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  • Get hold of a qualified immigration attorney and ask for a paid advice.

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  • You can schedule an infopass appointment and get your GC stamped on your passport, the GC stamp is valid for 1 year.

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  • this should be intresting... it looks like I will be on IV the whole night

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  • That is a good sentiment, Bkam.

    Please don't mistake BerkeleyBee's post. From the point of view of the core team, many posters have ideas that seem correct to them and they post 'This is my idea, why can't we do this?'. In plain language, that translates to 'Why can't the core team do this?'.

    So from my point of view - simply as someone who has been posting for a long time in Usenet, newsgroups etc - if you have a good idea, implement it yourself. E.g., if you want a webfax that thanks Senators, write the webfax and post it. Sample webfaxes are available on the website, customize it and post it. The "core team" is human. We are balancing full time jobs with the web site and it would help if people making suggestions also implemented it.

    In this idea that has been posted re: educating people in other countries, that is NOT part of IV's mission. IV's mission is clear: it is social service to people that want to get a green card. It is also social service to educate prospective immigrants about the delays in the GC process. However, that is not part of IV's mission. It can be part of Bkam's and Learning01's personal missions, however.

    I think the one additional thing is also that we need to using harsh terms to blame the U.S. system or Congress for our problems. Lots of people have problems, Congress has limited time to tackle everyone's problems. As someone prominent that we met said 'War on terror, injustice to immigrants.. You know what is going to win every time'. So let us keep perspective and soldier on, remember we are also getting prominent, so now is the time to present ourselves and the forum in the best light possible.

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  • You are right axp817, but small correction.
    Company A (old company) attorney filed I 485 based on the I-140 approval from
    company A.

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  • as long as you already got the first shot you will be okay. my husband and i just got our first hepatitis b shot and we need 2 more shots after that. our doctor said to just be ready for the proof when and if USCIS asks for it. it's good you were able to get an appointment. good luck!:D

    Thanks a lot for the response.

    I was finally able to get a doctors appointment on July 24th.

    Now comes the tricky part:

    Is the varicella vaccine required ? I have not had chicken pox as a child. The blood work showed that I need a chicken pox vaccine.

    I went to the county health department today , and they gave me shots for tetanus, MMR, PPD, and one shot for varicella. They said that I have to come back in 30 days for another shot of varicella.

    I am not sure what my doctor will say to this when I meet him on July 24th. Also, is it possible for the doctor to provide an I-693 with a statement that the varicella shot will be completed later ?

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  • My wife worked as a consultant for first half of 2008 with a desi employer as an employee (on W-2). After many calls and emails we received W-2 Thursday that has income and taxes of only first two months. Now he says that he showed remaining 4 months as his profit so he can only send 1099. Please advise if I can take any legal action against this employer.

    Thank you

    Just tell him you are going to inform about this to IRS and see his reaction. If nothing happening call IRS and report. You can amend your Tax written for extension. So you wll get time till Oct 15h.

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  • I flew Lufthansa a couple of years ago .. the airline itself wasn't bad, but the Frankfurt airport and the customer service is horrible!

    Has anyone noticed, the german and scandinavian airlines (to which my experience is limited) don't seem to follow any kind of boarding order .. they simply allow everyone to board the plane simultaneously which naturally leads to pandemonium.

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  • What is PM me and how can i PM someone?

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  • I saw a comment on a lawyer's website that recapture of unused visas can only be done through legislation and not through administrative fix..

    And, the real issue we should try to address here is USCIS inefficiency.

    There are a lot of " worldwide" category folks who have been current for over a year (and a few months after the 180 day memo) but are yet to get their GC.... So unless we get USCIS to move fast on the applications that are current, all our visa recapture efforts help DOS to move cut off dates further ahead.. but if past history is any indication, more of these visa #s will be assigned to Consular processing cases rather than AOS cases in USA..

    So.. I think while lobbying for Visa Recapture is the right move, we should also lobby to highlight USCIS inefficiency in adjudicating cases that are current..

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  • Is your application pending at NSC or TSC?

    Also, can you share with us your city/state - just curious which USCIS location has become so efficient :)

    Thanks for sharing this info with us!


    So yesterday (Saturday) was another surprize, a pleasant one again! I got a call from the same IO who told me that he got all the documents that I had sent and has cleared my case for approval, but now my fingerprints have expired.

    He asked if I could come right away to his office and he could give me an instant fingerprinting appointment in the nearby INS office. When I told him that I'm currently out of country on business trip and won't be back in US till April, he said he will send me an appointment near April 15th.

    I thanked him for his follow-up and he said he was just doing his job. I know this might be an exception than a rule, but just wanted to acknowledge this particular IO and hope there are more like him.

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  • I guess when it comes to GC processing, NOTHING is really "wrong" is it? If you get a chance to work around and beat the long lines, I guess "It's all good". Some people are lucky that they get a chance to get Labor Sub, some ppl marry the GC and some ppl like the rest of us wait in line like "honest citizens".

    The REAL question is, just how many of us would have refused a good labour sub, given the present conditions, solely on the basis that "it is unfair to others"? I know i would have taken it. Reason? It's LEGAL (or used to be). Our "misfortune" (if i can use that word), is that we did not get a similar chance.

    For those wondering, what I am babbling about: "Let's not look down on this guy who got his GC approved by Labour Sub, or even continuously point out that he did."

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  • Bank of America(BOA) being a financial institution must have analyzed the risks before deciding to give credit cards to illegal aliens (no credit history and no SSN) and this would have been possible only with BOA having some kind of insider information on the status of the CIR.

    My take is that BOA execs. know that the CIR is going to be passed in the summer. BOA knows for a fact that these 10-12 million illegal immigrants (read future customers) will have valid SSNs within the next 1 year or so.

    This BOA action not consistent with traditional banking norms, is a precursor to the passing of the CIR in the house in the comming summer.

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  • I believe Lou was referring to conversing on the internet. It definitely isn't a turn on to an employer if you are a 1337 h4><()r. You have to be able to get your words across. That is not to say that you can't use a bit of slang.
    wow! a breath of fresh air.

    Thanks Brad!

    That, and the AZ State Labor Statutes, were my points exactly.


    Jnicklo has nothing to fear from me. He is his own worst enemy. He just doesn't realize it yet.

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  • Hello! My husband and I are in Lansing, and became a member today. I read the last post from Sep about some conference or meeting. Is there one scheduled soon? Venue? Date?

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  • It is FBI that is responsible for namecheck ... not sure USCIS has any control over them. My understanding is I-485 premium processing would apply only to USCIS processing of the paperwork.

    Then, of course, it won't help much because for most people name check is taking 2 years, and 485 processing via the regular route takes less time than that.

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  • This is a million dollars question on everybody's mind. Although the books says you can, I bet no body will take the risk.
    Nobody can predict when July filer will get AP too.

    There is a good chance I am taking this risk. But if there is any hope I will wait. Contrary to that if there is no hope I don't want to keep waiting until July next year for AP.

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  • Immigration: 'Birth Tourism' Industry Markets U.S. Citizenship Abroad - ABC News (

    A New Baby Boom? Foreign 'Birth Tourists' Seek U.S. Citizenship for Children
    More Foreign Mothers Live Abroad to Give Birth on U.S. Soil, Debate Over 14th Amendment

    Millions of foreign tourists visit the United States every year, and a growing number return home with a brand new U.S. citizen in tow. housands of legal immigrants, who do not permanently reside in the United States but give birth here, have given their children the gift of citizenship, which the U.S. grants to anyone born on its soil.

    The number of U.S. births to non-resident mothers rose 53 percent between 2000 and 2006, according to the most recent data from the National Center for Health Statistics. Total births rose 5 percent in the same period.

    Among the foreigners who have given birth here, including international travelers passing through and foreign students studying at U.S. universities, are "birth tourists," women who travel to the United States with the explicit purpose of obtaining citizenship for their child.

    Catering to the women is a nascent industry of travel agencies and hotel chains seeking to profit from the business. The Marmara Manhattan, a Turkish-owned luxury hotel on New York's City Upper East Side, markets birth tourism packages to expectant mothers abroad, luring more than a dozen pregnant guests and their families to the United States to give birth last year alone.

    "What we offer is simply a one-bedroom suite accommodation for $7,750, plus taxes, for a month, with airport transfer, baby cradle and a gift set for the mother," Marmara Hotel spokeswoman Alexandra Ballantine said.

    The hotel estimates the total cost of the package at $45,000.

    Most women stay for two months, Ballantine said, and they make medical arrangements on their own. "Guests arrange and pay for these by themselves," she said of hospital costs that can approach $30,000.

    For those with the means to pay, it's a small price to give a child the full benefits of U.S. citizenship, including the ability to travel freely to and from the United States, easy access to a U.S. education and a chance to start a life here.

    "We found a company on the Internet and decided to go to Austin [Texas] for our child's birth," Turkish mother Selin Burcuoglu told Istanbul's Hurriyet Daily News. "I don't want [my daughter] to deal with visa issues. American citizenship has so many advantages."

    The greatest of those advantages may be the ability of the citizen child to later sponsor the legal immigration of his or her entire family permanently to this country, experts say.

    The "birth tourism" industry, which is difficult to track and remains largely anecdotal, has been on the rise for years, according to government and participants reports. Of the 4,273,225 live births in the United States in 2006, the most recent data gathered by the National Center for Health Statistics, 7,670 were children born to mothers who said they do not live here.

    Many, but not all, of those mothers could be "birth tourists," experts say, although it is difficult to know for sure. The government does not track the reasons non-resident mothers are in the United States at the time of the birth or their citizenship, meaning births to illegal immigrants who live in the United States are counted in the overall total.

    In recent years, many women have come from Mexico, South Korea, China and Taiwan, but the trend now extends to countries in Eastern Europe, such as Turkey, where as many as 12,000 children were born in the United States to Turkish parents since 2003 by one estimate.

    The business of birth tourism is perfectly legal as long as immigrants are able to pay their own way.

    The State Department and Department of Homeland Security have no specific regulations banning pregnant foreigners from entering the United States. But officials say they can and do turn away pregnant women with obvious designs on coming to the United States to take advantage of free medical care. "When determining if an individual will be allowed to enter the U.S., Customs and Border Protection officers take into consideration the date the child is due for delivery and the length of time the individual intends to stay in the U.S.," a Department of Homeland Security spokesman said.

    Still, critics say the practice largely goes unchecked and exploits the true meaning of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, enacted after the Civil War to grant citizenship to descendants of slaves.

    "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside," the amendment reads.

    "It's really an incorrect interpretation of the 14th Amendment," said Jerome Corsi, a conservative author and columnist who has studied the issue of birth tourism. "Birthright citizenship is a loophole � [and] as it expands into a business for entrepreneurs in foreign countries who offer birth tourism packages, it markets the loophole to attract additional mothers to the U.S."

    Lino Graglia of the University of Texas law school wrote in the Jan. 11 Texas Review of Law & Politics that the authors of the 14th Amendment never would have imagined their words bestowing citizenship to illegal or visiting immigrants.

    "It is difficult to imagine a more irrational and self-defeating legal system than one which makes unauthorized entry into this country a criminal offense and simultaneously provides perhaps the greatest possible inducement to illegal entry," Graglia wrote of birthright citizenship. The Supreme Court has only addressed the issue once, ruling in 1898 that citizenship applies to U.S.-born children of legal immigrants who have yet to become citizens.

    Some legislators, including U.S. Rep. Gary Miller, R-Calif., have called for revising the Constitution to forbid citizenship by birth alone and thereby end the attraction of birth tourists. But other politicos, from both sides of the aisle, say such an approach is politically unrealistic, not to mention unnecessary. "You just turn people down for being pregnant," said Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies. "That should be the default position and then there'd have to be some very good reason for an exception."

    Krikorian acknowledged that some people might find a ban on pregnant visitors "outrageous," but questions the rationality of the alternative.

    "Do you really think that's right that somebody here visiting Disneyland should have their children be U.S. citizens, which they'll then inevitably use to get access to the U.S.?" he asked.

    Krikorian and others call the offspring of birth tourists "anchor babies," because they can serve as a foothold for future legal immigration of an entire family.

    Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, said he sees the debate about birth tourists in a different light, however, noting that arguments about citizenship of children ignore a fundamental question of humanity.

    "If we're a country that cares about families and family values, then why are we blaming the children for a decision the parents made. Their only decision was to take a first breath," he said.

    "What is the State Department going to do? To fill out a visa application have a woman pee on a stick?"

    The United States is one of the few remaining countries to grant citizenship to all children born on its soil. The United Kingdom, Ireland, India and Australia, among others, have since revised their birthright laws, no longer allowing every child born on their soil to get citizenship.

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  • what kind of logic / law is here, if you are a US citizen you can marry and bring your spouse, if you are on pending 485 you can bring but if you become LPR you have to wait for 5 years......

    Is there any background for this restriction......... looks stupid to me.:mad:

    Dude.. Congratulations! Isn't that the ideal scenario to be in? You make money at both places and your GC is safe.. count your blessings and have fun!


    Here is my situation:
    I-140 approved - PD: May '06
    I-485 filed - July 30 '07 (India)
    EAD cards - Received
    APs - Received

    Due to a slowdown in their business, my employer is laying me off in Dec '07. I'm still short of 1 month to complete my 180 days of I-485 filling. However, they said they will not withdraw my I-140 and, to help me, will in fact keep me on their payroll until Jan '08, with my Jan '08 salary as my severance and my official status as on "paid leave". So far, so good.

    I also have a job offer, and my new employer wants me to join them in Dec '07, on EAD. My question is: Can I be officially on the payroll of two companies simultaneously on H-1B and/or EAD? If yes, do I need to inform the USCIS of my status (new employer; AC21)? My other option is to say No to the new (attractive) job offer (or to try to convince them to wait until Feb '08, which they'll likely not agree to), and and take up another job in Feb '08, on EAD / H-1B transfer, using AC21. Please advise whether I'm fine with using the first option!!

    We see a lot of these articles every day praising illegal immigration. How about creating a google group with volunteers that will pick up such similar articels and post a rebuttal, either online or through another website?
    The one we discussed yesterday was about how illegals contribute to the economy by paying $1.5 Billion in income tax for an estimated 15-20 million illegals.
    This was estimated from the 2010 Census data.
    We could initially post these rebuttals online on probably a section of the IV website and also send it to other news sites.
    People who are good at parsing excel/MDB, csv sheets will be useful.

    Most people are not aware of our issues and contributions to society.

    Good idea.
    What we need is:
    1- A document about the economic impact legal immigrants are making (H1, L1, EAD etc). It should include estimates of Federal, state, SS tax and sales taxes. You can also include estimates how we can impact economy by buying houses. Use the research document used by another organization someone posted yesterday to understand how such documents are written. Get some number crunchers and people with good writing skills in your team. There was a google group created by GC_peshwa yesterday. I think this group could do such proactive work. Set your timelines and work on it. You can post updates of your group on the forum so that others know about it and can join if interested. Once you finish the document, it can be sent as a release and also sent to reporters and lawmakers.

    2. This group can also work on your idea from the post by posting on other news sites.

    I think these are the kind of action items our community must be doing proactively. What we see on forums and websites are people wasting time on trackers, useless discussions on anti H4, EB2EB3, Andhra, spillover fights, pulling each other down etc. Such shameful posts either shows that these people do not really care about greencard issue or are just plain ignorant. Very rarely do we see someone thinking beyond their own case and PD. This is the main reason in my opinion why everyone is suffering from backlogs. It is not the fault of USCIS or government or any one else. The reason is each one of us that thinks narrowly and has chosen to accept the problem rather than doing something about it. As IV members it is our responsibility to help make people aware and urge them to work together on something meaningful that would help the community.

    Thanks for taking this initiative. Good luck. Let us know whenever you need help. Others that are interested should express interest on the thread and join the group.

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