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  • (c) Grants- Not later than 6 months after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Labor (referred to in this section as the ‘Secretary’) shall establish a partnership grant program to award grants to eligible entities to carry out comprehensive programs to provide education to nurses and create a pipeline to nursing for incumbent ancillary healthcare workers who wish to advance their careers, and to otherwise carry out the purposes of this section.

    (d) Eligible Entities- To be eligible to receive a grant under this section an entity shall--

    (1) be--

    (A) a healthcare entity that is jointly administered by a healthcare employer and a labor union representing the healthcare employees of the employer and that carries out activities using labor management training funds as provided for under section 302 of the Labor-Management Relations Act, 1947 (18 U.S.C. 186(c)(6));

    (B) an entity that operates a training program that is jointly administered by--

    (i) one or more healthcare providers or facilities, or a trade association of healthcare providers; and

    (ii) one or more organizations which represent the interests of direct care healthcare workers or staff nurses and in which the direct care healthcare workers or staff nurses have direct input as to the leadership of the organization; or

    (C) a State training partnership program that consists of non-profit organizations that include equal participation from industry, including public or private employers, and labor organizations including joint labor-management training programs, and which may include representatives from local governments, worker investment agency one-stop career centers, community based organizations, community colleges, and accredited schools of nursing; and

    (2) submit to the Secretary an application at such time, in such manner, and containing such information as the Secretary may require.

    (e) Additional Requirements for Healthcare Employer Described in Subsection (d)- To be eligible for a grant under this section, a healthcare employer described in subsection (d) shall demonstrate--

    (1) an established program within their facility to encourage the retention of existing nurses;

    (2) it provides wages and benefits to its nurses that are competitive for its market or that have been collectively bargained with a labor organization; and

    (3) support for programs funded under this section through 1 or more of the following:

    (A) The provision of paid leave time and continued health coverage to incumbent healthcare workers to allow their participation in nursing career ladder programs, including Certified Nurse Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Registered Nurses.

    (B) Contributions to a joint labor-management or other jointly administered training fund which administers the program involved.

    (C) The provision of paid release time, incentive compensation, or continued health coverage to staff nurses who desire to work full- or part-time in a faculty position.

    (D) The provision of paid release time for staff nurses to enable them to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing degree, other advanced nursing degrees, specialty training, or certification program.

    (E) The payment of tuition assistance to incumbent healthcare workers.

    (f) Other Requirements-


    (A) IN GENERAL- The Secretary may not make a grant under this section unless the applicant involved agrees, with respect to the costs to be incurred by the applicant in carrying out the program under the grant, to make available non-Federal contributions (in cash or in kind under subparagraph (B)) toward such costs in an amount equal to not less than $1 for each $1 of Federal funds provided in the grant. Such contributions may be made directly or through donations from public or private entities, or may be provided through the cash equivalent of paid release time provided to incumbent worker students.

    (B) DETERMINATION OF AMOUNT OF NON-FEDERAL CONTRIBUTION- Non-Federal contributions required in subparagraph (A) may be in cash or in kind (including paid release time), fairly evaluated, including equipment or services (and excluding indirect or overhead costs).

    (C) SUPPLEMENT, NOT SUPPLANT- Funds made available under this section shall supplement, and not supplant, resources dedicated by an entity, or other Federal, State, or localfunds available to carry out activities described in this section.

    (2) REQUIRED COLLABORATION- Entities carrying out or overseeing programs carried out with assistance provided under this section shall demonstrate collaboration with accredited schools of nursing which may include community colleges and other academic institutions providing associate, bachelor’s, or advanced nursing degree programs or specialty training or certification programs.

    (g) Activities- Amounts awarded to an entity under a grant under this section shall be used for the following:

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  • So USCIS will never see the flowers becoz they are boxed.. and they will never get delivered becoz they are being routed from the airport itself. No major news media covered the few deliveries at USCIS.. What was the point of the campaign again?
    would you please refrain from posting the same message in all threads

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  • I mailed letters to the following today.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein
    Sen. Barbara Boxer
    Rep. Zoe Lofgren

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  • I got your point and that of logiclife's and I agree....there is no need for them to mention the illegals (a cheap attempt on the part of WSJ). I was merely pointing out that WSJ technically does not say that we (high tech workers) are illegal.

    the usage of "But" to start the sentence in the WSJ article implies it is related to the preceeding line. hth!

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  • Mine is just 4 days.

    Nov. 23 - Card Production
    Nov. 27 - Approval Notice Sent
    Nov. 28 - Card in the mailbox

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  • Here is the news from the Little Rock newpaper. Apparently the criminal shot dead another guy right after this incident http://arkansasmatters.com/content/fulltext/news/?cid=175391

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  • I had applied for my daughter in April. The receipt date is 04/22. Still no luck. I am hoping that we will get the GC as my dates will be current from Ist July.

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  • Yes I am looking at the thread. I am expecting a very good forward movement(At least to 2007 Dec) in EB2 India category in the coming months.
    If you see the Visa bulletin Archive for the last three years during April - Jul range theres a sharp jump in Priority dates(more than a year and more) for EB2 category. This happened during vertical fall out (This doesnt include last year because last year its horizontal fall out). So this year I am expecting the cut off dates will move at least two years ahead for EB2 India because of the horizontal fall out. For Eb3 I am not expecting any big change unless theres some immigration reform in the new OBAMA government.

    Hello VDLRAO

    dates will move till May / June 2007 allowing USCIS plenty of files to consume quota. Making date till Dec 2007 will open gates for people who didnot file during July 2007.

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  • ivslave,
    I did ask my friends but only thing I didn't poll it on IV.

    Bottomline is with so many people waiting for their GCs. residency, H1-B other status in IV...the last thing in their radar is a poll on buying a house.....

    My friend circle was enough for me to decide on such things than the hapless and ever-patient members of IV. Give them a break..........


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  • We applied for my wife EAD/AP on June 7, 2010 (E-file)
    Her EAD was approved in few weeks back but there is nothing on her AP.

    Her LUD change was on 6/11/2010 when they issued the receipt.
    We called USCIS and initiated SR. Still no change in LUD.

    Infopass is not a great option for us (3 hour drive one way). Any help is appriciated.
    (We used to have POJ trick for calling NSC IO directly,
    Does it still work?
    If yes, what are the steps?)

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I am shocked too. 2 members who I called on phone were abusive. They started blaming Aman Kapoor saying that he is rubbing his idealogies over already stressed immigrants - this was ridiculous and I am so sad that people have such thoughts.

    If people are scared or want to live in Shadows why abuse IV who are truly committed for a cause???? These are the same people writing rubbish on those threads that ran 200 pages when they were waiting for USCIS announcement.

    Singsa - u r doing a great job. Lets be persistant with the fact sheet.

    Let people say what they want to say. Every big effort will have people who will have difference of opinion. The work needs to go on and only then it will benefit the community. If we stop this work because someone is upset or feels that GC is not a big deal for them, then it will not help anyone, but hurt this cause. If someone has concerns then they should contact us or come to DC for the rally and meet us. We will talk to you and answer questions you may have.

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  • AP approved in 14 days from TSC.

    6/4 - mailed
    6/6 - received by TSC
    6/9 - checks cashed
    6/13 - receipt in mail
    6/23 - email and case status online notice of approval
    6/25 - AP received in mail (2 copies, multiple entry, valid from the date expiry of current AP plus 1 yr)

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  • Ombudsman mentioned that "visa wait-times within some preference categories
    for certain nationals may exceed 10 years."

    I think the OP has some valid points. Certainly recapture lawsuit may work as the law does not say that allocated EB visas expire. Do not listen to nay-sayers, just do it.
    Here is one example of the succsessfull class-action (even though the court case died in a court of appeals, it was beneficial to immigrants):

    Excellent find, lazycis !!!!!

    This can be a good precedent case for class action lawsuit. Because law never says that
    EB visa quota gets lost if unused.

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  • When I posted that reply I didn't for once think it could be taken as anything other than a joke! If you are going through a debate in your mind whether its a joke or not, then I will have to revisit what I wrote to see what it is I am missing :)

    i'll take this as joke.

    Trust me, if he wants to kill you, he won't ask for your money.
    If he asks for your money/car, he doesn't intend to kill you.

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  • atleast she can have good career being in india than rottin over here waitin for EAD... will not be a liability to the world.

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  • July 13, 2007

    Aman Kapoor
    Immigration Voice
    P.O. Box 114
    Dayton, NJ 08810

    Dear Aman,

    This letter is regarding the article "Say it with flowers: Gandhigiri for US green cards" published by the Indian Express on Wednesday, July 11, 2007. The article erroneously indicated that Robinder Sachdev from USINPAC was a coordinator of the flower protest initiative. As you obviously know, this is incorrect. I assure you that Mr. Sachdev did not make this false representation. We are reaching out to the reporter requesting they publish a clarification. USINPAC is aware that the flower plan was originated and organized by Immigration Voice and has responded to all enquiries accordingly. Please feel free to call (202-276-7946) or email me on this, if you have any further questions.

    Warm Regards,

    Surabhi Garg
    Director, Member Initiatives
    202-276-7946 (Cell#)

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  • Thanks for your informed comments. Like you, I am also surprised to find many people in this forum, who are interested in fire arms.

    I don't own a fire arm and not planning to while the immigration status is not yet Citizenship. I don't want the authorities to give another reason to look into my case. I just go for fishing once in a while.

    But our family owns two guns in India and have worked with guns from childhood.

    Another point is I am very much impressed with how the Americans manage wild life and the nature in general. They enjoy it while preserving it. India does neither. We just destroy it, and write eloquent speeches on nature protection.

    Thank you, always glad to help. Many years ago, I was looking for answers to these questions and had to do my own research, internet forums weren't as big then.

    I am a hunter as well, and when I went through hunter education, I was amazed to learn how serious the west was about wildlife and nature conservation. Hunting is a very important part of nature conservation. Every country that legalizes hunting, does so in a controlled manner in order to prevent a biological surplus in a species' habitat.

    I don't fish that often, except for the odd deep sea fishing trip when the weather is nice, but anything that can get one outdoors breathing fresh air wins my vote.


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  • I am EB2-I with PD of Aug 02, still waiting for approval of 485. July07 concurrent filer. 140 was approved in Sept08.

    And this is the interesting part. The online status still shows 140 as pending. No email either, just a soft LUD on the online status. USCIS is being truly erratic. A maverick?

    You should fill out a form with the Ombudsman. Just google for it. They should help you with your case.

    Is your NC cleared? Have you taken an infopass to confirm your biometrics and NC is all clear? There have been cases where fingerprinting was done but it wasn't reflected in the case status.

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  • I am also in PA and my DL(driving licence) will expire in last of September month and my H1b extension is still pending at California Center . Can i get DL renewed from PENNDOT on the basis of Receipt Notice of H1b Extension and a letter from employer ?

    I'm in the same boat. PA DoT wants to see visa stamp on the passport.. applied for 1st 3 year extn at VSC on 7/10, will up it to PP this week... anyone in PA got their DL renewed using RN... please specify how and where??

    My heart really goes out for Neelima and her family! I also faced this kind of situation in my office to a lesser extent.

    I am working as a permanent employee for a company and there are very few Asians working in this company. One of the business unit is outsourced to India and in our annual off-site meeting, the manager of that business unit sarcastically mentioned in the meeting infront of all the employees, how people in India lie about their resumes and how Indians are inefficient etc. etc. I felt so angry, sad and immediately walked out of the meeting.

    I sent Flowers to Gonzalez Yesterday, it will be reaching tomorrow(Jul10th).

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