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  • Dude,

    The update was posted last night for members who signed up:

    Same here. GA chapter google groups member

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  • A friend told me about the E category visa for Australian nationals. Is this true?

    According to him, if you become an Australian national, you can use the E-visa.

    Has anyone migrated to Australia and returned to US successfully on a E-visa?

    Has anyone also applied successfully for a green card on a E-visa?

    How long does it take to get Australian nationality?

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  • I am asking people to think before acting.

    I am not opposing webfax. I am opposing webfax you are sending to promite illegals. These organizations are going to use you to market them self. Secondly nobody is going to read your fax if you even change the words.
    Organizations supporting illegals will do nothing for legals.
    If you think that by changing the words , you can use their fax to spread your message, then why dont you go to anti-immigrant websites and change their words and send faxes to support legals. You will not do it because you know anti-immigrant is written on top of the fax.
    So why do you want to become a puppet of someone else.

    psaxena if you really want to do something, how about collecting the names of all the people in the meeting and post their phone numbers on the forum. Then tell us what to say and we will all call their offices now.

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  • I have to agree with Tito.. I too thought the DREAM Act would benefit my son who is soon to be in College.. the more I look at it, I am forced to get an impression that the Act is intended to ONLY help the children whose parents are illegal immigrants....

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  • thanks buddy
    I checked my I-140 status online today and i saw Approval Notice Sent. Thank you everybody for your responses. my case details are EB3 I-140 applied Dec 2006. Received RFE to send copies of bachelors and masters degrees on Nov 15th 2007. Attorney responded to the RFE and case status changed to Received Response and case processing resumed on Nov 30th. Had soft lud's on Dec 2nd and Dec 3rd and Dec 6th. I hope this helps those waitin for approval after responding to RFE.

    Guys, Hang in there and you all should get your approvals soon. My best wishes.

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  • send out the letters

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  • However this smacks of unfairness as well. See this comment on Greg Siskind's blog ( in response to the news about TSC holding the applications while NSC's been retirning them and some July 02 packages have been returned as well.


    Where did you get this news? If they partially returned some cases received on July 02, it is very very very unfair for those got returned. They were the first getting in the line and now they have to wait at the end of the line??? If USCIS is going to treat the returned cases that way, they will face more lawsuits to come. If they are to hold later on cases, they have have have to allow the returned cases to be sent back and put in front of the line, with delivery notice as the proof of getting sent back.

    This is very annoying notice indeed.

    Posted by: no more patience | July 10, 2007 at 05:02 PM



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  • I applied for my H1B 9th year extension using I-140 substitution in 10th March 2008. My 8th year H1B was expired on 14th April 2008. Currently my 9th year H1B extension was is in pending status. Unfortunately my I-140 was denied on 18th April 2008 due to 4 years Bachelors degree.

    I used PERM EB2 labor substitution (May 2006 PD) and filed I-140 in July 2007 and denied (NSC) directly with out RFE. This is due to 4 years bachelor's degree and I have 10+2+3(Diploma) +3 (engineering-AMIE). I already applied my 485, EAD and AP. I got AP and EAD, but didn’t use it. I have 12 years of experience before prior to the EB2 Labor Pirority Date.

    Now how can I get my 9th year extension?
    Can I appeal for I-140 and get 9th year H1B extension?

    Could you please give me your valuable suggestions on this?


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  • EAD comes to home address or Lawyers office?

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  • Dependents don't need SS# to file. Only primary applicant is required to have SSN.

    You need either a SSN or a TIN to claim someone as a dependent. (Iam not sure if it applies to kids, but surely to adults)

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  • I live in Chicago suburbs. Please add me.
    However, every Thu-Sun I am in Minneapolis.

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  • I applied for H1B extension in october 2006 as my H1B was about to expire in December. After five months of applying, got an RFE in Febraury 2007 . My employer replied to the query in Mid March 2007. My employer was reluctant to do a premium processing when he replied the query, saying that he doesnt want to take any risk. CSC transfered my case to Seattle, WA field office ( the field office is no where near my employers physical location, not even close to where I live) on April 4th. I guessed that its because of new H1 petitions filed in April. Its been more than 3 months and no action taken on my petition. We tried to convert into premium processing, but the field office rejected it saying they dont accept premium processing in their jurisdiction. So nothing else to do but to wait wait wait. Total time passed since my initial petition in OCtober ( 9 months).

    My license has expired in March and the DMV do not renew my license with out a new I-94. Really its been a hell with out DL and still depending on others for necessary needs.

    I am tired of telling the story to every one. Why not one more time here. I want to find out what other steps I can take to expedite the H1 Petition. Is there any way around to get the license renewed. Please share your experiences and suggestions.

    My wife applied for H1B(new) in APRIL and her petition got an RFE asking to show proof that whether she will be in legal status until october 2007 as her I-94 expired in December(as her H4 petition is also pending due to RFE on my H1B). Attached the receipts and everything when she applied. From the documents attached cant they figure out that H4 petition is pending and she is in legal status. Kinda pissed me off.

    I took an info pass appointment and went to the Newark Office today to see if they can help with my case. The IO said, they dont deal with H1B cases and cant help me in anyway. Though she took time to see where it is. She told me that I have to wait wait wait. This is really pissing me off, without a driving license for the last 4 months, passport expiring soon, Wife's H1 petetion Query ( as her H4 renewal is in hold due to my H1B RFE). Guys please post some ideas on how to deal with this situation. I even opened a service request about my case. But no progress. what should be my next course of action to move the case.

    Any valuable suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • We went home after my wife started working using the EAD. After we came back we applied for your H1 and H4 extension and one we got that now we are in H status instead of EAD status. It is a little tricky. When we came back we entered as parolee but once we applied and extended our H1\H4 status we ar eback to H1\H4 status. Your lawyer would be able to explain it better.

    My lawyer suggetsed that it is better to be in H status as it gives some manuvering time and opportunity in case the 485 is denied.


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  • Substitution is fair? How about the people who he cut off?

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  • isnt the ielts offered in very few places in the US?

    Yes only 12 to 15 places.

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  • Is it true that the reports for the medical check will take almost 4 weeks to come back?

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  • Having 3 years EAD/AP and ability to refile AOS (in the worst case) is the best workable solution to an economic turndown and lay-off. Having a recapture done will also help many

    IV already has this as part of the letters campaign. Everyone worried about recession, lay-off etc. must support IV campaign with full vigor.

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  • First of all, ethnicity has nothing to do with hard cap.

    Today, the soft cap exists, and the numbers are retrogressed only for India and China. REST of the world is current. Hard cap would make things worse for only those countries that have higher demand and WASTE the visa numbers.


    please be more accurate. Rest of the world in EB1 and 2 are the only categories that are current ..

    Rest of the world EB3 folks are heavily retrogressed to 2001 as everyone else..

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  • Perhaps your old employer might have withdrawn/ revoked your I 140 and that might have triggered the RFE. Still all they will ask is new EVl with job responsiblities so easy to answer

    Thank you all four replies. You guys are relly helpful. I did not change state, I just moved from one street to another street with in the same city.

    But only thing is I am working for different employer and I have NOT yet applied AC21. If this RFE is about "employment verification", I am thinking of sending from new employer since my I 485 filed more than 6 months. I hope this is ok. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    not offensive at all... in fact i welcome your suggestion.
    btw.. i just started meditating today.. really works.

    i guess analyzing these incidents is better than calling uscis.. which i am totally itching to do this week (one per week .. within my quota).


    Relax a little. Donot worry its not gonna fix any problem.

    My theory of life is ..."every one needs a problem to stay busy, if they
    donot have any problems, they will find one".

    Think about it, and find a constructive problem.

    if you donot like my words, leave it ...please donot be offended.

    Hi there,

    What a rationale you are using. So then "kids should not suffer" and then the answer is yes, go ahead and reward those who broke laws with an amnesty. That would make their 19 old kids very soon able to apply for I-485 to bring in their parents as well. The USCIS does not have enough cases left from the 245(i) amnesty to be processed ahead of the legal folks, right? Pump up few more MILLION Dream Act amnesty cases there and let us know how you do. What a slap on the face of those who played by the rules? Moreover, are you going to apply your kindness to the 1 billion of people who want to come here? I agree children should not suffer. How about a feasible solution? Here it is :So why don't you write to the Congress of respective countries these kids came from and make them repatriate their folks and provide government employment and a reintegration program back home for those kids? Yes, that is technically doable. That would solve the situation of their children and more importantly, it would be a clear message that parents should not expose their children to this situation.

    Think about the absurdity of this Dream Act and your line of thought;it just encourages more parents to come here illegally and bring their children here "to suffer", making us, the legal folks and citizens of this country pay for it unfairly. No, thank you! I came here on H1B and my children is not eligible for in-state tuition. If we start playing this game that people who jumped the fence and now can take advantage of it because they were "smart, so it would be time to rename this country name from USA to Mexico. Believe me, I don't think that is going to happen without a good fight though. Trust me.

    Bill Gates did a good job today in his speech. What is fair is fair. Now trying to come up with this Dream Act thing and again we the legal folks would be pushed to the back of the line. You guys don't get it. Every time something goes around, it comes to hurt whoever plays by the rules. Coming from India and other *#&#$ places and being educated and after observing what that freaking 245(i) and other amnesties have done to us, I am surprised you still do not get it. Yes, count on me to write to the US Congress. I will write to denounce this absurd Dream Act and ask them to adopt a fair immigration system to the legal employment base greencard applicants. For the children, I will urge them to adopt the proposed and feasible solution of charging the government of the respective countries to reintegrate and support their own children. Win-Win situation for everyone.

    If you have a perception that I am pissed off, you are a winner.


    Let us get opinion of others on this. Should we write to law-makers to address this issue. Atleast these kids should not suffer. If they have got their most of the education here in US, they should be be given permnent residence before they go to college.

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