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  • My wife changed her job after getting H1B transfer receipt. Her previous H1B is not expired or revoked. After one month with new employer, her H1B is denied. We didn't appeal, but immediately filed new H1B with another employer and give paystub of the denied employer with all details. She got her H1B approved with the latest employer. This happened 4 years back.
    So, if H1B denied, you can file appeal or find a new job and file new petition ASAP.

    Looks like you got angry.Everybody knows H1 requirements as much as you do.Do you think are the only one who is smart in this world.I don't think so.
    You haven't answer me the question"What if your H1 is denied once you started working with out its approval" which I replied in your first post.
    Also you have replied me that H1B is not for speculative job.If it is true then what is the need of H1 Change of employer.Can you inform USCIS to remove this option.
    When your H1 got approved first time the same USCIS verified your Educational certificates.Why they want to do the same verification again and again?
    I advice you to read articles which sometimes point out that USCIS document were not clear

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  • If someone has EB2 application, and EB2 is unavailable, but their EB2 PD is current with respect to EB3 visa bulletin date, will USCIS allow an EB2 to take an EB3 slot?

    If not I wonder whether you can "down grade" by interfiling a new I140.

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  • Green Card nahin mila H1 me he Khush raho ?? ;)

    I like this...thanks form a nice afternoon laff! :D
    KHUSH RAHO ....

    Zindagi hai choti , har pal me khush raho...
    Office me khush raho , ghar me khush raho..
    Aaj paneer nahi hai , dal me hi khush raho,

    Aaj gym jane ka samay nahi , do kadam chal ke he khush raho..
    Aaj Dosto ka sath nahi , TV dekh ke hi khush raho..
    Ghar ja nahi sakte to phone kar ke hi khush raho...
    Aaj koi naraaz hai , uske iss andaz me bhi khush raho..
    Jisse dekh nahi sakte uski awaz me hi khush raho...
    Jisse paa nahi sakte , uske yaadon me he khush raho

    MBA karne ka socha tha , S/W me he khush raho...
    Laptop na mila to kya , Desktop me hi khush raho..
    bita hua kal ja chuka hai , usse meethi yaade hai unme he khush raho..
    aane wale pal ka pata nahi ..sapno me he khush raho..
    Haste haste ye pal bitaenge , aaj me he khush raho

    Zindagi hai choti , har pal main khush raho.....


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  • One quick addition.
    Consider the fact that you have to be in a project all the time (no bench pay) or else you are eating away your savings.

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  • Hi Miriam,

    I appreciate your efforts in highlighting this issue. It is a high stakes issue for would be future americans who respect the law, abide by it and wait patiently for their turn in line to apply for
    green card, while maintaining legal non-immigrant working status during years of wait, paying taxes and contributing to social security. I would also like to highlight that in H1B status if one loses the job, he or she needs to leave the country in 10 days.
    I am glad you are bringing the issue of legal immigration to light. After all, thats what everybody wants, immigration to be orderly and legal, but is it workable ? and why people trying to follow the law feel cheated and duped by the government, after waiting patiently for years and abiding to
    the laws.
    The Dept of State and Dept of Homeland Security(USCIS) acted against the interests of immigrants who are trying to immigrate legally. Legal immigration is the real issue. If it works, there
    will not be a need to grant amnesty to millons of illegal alilens. The real solution to stop
    illegal immigration is to make legal immigration work. Unfortunately, the government is going
    in the opposite direction as evident by the actions of DOS and DOHS on July 2, 2007.
    Is government sending the message to people trying to follow the law that, Following the law is
    going to get tougher, just break it, become illegal aliens and we are working on an amnesty.
    I would request you to get to the bottom of this and find out whether right procedures and laws were followed in using the visa numbers ? If not, then the conclusion is, government of United States failed in respecting and following its own laws. Is it not a travesty, that law breakers are
    probably going to be rewarded with an amnesty and govenment is not respecting them either ?
    We are resepecting it, following it and are getting the door slammed on us. I never thought, I
    would see this in America. My impression of America has changed, forever.

    ( Priority Date Dec 16,2003 , EB3 India
    Applied for I-485 Adjustment of Status on June 30
    Application Reached USCIS-Nebraska at 10:25 am on July 2. )

    I have already written to her asking for more reports in this matter. Here is the email I sent her:

    Hello Ms. Miriam:

    As a long time subscriber to the WSJ and one of the victims of the "bait and switch" by the USCIS and Department of State, I would like to thank you for covering the article in the WSJ. I would like to kindly direct your attention to the stand taken by AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Assoc.) and Immigration Voice (a non profit organization representing skilled immigrants). I feel it is necessary that the impact and the behind the scenes maneuvering at DOS be covered by a respectable publication such as the WSJ. May I point you to some of the links on the internet. Some are yet-unverified rumors. I hope that you will use your journalistic discretion and power to bring more light to this issue -- Congresswoman Lofgren's response Mr. Siskind is a respected lawyer in the immigration field. -- AILA website and potential class action lawsuit against USCIS



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  • What is the phone number you are calling USCIS on? Can they give you a receipt number without the checks being encashed if your I-140 was approved at the same service center?

    There is a 1-800 number floating around. Use that.
    They can give you the receipt number if it's in the system. Normally checks get cashed within a few days of entering it into the system. In my case, my lawyer has issued the check and I don't have access to it. He handles thousands of cases and cannot check check cashing status for each one just for receipting. So, I decided to call since I have some travel planned and wanted to predict if I'm going to get the receipts before that.

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  • That is because I see lot of kids come to "what was the name again" schools with megre or no GRE scores just to land here once they get to OPT they get 8 - 10 yrs of experience out of nowhere and they are out in the job market. I can spend all day writing about them, the school and the quality of education but it is not going to do any difference.

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  • Sub: Legal Immigration and CIR


    I am here to talk about LEGAL immigration. In all the noise about illegal immigration and their path to legalization a very important subject is lost and that is LEGAL immigration, and delays and problems they are facing.
    I came to US in 2000 with a perfect business plan and dream to start a company and spread prosperity, but the path I had to take was H1B visa. After coming here my last 9 years have been spent on getting Green Card ( I have recently filed for my 10th year H1B Extension), and my GC application with a priority date of 2003 March is still waiting in Backlog.
    While there is some opposition for illegal immigration more than 90% of people I meet support the improvement in process for LEGAL immigrants. I hope in this CIR while looking at illegal immigration you pay special attention to LEGAL immigration.

    Together we can build a happy and prosperous America for future generations.


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  • We should put end to Lou's lies. Let's be creative. We thought of the flower campaign, we all have higher degrees. There should be a way how to stop this guy. I think we are the only ones who can do it.
    By the way, Lou's ancestors came to USA also legally like us. What is the difference then? Really the only people who have the right to criticize the legal immigration to USA are the native Americans. I know that this argument would never success with the general public here but I believe it's true.

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  • pwned ... hehehe :D

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  • you are a resident of AZ so contact senator or congressman for Az.
    Hello Folks,

    My employer is based out of New Jersey, But I am currently working at a client location in Arizona. I have opened an SR recently & I also want to inquire through congressman.

    My question is in which state should I have to contact the congressman - NJ or AZ ? Or it doesn't matter. Please help.

    EB-2, TSC, Priority Date 12/2004
    I-140 approved
    I-485 filed Aug '07
    RD: 08/13/2007
    ND: 10/13/2007

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  • I found the EAD v/s H1B article quite informative, articulate and really eye-opening. I dont see any issues with posting links to other immigration sites, PROVIDED those links are not simply marketing links and DO actually provide good immigration-related info. Some of the stuff he has written makes a lot of sense and Ron is not taking the same stance everyone else takes where they advise people to stay on H1B status to keep milking them for attorney fees.

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  • My LC and I140 approved (PD: may 2004). Applied 485 on Aug 8.
    I became father last month.
    My new born son is sick and he needs total attention for next 4 months. I have used up all my vacation and planning to apply for medical leave. Pediatrician recommends me getting medical leave and support my wife.

    I work in a very big hardware company. I have completed 3.5yrs in H1B so far.f I apply for medical leave, I may get a pay cut (like 20 to 30%). Will I be affected because of this medical leave? Are H1B's allowed to take medical leave (upto 4 months)..

    Your comments are very much appreciated.


    Search for FMLA over the web,
    Here is one link

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  • Just posting the phone numbers on this thread (incase you didnt see them on other threads) - Please call. Lets keep our sceptisism aside for a while (just for 24 hours :)) and call. There is still some chance (otherwise why would they schedule to discuss it).

    Trent Franks (R-Ariz.)202- 225-4576
    Steve King (R-Iowa)202- 225-4426 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Mike Pence (R-Ind.) 202-225-3021
    Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) 202-225-3035
    Lamar S. Smith (R-Texas), Ranking Member 202- 225-6906/ 202- 225-4236 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) 202-225-2216
    Chris Cannon (R-Utah)202- 225-7751
    Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) 202-225-2676
    Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.)202- 225-5431
    J. Randy Forbes (R-Va.)202- 225-6365
    Tom Feeney (R-Fla.) 202-225-2706 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Ric Keller (R-Fla.)202- 225-2176
    Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.)202- 225-5811
    Darrell Issa (R-Calif.)202- 225-3906 (NOT IN FAVOR)
    Dan Lungren (R-Calif.)202- 225-5716
    Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) 202-225-5911
    Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)202- 225-4176
    Rick Boucher (D-Va.) 202-225-3861
    Robert C. Scott (D-Va.) (202) 225-8351
    Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) 202-225-3401
    Howard Coble (R-N.C.) 202-225-3065
    Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.)202- 225-3265
    John Conyers (D-Mich.), Chairman 202-225-5126
    William D. Delahunt (D-Mass.)202- 225-3111
    Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) 202-225-4755
    Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.)202- 225-8203

    There is still some chance (otherwise why would they schedule to discuss it)

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  • :rolleyes:If you dont have an answer to the question asked dont reply and dont advise what people should do....
    keep that to your kids and good luck with that....

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  • I have gone through interview and it is nothing to worry about. They are just distributing the workload. IO will check your documents etc..and then will issue GC if visa is available or throw it into storage like mine.

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  • Originally posted by Makaveli
    ooooooooh, Guuig0 is a poet and shakespeare lover!!! .....but, you are seriously scaring me Guig0 with that shakespeare stuff...i failed many essays and tests on that dude and his stories...

    No shakeaspere man, TOLKIEN! I have read all his works :)

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  • You mean the 6 bodies found in LA belong to an Indian American family?

    Yes, you can read more details from here:,0,7425239.story?track=rss

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  • I feel they will be releasing Bulletin after 3 PM EST.....

    The words "unlawful misrepresentation" might be a big concern. Get in touch with an attorney asap. Either you gave a wrong answer in some document or your H1 filer did.

    Can someone check to see if this is still the case?


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