's hope October will bring some good news for us.


    Here is the same old Cockney reply from TSC on inquiry for my wife's case through my area congressman:

    TSC is currently processing I-485 visas based on filing date order. There are a large amount of cases that are being worked and your case will be worked in receipt date order. With the limited amount of visas that are currently available between now and September 30, 2009, there is no guarantee that your case can be completed before the end of FY2009. It is estimated, that in general, your case will be completed between 45 and 90 days.

    Thank you for your inquiry and please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have further questions regarding this case.

    Obviously that logic is bull crap, otherwise I also won't have been approved. We have the same receipt date and everything...........I guess there is so much we can do....


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  • I efiled EAD and AP for my wife and myself over this weekend. My earlier documents had been filed at TSC. In answering Question 11 of EAD, I "assumed" Dallas TX Field office and USCIS TSC are one and the same. So I selected Dallas TX Field office as the answer.

    When the receipts were generated for our applications they were generated for National Benefits Center with MSC as the prefix. This got me confused and I asked this question ( on IV. This evening to research what is going on I started a dummy application and saw what I had done wrong. I canceled the dummy application.

    I am writing this to alert anyone to not do the same mistake. I am mighty concerned. I will call USCIS tomorrow morning and ask on what will happen and where should I send me supporting documents. I will also get hold of some local attorney.

    In the mean time what do you guys think of our situation. Any experiences, ideas? Please share. This will be long night :-|
    hi mirchiseth, I recently applied AP to wrong location. I guess some one had the same situation while back. Do you remember how did that fixed.
    Basically my case is pending at texas, but i wrongly sected missory and so my receipt number says MSC, that is what i realized that it was efiled to wrong location. Any help in this would be appreciated.
    I also took infopass appointment to check, i am not sure if i get help with out getting the confirmation receipt as i efiled yesterday.

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  • this is mainly due to July VISA Bulletin fiasco and thousands were allowed to apply for their I-485, due to USCIS/DOL July 2007 VB.

    one moe reason lots of Citizenship petitions were also filed in July 2007 to take advantage of old fees structure.

    All countries of chargeability and employment categories were made current, since Dol was frustrated with USCIS's slow processing rate for I-485 and had Dol not made the VB current USCIS would have wasted few thousand VISA numbers as usual.

    Silverlining is that we were all given freedom of using EAD and get new jobs or promotions using the AC-21 provisions...but the long term side effect is the slow moment we are seeing for the processing dates.

    NSC is slow since lots of high tech H1-B employers are from CA and WA states and they applied truck load of I-485 versus the folks in Texas Service centre.

    We are all hoping that once USCIS is out of this naturalization processing pressure before the elections, they would start processing the July-aug 2007 I-485 petitions.

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  • Done

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  • Please include me in il members list.


    PD - NOV 2006
    I-140 APRROVED (EB2) JUNE 25, 2007

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  • Noone is forcing them to be ehre - you are saying. And I am saying: nobody should be forcing them out, either. They are ehre because they want to be here and because they want to discuss something with other people who are here - administrative problems or philosohpical issues.

    'You should trust the organization in what they do' - you are saying. The organization should not be perceived as an abstract, 'know-it-all' deity that we, tiny humans have to blidnly follow. The organization is us collectively and we should not be following it, but leading it or at least taking it somewhere. Sometimes the road is straight and goes forward, sometimes there seem to be multiple roads that need exploring which may or may not coverge again. Sometimes the journey is not continuous and you need to stop, consult a map or a compass and realing yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. There should never be blind trust because that will sooner or later drive us all down the cliffs.

    'If you have ideas talk to the core and discuss with them in person' - that is exactly what we are doing. Throwing around ideas and discussing them amongst ourselves. Sometimes the discussion is easy and disciplined and constructive and sometimes it is hard and confrontational and destructive. I think that if it is too confrontational or too destrcutive that indicates that not all is well within the group - I would refrain from calling it an organization just yet - and the ideas are not mature or ready yet and/or the group is not really cohesive and it is really not one group. Both of which are problems that need to be addressed and dealt with. By stifling discussion and censoring out ideas that you do not like, you are doing a disservice to the entire group because the group has to discover what is the cause of the destructive confrontation otherwise it cannot successfully function and fulfill its objectives.

    For those who dont agree with what IV is doing, no one's forcing them to follow what IV does and certainly no ones forcing them to be here, but if you are here then you should at least trust the organization in what they do.

    If you have ideas talk to the core and discuss with them in person or call them... i m sure they will be glad to take it up if the idea benefits everyone and not just me or you... breaking off driving folks in different direction is not the solution, it will snow ball into a big problem.

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  • *sigh*

    It all depends on what the employer is looking for.

    Like I said, if you need tips on finding your first, second, third job let me know. I'll be more than happy to help.

    Lou - Go do something useful and comment on the work I posted in Showcase.

    guys i think USCIS is not interested in giving EB 3 guys GC...

    as mostly EB 3 guys r ppl with Bachelors (and less than 5 yrs exp) or who are stuck with EB3 due to there company (like me)...

    EB 2 guys r mostly with ppl having masters degree from i guess they will definetly get more preference than eb3...

    I guess US wants to raise there economy by giving that ppl more ppl will buy houses....

    I hope something happens for EB3 also...but I guess in Oct bulletin PD for EB3 will b some month in 2001....
    so gud luck to all of us

    Add one more option like 'I don't know what to do !!'

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