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  • I just wanted to get this discussion back on track of ppl wanting to be able rise up a little, let their wives work and feel the freedom to make a decision to go back.

    Let me restart the discussion. I know we are all frustrated to the extent that we want to pack up and leave but we have invested too much time to do that. But let's assume things start moving and we get our GC's in a year or so. Having spent so many years waiting to "settle" would you be willing to unsettle your life again and start over in a country that you left more than a decade ago.

    Note that I am not doubting anyone's intention or disrespecting any entry. Just wondering if its the frustation talking or there are ppl who would actually leave?

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  • bump

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  • you got to be shitting me on this, I think this whole thing has become a massive
    shit pot, eveybody is througing what ever they have


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  • Thanks!


    AFAIK, Once you have a receipt number for 485, your 485 application will either be denied/approved. If approved, you will get your GC as a visa number has bee set aside. I 140 premium processing doesnt help you to get the GC by the end of the month.

    talk to your lawyer to get the correct info about what happens with your 485 application with the retrogression of Schdeule A.

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  • This bill has nothing related to EB applicants.
    Also looks like Sec. 501 Earned Access to Legalization may apply only to illegals.

    The more it is closer to amensty, it will not go forward.

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  • The contributions page shows one-time contributions starting from $100 onwards. If you wish to make smaller one time payments, go to -Click Send Money - In the To field enter - OR Select Immigration Voice in the merchant list.

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  • Try to respect people who are trying to 'buy' an MS degree for the purpose of greencard ? Instead of feeling sorry for their situation, you should feel sorry for the legit EB2 applicant who these guys screw up by taking this backdoor approach.

    If your argument is that after holding a US Masters , OP will not be a legit EB2 applicant, even you are not legit. Go get some education

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  • Just a hypothetical question, if AILF withdrew from a lawsuit, then waht?

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  • I notice the OP has disappeared. Hope it was not an anti's bait!

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  • First of all, you dont have a binary choice in the matter such as either you learn 50,000 words and their spellings or go smoke dope. There is a middle ground here.

    Secondly, why do I see in company after company, especially in the knowledge industry that a straight A student, like your Kavya here, working for a manager who had been a B- student who in turn works for an executive who was a C- student ?

    Get educated ... that's fine. But dont get over-educated such that you are a cripple who cannot think outside the box. Too much education, too many straight As, too many spellings will make you incapable of thinking outside the box, taking risks. Anyways, that's my belief and my opinion and everyone is free to raise their kids in whatever way they deem fit. I for one, would never ask my 2 children to participate in any spelling bee contest.

    As far as your desi company thoughts go, it has nothing to do with spelling bee topic. However, let me tell you this. By being holier than thou and telling other people "I got a degree from here and you dumb asses have never been to an American college, so get lost you idiot, this job here is mine..." does not help anyone. Also, no desi companies put a gun to the head of anyone - Indian educated or US educated - to work for them. And let me remind you, there is AN ENTIRE GENERATION of US educated US masters degree holders who had no job after graduating and have been to a desi company to get trained on the real-world software applications. I am sure you know some people yourself, just as I know some people in that situation. If the US masters degree made them super-duper smart, then they would not be knocking doors of desi companies for education after graduating.

    I am no fan of desi companies, everyone here knows that. But don't preach a holier than thou sermon to everyone who doesn't have a US degree. Because your US degree isn't worth a bucket of warm spit when it comes to getting a job.

    I guess you are speaking like Tom Peters. But in the end, it all depends on where one wants to be and what is the world view of someone. If one thinks that just because someone is a manager over others, that makes that someone better and more successful than others, and if most B- students manage A+ students (which is fuzzy maths), yes, in that case it maybe that its better to get a B- grade than A+, and there is no need to go to business school either. If the world view and the objective is not just to become a manager or make 100K instead of 120K, but actually do something worthwhile in every stage of your life, rather than just having an objective of becoming a manager, maybe its about learning a language and words, then why not. Strong vocabulary is the first stage to clear expression and clear expression is the corner stone of a successful and satisfying career, including bring a manager. I don't see anything wrong with learning more words, or loving parents or obedient children. Everyone has a different age in their life when we revolt against the environment, just to break free. Its not necessary that one must continue to revolt an entire lifetime to be creative or be better than others. Bill Gates or Steve jobs never wanted to become just managers, they wanted to re-invent the future. College dropouts, but successful. But how many Gates and Jobs do we have? I guess there is no clear definition of success and different people gauge success differently, but most people, more so in this crowd on this forum, relate success to level of education/university (US masters or Bachelors from India), and title at work place. But maybe the key is not how others gauge your success, but how you gauge yourself. Maybe you have set your eyes on squeezing most number of lemons or maybe being fastest eater of a water melon, or climbing on top of rhinoceros back, whatever it is, if you have done it and you feel satisfied, you will see yourself as successful. So whatever is the definition of success, whatever is anybody's opinion or world-view, the fact is, these kids did well with the goal they had set for themselves. And if that is how they feel satisfied with their hard work, they are successful. The fact that there were so many other contestants wanting to prove that they were better than others, and they weren't, makes it a recognizable achievement. Its that simple.

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  • first of all with that Matloff paper u proved a point that i was trying to make and that is the fraud cases are way more than 20%

    and secondly Matloff is only one person in the anti immi committee (if u can call it that) that opinion is his and doesn't necessarily dictate the whole bandwagon of anti-immis , the brand equity hit takes place at the grass-root level

    check out that punk aka itgrunt

    these turds brand every indian immigrant as being fraudulent beacuse of the fraud that takes place , all these organizations , numberusa , washtech etc thrive only because of the large number of grass-root supporters who call in the senators and tip them over

    Matloff making the fraud issue i statement is hypocritical because it doesnt fit in *his* larger scheme of things at which are very easliy balanced out between the pro and anti immigrants in the *larger* aspect of things

    but the "brand euquity" distrubance that is so tangible makes it a public issue

    you need to use your own common sense and think for yourself instead of just quoting/cut pasting random people all the time .

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  • The idea was to make it easy for majority folks who work in Manhattan and surrounding areas. We were also concerned that the tri state folks travel long distances and work long hours during weekdays will need the weekends for themselves and a Friday night after work must be the best time.

    But, yes, based on majority of the folks's response, we plan to do one more on a Saturday, but not in Flushing, location will be decided soon.

    ok. i live in queens and work in CT. manhattan on weekdays does not fly for me. if anyone wants to meet in the hindu center on holly av. on sunday evenings please let me know.

    if nothing else, maybe prayer will work.

    "ab dawa nahin dua ki zaroorat hai".:rolleyes:

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  • USCIS just seems to be changing rules according to their whims and fancies. They are changing rules according to their convenience. What do these idiots think of themselves? One cannot plan on anything when we are dealing with USCIS. What's good today may not be good tomorrow. Do they expect us to be stuck in the backlogs and wait for years together for them to take their own sweet time to process applications? May be a case of job security for these lazy staff.

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  • You get 3 greens from me :)

    excellent post

    "Happy Diwali" to anybody on this forum who accepts the Hindu faith.

    I don't think wishing Happy Diwali to fellows of a common faith qualifies as hate mongering; same as a Muslim wishing a fellow Muslim "Eid Mubarak" or a Christian wishing a fellow Chrisitian "Merry Christmas" does not qualify as hate mongering.

    All said and done this is an open forum where potential immigrants to this country (where there is a long history of separation of state and religion) are free to express their opinion.

    USA has certainly benefited from having different cultures live together side by side (within the realm of a common civil and criminal law). Suppression of cultures is more in tune with the ertswhile Soviet policy of suppression of various cultures (Georgian, Ukrainian, the list goes on); and we all know what happpened to Soviet Russia.

    There is no reason potential legal immigrants of different faith should not open a new thread to wish people of fellow faith on commonly celebrated festivals. There is no great reason to pursue political correct speak to the degree where you would have to create a common greeting message if we want to wish "Happy Diwali" to fellow Hindus.

    People of different faiths certainly have the freedom to post a similar message. After all the pool of potential legal immigrants is far and wide.

    And I would certainly be happy for fellow Chinese, Muslims, Chrisitians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Native Americans, Mexicans, Portuegese, Spanish, Greeks, Albanians, Croats, Serbs, Basque, Irish, SriLankan, Bangladeshis, Eritreans, Ethiopians, Somalis, Germans, French, Bralizians, Colombian, Ecuadarean, Argentinians, Chilean, Haitians, West Indians (the list is incomplete mind you) when somebody from their community puts up a message wishing their fellows the arrival of a happy community event.

    The voice of these communities is the "Voice" of "Immigration". It would be foolhardy to try to suppress this voice in favor of political correct speak.

    We are all working toward the same goal (pursuit of happiness); denial of one's culture and simple traditions is not in tune with this pursuit.
    Just my 2 cents.

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  • Thanks for your advice, buddy.
    My attorney told me that DA offer is not negotiable if just from my attorney side. I knew they have not good relationship, probably they have too much un-happy fight experience before. As before my pre-trial conference, he mentioned she (DA) does not like him. :(
    So that day my attorney give me 2 choice, go Trial or accept offer, I select first one. We already set a trial date at July. We have problem on strategy I think.

    Yesterday, I have conference with my attorney, he told me he could try to get that offer back. I don't know if trial already set, I can still change idea??? My attorney suggest my wife mail that DA directly and tell her the truth and see if that can help reduce or dismiss the charge. Now we prepared on this.

    One more thing, my charge is level 1 misdemeanor, not felony. Is that same excuse for deportation right away? What BIA stands for?


    This is a serious matter. Make sure that you have an attorney that understands both the immigration and criminal consequences of this charge. From your description it sounds like your attorney is just a criminal attorney.

    NEVER NEVER plead guilty to this charge. Force your attorney to meet with the DA and try to get a Pre-trial diversion (in which you do not have to admit your guilt in any fashion, volunteer to do extra community service if the need be). The definition of "Aggravated Felony" is much more stricter than any state's version of Felony. On top of it all in the eyes of BIA judge this is a Domestic Battery (No matter what the state charge indicates), making you deportable right away.

    I don't want to scare you but whatever happens you should not plead guilty to this charge. If nothing works out you are better of taking you chances with the trial (Especially since your wife can back you on your story).

    I hope this helps... Get a competent lawyer who understands the gravity of the situation.

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  • If there was more press coverage on the DC Rally i mean on TV it would bring the matter to the attention of more people. Someone suggested sending pizzas or roses to the media which I second.

    If we can bring about a change so that current and future GC seekers don't suffer what scores have suffered till now we are bringing a positive change.

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  • Days when President started talking about fighting to make sure the immigration bill be passed, I felt even people who are here legally should get a fair chance. Not that it is a competetion for immigration, but its playing a fair game.

    The immigration bill if passed, will come and stop at the same place where everyone of us are in now or even worse and pulls the whole system down.

    I'm glad to see such a thing like immigration voice. This will make the law makers think with a broader mind.


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  • Contributed $100 towards Advocacy day Transaction # 3T1561722N075700Y

    @indigowiki, You have impressive list of action items in your signature. How about adding one more for becoming donor on IV?

    Lead by example! Let the people know you are serious about your IV efforts.

    Hey ArkBird. I joined recently, and have been an active member since then...I'm ramping up... not a leader by any means. Never said I was :D Just doing my part to help. And thank you for your contribution!

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  • I recently got an RFE to prove that my Master's degree is a three year course (and not a two year program) because the degree and the combined three year transcript don�t specifically state that it was a three year program.
    I have three year of Bachelor�s (BSc) and three year of Master�s (MCA) education, which was used to qualify for EB-2. I also have more than 10 years of experience in a related field.

    Unfortunately, I only have a combined three year transcript with a list of all the courses completed as part of program (Year 01, 02 and 03) and not three separate transcripts for each year of the program.
    I also have an education evaluation to prove that it is equivalent to MS in USA, which was submitted with the original application.

    I recently obtained a letter from the University stating that it was three year degree program with year of joining and completing the exam but my attorney strongly recommends on getting transcripts for all the years individually, which may not be feasible to obtain in a timely manner. She is not willing to do a fresh education evaluation and to respond the RFE without transcripts of each session/year.
    I know lot of my friends have successfully got their I-140 approved with a combined three year transcript from same University.
    What are my options? I need a second opinion and a possible representation, if required.
    RFE has to be responded by March 22, 2011

    There were many I-485 applictions from EB2 ROW from 2005/2006/2007/2008 pending (some stuck in namecheck, some just filled in rack and some waiting an IO). All these applications where getting approved in 2009. Recent trend 2008/2009 I-485 EB2 ROW apps are getting approved (meaning not many old apps left).

    Going forward EB2 India/China should see forward movement (and if i can esitimate right big numbers for year 2010 if recession continues).

    It could be true that those ROW app will be around 22k so no cut off dates adn there will be very less spill this year. So really slowdown in economy helped them a lot. Next year if economy continue to be slow then it may help india lot. but not 100% it will clear backlog.

    We need recapture to clear all backlog.


    What I have done below is present a couple of races that are interesting to follow tomorrow from the immigration perspective. This list is not all inclusive and only includes the House races that have been listed on the Cook Political Report ( as competitive. I went through the list and compared that with the representatives on the "House Immigration Reform Caucus" as chaired by Rep. Tom Tancredo. Here are the results:

    The 10 following races are considered as toss-ups.
    J.D.Hayworth AZ-05 LOST
    Marilyn Musgrave CO-04 WON
    Geoff Davis KY-04 WON
    Gil Gutknecht MN-01 [/B]LOST[/B]
    Charlie Bass NH-02 LOST
    John Sweeney NY-20 LOST
    Charles Taylor NC-11 LOST
    Jean Scmidt OH-02 POSS.WIN
    Thelma Drake VA-02 WON
    Barbara Cubin WY-AL TOO CLOSE TO CALL, leads by 822 votes

    The following 6 races are considered lean republican
    Rick Renzi AZ-01 WON
    John Doolittle CA-04 WON
    Brian Bilbray CA-50 WON
    Hefley (OPEN SEAT) CO-05 (WON by another GOP (Lamborn))
    Otter ID-01 (WON by another GOP (Sali))
    Randy Kuhl NY-29 WON

    The following 5 races are considered likely republican
    Ric Keller FL-08 WON
    Bilirakis (OPEN SEAT) FL-09 (WON by the son, another GOP Bilirakis)
    Jeb Bradley NH-01 LOST
    Robin Hayes NC-08 (TOO CLOSE TO CALL, Hayes leads bu 468 votes)
    Pat Tiberi OH-12 WON

    The following one race is considered lean democratic
    Bob Beauprez (OPEN SEAT) CO-07 WON by DEMOCRAT

    Bottom line: The current house immigration caucus boasts 104 members. Of which, 4 will be gone come January 2007. From the remaining, IF all the tossups were to go democratic, the list would come down to 90 members.

    I will update the thread with the final results Nov. 7th.

    Nov. 7th update: As seen above, from the original 104, the list is now down to 95 members. With the House majority in the Democratic hands, this loss in the caucus is likely to be magnified since they are now the minority in the minority.

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