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  • Our FP were sent back to USCIS the same day - 10/1/07.

    What does this mean. The lady didnt have any information on name check. Seems like there is no way of knowing anything about name check!:mad:

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  • I have sent an email to US Senator Dianne Feinstein, California.

    Please send an email to your Senators.

    sent my email to John Cornyn of Texas

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  • Check this article at:

    At the bottom they made the following completely ignorant statement:

    "The State Department said the employment visa numbers are no longer available because resources are being used to reduce the backlog of passport applications."

    So much for media taking this seriously...

    Isn't this a lie? Didn't the release from the State Department say that the reason was sudden backlog reduction efforts from USCIS? Why do they have to lie about this?

    They may think that once they mention that they were doing this for the sake of Americans, they could get away with it. NO WAY!

    We should let the media, esp. this station, know the truth.

    Outrageous! :mad:

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  • Well, yeah. And I also found his other work ( (linked in his thread). :(

    I'm no native english, if i offended anybody in "any" way, It is not what i intended. Can't quite get it though.

    I asked "have you read the bible" on my design because if you did then you'll find this names familiar.

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  • Hi All,

    Found this on murthy site as well as on shusterman this going to add any extra mile to the things we already doing for a while?


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  • Relax guys. My online status still showing "Fingerprinting fee rejected and case is in suspense" despite having finger printing done at ASC a year back.

    I cannot confirm or deny the following piece of gossip but...
    A mistake has been made on the system for payments. Some bright spark for got to put a so called "where" statement into the billing system for USCIS after the pricing structure changes went into effect. I am told this is being dealt with, but some applicants may find incorrect fees on their accounts pop up. Each lawyer will have different way of dealing with this problem. If you are pre price increase and have a suspended case; this maybe the reason for it...

    Good luck to you all. This is just a thought/gossip...


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  • Agree...although "Posted" date is indicated as July 16th 2009, the "As of Date" says May 31,2009. This NOT upto date info. does put all TSC June 2009 EAD renewal waiters in distress/chaos/panic mode....

    EAD applicants need not be in panic. They take around 50-60 days. There is clear note that if you don't get it in time you can get something on priority basis from a local center. It is a hassle of course.

    Difference betwen "As of ..." and "Posted on ..." dates suggests that someone is reviewing the data before it is posted. Govt reviews, you know, are not very quick. Bosses may be on vacation, checking, asking questioins, getting explanations, all on paper/emails between offices all over the US, etc. etc. Inside information suggests USCIS is working hard, but beurocracy has limits, and changes over the years (most to provide interim benefits to us), and very long ques are not efficiently handled by the systems developed prior to these changes. For example, systems are not designed for managing severely retrogressed PD's, or someone waiting several years for GC, etc.

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  • I have a total of 15+ yrs exp in the IT industry out of which 8 yrs in USA. I am also an EB3 :) BTW I have a 4 yr engg degree from a small college in india :p

    Count me in too
    I am totally pissed off with this system. The only wrong step which i took was applying in EB3 when i had three years of experience. Now i have a total almost 10 years experience in IT and still waiting like an illegal immigrant for GC.

    PD : EB3 SEPT 2002.

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  • sometime's if they need to do some background-investigation to get more info on your visa status / educational background / name check or what-ever for no-reason etc , they just place you in this status. the tricky thing is do never know how long the wait is. ive heard / read some people have to wait in months for no reason. you should be happy that you received it in 2 weeks.

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  • Thanks Sunny, I have update the original post based on this information.

    Dominican Republic does not require a visa either.

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  • 18.
    Please provide an update on the status of regulations regarding the following: AC21, CSPA, T regulations for adjustment of status, EB-5, and religious workers.
    Response: The AC21 rule and the EB-5 Special Class rule are both undergoing revision and should be published in the near future.

    I wonder what the AC21 rule revision is going to be?

    good catch. Yeah that one is a bit scary. I believe they said somewhere that they were going to tighten the AC-21 requirements, and if they do so, then it will also apply retroactively (meaning if htey say salary cannot change by more than 10%, and someone invoked AC-21 to a new job with salary change of 30% that person could potentially be in trouble). I hope they dont do that (I myself have invoked AC-21 with >40% salary change!)

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  • ???

    Hmmm.. What are you implying Chandu??? :D

    It is not politically correct to use those words nowadays :D

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  • The OP might be a person who needs EAD very know, to start earning for day to day living....

    Receipts can give you sense of security in terms of your application but for those without H1 or L1 and expecting EAD, EAD can give them job and earnings.

    I must agree - both are is just each one of us have different cases and circumstances.

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  • irs has already posted how you can get rebate if you were not eligible last year but you are eligible now (after getting dependents ssn),,id=186065,00.html?portlet=7

    AFAIK, those who become ligible to receive stimulus in 2008 can claim stimulus of previous year. IRS will post information - how to claim it.

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  • Good job, now why dont you take your credit card contribute to IV whom you complained on me:D


    I dont know what to say about you. I have complained to admin about your derogatory posts. Admins will be taking appropriate action on your account soon.

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  • :D sorry, habit - used to be a really active member of a forum for a game - got turned moderator aftr a lil wile as wel!
    nope, **** good english on site tho... well... after i replace the placeholder gobbledegook!! (eg. "bnusiksfb" to check evrythings werkin ;) )
    so ne word on wat my sql can actually b used for (i mean in greater detail) and y its so highly spoken of in these here forum parts? ;)


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  • I filed on June 29. Reached on July 2
    Signed by Bermeyer.
    No receipts are received and no checks are cashed.

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  • I understand that your intention is to get heard. I appreciate your effort at writing letter. However writing to the president will not help us much. Here is why:
    In the USA, infact for that matter in most democracies, Laws are made by elected representatives unless it is an executive order to grant an immediate relief.

    The composition and powers of the House and the Senate are established in Article One of the Constitution. The major power of the House is to pass federal legislation that affects the entire country, although its bills must also be passed by the Senate and further agreed to by the President before becoming law (unless both the House and Senate re-pass the legislation with a two-thirds majority in each chamber). The total number of voting representatives is fixed by law at no more than 435.[1] (United States congressional apportionment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

    So, In our case, the president at the most can sympathise with our cause and the hardships we face because of the limbo, But he cannot really help until there is a bill that passes both the house and the senate.

    So, Can I suggest that it will be even more worthwhile if you contact your congressman/woman and go meet them. We need them to understand our plight and anguish.

    We all need to go meet our lawmakers, educate them.

    They already are educated. Do you think they do not know about us?
    They fully know about us. But they will not help us because we are not voters and cannot contribute.
    A better idea is to have our employers contact them. People working in large companies can do this. I am surprised why the big companies have not taken up this issue for us. Why cannot we have big companies issues statements in our favor?

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  • Exactly but mere emphasis solely on educational qualification is unfortunate as after few years in job market, your skills & experience has more leverage than the degree and I am saying this based on my personal experience. In our group I was the one with least amount of formal education but still I got promoted 2 times ahead of Masters degree holders form US and foreign universities.

    The issue here is, USCIS is a government agency. They are incapable of making a subjective determination of a person's capability. All they go by is the degree certificate which can be seen on a piece of paper.

    As per INA/USCIS, many of the following won't qualify for EB2:

    CEOs-Without-College-Degrees: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance (

    Did any one whose I-485 was Xfr'd from NSC->CSC->NSC receive FP notice? If so, please list your city/state where FP is scheduled and if you opened a SR for FP.

    In particular, i want to track folks from bay area, CA and those who didn't open SR.


    I am primary applicant on our 485 application. Mine and my daughters case doesn't show any LUD. But my husband's status changed to case transferred to local USCIS office. He was on H4 for 6 years and have not used EAD yet. No gaps in Visas. no law violatiobns. Prerry Straight forward case. Recently we applied for Online EAD Renewal.

    Any idea why his case might have got transferred ? What should we expect next?

    I am really worried.

    Interesting Mar 06 EB2 , India?

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