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  • You can file appeal your I-140 denial and based on the appeal, you can get your 9th year extension. As long as appeal is filed and pending, you can extend your H1B. This is what I heard.

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  • I wanted to get an idea how many EB2 guys would be willing to visit DC to meet lawmakers to help out our EB3 brothers. Unquestionably all EB3 should be willing to visit. This is the chance to show that IV is indeed one.

    Refering to this thread

    Dear Friend

    I have done it in the past and will do it again

    You can count me in

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  • I have 2 questions, the first one is about changing the employer after 180 days, what do we need to change the employer? do we have to file any thing with DOL or INS? do we need to be sponsered by the new company?

    The second question is about the ability of the spouse to work, what is needed for her to work? just getting EAD and he/she can work for any employer?


    It will help. I will give you an practical example.

    I filed my GC two months later than my colleagues. Fortunately they filed 485 and hit the retrogression. I did not get to that step. Now it is almost two years after they have filed their 485. Just because they have crossed that stage, they are considered for promtion and I am not though I have better experience and certifications. They bought houses and their spouses work.

    My company is ready to promote me to higher position if I can cross that 180days mark after 485 filing. If I had promoted to leadership / managerial position, it would weigh more when I apply for MBA. I will have lesser headache at home if my spouse can work and lot more.

    The best part of filing is, you could get EAD even if the 485 is pending and backlogged. You have to do nothing other than filing to get all the above perks. No need to get it approved. Let it get stuck anywhere, none can predict that. You have to cross this stage no matter what and why not at the earliest. No one can assure you even after the SKIL/CIR passage that you will not get stuck with name check / RFE /USCIS backlog etc. Why to wait then?

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  • My suggestion is not to insult or hurt anybody. I understand the purpose of immigrationvoice. I am a contributor and will continue to support IV. However the way people hijack threads really pisses me off. The leaders of IV should figure out a better way to motivate people to donate. If people are not inclined then stop calling them names etc. I am not talking about anybody in particular. If somebody is not inclined it is not completely his/her fault. The coercive tactics some people use on the forum to make people donate actually does piss of a lot of people. I am nor talking about anybody in particular, but this is NOT the way to motivate people to contribute.

    Sorry if I heart anybody feelings.
    And I will donate to IV again..

    I understand your point but theres been barely three fundraising threads to my knowledge in the whole existence of iv. and frankly ppl are just waiting to get offended - grow up ppl!

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  • Hi-
    How early can I apply for the H1B extension. My current visa expires in mid of June 2008. How many days in advance can I apply for my extension.


    180 days.

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  • This process is somewhat new. Random selection of application for a face to face interview. Be normal but prepare for it. Have all documents ready before the interview and if your company can provide you with a lawyer have the lawyer go with you.

    My case is EB2 PD Nov 06 and 485 filed on Jul 2 2007. I-140 already approved. I went it for interview and was asked several routine questions. I was told by Immigration officer that my case is approvable but will have to wait for Visa #.

    This is actually a good step for your case processing. After this usually they just wait for visa# to approve the case and feel free to ask question to USCIS officer at the end of interview, they are nice.

    I have a post somewhere on IV where you can find the list of the questions asked.......hope this helps....!!!

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  • Follow this thread

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  • Dude, I have also donated to IV but i am not sure why that "donor" doesn't come next to my name. I wish everyone donates atleast $25 to support IV and for you "tonyHK12" stopping being a Jerk and accusing people as being attackers (when you don't know about anyone), if you need to encourage people to donate start a new thread and direct people to the new thread.

    Well its good you decided to join as a Donor. You will understand if I am obligated to call you a "Jerk" as well, since you started it. Lets instead behave like mature adults and not fight among ourselves.

    People who can afford to donate, please go ahead and donate.
    People who cannot afford to donate, dont worry and donate when you can.

    Yes agreed. most of us do earn just an average salary, including myself.

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  • It takes about 2 weeks get the RFE. It contains 2+ pages, first page is cover letter and second page+ will contain RFE details. NSC is know to issuing RFE on ability to pay, education (if 3 years degree) and detailed professional experience letters.
    I have a 4 yrs BE (ECE) degree. so am not sure what could be the RFE. Do we also have to submit education evaluation for a 4 yr BE degree from Ind?

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  • It typically comes after 12 of every month.

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  • I have a similar question. I have I-94 till Jan 2008 as my H1B visa is valid till Jan 2008. If I file an H1B extension in Dec, is that okay ? I know, approval would not come before Jan 08.
    Thanks Andy_garcia.

    As long as you have new 797 (which would have the I-94 on it) when you leave the country, you will be fine

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  • My EAD is also approved today. Got "Card production ordered" email.

    wow, you one lucky guy. i just did my fingerprinting today 09/25/07 but no EAD approval yet.

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  • Hello Folks,

    My employer is based out of New Jersey, But I am currently working at a client location in Arizona. I have opened an SR recently & I also want to inquire through congressman.

    My question is in which state should I have to contact the congressman - NJ or AZ ? Or it doesn't matter. Please help.

    EB-2, TSC, Priority Date 12/2004
    I-140 approved
    I-485 filed Aug '07
    RD: 08/13/2007
    ND: 10/13/2007

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  • Haha. That is an accurate assessment at a 50-foot level. I was pretty disillusioned after a couple of years of working. A mixture of what the fuck am I doing, but not really knowing what to do, and all confused because I was at probably the biggest firm around and and a feeling of even if I switch, what's the point? And not having the balls to switch jobs, for the fear of throwing away what I had, mixed with personal struggles with life and not having the social life that I wanted.

    In between all this, the desire to get the GC process kicked off came and went, esp. since I wanted to switch positions to a more people oriented role, and the feeling of gosh, do I want to stay in 6+ years in this job - maybe if I file, then I won't want to change jobs.

    As you can see, even I am not sure what was going on there. But my personal life and acclimatizing has sorted itself out rather well of late, and I do want to stay here now that I have a really interesting life (and partly out of fear of throwing everything away and moving somewhere new).

    Now, I know that IV is not a self-help trauma group, so I will cut short my story here, which has little to do with the raw facts of my immigration situation :)

    And yes, I did not participate or know much about the visa process, or IV till recently, and am a recent need based participant, but I hope that does not stop anyone from contributing their ideas to help me out.

    *** Also, to the previous poster (nojoke) who said that big companies usually hold off on perms, are you suggesting that I have a better chance at a smaller company then?

    UPDATE: My company attorney suggested talking about this in April, and I am nervous about waiting till then in limbo - things are only going bad to worse, I might as well find a job at a place which will sponsor a PERM sooner rather than later.

    I request you to PM me if you have any leads for such companies might still be a good bet for filing a PERM.

    uhh..damn immigration process..

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  • Are you sure? Cause I did work with them, no one imagined the crisis of real estate was going to be soooo steep and also no one imagined that my i-485 was going to be approved so fast.
    I can proof I worked with them from 2002-2006 (4 years). They gave me a letter saying they still not able to get me a job, i did have intent to work with them.

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  • The question is incorrect.
    It should be, "How many of you have children that are non-US citizens?"


    It should be how many non-citizen children.
    But you both missed one more applicant, the spouse.

    The question should be,
    Are you married and if so, how many children you have who are non-citizens. We do hope most of them should be unmarried:D.

    Am I smart too..


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  • Similar situation...

    I am getting married in the 1st week of Sep and am planning to get my spouse by mid Sep.

    Can someone please suggest if I am fine, if I apply alone for I-485 around Jul30(and not for EAD and AP??) and add my spouse around sep20th. I-140 approval is pending and have a valid visa till '08.

    How long does it take for the I-485 'approval' and is 2-3 months a safe window to add ones spouse?

    Any suggestions and help with my planning are greatly appreciated. :)

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  • Compile a list of famous immigrants like Albert Einstien, Madelene Albright, Henry Kissinger. Add to that the list of doctors, scientists who were immigrants and benefited mankind. Change the mental image of the immigrant as a low wage seeking, will work for food worker.

    Bring out the other side of the story. Let Lou Dobbs fight history and deny it.

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  • We see a lot of these articles every day praising illegal immigration. How about creating a google group with volunteers that will pick up such similar articels and post a rebuttal, either online or through another website?
    The one we discussed yesterday was about how illegals contribute to the economy by paying $1.5 Billion in income tax for an estimated 15-20 million illegals.
    This was estimated from the 2010 Census data.
    We could initially post these rebuttals online on probably a section of the IV website and also send it to other news sites.
    People who are good at parsing excel/MDB, csv sheets will be useful.

    Most people are not aware of our issues and contributions to society.

    Good idea.
    What we need is:
    1- A document about the economic impact legal immigrants are making (H1, L1, EAD etc). It should include estimates of Federal, state, SS tax and sales taxes. You can also include estimates how we can impact economy by buying houses. Use the research document used by another organization someone posted yesterday to understand how such documents are written. Get some number crunchers and people with good writing skills in your team. There was a google group created by GC_peshwa yesterday. I think this group could do such proactive work. Set your timelines and work on it. You can post updates of your group on the forum so that others know about it and can join if interested. Once you finish the document, it can be sent as a release and also sent to reporters and lawmakers.

    2. This group can also work on your idea from the post by posting on other news sites.

    I think these are the kind of action items our community must be doing proactively. What we see on forums and websites are people wasting time on trackers, useless discussions on anti H4, EB2EB3, Andhra, spillover fights, pulling each other down etc. Such shameful posts either shows that these people do not really care about greencard issue or are just plain ignorant. Very rarely do we see someone thinking beyond their own case and PD. This is the main reason in my opinion why everyone is suffering from backlogs. It is not the fault of USCIS or government or any one else. The reason is each one of us that thinks narrowly and has chosen to accept the problem rather than doing something about it. As IV members it is our responsibility to help make people aware and urge them to work together on something meaningful that would help the community.

    Thanks for taking this initiative. Good luck. Let us know whenever you need help. Others that are interested should express interest on the thread and join the group.

    Ok, in defense of Nikon, how are Canon's lenses "far superior"? Yes, they have IS (VR) in long teles, and their wide T/S lens has a bit more flexibility. But say Janey wants to do some extreme macro photography? Yeah, Canon has the MP-E 65mm that goes from 1x to 5x, but it's expensive, and for the same cost (or less) one might be able to get a PB-6, enlarger lens, movie camera lens, 50mm lens, and various accessories to link them all together, and in the end have a much more flexible macro system.

    Please read......."IMHO" opinion, not anyone's else's and are not we all entitled to opinions? Certain I am sure there are several scenarios that might favor one mfgr over the other........."what if" situations abound.

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