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  • Well, I beleive my company is doing well and I am in a Strong Position as of now and even we are hiring a lot ....

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  • I am all for abonding H1B, when did IV promoted H1B program, we have this mess today due to H1B and itz loopholes,

    I don't use word slave very lightly, but we need to accept the fact many of H1Bs are handcuffed with current system, We need system similar to Austrialia, Canada a point based system or very similar to Nurses in US they get GC before even coming to US.

    H1Bs are truly pulling the wages down, I know I did when I came here I have no argument with anti-immigrants with this subject, but giving GCs to these H1Bs will have fair chance to compete in Market

    Corporate leaders such Bill Gates and Senators such as Kennady do know this issue and have deep understanding but they don't give a rat about it,

    Please do not say negative things against the H1B visa guys. Remember if it was not for the H1B, you guys would be in ur home countries right now. Let us all please stop abusing the VERY priviledge we have. H1Bs are FREE to change jobs at will. If you dont like your job CHANGE IT or GO BACK. Slaves cannot change jobs OR go back to their own countries. We cannot expect the system to start bowing to our wishes everytime we dont like what we currently have. No i am not an anti immigrant, Yes I am from India and stuck like the rest of you in retrogression. Right now i would walk a million miles to obtain an H1B visa for my spouse who is stuck in limbo coz of this H1B lottery.

    Also this discussion is FUTILE. IV now after 2 years of slogging has a "NAME BRAND". Logiclife has explained that this name cannot be changed. It is a good idea to be called "Legal Immigration Voice" but it is TOO late now. Instead of discussing this let us help the Current Immigration Voice name to achieve success.

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  • ...see the second post on this page.

    Hey DJ, I dig that a whole hell of a lot. Looking real clean

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  • An interview does not mean approval. This is just part of CIS pre-processing cases when the PD is not current. They will interview the applicant, process it and then throw it into storage.

    About 5% of cases are randomly selected for interviews. This does not mean that they are out to approve a 2007 case ahead of a 2001 case.

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  • My DL was renewed for four years, much beyond my I-94 expiry, both the times...so guys, come on to CA...Golden land of jobs, good weather, cosmopolitan and accomdating/tolerant ppl of all races/religions :-). I am still on H1-B though..


    See the above reply. I assume if they allow -I-94 , then EAD should be treated the same way.

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  • chanduv23,

    I got my EAD card for 2 years on 7/16.

    It was paper filing on 6/22 at Texas Service center.

    I hope everybody gets EAD card in time and continue working.

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  • Can this bill come out of the black hole of the committee? Most immmigration related bills never see daylight :(

    How many times have you met your lawmaker offices in person in the last 1 year asking for a bill?

    If your answer is zero or 1, then that is the reason no bill never sees light of the day.
    If our community does not go out and meet lawmakers, their plight will stay buried inside the forum threads.

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  • The name check takes 2 years anyway, making a mockery of fast processing times. Even VSC, which is the slowest, takes less than 2 yrs for 485.

    Wait a minute; I thought the name check is part of the I485 approval (and for those who file I-140 and I-485 concurrently, part of the I-140 approval). It wouldn't make any sense if the I-485 is approved and they are still checking the identity.

    Also, the thread has been quiet due to lack of hope regarding the speed of processing centers (Wata, I am with you on the Nebraska one) and the unreliability of promises for improvements.

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  • Are you sure? Cause I did work with them, no one imagined the crisis of real estate was going to be soooo steep and also no one imagined that my i-485 was going to be approved so fast.
    I can proof I worked with them from 2002-2006 (4 years). They gave me a letter saying they still not able to get me a job, i did have intent to work with them.

    That is the point. It was not of your own volition.

    Also, there is no rule that says citizenship is not available to people who do not work for the sponsoring employer for a certai nperiod of time after GC approval. It is just good practice to stick around for a few months after approval, but it is not law.

    You will have no trouble. Change your status from bittersweet to sweet and have fun. Also, good luck finding a new job.

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  • sometime's if they need to do some background-investigation to get more info on your visa status / educational background / name check or what-ever for no-reason etc , they just place you in this status. the tricky thing is do never know how long the wait is. ive heard / read some people have to wait in months for no reason. you should be happy that you received it in 2 weeks.

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  • Do you work for a TV manufacturing company or watch lots of shows like a couch potato. I can understand you like to watch some channels but cannot imagine spending hours to make a quote

    You could buy a TV but you will not know when you will get it. It could be shipped the next week, the next month, next year or never.
    The credit card may not be charged, may be charged twice or a valid CC may get rejected.
    Somebody who buys a TV from USCSIS a 2 years after you do, he may get it sooner than you do.
    USCIS has no way of knowing how many TVs have been ordered and how many of them are in stock.
    In case you do not receive your TV in two years, USCIS acknowledges that there is a long wait time for some and does not do anything about it. USCIS thinks acknowledgment of wait time is more than enough that it has done for the customers. Customers did not deserve this but USCIS did a favour to them being a good "Customer Service" company
    There would be an online survey after you buy it which would never get submitted 99% of the times.
    In case it did get submitted, somebody will read one out of 10,000.
    After reading it he will throw it in the trash can.
    If you get a defective TV (which is quite likely), you have a chance to file appeal by paying the same amount of money for the TV again so that your case can be re-opened.
    I wonder how many customers would USCIS have eventually ??? Any guesses ??? :-)

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  • Good review of previous performance.

    What could be different this year compared to previous years are

    1) DOS seems to make sure no visas are wasted and so may not want to wait for the last 2 months of the fiscal year.

    2) More cases are pre-adjudicated which makes it easier for them to initiate the fall-across/fall-down in July than wait for August.

    3) DOS has been good at not retrogressing the the visa dates further back in the last few months. They either stay where they are or move forward. But not back. This indicates that they are paying more attention and not randomly opening up visas. This means they want to issue visas by priority dates which would need proper planning (to make sure nothing gets wasted)

    All these above factors may influence them to open up in July than August. Again, these are my gut feel.

    Thanks for the information Vin, my question to you is where do you see the dates for EB2 India in July 2010?
    Thanks again.

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  • A lot of times.. companies use this bugaboo of job desc etc.. Those that want to promote you badly enough will find a way.. First of all.. What your job title is v/s what labor is filed under is not directly related.. Secondly you can have matrix responsibilities that span across 2 bands etc.. So lot of times it's an excuse to not have to let you down hard way.. always easier to blame on that "damn immigration queue"

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  • 05/26/2006: Critical Role of House-Senate Conference Committee and Importance of Selection of the Conferees

    More than ever, in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation, the role of the upcoming House-Senate Conference Committee will be critically important. Traditionally, once conference committee reaches an agreement, the floors of both Houses usually accepted the compromise report of the conference committee. It is thus critically important to learn who will be selected to the conference committee by each House. The key players in the selection are the Speaker of the House, the President of the Senate, Majority and Minority leaders in both Houses.
    In the Senate, the floor has already decided how the conferees from the Senate will be selected. It proposes to send conferees at the ratio of 14 from the House and 12 from the Senate. On the Senate side, all the conferees will be selected from the Judiciary Committee at the ratio of 7 from the Republicans and 5 from the Democrats. On the Republican side, the Majority leader will select the seven Republican conferees and the Minority leader will select the five Democrat conferees. Without doubt, the Democrats will select the hardcore supporters of the CIR, but it is unclear who the Majority leader Bill Frist will pick on the Republican side. He may attempt to balance between the hardcore supporters and the hardcore opponents within the party. We just wish that the hardcore Republican opponents who posed a roadblock to the today's passage of the bill in the Senate as revealed in the amendment and final roll calls do not take a dominant power on the Republican side of the Senate delegaton. Readers may want to know who these opponents are by checking the voting records of S. 2611.



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  • Hi Guys,

    This is a small list I have compiled. Can we all share our RECEIPT #'s, CATEGORY and PD's & COUNTRY as well, so we have another method to gauge how NSC is/not processing our files. I will update the list with your postings. Thanks!

    By Receipt date, As of 07/28/2008

    LIN080105**** - Pending RD 10/12/2007 RD 08/15/07 EB3 India, PD=04/12/07
    LIN0800855*** - Approved ND 10/16/07, RD 08/15/07 EB2 India, PD=04/23/07
    LIN080075**** - Approved 07/23/07, ND 10/09/07 EB2 India, PD=04/19/07
    LIN080065**** - Pending 08/15/2007 EB3 Canada PD=03/13/03
    LIN080065**** - Pending 05/24/07 EB3 India, PD=12/26/06 ??
    LIN080055**** - Pending 08/16/2007, EB2 India, PD=04/04/07
    LIN080045**** - Approved 07/17/08 ND 10/04/07, EB2 India, PD=03/28/07
    LIN0800450*** - Pending 08/15/07 EB2 India, PD=07/11/07
    LIN08002599** - Pending 10/02/07 EB3 India, PD=08/10/07
    LIN080025**** - Approved 06/16/08
    LIN080015**** - Pending 08/15/07 EB2 India, PD=05/07
    LIN0800855*** - Approved 07/14/08 ND 10/16/07 EB2 India, PD=03/18/05
    LIN0800158*** - Pending 08/15/07
    LIN072725**** - Approved 06/19/08 ND 09/27/07 EB2 India, PD=07/12/02
    LIN07270539** - Pending 08/14/07 EB3 India PD=3/26/07
    LIN0727053903 - Pending 09/25/07
    LIN0726554031 - Approved 04/28/08
    LIN0726552129 - Pending 09/20/07
    LIN0726451144 - Approved 04/28/08
    LIN072645**** - Approved 07/11/08
    SRC0780025** - Approved 07/15/2008 ND 07/30/07 EB2 India. TSC to NSC on 4/10/08
    SRC0780024** - ND 08/13/07 EB2 India. PD=06/25/07. TSC to NSC on 4/23/08
    SRC07221**** - ND 07/16/07 EB3 India. PD=12/16/01. TSC to NSC on 1/29/08
    SRC07222**** - ND 07/18/07 EB2 India. PD=08/23/06
    LIN07249505** - Pending 07/27/2007 EB1C India, PD=05/10/07
    LIN072175**** - Pending 07/25/2007 EB3 India, PD=07/03
    LIN0720754*** - Pending 07/10/2007 EB3 UK, PD=08/15/06
    LIN0720354769 - Pending 07/09/07
    LIN0720354259 - Pending 07/09/07 EB3 India, PD=05/05
    LIN0720354185 - Pending 07/09/07
    LIN0720354010 - Pending 07/09/07
    LIN0720353974 - Approved 02/08/08
    LIN0720353877 - Pending 07/09/07
    LIN0720353698 - Approved 02/14/08
    LIN0720353672 - Pending 07/09/07
    LIN0720353633 - Approved 02/14/08
    LIN0720353617 - Approved 02/01/08
    LIN0720353592 - Pending 07/09/07
    LIN0720353588 - RFE March 24, 2008, Denied 06/12/08
    LIN0720353557 - Approved 02/29/08
    LIN0720353465 - Approved 01/30/08
    LIN0720353462 - Approved 01/30/08
    LIN0720353457 - Approved 02/04/08
    LIN0720353458 - Approved 01/25/08
    LIN0720352310 - RFE 04/23/08, Approved 05/29/08
    LIN0720350160 - Approved, 02/11/08
    LIN0720350030 - Approved, 02/26/08
    LIN0720251509 - Pending 07/07/07 EB3 ROW, PD=11/04
    LIN071835*1** - Pending RD 06/14/2007 EB2 India PD=11/21/06
    LIN071965**** - Pending 06/29/07 EB3 India Sub-Labor, PD=02/15/07
    LIN0719652008 - Approved, 07/05/07
    LIN0719651928 - Approved, 07/03/07
    LIN0719651934 - Approved, 07/11/08
    LIN0719651834 - Pending 06/29/07
    LIN0719651661 - Approved, 01/08/08
    LIN0719651185 - Approved 10/03/07
    LIN071645**** - Pending 05/18/07
    LIN0716451143 - Approved 10/29/07
    LIN07156***** - Pending 05/08/07
    LIN0623351561 - Approved 02/28/08
    LIN062275**** - Approved
    LIN0622452*** - Approved 02/17/08
    LIN0621351*** - Pending 07/13/06 EB3 India, PD=03/25/06

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  • With the kind of response I saw at the House judicary commitee inspite f making all those calls . I now realize where we are on their priority list , below horses .

    Sorry for the sarcasm , I am pretty bitter about the whole thing now after 2 repeated delays .

    Even I was under the same impression, but some members like sanju et al say there are still chances and GC issues are on top on the priority list. So lets hope for the best

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  • The following has been extracted from H1-B is still valid with AP entry US? - Yahoo! Answers (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071214234832AA7fOR3)

    Normally, an alien who has filed for Adjustment of Status in the US must apply for Advanced Parole and use the Advanced Parole to come back to the US in order to keep his / her Adjustment of Status application pending.

    H-1 and L-1 holders are the only exceptions to this rule.

    Aliens in H-1B status who have a pending Adjustment of Status application do not need to apply for Advance Parole to go abroad if they fulfill certain conditions. As long as the H-1 B visa holder maintains his/her H-1 B status before leaving the U.S., he/she may apply for an H-1B visa to re-enter the U.S. to work for his / her H-1B sponsoring employer after his/her travel abroad.

    When he/she comes back with a valid H-1B visa to continue to work for his/her H-1B sponsoring employer, he/she does not need to be paroled. Rather he/she can be admitted under H 1B status as long as they're still employed by the H-1B petitioner.

    If they choose to be paroled, then they are not H-1B anymore, and if they had dependents, those dependents cannot be H-4's anymore. It's your choice. Use the valid visa if you're still with the petitioner or use the parole. If you are paroled into the U.S., you will need an EAD to work.

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  • i am trying to find what questions they can ask.

    1.brith certificate is a concern rest all is good as far as i know.

    If you check Rajiv Khanna's forum, you will find a number of interview transcripts. That should help ease your fears.

    Again, you have not been picked for an interview due to problems in your case. It is purely random.

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  • Dear IVans,
    Now that the SEP VB is out, what does this indicate in terms of
    - future VBs
    - visa availability in the coming months
    - awareness about visa wastage
    - dates becoming current for most EB categories
    - light at the end of tunnel for most of us
    - USCIS efficiencies

    Pls share your thoughts. Thanks!

    - visa availability in the coming months: ASTROLOGY MAY HELP.
    - awareness about visa wastage: PART OF USCIS POLICY
    - dates becoming current for most EB categories: MOST OF THEM ARE CURRENT NOW
    - light at the end of tunnel for most of us: WHERE IS THE TUNNEL FOR EB3?

    This is a very good PDF on USCIS website..AILA has many rights to demand explaination from USCIS...they do ask questions about EAD extension etc...

    We should figure out a way by which AILA demands answers from USCIS regarding using the 140K wasted visas because of slow processing...

    IV Seniors/Organizers....any inputs on this?

    if you think you can file I-485 with 2 I-140s and USCIS would let you use PD from one and Category from other. THOUGH LEGAL BUT FORGET IT.


    What is the basis of I-140 priority date? is it when the I-140 was filed or when it got approved?

    Here is an EXAMPLE for you and to everyone else to understand easily:

    I-140 filed Jan 6 2006
    I-140 approved Feb 6 2007

    is the PD Jan 6, 2006 or feb 6 2007?

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