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  • But again as I mentioned before, if US has shortage of skilled workers, they can fulfill the shortage within few months. If we all go, another batch of temporary workers can be brought in without any loses, that too in few months (On some different VISA if H1 B is abolished), so I don�t see any economic impact on the country like people say �US Economy will go down if there is no H1 B visa�

    It is not that hard to imagine at all.
    500K h1b holders having $60K jobs (on average) means $30 billion to the US economy. That is only .002% of US GDP but that is still a *lot* of money.

    Remember the Swift meat packing plant raids. They cost Swift $45-50M they claim. That is greater than the wages of the workers rounded up. Probably around double. If IBM started feeling that hurt, they'd be summoning their representatives to their offices.

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  • again. It is gone. That means you had sent the web fax.
    I just sent the webfax..
    One silly question.. How do we know it is actually sent ?

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  • Wish we would not getinto United States Civics discussions and concentrate on Increasing memberships and contributing.

    Dont forget the goal....there are a lot of hurdles ahead as pointed out by Sen Durbin and elk already

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  • What will be my status after i file my I485?

    My current I-94 will expire on 16th Sep 2007 (on the day my current visa stamp in my passport expires and my current H1 B is set to expire Mid April 2008).

    I am planning to make a trip to Cannda or someplace to get a new I-94 as soon as i get my new passport (i had sent it for renewal on june 2nd). But i am a little worried about my status if i am unable to make the trip.

    So my question is what will be my status after 16th sep 2007 (once i file for I485 (first week of July2007) and my I-94 expires on 16th Sep 2007)?

    Appreciate any responses ...

    Your question is not clear but when you say I-94 I assume you mean the I-94 that you got the last time you entered the country, right? The expiration date on that has nothing to do with your status as long you have an approved I-797 for your H1B extension till April 2008. You are in status till that time.
    But you do need an unexpired Visa stamp on your passport if you leave the country and want to come back to the US.
    So the way I see it, even after filing 485 you will continue to be in status till April 2008 and then I am sure you will extend that for another term if your I-485 is still pending.
    As for going to Canada to get a new I-94, it may not work because they do not make you surrender your old I-94 when you go to Canada and so therefore do not issue a new I94 when you return after a short trip to Canada.

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  • my FP is done on 19th sep and got LUD on 485 on 20th sep and same day card production ordered.

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  • Im july 5th filer .NSC_CSC_NSC.got my EAD on 20th december07.AP still pendind at CSC (RFE).opened SR for FP in october and got FP notice next day .Obvously SR had nothing to do .SR was replied after 45 days and says "status of I-485 USCIS is waitinf biometrics information to produce permanent residency card .I had filed 140 and 485 conc.and my PD is current .I had seen lot of NSC_CSC_NSC got their FP notices in mid november .

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  • ....
    I just waned to let others knows about that you have to give two weeks notice to your current employer and join the new employer which is not possible according to the new system....

    Why you think that is not possible?

    What do you mean by "new system"?

    If you want to wait until approval, file H-1B premium. If you have skills and its "bonafide job", not much risk for H-1B denial. Note, H-1B visa is not for speculative employment.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • At what stage of GC, you are not dependent on Lawyer any more>?

    What if your I-485 has been filed, and everything is normal with your case. Do you still need your Lawyer till you get ur GC or now you can fire him right after filing 485?

    I am not happy with my Lawyer and want to get rid of him ASAP.

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  • Good idea.
    What we need is:
    1- A document about the economic impact legal immigrants are making (H1, L1, EAD etc). It should include estimates of Federal, state, SS tax and sales taxes. You can also include estimates how we can impact economy by buying houses. Use the research document used by another organization someone posted yesterday to understand how such documents are written. Get some number crunchers and people with good writing skills in your team. There was a google group created by GC_peshwa yesterday. I think this group could do such proactive work. Set your timelines and work on it. You can post updates of your group on the forum so that others know about it and can join if interested. Once you finish the document, it can be sent as a release and also sent to reporters and lawmakers.

    2. This group can also work on your idea from the post by posting on other news sites.
    Yes the illegal reporters do provide a lot of fodder and in most cases the data can be easily debunked. I'll check their documentation and how they do research along with other volunteers. Will also check gc_peshwa's group. In fact the census generally doesn't give immigration status, do thats worth checking.
    I'll post back once I create a appropriately named google group.

    Were you part of the call yesterday on the Filing I-485 when PD is not current....we do have plans like these...and take part.

    I missed this, will join the future calls

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  • If you are not on H1 there is no reason to inform the USCIS. Make sure that they are not including your I-140 receipt number or A#.

    Actually informing that you do not have a job is sufficent to revoke your I-140.

    Then how come people are saying there wont be any impact if you lose your job in EAD

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  • I just don't understand one basic question.

    Congress is trying to pardon 12 million illegals as a one time measure and give them Green Cards. (OK - Very good)

    On the other hand we are about half a million who entered the country legally and helping the U.S. economy and paying taxes. Why don't they consider giving all of us Green Cards as a one time measure too ?????

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  • "So my wife and me are shuttling between India and US to even meet each other. "

    Can't you bring her on H4...???

    She is on H4 right now, but working in India, so visits when she gets a vacation and I do the same, hence the shuttling :(


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  • from IL who have not yet registered?

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  • Just wanted to confirm - this discussion is pertinent only for cases where the new H1 (3 yr) is pending at the time the person travels overseas, right?

    For example, if your current visa (and I-94) expires on Feb 28, but you already have a new visa valid for 3 years starting Mar 1, you can re-enter US within Feb 28. Then you can go to Canada/Mexico/Home country, get the new visa stamped on your passport, and on that basis get a new I-94, right?

    I don't seem to see any confusion here....or am I missng something?

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  • Looks like you got angry.Everybody knows H1 requirements as much as you do.Do you think are the only one who is smart in this world.I don't think so.

    Thanks for sharing your "2 cents" opinion. I understand this is coming from a person who used the term slave for his H-1 job condition.

    You haven't answer me the question"What if your H1 is denied once you started working with out its approval" which I replied in your first post.

    If H-1B is denied, then you are out of luck. For that reason, I have mentioned that file H-1B premium, and join the new job after H-1B approval and you will have "peace of mind" in that case.

    Also you have replied me that H1B is not for speculative job.If it is true then what is the need of H1 Change of employer.Can you inform USCIS to remove this option.

    Read for yourself and get en-lighted.
    http://www.uscis.gov/err/D2%20-%20Temporary%20Worker%20in%20a%20Specialty%20Occup ation%20or%20Fashion%20Model%20%28H-1B%29/Decisions_Issued_in_2008/May302008_01D2101.pdf
    [From the pdf link]
    ...to ensure that alien beneficiaries accorded H status have an actual job offer and are not coming to the United States for speculative employment.

    When your H1 got approved first time the same USCIS verified your Educational certificates.Why they want to do the same verification again and again?

    It is more than just educational qualification. The job has to be specialty occupation and employer has to define job duties in detail. Each H-1B petition is treated independently.

    I advice you to read [dot com] articles which sometimes point out that USCIS document were not clear

    Lawyers are entitled to opinion as well, just like anybody else. After all they are running business. FYI, I am not on visa anymore.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • This is completely wrong. Once you are in EAD and got laid off...you lose your status. There is one more thread in this forum where one guy applied for unemployed benefit in EAD, in a weeks times the ICE was coming to his home and severed the notice to appear in the court. That guy started the thread and every one bashing him for applying the unemployment benefit. But he later came to know that his employer notified the USCIS that he got laid off during EAD. So he lost his status and they wanted to deport him. I am not sure about the outcome. He is here in only in the IV. That thread was created in the last 2-3 months time. So search for it.

    There is definitely some legal implication otherwise why your employer wants to inform USCIS. They wanted to be in the safer side. So if anything happens you are the one going to face the music. So check with some good attorney.

    For all those retards giving red dots....all I am saying is there is one more thread in forum check for it....

    A&$ H$#les...

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  • Question is what happens if I decide to withdraw the H1b App
    Or just change the job .. will then still then keep RFE alive?
    If my employer won't give the wage reports etc. today.. he's definitely not going to give me that even in future then..

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  • For this reason IV should stop posting any strategy and plans on www that is accessible to everyone.

    With due respect to your contribution to Immigration Voice, I completely disagree with you. I don't think there is anything wrong in discussing strategies on IV. Actually people will support that not discussing strategies among members have created more damage to us then discussing and let antis know about them.

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  • How about, those who made incorrect predictions to pay $50 to IV?:D

    There is no such thing as an incorrect prediction....it's just the time that might be inaccurate.

    Thread is for November bulletin, and I find discussion on houses !!

    My plan is making the following

    Movie - A full length feature with characters that represent our life (includes H1 to GC process) in US with humor

    Documentary - A professional documentary on our issues like H1 quota problems, GC backlog processing etc.

    Any other thoughts from your side would help.

    Suggestion: Let Corporate America handle H1B quota. They don't need our help. Tying up H1B with GC is only hurting us. We are in IV for GC issues.

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