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  • Its showing pretty old "May 30th" processing time.

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  • Check this article at:

    At the bottom they made the following completely ignorant statement:

    "The State Department said the employment visa numbers are no longer available because resources are being used to reduce the backlog of passport applications."

    So much for media taking this seriously...

    Isn't this a lie? Didn't the release from the State Department say that the reason was sudden backlog reduction efforts from USCIS? Why do they have to lie about this?

    They may think that once they mention that they were doing this for the sake of Americans, they could get away with it. NO WAY!

    We should let the media, esp. this station, know the truth.

    Outrageous! :mad:

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  • I filed on June 29. Reached on July 2
    Signed by Bermeyer.
    No receipts are received and no checks are cashed.

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  • The status of my Travel document on USCIS site has been following for a while -:


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On September 20, 2007 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    How long does it take for it to actually arrive??? Any idea??

    Hi rc0878,

    Yes, I do have EAD and AP in hand. I got my AP papers in mail around 1 week back. I am not sure about processing times at this very moment.

    Also, received original 485 receipt notices from my Attoreny and it does say RD is July 2, 2007, which is good.

    My case has successfully reached at NSC and have not seen any LUD after that. Still waiting for FP notices so that I can consider that everything is good with my case at NSC..


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    * Multi year EAD - Under Review
    * Multi year AP - Under Review
    * Combined EAD & AP Document - Under Review/Testing
    * Reinstating Premium Processing of I-140 Petition - No Timeline Given

    Can anyone please explain what does "Testing" mean in Combined EAD & AP Document - Under Review/Testing ?

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  • I don't think it is true. My lawyer said using AP will not invalidate H1B.

    I have seen many people saying they came through AP and extended H1B , some even 3 times.

    Anyway, I am travelling outside and planning to use my AP while coming back. I will post a message if I come through H1B

    Thanks Buddy !! PM me when you come back plz.

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  • Government dictates the rule for granting F1 non-immigrant visa and eligibility of a school or its programs to admit students under such provisions. When a student is at the school, the school/department has full control on what are the conditions for an international student to be on a valid visa. For example, some schools enforce 9 credit requirements per semester while other requires 12 (so yes school dictates these details) or some have no such requirements such as Kaplan/Language schools etc. There are other details too like duration of completion and criteria for expulsion. In violation of any of these conditions each school can cancel F1 status based on its own rules. Government doesn't dictate on what criteria can a school expel a student and thereby voiding his/her F1 visa status.

    As for intent, merely showing an intent is different from actually changing visa status. F1 with a pending AOS is a gray area for precisely the same reason. The best thing an F1 student could do is to complete the course meeting the F1 criteria of possible and/or switch to EAD by formally taking up an employment and filing I-9 which will be same as changing status explicitly.

    As for previous non-immigrant status it remains so until one uses EAD regardless of what that status was. There is no ambiguity in it, that's why people obtain EAD and never use it to maintain their previous non-immigrant status. If you maintain a valid F1 status and say your I-485 is denied you are still safe because your F1 status is still valid, it didn't go away just because you showed an intent to immigrate by filing I-485. That's what I was suggesting to original poster, if for some reason you prefer to maintain non-immigrant status you should keep either F1 or H4 whichever is convenient to you.

    The school policies does not determine whether someone can be on F1 status or not. Government has laid down the rules for F1 status. School cant say that one has to take so many credit hrs for that person to be on F1. The rule is that to maintain F1 status, one has to be a full time student with minimum 3 courses , thats 9 credit hrs, but the exception is the final semester where that student can have less then 9 credit hrs.

    Plus since the F1 is not a dual intent visa type , when someone applies for 485 , the F1 status is forfitted. what you are mentioning about the previous non-immigrant visa status continues even after obtaining EAD and remain so until EAD is used only applies to the non-immigrant status like H1 , H4 , L1 etc which are dual intent visa types. For F1 your statement does not apply.

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  • ???

    Hmmm.. What are you implying Chandu??? :D

    Not to be a fence sitter

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  • Were you rejected for EB2 because yours was not equal to US Masters or because you didnt have 5 years after yours bachelors degree? I guess you are aware that the experience you gain with your employer who filed your GC cannot be included in the 5 years. I think you have a fair chance if you only have to be equivalent to US Bachelors degree.

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  • I have mentioned twice already about the amateurish concept of red/green dots.

    Masterminds are yet to give a logic behind its creation.

    Please ignore this red/green s***. We are adults here talking immigration.

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  • Thank you axp817 and roseball.

    My I 140 got approved just after moving to company B

    My old attoney only filed I485 with old labor and I 140.

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  • Dear Core IV members. It is clear how tirelessly you have worked, let alone the time and money you spent, sitting in tht comfort of our homes and using our credit cards to make a small contribution of 200 dollars twice or thrice is pales in comparison to what the core mebers have done. Look at things you can see..we came on shustermans newsletter this month, we came on NBC nightly news,.. and dont forget there are things which are happening that we cannot see. Appreciate the core team with words, please donot doubt them, without them we had nothing, anything is better than nothing!!

    Kudos to Core team

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  • If 200 more people contribute, we can open an UK branch of IV to address issues faced by high skilled immigrants (who can't even pay 20 bucks a month) in UK. May be these high skilled immigrants are very low paid since they can't even afford 20 bucks a month for this noble cause.

    Please dont be rubbish to others. your suggestion to open another thread which make sense. BUT your contribution request and even talking their affordability to 20 bucks are too much talking.

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  • Why don't you ask your parents or some one who can help you to check with Registrar if they can apply on your behalf if you give power of attorney?I think this is the first thing you need to do if not yet.

    If that is possible they can provide copies of your passport, marriage photos.

    Hello -

    As a Primary Applicant my GC was approved (EB-1) but for my wife's application I got an RFE. RFE - USCIS is asking for a VALID wedding certificate showing proof of a hindu wedding under hindu act (dont ask what I was doing or what my lawyer was doing while submitting 485)

    Now I have about 28 days (total is 30) to respond to it. I have not rcvd. my GC but it has been approved and has been sent to production. My lawyer told me that as my GC has been approved my VISA is not good anymore. My wife was on dependent visa and so is my kid.

    Now as my GC got visa got wife's & kids visa is invalid.............and we did not file for Advance Parole so we cant travel. On top of all this we dont have a wedding certificate.

    Any suggestion to address this situation? I cant get a certificate without going back to India and I cant leave the country as If I do so I wont get to enter the country again. Even if somehow (on some legal basis) I can re enter I dont think my wife and kid will be able to re enter US.

    If I dont produce evidence then my wife's application will be rejected putting her out of status.............gosh what a mess.....

    ANY SUGGESTIONS FROM ANYONE WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Murali please respond with any possibility which I can explore upon.


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  • Lets say her H4 expires on Apr 10th 07. If her I 129 application is filed on Apr 1st, Do you think her I 129 is considered to be ok? Again, USCIS wont be able to generate a receipt notice with in 10 days and assuming that the receipt notice will be generated after Apr 10th, what kind of impact will it have as her H4 would have expired by Apr 10 th? It looks like the bi specialization program is causing more delays because the cases need to be transferred from VSC to CSC. As Andy pointed out, there is no guarentee service for H4 approval with PP.

    Yeah Andy is right,

    no guarantees that her H4 will be processed under PP as well. Here is our experience. We did hubby's H1 extension under premium three times in the past. First 2 times both approvals came in 2 weeks. Everyone was happy.

    Last year, his h1 under PP came in 2 weeks as clockwork and my H4 case got separated and was processed in about 5 months. I also had RFE and they wanted to see hubby's H1 they approved under PP. :mad:
    I felt awful after that, :( just waisted my time and $$$ .

    So, I think we may specualte that since there is PP available for H4s (recent phenomenon), we may see more cases where they would process only H1 under premium and H4 as standard.

    But, folks, $$$ amount only goes up. You will shed 2K for your extensions under PP and then process her H4-to-H1, additional couple of thousands..
    Don't know what to tell you really...

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  • good luck

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  • I received IRS tax audit check for year 2005 last week. I guess mostly I can defend my audit and I have scheduled an appointment with IRS tax manager for next week

    However god forbid if I have to pay penalty on audit,I was wondering this would impact anything on my 485 process. Does it have any impact

    Appreciate your thoughts.

    If anyone faced this problem please, please give ur ideas

    No relation between these IRS checks and 485 process

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  • I have EAD for couple of years & when I moved to Ohio, I was issued 4 years DL. They did look at I-94 (I travelled on AP having one year validaty on I-94), also they DID NOT looked at my EAD expiry date..They asked very simple question - Do you have your SSN? Thats it..!

    C'mon...Guys, come to will get DL for 4 years..

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  • It is good idea. I discussed this my lawyer and according to him, nowadays USCIS is very strict about it and trying to match the requirements of EB2 against the candidate's credentials. If it perfectly matches only they will approve. It will be an option for those guys with EB3 with PD past 2005 and with enough EB2 credentials, primarily a masters degree and if it from US, then great.

    Please do not go into this option just by stating that I have 100 years experience with such and such company. I will say, if your are a masters degree holder (from US the best) and is employed with a major employer for more than 3-5 years, then only attempt this. Do not try it if you are employed with some Desi company. This is harm both the candidate and the employer.

    My two cents worth!!!

    My lawyers opinion was completely opposite to yours. It does not harm the employee nor the employer in any way. If it did then employer would never agree to it in the first place. Also, there is no effect on the existing EB3 application. There are numerous lawyers like Murthy and Ron Gotcher who have written articles on the ease with which this process is possible and published their success stories.

    Maybe its time you got a new lawyer and maybe its time you posted your details on your profile.

    Mr S Hammer

    1. I am a full time employee too with a fortune 500 company working for the past 6 years with the same company since I got laid off first after working for another American company for 3 years. So there goes your argument for working with a desi company.


    Oh, so when you made the statement below you were not assuming everyone fakes their projects because YOU faked yours? All of a sudden you became this guy that has never faked his resume! From your statement anyone would assume that you are not the guy you are claiming to be - genuine!

    Pllleeeease dont act sacrosant.. dont tell me you never faked your resume about your project to get a break.

    Looking at all the things, it looks like August bulletin would be the best bet USCIS have with some cutoff dates but keeping the already filed apps.

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