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images Saved the rims off of my old honda prelude si wheels. Came off a 91 si.
  • Came off a 91 si.

  • This month end my I-94 will be expiring and 2 months back I have changed my passport to a new one as it was expiring. I have renewed my H1 recently(15 days back) with the H1 extension I received new I-94, would that be sufficient or I have to go out and come in again for a new one

    wallpaper Came off a 91 si. honda prelude si wheels. what did you paint the rims
  • what did you paint the rims

  • I plead Guilty, but to lesser charges.

    As a long time EB3 sufferer (and will continue to suffer for a long time to come, 7 years and counting), it is very difficult to sign up for "hang in there, and hang in together". By now my spinal cord is at the breaking point, I was 5.4 when I started hanging in there, now I am 7.2 and growing (check out the latest Guinness book of record for the longest neck).

    IV has done a lot, and I applaud it for doing so. However, I don't subscribe to "hang in together" mantra anymore (the current EB1 spill-over still rankles me), but I don't use IV for such discussion anymore. *Some* EB2'ers initially bashed us for being silly and jealous, and now they want EB3s to not port. Just as the reputation I have shored up, it looks like "EB3s are infamous around these parts".

    honda prelude si wheels. 1990 Prelude SI 4WS 5 Speed
  • 1990 Prelude SI 4WS 5 Speed

  • Why should a drivers license be used as an ID ?

    Even if it is an ID, it should NOT be linked to immigration status.
    An ID says this photo and details are of the person holding the ID. It is meant to "identify" a person NOT for checking the immigration status.

    If someone needs to check the immigration status, they should ask for immigration documents rather than a general purpose id.

    All american nonsense ! :rolleyes:

    The idea here could be to give tough time for people who do not have valid visas. If they cannot get drivers license because they are on expired visa they cannot drive.

    2011 what did you paint the rims honda prelude si wheels. 1993 Honda Prelude Si w/ some
  • 1993 Honda Prelude Si w/ some

  • You guys all are excellent. I never thought that this thread would grow as much as it did.

    To Admin: Please start seperate thread for each consulate, where people can share their experiences and ask specific questions.

    Now coming back to my question. My labor is approved and I-140 is pending.
    I have declared that my employer is applying for my GC.
    Should i carry documents proving that my I-140 is pending and that labor is approved?

    My 6th year H1-B will be expiring in Aug 31 2007 and i have valid I-797 approved upto that date. I know i can get 3 years extension anytime with approved I-140 or atleast 1 year H1-B extension.
    Will that be a problem at all? I am asking this because, the numbe rof months for which stamping will be valid will be just few months.

    Thanks again for wonderful answers.

    honda prelude si wheels. DAVE#39;s Honda Prelude
  • DAVE#39;s Honda Prelude

  • My BC does not contain my mother's name. I am getting an affidavit from my parents to support my BC. Do I also need a document from Municipal Registrar similar to what is needed if Birth Certificate is missing? Thanks!

    In your case, you have the birth certificate, so you don't need to submit the non-availability certificate. It is better you contact your municipal office and apply for your birth certificate with your mother's name included.


    honda prelude si wheels. This is my 1992 Honda Prelude
  • This is my 1992 Honda Prelude

  • I somhow feel that Name Check problem has not been taken care of within its entirety. I agree with one thing that NC will be "improved" but has not been and will never be streamlined the way actually it should be.


    I may be wrong but my doubts are as under:

    (1)180 days period is from the "Date of FBI Name Check initiation. It is not
    from 485 receipt date. Nobody knows when USCIS will initiate FBI Name
    Check. So I see a big playground for USCIS to play if it decides to play.
    What if uSCIS sends FBI name check initiation after 2 years of 485 receipt?
    Do we have a way to know or keep an eye on USCIS about this? At least I
    do not know and if somebody has the information please share it.

    (2) "If 485 Otherwise is processable" then USCIS can go ahead without
    waiting for NC check... What if USCIS decides to keep 100000 cases on
    rack eating dust just by not moving the processing date for particular
    service center? This you can see right now.. USCIS is making Texas slow
    day by day not moving processing date. I remember Texas was ahead
    with comparison to Nebraska around May to August 2007. If this happens your case is no more "processable".. Yes you can say that you are not stuck in NC queue but you will be stuck. USCIS may come up with altogether different startegy... To align processing times with FBI processing and FBI NC initiation. That may screw the things further.

    Expert or differed opinions please?

    You bring up some valid points. But then, every issue we bring up with regards to USCIS is valid. There is no transaparency in this agency, which is why we have all these issues. Even before this 180 day rule, there was no way for us to find out if and when USCIS requested NC and when it was completed.

    honda prelude si wheels. 1992 Honda Prelude si 4 wheel
  • 1992 Honda Prelude si 4 wheel

  • Wanted to see if there is a provision to call the lockbox facility or uscis to enquire on the status of the application.
    i am worried since i have not seen any activity on this for about a 4 weeks now.
    please advise.

    Do not worry, yesterday my application was sent back saying asking for i-485 receipt as i had initially sent them I-485 transfer notice ,my application was mailed to phoenix mailbox on 5/7/10 so yes they are taking longer time ...but you should see some kind of activity for not worry

    2010 1990 Prelude SI 4WS 5 Speed honda prelude si wheels. Saved the rims off of my old
  • Saved the rims off of my old

  • I thought that was the point of this thread. If someone has the video, please upload it to You Tube so that I can provide a link to it. I've heard that Congressman McDermott said that Pankaj sang the national anthem even better than him!!

    honda prelude si wheels. Honda Prelude Si-TCV (Jap Spec
  • Honda Prelude Si-TCV (Jap Spec

  • git
    hows that for spelling?! ;)
    lol j/k also :P


    Edit:- btw shouldnt it be grammar? ;)

    hair 1993 Honda Prelude Si w/ some honda prelude si wheels. This is my 1992 Honda Prelude
  • This is my 1992 Honda Prelude

  • All your friends who got 221G are not telling you the truth. Was all their paperwork complete and ok? Probably not. No friend will admit their mistake and fraud. So they are telling you half story and blaming it on others. 221G is a good thing. It shows government is looking at possibe fraud and security risk seriously. National security is very important and highest priority for us living in US. H1B visa as a whole got a bad name due to fraud. It is not just employers but employees are also responsible for it. Employees are not illiterate or dumb to not understand any fraud. I wish more serious work is done by the government on every greencard application. If the system has clean cases, no anti-immigrant will point any finger and say the whole H1B system is bad.

    honda prelude si wheels. Eric#39;s Honda Prelude
  • Eric#39;s Honda Prelude

  • You have three options

    1) Talk to your employer and see if he is willing to support your I-140 while you are away on leave of absence, if he agrees then great!

    2) Talk to your school and check if they will differ your admission by an year.

    3) Go anyway...forget about US, you can do great in Europe or Asia too

    hot DAVE#39;s Honda Prelude honda prelude si wheels. My #39;94 Prelude SI bought in as
  • My #39;94 Prelude SI bought in as

  • Green Card nahin mila H1 me he Khush raho ?? ;)

    I like this...thanks form a nice afternoon laff! :D
    KHUSH RAHO ....

    Zindagi hai choti , har pal me khush raho...
    Office me khush raho , ghar me khush raho..
    Aaj paneer nahi hai , dal me hi khush raho,

    Aaj gym jane ka samay nahi , do kadam chal ke he khush raho..
    Aaj Dosto ka sath nahi , TV dekh ke hi khush raho..
    Ghar ja nahi sakte to phone kar ke hi khush raho...
    Aaj koi naraaz hai , uske iss andaz me bhi khush raho..
    Jisse dekh nahi sakte uski awaz me hi khush raho...
    Jisse paa nahi sakte , uske yaadon me he khush raho

    MBA karne ka socha tha , S/W me he khush raho...
    Laptop na mila to kya , Desktop me hi khush raho..
    bita hua kal ja chuka hai , usse meethi yaade hai unme he khush raho..
    aane wale pal ka pata nahi ..sapno me he khush raho..
    Haste haste ye pal bitaenge , aaj me he khush raho

    Zindagi hai choti , har pal main khush raho.....


    house 1999 Honda Prelude Si, honda prelude si wheels. 1992 Honda Prelude Si Rear
  • 1992 Honda Prelude Si Rear

  • USCIS is going to make a PDF file and put it on the web site for 24 hours. Anyone who has Adobe Acrobat Reader can pull it, print it and that becomes his green card...Officially this will start on 8/1/2007

    On 7/31/2007, USCIS will send out a revised bulletin that............the server which hosts this PDF file has lost its internet connection, it can only upload 50 KB of data and USCIS used that in the month of July can imagine.

    Everyone, smile, I am sure we will have a great weekend this time.

    tattoo This is my 1992 Honda Prelude honda prelude si wheels. Used Honda Prelude Si 1995 for
  • Used Honda Prelude Si 1995 for

  • you are complaining about the doctor who missed to check mark the tb test. Even you missed to fill in your profile.

    Please update your profile.

    I am surprised that instead of contributing to the case, you are taking this matter in another direction. This is just a simple forum;, me NOT completing my profile is not going to create any financial or any other type of loss FOR ANYONE. But the Doctor missing this important thing will now, in total cost me, about $1300 (which includes costs related to tests and travel etc). I could go on....

    I am surely going to update my profile as time permits. Please do not waste precious time by adding unnecessary comments.

    pictures 1992 Honda Prelude si 4 wheel honda prelude si wheels. Re: FS: Honda Prelude 5th Gen
  • Re: FS: Honda Prelude 5th Gen

  • Webfax: $0
    Contribution to IV: $100
    Coercing your friends to join & contribute: $240
    Getting a GC: Priceless

    I am sure we'll all hear from IV core team when it's time to start our phone and fax campaign in support of this or any other beneficial EB provisions to be included in the supplemental bill, if it ever happens of course.

    I believe this is where IV stands in terms of strategy:

    For minor/intermediate relief: Supplemental bills.
    For major relief: SKILL Bill
    For everything else: There is CIR :D

    dresses My #39;94 Prelude SI bought in as honda prelude si wheels. Honda Prelude Si 1988 01
  • Honda Prelude Si 1988 01

  • yes, no checks cashed yet, checking my account regularly. the notice date is 21st sep, so I am thinking it might take 3-4 business days for the checks to cash, do you guys think my assumption is right?
    Anybody in the same situation?

    So you got the receipts without the checks getting enchased? Ddid any one who were sent to CSC did not get their checks enchased but recieved receipts?

    makeup Honda Prelude Si-TCV (Jap Spec honda prelude si wheels. 1999 Honda Prelude Si,
  • 1999 Honda Prelude Si,

  • They can do a lot. on monday one mentioned that listeners should call a particular senators office and state their opinion against the bill, by tuesday 7000 had called the office.

    Michael Savage is actively fighting against this bill. He is the one who initiated the collapse of the Dubai ports deal. He is confident about this I-Bomb too..

    girlfriend Used Honda Prelude Si 1995 for honda prelude si wheels. Accord Wheels - Honda Prelude
  • Accord Wheels - Honda Prelude

  • If we are not doing enough to help our cause, what right to we have to blame others for not helping us?

    Wake up IVans! Contribute money, time or both to IV - We will have to help ourself than blaming others.

    hairstyles Eric#39;s Honda Prelude honda prelude si wheels. inch prelude si rims White
  • inch prelude si rims White

  • Its amazing... doesn't law have respect anymore from congress??

    When you apply for I-485, one major scrutiny they do is about your status.
    They even ask "Have you been out of status in USA for anytime?".

    If you were out of status or over visa date(illegal) even for a day, most probably GC applications gets rejected.

    Now congress is planning to reward people who were always illegal.

    I though politicians are drowning developing countries... but I don't see any difference beiween developing countries and USA now... may be not now but after few years they will at same level. Politicians are same everywhere..

    My wife changed her job after getting H1B transfer receipt. Her previous H1B is not expired or revoked. After one month with new employer, her H1B is denied. We didn't appeal, but immediately filed new H1B with another employer and give paystub of the denied employer with all details. She got her H1B approved with the latest employer. This happened 4 years back.
    So, if H1B denied, you can file appeal or find a new job and file new petition ASAP.

    Thank you for your information.I hope you know the situation right now in USA.In jan 2010 H1 people came to Newark Airport were asked to form in a separate queue as soon as they get down from the flight for two levels of interview.Some of them are sent back.Now you can't find employer to transfer your H1 immediately.Before two years it was possible to transfer H1 with out having recent pay stubs and they never asked client letter.Now if you don't have a job you can't transfer your H1 to anybody.
    Before Sep 2009 it was two minutes time to take LCA. Now it takes 1 week time to approve LCA. We never heard about Employer-Employee relationship before 2010.

    from ( , hope this will help

    There was a problem in the first two of seven D70s I've used. The focus calibration was off by about a tenth of a millimeter. This means that your images will not be focused on your subject, but instead on something somewhat behind your subject. Don't confuse this with the common mistake of having selected the wrong AF area or otherwise pointing the AF sensor to the side of your subject. Nikon of course will adjust this under warranty if it's a problem. With common f/3.5 and slower lenses it's not much of a problem, and at regular shooting apertures of f/8 or so its completely invisible. Some people incorrectly call this the "backfocus" problem.
    On the other hand, if you have fast lenses that alone cost more than the complete D70 kit and you shoot them wide open you ought to check your camera. My $1,700 28mm f/1.4 lens ( wide open at f/1.4 was useless on two cameras, but of course OK at normal apertures. You won't see this through the finder. You have to look at the images at 100% on your computer. It's simply the image being focused on something just a little behind where it should have, which is usually invisible if you have enough depth of field, and of course Nikon will stand behind it if it really is a problem. The samples I've used in May 2004 now seem AOK and mine is perfect, even at f/1.4.

    Heck, my D70 focused better than any other camera I've owned, even with my f/1.4 lenses.

    Testing this is simple. Just go make at least a dozen photos with your lens wide open and look at the results at 100% on your computer. See if the camera really focused where it should have. If you haven't done this kind of test before there's the potential that your technique may be off and not looked for it before, but you get the idea. The only concern here is that you need to have the focus be where you put it.

    This miscalibration is the reason some people think their D70 images are soft. They aren't soft; they simply are focused on the wrong thing!

    If your camera is out of adjustment, which I only saw on some of the very first samples, of course it's covered under warranty. If you are crazy, like this guy here ( (look out, it's a slow loading page), you can use a nail to mess it up further and void your warranty at the same time. I don't have this much guts; the D70 has a year warranty and I know your camera isn't that old! On the other hand, I respect his innovative spirit and it's this pioneering spirit which makes him an honorary American as far as I'm concerned. Please use a real Allen wrench to make these adjustments, and remember that Nikon will do it correctly for you for free under warranty and probably clean your camera as well at the same time!

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