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  • Another example my ex-boss in US had. There was a homeless person in his area and he used to see him almost every day. One day he decided to do something, talked to him and asked him to sign-up with his church rehab group, get him a job etc....My ex-boss was serious but the homeless promptly rejected all the offers and instead he just wanted to remain as homeless only. He didn't even want to try....


    USA is land of opportunity.
    Moral of the story, homelessness in this country is by choice not by chance!

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  • You can't get more than 10K people to sign up to IV.
    And you can't get more than 300 people to sign up for $20 per month.

    What makes you think you can convince 20-30K people to move with you?

    If there is unity, and all of us walk out with all our money, this would definitely get the attention of the lawmakers.

    I suggested the same action last year. Right now, waiting for 485 (EB 2 LC took close to 6 years) - but I feel if 20-30K of us left (and take our money with us too, don't leave it here to work for this country) because we are being screwed by the stupid immigration laws, that will have a bigger impact in changing the laws than any lobbying effort possibly would.

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  • "A valid reason to obtain an AP can be for leisure, visiting family, business and countless others"


    Here is the relevant info from USCIS site (I-131 instructions)

    Link (

    Advance parole is an extraordinary measure used sparingly to bring an otherwise inadmissible alien to the United States for a temporary period of time due to a compelling emergency. Advance parole cannot be used to circumvent the normal visa issuing procedures and is not a means to bypass delays in visa issuance.

    Proud Indian American and Legal Immigrant

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  • She will be in AOS Pending status after Oct 1st, 2007 due to pending I-485 application. EAD does not provide any status.

    What is your status? I assume H1-B. You can file for H1 and H4 extensions.

    Please check and verify details with your attorney/lawyer. This is NOT a legal advice.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

    I have applied for my H1b extension back in April......Have not heard anything yet........once I get my H1b approval, can I apply for H4 extension from inside the country?? (Is that even required if you are already in AOS pending status?)

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  • This is a good discussion. Hope others benefit from it !

    I recently purchased 250K term-insurance policy for $11.66 per-month from NY Life. I'm 30 yrs old and qualified for their top-level health rate (eating right and exercise has financial benefits !). I guess they are the only good ones who sell policies to H1. Also, my policy has terminal illness coverage meaning that they'll pay out the amount in-case of terminal illness even if I'm not dead. I have another 100K coverage from employer (no cost). I'm not covering 10 times my current salary but I'm calculating by using equivalent Indian salary and not US. I consider myself amply covered. Also, my policy will remain active even if I decide not to wait for GC and move to India.

    Now my 2 cents about Term vs. Whole Life debate. It doesn't make any sense to buy whole-life at young age. But since the cost of term maybe prohibitively high at 60+ one should convert to whole-life at some point unless one can find/buy a fixed rate policy till 80 or something (plan to die a little b4 that :D )

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  • Fantastic Job folks.
    This is absolutely fantastic. An article on the frontpage of Washington Post dedicated to IV. I'm sure the opponents must be cringing in their seats and biting their finger nails.

    We sure do need more members to contribute to sustain this level of intense involvement.

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  • I didn't think my answers were making fun or teasing anyone - sorry if you felt that way, I didn't mean them to be interpreted like that.

    The main problem is that no one really knows for sure whether these steps are taken in sequence. There is little to no transparency. There are procedures, but we can not guarantee that they are followed.

    To answer your second part. No, I don't believe there are any standard updates that indicate this, but I could be wrong. I think that there is an update if you clear it, but not if you are stuck in it. Make sense? Pappu has an excellent post that details the name check process

    To answer nlssubbu with the query about the "pre-approval" - I don't think it is a 1 time thing. Its a fairly standard USCIS practice. I have a link somewhere to the IO AOS processing manual. If I can find it I'll post it here.

    Do I think they have enough resources to process them all? Absolutely not, but I doubt there will be a rush considering PDs won't be current for a while (esp eb3)

    Thank you.

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  • AFAIK, AP is considered only for emergency travel. That said, I think the officer was being over reactive.

    As we all know, immigration laws are arcane. AP for emergency travel was ok when people used to get GC within 6 months of 485 filing. Now, when it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to get GC after 485 filing, does it make sense to have AP for only emergency?! Crap...

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  • Can somebody clarify?
    To lead India to a good present & future,why do we send these faxes?
    GC or no GC, I feel the video tells me to do the best for my nation India.
    To do that,do I need immigration to US????

    I am not against any camapaigns,but using the videos for this campaign doesnt look like a good idea.May I know whats the point of "Lead India " videos here :-)

    This should actually make me feel "No,I dont want to apply for immigration to another country anymore".

    No offence, please clarify if the intentions of putting the videos here are different???

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  • I also got a RFE from nabreska , but finally got approved.
    Same Bsc + MCA
    I think , they do approve , just waste some time and money of everyone , before they approve.

    Could you please give more details of your case?

    1. Job requirements: Masters Or bachelors
    2. Experience required for the position
    3. Did you get your MCA evaluated to US master's? If so, could you give the name of the agency?
    4. Did you use experience gained from the employer to file EB2?

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  • How about getting somebody who already got his green card, and after getting the card created jobs or did some inventions.

    In such a case, we can definitely contact some of the desi CEO's etc. I am sure that they will be sympathetic to our case ??

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  • Mine is reached today morning.

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  • " application is accepted ", just to be sure, you mean, its not " application is approved " ?

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  • hopein07,
    What is your understating on money return on whole life ins. plocy?. do you think you can cancel at anytime and get back your premium or withdraw portion of your investment?

    Does anything mentioned on your link about policy surrender or money withdrawal when policy is in force? please search more and post here....

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  • You're welcome.

    Yep. Got copies of labor, I-140 forms and approvals via FOIA. :)

    Thanks xlr8r!! I am filing today. Dont have I140 receipt number.

    Did your luck shine !!!!

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  • I am setting up for the transfer of my second contribution...

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  • Sanju, add78 and FinalGC and others...great points...Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am in similar boat as the OP. Its just that I already ventured out and now I am working as an independent contractor. I have a layer to go through between the Client and my employer (Desi).

    Big consulting firms could charge 180, 200, even 250 to the client depending on the market rates for the particular skill set. Like most of you all mentioned, they do because like you, they want to make money as well. They have a bigger obligation of making their stakeholders happy. They do lot more than an average independent contractor do. They establish contacts mostly not at the middle manager level, but at the CEO level. As a CEO/CIO of Deloitte/IBM they have better access to CEO/CIO of the client. As it is pretty obvious, CEO/CIOs of the clients actually make/break decisions. So they are generally more successful getting big dollar projects. Once they secure a project, they obviously tend to place their employees on to the projects. Occasionally, they also hire sub-contractors AKA independent consultants when they don’t have enough internal resources.

    I am looking for ways to be a successful independent contractor. I believe, networking and building a reliable set of people who can help you is very important. But the challenge is, it is not easy to find people who are reliable and who will ACTUALLY help you land a project. And of course it is not easy to stay in touch with everyone (at least for me).

    To OP: I think you will have to decide what you want to do in your career. If company sponsored training, marketing, working on cross platforms/applications, stability, "company name on your resume", etc is important, you will have to compromise on the money. If you want to make quick money, take the plunge and jump in to independent consulting. You can potentially double your salary. You don’t have to have a G.C. to be a independent contractor. G.C./EAD certainly helps but not a requirement.Find a good desi employer who will support you and who will pay you "your share of money", find a good stable project and you are good to go. YOu can save money on taxes as well. But then the downside is, you pay for your own training, traveling and benefits.

    End of the day - There are pros and cons on both sides of the world. Pick your choice, you will have to compromise on the cons.

    BTW: I have to agree with Sanju on the commissions/under the table transactions that are reality in the consulting world.

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  • Guys, why don't we open a page "Bets" ? There we can place bets if a bill will pass, if our ammendments will be included, if something at all will happen... This will make our life more interesting and we will be in a better mood. To wait for another 5-6 years for the GC :-)

    Long Live USCIS "Las Vegas" establishment :-)

    "Good morning, Rhodene & Stockton. How may i help you?"
    "Yes sir, we do trade in the futures market"
    "Certainly sir, what would you like to put up?"
    "So you would like to bet your family's future? No problem"
    "Non-resident alien, 5yrs H1B... ok"
    "EB-3? Oh, well, yeah ummm. That complicates things a little. Let me check with my supervisor"
    "Hello sir? You see, the problem is your official odds are sitting at 1:12000. We are not authorized to trade at those levels. However, if you will include your pets' future in the deal we can offer you 1:3 odds."
    "Don't get upset it is a very reasonable offer. How about if I include a jam donut?"
    "Great. I will have the paperwork out for your signature in the morning. Have a nice day"

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  • I think you need all of them but I am not 100 % sure..

    In cause you don't get experience certificare Even if you get letter from somebody you worked with will work..

    Hi everybody,

    I will post here my query about I-140 because I didn't want to start a new thread only for my question.

    It's still regarding I-140 application.....I wanted to ask you if you need all employment letters that are written on Labor Ceritificate..or is it enough to submit only a few not all the employment letters for every job that was written on Labor certificate?

    How is it working?
    I wwould highly apprecite your help.
    Thank you in advance.

    Till 2007 that was how it was being interpretted and then suddenly DOS realised it should be by category and not by country of chargebility.
    The earlier Eb1 ROW>Eb2 ROW>Eb3 ROW spillover is called vertical spillover
    The current since 2008 spillover Eb1>Eb2>Eb3 regardless of country is called horizontal spillover.

    However see in Horizontal spill over Eb2 India backlog takes of the numbers (14k in 2008)
    In vertical spill over Eb3 India backlog takes the numbers(17k in 2007)
    So either method wont help Eb3 ROW. Its a double whammy.

    Thanks for the clarification. So under the horizontal spill over, how would they determine which category would get the visas first - EB1=>EB2=>EB3 : I or C or ROW?

    Please do not misinterpret IV.
    If tomorrow there is a bill to stop all H1B from coming to USA or to make life difficult for H1B, do you really think we will keep quiet just because we have filed our greencards?

    Do you know IV worked hard for decoupling of H4 time from H1 in 2006 and we thought nothing may happen and started to focus on next action item. Then few months later it was changed. That was the first small step.

    I would appreciate if you ask your spouse if she/he can volunteer time for IV. You both can get more involved. Send us an email if you are interested. We are always interested in people who can volunteer more time than us (We do full time jobs too. A couple of us also are enrolled in a part time degree program). We are willing to have such an H4 be a leader in IV.

    IV is a platform that will allow you voice your plight. But you will need to come forward and be willing to actively work on it with others. If the strategy is right, you are committed and have right intentions there is no reason why IV will not help.

    Thanks .

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