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  • I can also see only April dates...

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  • Just talked to my lawyer..he said even if we win the case...eligibility is based on the court order...court order may allow every one or only limited people who are in the class action...and in murthy.com they clearly mentioned that, USCIS MAY look at the apllications very closely who are in the class action....who wants that..

    Send flowers on JULY 10TH....the count is reaching 100.
    just my 2 cents...

    Yeah, who wants that ?????

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  • I know I am not going to get my GC righ away by attending rallies/meetings and activity's. But there should be an efforts from every one to raise their hand and contribute for the cause. Appreciate the core members and state chapter leaders for your vision and work.

    At the same note,I regret for not being at DC after meeting some of the members yesterday.

    Before, I have little/no idea of how to approach lawmakers (my idea of meeting lawmakers was like meeting politicians in INDIA, Zindhabad...Zindhabad type), glad i do now :rolleyes:!

    Main concern/talk was about not many people turning up with 3000 IV members in the tristate, I strongly believe we can do much better in the number department for the next meeting. Again, not just numbers but with some motivation to take part in the events to come.

    I did not like the leaders thanking the members just because they turned up! It should always the other way around, members should thank the leaders for organizing such events. After all it is for ones own benefit, no one is doing a fa�vour to any one!

    Come on folks, join ur state chapters.

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  • Looks like there is no national policy in DMV license renewal.

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  • Is there any way to know whether our case is already preadjudicated or not? Is it OK to call USCIS customer service number or taking an infopass appointment for just checking that?

    I just want to have some peace of mind as USCIS is not require (hopefully :)) any documents from our side, if they already preadjudicated us.

    Please share your experience....


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  • teddy the pun "multi-national managers(via L1A)" was intended. if that makes it clear.

    anyway, the focus of this thread was about the president's immigration speech. Atleast the speech included the fact that illegal immigration makes a mockery of legal immigration. understood that any solution also must include finding a way on how to handle the undocumented people.

    anyway, the speech for now might be just a start or more "kick in the butt" to let the congress know that they need to start work in CIR. when it comes to fruition is anybody's guess.

    Thanks for clarifying !

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  • Hi Dilip,
    One Last time please

    I am filling the I765 Form.

    I have couple of questions.

    1) in 11th column. Which USCIS Office( Am I write Nebraska or Nebraska Service Center) and What about Date? which date .... EAD Applied Date or EAD Approved Date?

    2)I Enetred in to US Using AP but I am on H1B only so what is my Current immigration Status and Manner of Last Entry

    Please Input your experiences.


    Section 11 has been created for you to tell them abt last EAD APPLICATION.
    Keyword here is "application".
    So in the Date I wrote the EAD application date and not the recept date.
    This can be found on the last EAD receipt notice.
    You are already sending them a copy of front and back of current EAD, where they can find on which date the EAD was approved etc.

    Most cases Ideally current immigration status is "I-485 ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS PENDING".
    I entered on an L1 5-6 years back. so I wrote manner of last entry as "TEMPORARY WORKER (L1)". Yes I have not reentered USA since then. Ha Ha.

    My office mate reentered recently using AP and he wrote, also as per our lawyer, to use the word "PAROLEE"

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  • Can you make modification to the letter, like Hr5882 has passed the sub-commitee and waiting for the approval in the next phase.
    also this bill is for Skilled legal immigrants only and has nothing to do with the illegal immigrants.
    One benefit of passing this bill will also boost the economy as skilled legal immigrants will be in the market to buy new homes (clrealry mentioned in the statement of Greenspan).

    last time is sent this letter to senator in Ga, he replied back in regards to increasing the number of H1B..Yeah he replied for h1B and he wrote a long email. this time i am going to clear his confusion..

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  • You will also see "Approval notice sent". It means the card is on the way to your mailbox.

    I feel for all of you whose EAD is not yet receive. When my EAD was pending for more than 90 days, I wrote an email to the Ombudsman. I don't know if it helped or not. I just got RFE notice 4 days after sending the email. After replying to the RFE (photos), I got my EAD with no problems.
    When does the "Approval notice sent" status appear, it is about 7 days since I got the production ordered.

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  • I wonder why the bulletine prediction has not started....it used to be fun...

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  • Where are the members here? Why did this discussion has discontinued? I want to learn more about the basic steps in running a company since I'm still a newbie here.

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  • makes sense...they are expecting alot of 140/485 combine filings in July and by issuing this bulletin they have stopped people from filing 140 in PP

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  • I thought i wouldn't marry till i get ma GC coz i didn't wanna gal to come n rot here without a job being on H4.
    but now i've gotten so freakin old waitin for the GC n still waitin that i might not get a gal to marry.:eek: :eek:
    well there are always other things to do for a H4 ..
    At present My wife on her H4 is pursuing her Master's degree ... I donot need to tell you that I got a deep hole in my pocket..
    Also I have heard some H4 spouses doing volunteering work..
    Also you can have kids and get another piece of 'work' out of the way...If anyone has more ways of making the better of the situation let me know...
    :p :D :cool: :cool: ;) :D

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  • Lets the math not to be either rocket science or a dice figure from broken system.
    Lets figure out how many pending and how systems works and request the agency to monitor it. Once the strategy in place, we can rely on it and can wait for years based on our PD with a close accurate (99%) assumption.

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  • With all due respect, the probelem I have with volunteers is that I don't think amtures can pull a job this big, you've got to have profesionals, somethng like a compain maneger.

    I admire the courage of your guys, and think the goal is fantastic. But the way it goes, I don't see how it can be achieved.

    I've learned a great deal about immigration from the forum here. I very much appreciate it. I try to give back by answering questions others may have. I think IV has been doing a great job serving as that capacity.

    But you guys want do something bigger. Well, you have faith in it, I don't, at least not now, neither many others. Maybe that is why you are still asking for money and volunteers.

    hey there,

    i am a silent reader of this forum. you have to agree that iv has given the opportunity to file i-485's...forget about how many has not filed or missed the window but they provided the opportunity...and if you don't want to contribute then simply don't do....stop underestimating them....they do something about it instead of allowing changes to happen by themselves...they try to make changes in every possible aspect...so please don't contribute if you don't want to and stop badmouthing them.

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  • You might need to check yourself if you have balls...before someone else have done with your family...you are not sure only about Senator Grassley or about your balls also. If so, make sure you dont have neighbour. otherwise things would go ugly for you...Take your shot now..

    I have mine with me ....just washed them ...do u want to have a look..Ask someone in your home why i washed them...lol

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  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • I logged in this morning to get a regular update and came across this thread.
    I am surprised to this discussion and the heated debate. Tides and Ebbs are a part of what we do. I think we must all be satisfied that we have IV to represent us. Think about it guys, we would have no voice if it were not for IV. I sincerely hope something comes out of all this efforts that all of us have put in. We have a good thing going here and lets not stop.

    Even if nothing happens, I will be content that we have made efforts. Not just a tiny efforts but a big ones. Kudos to everyone who is contributing ideas and money. Keep the good work going and let us know what we have to do to help you all.

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  • Looking at your PD, you will be current this year, no DOUBT about it.

    I hope they make evrything current ,just hope.


    I hope they do that ..
    Can i apply for 485..with 140 pending? and then switch to EAD after 6 months?

    I will be completing my 9 yrs for H1 in Jan 2010...;)


    The case is not in his wife's hand anymore. As soon as the police came on site the case is People Vs Terriblething. Only thing is that the DA may be a little weary of pushing too much if his only eye witness (the Wife) does not want to push the matter.


    You really really need to consult another lawyer who has better relationship with the DA.

    It cannot be people vs terriblething. It could be state/federal agency v. terriblething. I agree that credibility of the complaint can be easily attacked if wife gives contradicting statement.
    terriblething, you may want to read this


    Instead of asking people on this forum i would say it is a question which needs to be addressed to the education evaluations people. They are the best persons to provide you with proper advice and guidance.

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