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  • this is my 10th year in the US & never had a single incident along the racial lines.. probably I lucked out.. However, I don't subscribe to this opinion of removing moustache..... I am proud of my bushy moustache & have had women admire that at/outside work.. But I do agree 100% on all the other points you raised..
    Brother, I take the moustache part back, I put that in from the point of view of popular culture, because I have heard that the ladies like clean shaven men!! But If the opposite works for you - Enjoy and I hope you get lucky!!

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    The calendar says 1:00 PM EST.

    The bill is to recapture 550,000 visas, Can we findout how many are EB based and how many are FB Based.

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  • There has been established a way to deal with backlogs at Dallas and Philly, and these officials at PBEC and DBEC have been given a deadline of Sept 2007 to clear everything. So someting is and will be done in this regard. Not much more can be done here with PBEC or DBEC, and the real test is to get solutions for the retrogression.
    Once the laws are passed on the immigration reforms, its a done deal my friend, and then it does not matter how much we try after this to address retrogression. This is our only chance.
    BUT realize that there have been delays in PBEC and DBEC only because of lack of resources, which can be added or taken off...and this will speed up or slow down DBEC or PBEC. This can be controlled outside legislation.


    Please shut your mouth. You do not know and feel what we are going thru (PBEC victim). As a member of this community, and have contibuted monetary support, I too, would like to have the problem in PBEC be heard.

    There is only one thing I suggest, please do not have this guy "prolegalimmi" speak in front of the congressman.

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  • PD is March 2003, I'm also leaning towards AOS

    As APNAIR2002 pointed out it could take 45 days to 3 months and luck has not been on my side in this matter :D up until yesturday

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  • The new Democratic committee chairmen in the House will likley be the following:
    Agriculture--Collin Peterson (MN)
    Appropriations--David Obey (WI)
    Energy & Water Subcommittee--Peter Visclosky (IN)
    Armed Services--Ike Skelton (MO)
    Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces--Silvestre Reyes (IN)
    Budget--John Spratt (SC)
    Energy and Commerce--John Dingell (MI)
    Education and the Workforce --George Miller (CA)Financial Services--Barney Frank (MA)
    Government Reform--Henry Waxman (CA)
    Homeland Security--Bennie Thompson (MS)
    Intelligence-- uncertain--either Jane Harman (CA), Alcee Hastings (FL) or Silvestre Reyes (TX)
    International Relations--Tom Lantos (CA)
    Judiciary--John Conyers (MI)
    Transportation--Jim Oberstar (MN)
    Ways and Means--Charlie Rangel (NY)

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  • This is the article my wife wrote for her class assignment. thought to share..

    Spouses and Dependents of Legal US Immigrants Should Be Granted Work Visas
    America is known to be the land of immigrants. Immigrants have been a part of American history. There is a lot of debate going on these days on the issue of illegal immigration in various social and political circles. But we also have a fairly large number of legal entrants in America who are officially documented residents. Spouses and dependents of many of these legal U.S. residents are not granted work visas, inherently. Instead they are issued H4 or dependent visas. H4 visa type allows dependents to stay in United States as long as their spouses are legally employed in any organization within the U.S., but they cannot obtain jobs as per the current labor laws. This is a sheer waste of talent for many who migrate to the land of opportunities with a desire to live the American dream. Not granting work permits to the spouses of H1-B work visa holders, makes them feel financially dependent and estranged. Many of these immigrant spouses are highly-qualified professionals with marketable skills but cannot obtain a job, by law, despite being in U.S. legally. By all fairness, dependent spouses should be granted work authorization for the sake of their social, economic and emotional well-being.
    According to the U.S Department of state, �The Immigration and Nationality Act provide several categories of nonimmigrant visas for a person who wishes to work temporarily in the United States. Some of these categories include H1-B (person in a specialty occupation), H2-A (temporary or seasonal agricultural workers), L (intra-company transferees), F-1 (students with demonstrated intent to return to home country upon completion of undertaken program) and Q-1 (participants in an international cultural exchange program) visas. With the exception of "Q-1 Cultural Exchange Visitors," a person who has received a visa as the spouse or child of a temporary worker may not accept employment, in the United States� ("Temporary Workers"). Dependents of non immigrant visa holders on H-4, F-2(spouses of student visa holders), and TD (spouses of citizens of Canada and Mexico), visas are directly affected by this law. According to a survey by NADISA (Network of Advocates of Dependent Spouses of America), �Most of these dependent spouses are immigrant women who do not have a penny to their name except by the grace of their husbands. These are some highly educated, well-experienced, motivated young women who are ready to support themselves, but cannot, by law, get a job despite being in the U.S. legally� (Shah).
    The inability to work in the U.S. on H-4 visa status creates a handicap for career minded women. It puts them at a disadvantage of losing several years of professional work experience. Mehreen Arshad, a graduate in commerce from Bangalore, India and an MBA degree holder from a top U.S. business school is one of the victims of this highly unfair labor law. She is on H-4 visa status for the past 8 years. She says, �This never-ending wait for getting work authorization has ruined my entire career. We are in process of getting Green Card (permanent residency status and work permit) for the past 8 years. Despite having an MBA from a U.S business school, I have been denied jobs several times because of my H4 status. Employers tend to prefer Green Card holders over dependent visa holders. Many organizations clearly state in their job ads that only citizens or green card holders can apply. This truly is a waste of talented workforce and expresses social inequality and discrimination towards legal immigrants.�
    With the rising costs of living, education and healthcare in America, not allowing the spouses of immigrants to work is practically like incapacitating them. Every member of the family needs to contribute to sustain financial stability. In a family where one person works and the rest are dependent on one source of income, it sometimes gets hard to make both the ends meet. Dependents of immigrant workers should be granted work visas or they atleast should be allowed to do temporary or seasonal jobs so that they can contribute towards family income to improve the standard of living.
    Dependent spouses often get the feeling of being financially controlled by their husbands. Since they are not the providers or bread winners for the family, dependent spouses are often kept out of the decision making process. They cannot make important decisions in life like buying property, starting a family or business because of the financial instability.
    In addition to the social and economic setbacks, spouses on H-4 often get the feeling of being alienated. Without work authorization, spouses feel that they are trapped in households and domestic life. Without getting a chance to work and ever being exposed to the local community, it becomes difficult for spouses to understand American culture and fit in well.
    Apart from obtaining work permits, dependent spouses are also not issued social security numbers and in many states they cannot even get a driver�s license. Due to all these restrictions, a lot of women on dependent spouse visa status become victims of abuse and domestic violence. �Without the ability to earn money independently from their abuser, battered dependent spouses are not financially secure to protest the abuse, leave the marriage if necessary, or even buy a ticket to return to their home country. Batterers use their financial control to keep victims submissive and often prevent them from staying in status or converting to another status. Without work authorization and the ability to determine their own futures once legally in our borders, many become vulnerable to domestic violence. Once victims, battered dependent spouses find they have no more protections than undocumented immigrants� (Shah).
    �In 2002, President Bush signed into law a bill which allows dependent spouses of L (intra-company transferees) and E-3 (citizens of Australia) work visa holders to obtain work authorization. No legislative reason is given for not extending this basic right to H-4 visa holders� (Shah). The current law prohibiting spouses to work on H4 status does not make sense to many because L and E work visas are exactly the same in nature as H-1B work visa, so it is hard to understand why spouses of H1-B work visa holders are still being restrained from obtaining jobs in United States?
    Anti-immigrants argue that there is a need to protect the U.S. labor market, so dependents of legal immigrants should not be allowed to work. But in case there is a demonstrated shortage of labor in any particular field of work and an individual meets the eligibility criteria, why should he or she be denied a job on the basis of visa status? There is a demonstrated shortage of workforce in professions like Teaching and Nursing in America. �In May 2005, the National Commission on Nursing Workforce for Long-Term Care released Act Now for Your Tomorrow report which found that there are nearly 100,000 vacant nursing positions in long-term care facilities on any given day�( Rosseter). According to National Education Association, �Not only are America's schools experiencing a shortage of teachers, the growth of ethnic and minority student enrollment is creating a critical need for minority teachers to provide positive role models for the students�("Great Teachers"). With the established need of workforce in teaching and nursing areas, dependent spouses meeting the eligibility criteria can be effectively employed in these professions.
    There is also a demonstrated shortage of skilled workers in Engineering and I.T related fields. Few days back Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft Corporation commented that there�s an insufficient amount of skilled people in the U.S. labor pool. "Gates argued that, "If the demand is there, why have the regulation at all?" In a statement, Mr. Gates was quoted as saying, "Anybody who's got good computer science training, they are not out there unemployed. We're just not seeing an available labor pool." He further added, "The whole idea of the H1B visa thing is, don't let too many smart people into the country". (Murthy) One way to get around this shortage of skilled workers could be granting work permits to the highly skilled I.T professionals who are already in the U.S. as the spouses of H-1B visa holders.
    In view of the above arguments it is imperative that these highly skilled legal immigrant spouses should be granted the right to work for their socio-economic welfare. Work authorization will not only provide financial independence to these women but will also give them the right to determine their own future in case they are trapped in abusive relationships. Also, these immigrant spouses can be prove to be incredibly resourceful in areas of work where there is already shortage of labor. This would indeed be a multifaceted beneficial pursuit, as not only it would support needs of the dependent spouses in terms of their financial well-being but at the end of the day, it is the national interest and economy enjoying the boost from further skilled input.

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  • Voted..after logging in

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  • There are no bills being discussed. House as well as senate are on recess and will convine after Sept 10th. After it reconvenes, between 10th sept and Oct 8th - it has a lot of tasks at hand, and no apetite for any big and controversial issues like immigration. Mid term elections are in early nov and nobody wants controversial bills debated just before that. Morover it has been made clear that GOP does not want any immigration bills except "fencing the border". Democrats do not have required votes for cloture.

    So, nothing is going to happen on the immigration front- legislatively untill after nov elections. Attitudes towards this issue will change and more GOP Lawmakers wil favor talking about this after. It will be a different ball-game depending on who keeps the majority. In the lame-duck there might be a chance.

    August/Labor Day Recess
    House - August 9 � September 12
    Senate August 9 � September 10

    Target Adjournment:
    House - October 8
    Senate - TBD

    So, between now and the lame-duck session, if we can educate lawmakers- especially now- since they are comming back home and to their constituents in the recess. Most of them have town-hall meetings arranged and want to hear from their constituents. It will be good to make ourselves visible and heard.

    Good info. Thanks! Gave you green!

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  • good old AG created this mess, there was a reason that he was called easy Al...suggest reading Bill Fleckenstein's , "Greenspan's Bubbles: The Age of Ignorance at the Federal Reserve."

    Bernake has studied the great depression, he is probably the best person for the current situation, his hands are tied by a number of factors..suggested reading :)

    Ben Bernanke (2005). Essays on the Great Depression.
    Ben Bernanke, Thomas Laubach, Frederic Mishkin, and Adam Posen: Inflation Targeting: Lessons from the International Experience. Princeton University Press

    btw, h1techSlave, there is next to nothing he can do to help us with the GCs, that my friend is one heck of a pipe dream. There is a 19 trillion derivatives market (trillion with a T) going down the drain, i doubt he has time to read or even think about your letters.

    I would try get Alan Greenspan back into office :rolleyes:
    Bernanke does not seem that qualified IMHO.

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    Democratic victory may pave the way for Bush's immigration plan

    By Dave Montgomery, McClatchy Newspapers (MCT)

    WASHINGTON - If President Bush can find a silver lining in the Democratic takeover in Congress, it could be this: The outlook for enacting his sweeping immigration plan, which House Republicans blocked for two years, suddenly looks brighter.

    A 700-mile border fence pushed through the Republican Congress also could come under renewed scrutiny. Although Bush signed the fence legislation into law, Democratic leaders opposed the measure and may hold up funds for the project, which is expected to cost at least $2.2 billion.

    "I can't think of another issue that could bring together the Democratic Congress and the president like immigration," said Frank Sharry, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, which supports the president's initiatives. "This election has really changed the immigration debate forever."

    Pro-immigration groups such as Sharry's predict that the next session of Congress will be far more receptive to the most volatile elements of Bush's immigration plan: a temporary guest-worker program and conditional legalization for millions of undocumented immigrants now in the country.

    Since Bush first unveiled his intentions in 2004, those proposals consistently have collided with resistance in the GOP-led House of Representatives, which refused to consider a Senate-passed bill that largely embraced Bush's initiatives.

    Now Democrats will take over the House and Senate in early January under leaders who've expressed support for a comprehensive immigration overhaul.

    Presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has called for legislation offering illegal immigrants a "pathway to earned legalization and citizenship" if they fulfill "tough requirements," such as paying fines and back taxes, staying employed and learning English.

    In a post-election press conference on Wednesday, Bush again listed immigration as a top priority, describing it as "an issue where I believe we can find some common ground with the Democrats."

    "I do think we have a good chance," Bush said.

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  • You can change your signature now - no more waiting:)
    Ha - good point!

    There you go

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  • Hi
    I am applying for AP (new). Are they issued with 1 year validity or 2 years ( now that EAD is being given for 2 years)?

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  • While IV is already on the major Restrictionists (NumbersUSA, FAIR, etc) Radar, it is now being followed by smaller, single issue restrictionist organizations like the Anti-h1b Zazona. Ever wonder why Mr. Sanchez of Zazona targets only Legal Immigrants - people who've always followed the rules laid down by their US lawmakers- like us, instead of illegals??

    Perhaps Mr. Sanchez can answer that one next time he visits this website..:)


    Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 3:12 PM

    Subject: H-1Bs go to K Street

    by Rob Sanchez
    April 26, 2006 No. 1466

    A new organization of called Immigration Voice (IV) has been formed to
    lobby the U.S. government. Most of the members are foreign nationals on
    H-1B visas. They want the U.S. government to issue more green cards so that
    H-1Bs can gain permanent residency. Immigration Voice seems to be a single
    issue advocacy group because they don't mention H-1B, however, they are
    supporting the Specter bill in the Senate that has a massive increase in
    Green Card visas as well as H-1B and a new visa called F-4.

    H-1B is a temporary visa that can last for up to six years, but due to a
    new 7th Year Extension rule visas can be renewed indefinitely until the
    visa holder obtains a green card. As long as the green card application is
    in the cue the H-1B can stay. There are limits to the number of green cards
    issued per year, and that is what IV wants to change. As Dr. Philip Martin
    from UCDavis wrote, "There Is Nothing More Permanent Than Temporary Foreign
    Workers." To read Martin's classic paper go to:

    The stated goal from their website:

    Our big initiative currently is towards addressing delays
    and other flaws in the employment based green card process.

    Immigration Voice formed very quickly and they are showing that they are
    very serious about lobbying the U.S. government. They hired a professional
    lobbying firm to represent them called Quinn Gillespie & Associates LLC. IV
    also is talking with the infamous lobbyist Rick Swartz. Norman Matloff
    described Swartz as a "pro-immigration lobbying kingpin who has represented
    both industry firms such as Microsoft and also the ISN". Mark Krikorian at
    CIS is usually low key, but not when he wrote about Rick Swartz:
    And then there's the National Immigration Forum, the umbrella
    organization for high-immigration political advocacy, which
    works closely with sympathetic Republicans. But NIF is not like
    the conventional lobbying coalitions that exist on numerous
    issues. It was cofounded by the National Lawyers Guild in the
    1980s, back when the Guild was a Soviet front group. The group's
    first head was Rick Swartz, a leftist attorney who cut his teeth
    advocating for Haitian illegal aliens and who, during a 1981
    Senate hearing, likened the United States to Nazi Germany.

    Most of the Immigration Voice activities seem to center around fund raising
    to pay for their lobbying efforts. They aren't talking about chump change
    either. Here are their contributions so far, which must be reported since
    they are applying for 501-C(4) status.

    Total Contribution $90,640.10
    Target $200,000
    Percentage of Target Met 45.3%

    When I started reading the Washington Post article below the first question
    that came to my mind was the legality of H-1Bs and other foreign nationals
    to actively lobby our government. The DOJ answers that very definitively:
    Foreign Agents Registration Act

    Q. Does the Act limit an agent's lobbying and publishing
    informational materials (propaganda) for a Foreign

    A. No, the Act requires only registration.

    The article below is written by Mitra Kalita. She was born in the U.S. by
    parents who immigrated to the U.S. from India. Her bio can be read here:

    Kalita does a good job of reporting what Immigration Voice is all about but
    the article is not objective, and therefore should be considered lousy
    journalism. It's a rather long article with quotes from many advocates for
    increasing immigration but not one sentence from somebody that disagrees
    with the IV agenda. This statement about IV's quest for more green cards
    for H-1B visa holders goes totally unchallenged:

    "This is a sympathetic story," said Nick Maduros, a lobbyist
    for Quinn Gillespie. "For this group, their issues are very
    technical and are frankly not that controversial, but they
    have been overshadowed ."

    >>>>> THE BIG QUESTION <<<<<

    Immigration Voice raises many questions but one stands up in my mind as the
    most important:


    There have been many attempts at forming organizations but all of them are
    struggling. In all their years of existence they haven't been able to raise
    even a fraction of the money IV has raised in just four months.
    as well as many others are operating on such small shoestring budgets we
    are continually struggling just to survive.

    Why do citizens of the United States lack the passion we are seeing from
    foreign nationals that are here both legally and illegally?

    One thing for sure, we shouldn't waste time griping about Immigration Voice
    because they are playing the political game according to our own rules. If
    we lose this one, who's fault is it?

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  • With your 485 application packet, you need to attach proof of your 140 application.

    You can switch to EAD after you get EAD (which may or may not happen within 6 months of applying for 485 and EAD). 6 months after you apply for 485, you can switch employer with out negative consequences to your 485.

    Disclaimer: Any thing and every thing related to USCIS is like gambling.

    I hope they do that ..
    Can i apply for 485..with 140 pending? and then switch to EAD after 6 months?

    I will be completing my 9 yrs for H1 in Jan 2010...;)

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  • Hi Folks,
    I just learnt about this great effort. Thank you very much for all the effort you are all putting in. The least that i can (every one can) do is to contribute to support this great effort. I just now joined the group and contributed.

    Thank you all,
    Another GC Optimist.

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  • here's my explanation why i think retrogression will get worse -

    1) USCIS still has not entered all the july and aug. filers. USCIS will have a good idea by Oct or Nov. how many applications are in the pipeline, how many they can approve and what the PD cut off date needs to be?

    2) with the number of applications that were filed this it is obvious that ROW will see retrogression in both EB2 and EB3 categories.

    And, would you mind explaining why would ROW get affected? If they were current all along, all the ROW candidates must have already filed, even before july fiasco, right? So, just exactly how do they get affected?

    Sorry for the outburst, but I sometimes get tired of people just throwing out speculations :eek: as if they are stating facts. So, back up your statement with logic.

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  • Sorry I did not read this thread before. Just a simple question: should we use nycgal's draft?

    Yes, I used nycgal's and made little modification to the intro part. Picked up the IV intro from our home page. Also emphasized on the skilled-immigrants rather than just legal immigrants. Still need to send it to Mr.Sturgeon.

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  • My lawyer advised against filing AC21 proactively. His opinion is that it may trigger a big RFE requiring financial details of the new employer. How true is this? I have a feeling my previous employer might withdraw my approved I-140 on the advice of their corporate lawyers (Fragomen, who I believe recommend I-140 withdrawal as past of their standard procedure when an employee leaves). I would like to preempt that and file AC21 documentation.

    Yes, most Attorneys advise against proactive filing primarily because AC21 has no formal process associated like form, fee, reciepting or standard. It is based on guidance, most times the AC21 docs may or may not reach your file.

    Some Attorneys advise the HR to proactively file for AC21. There is one company (huge) where when you are being offered a job on EAD after AC21 - the HR dept makes a big fuss - asks for all documents like copy if Labor, 140, 485 reciept any any other documents and then makes you sign G 28 and then file for a G28 change in Attorney and associate AC21 docs with those. I guess, the Attorneys charge money so it is a business. If RFE or denial - then more money.

    My recomendation is to hire a ethical and realistic lawyer and not a greedy one

    I'm sure many Bollywood movies now have a bigger budget than Slumdog...

    i was talking about an average hollywood budget film with marketing cost is close to about 85 million (lower average)

    bollywood is about a 1/10th of that

    I have a feeling that they will not restore 140 PP at least until retrogression hits again i.e. the influx of various AOS applications slow down.

    I think those currently waiting for 140 approval will get screwed and those who were hoping to 3 yr H1 extension will be the most impacted.

    See what the last para of the memo says....

    During this timeframe the USCIS will determine whether
    it is able to process these cases with in 15 calendar days of reciept.

    "IF SO" premium processing will be once again made avaialabe for FORM I-140 petitions

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