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  • If America losses us, many of us are already planning to go back to India because of this GC process, they will also lose these kids who are bright future of America.

    To me, more than anything, what the immigrant parents bring to the table, is the stable family life that they can provide to their children that is the best of eastern and western values. I hope this run continues and these kids excel in whatever they do.


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  • Sent it on July3rd reached USCIS on July5th

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  • Hey guys,
    I have a question to all of you...

    AILA prepares the lawsuit and some (probably most) of the lawyers are supporting that.

    For several days I keep hearing that WHEN you file (in July) is not important and I am wondering how that could be true...
    I understand that the people who filed on July 2nd are beneficiaries of this but in my mind, everybody who files after falls under a different category because technically they would file after the revised bulletin was announced therefore have no argument. I understand that everybody else prepared (legal fees, medical exam and so on) and they are affected even if they didn't file but I am wondering how that can be justification enough after the dates (retrogression) were announced.

    I am trying to understand why they say that it does not matter when you file. They need more people to back this up or is just so they can justify billing you for their work...

    Is just scary, how many people play with our hopes and I need to understand if this is just to serve somebody's interests or it is what it is .

    Please post your 2 cents ...
    Thanks !

    AILA has expanded the definition of the plaintiff to cover all the july filings but it does not mean that you will be beneficiary if you have just filed in July. You either have to be a plaintiff or member of the class action (if judge allows). That also does not guarantee that you will get the benefit if lawsuit is won. As per AILF, only limited number of visa will be made available upon winning the lawsuit and that will cover only people who filed early in July. All depends upon number of visa made available, number of applications filed and out of those how many are part of class action lawsuit.

    See this excerpts from immigration-law:-
    The AILF is currently developing a lawsuit against the USCIS and the DOS. As reported earlier, apparently the AILF has been successful in finding the potential plaintiffs for the lawsuit. The plaintiffs will automatically become members of the class in the class action who will get the relief if they win in the lawsuit. The details of the relief this lawsuit is pursuing are articulated in the AILF's Visa Bulletin Lawsuit FAQ. For the summary, please click here.
    The lawsuit team lawyers are still developing the strategies and details of the members of the class this lawsuit will cover who are not members of the plaintiffs. As they move along, the details can be changed, but according to the FAQ, membership of the class would require filing of EB I-485 applications in July 2007. Accordingly, those who fail to file EB I-485 applications are likely not included in the membership and will not be able to receive the fruits of the litigation, once the class wins in the litigation. Relevant to the issue of when the EB I-485 should be filed to receive the benefit as a class member is the number of July visa numbers which will be made available to the members of the winning class of the lawsuit. Obviously, the visa numbers will be limited in numbers. The members of the class will have to compete each other for the numbers. According to the FAQ, the number will be taken under the principle First In First Out bases. Accordingly, the earlier his/her EB I-485 is filed, the better the chance of getting the number before they are exhausted. It appears that those who fail to get the numbers are likely to be left out of any benefits of the litigation.
    It thus appears that some people may want to file the EB I-485 applications with the full knowledge that the applications will be rejected and returned by the USCIS, just to become a member of the class of this lawsuit. Consdering the fact that some visa numbers may become available in October 2007 for certain people, they may be less desperate and eager in seeking membership of the class of the lawsuite. While, the nationals of ovesubscribed countries such as India, China, Mexico, and Philippines will need the fruits of this litigation much more desperately than the people from other countries. Additionally, EB-3 people may have such need more than EB-1 or EB-2 since when new visa numbers become available in October, the EB-3 numbers are likely more oversubscribed than EB-1 and EB-2. Lastly, the lower the priority date is, the more they will need the fruit of the litigation as the higher priority date applicants will have a better chance to get their priority date becoming current in October or soon thereafter. These variants should give a guide to the people to determine whether or not they should file EB I-485 applications to become a member of the class.
    However, these factors alone should not be considered absolute determinants in deciding whether they should file the EB I-485 applications in July. The FAQ indicates that the downside of becoming a member of the class by filing EB I-485 applications in July is potential extensive and in-depth scrutiny of the cases by the USCIS to weed out the applicants on the ground of ineligibility of I-485 applications. Accordingly, people with some potential issues of whatever nature may be considered poor candidates for the membership of the class. The straight forward case should be considerred a better candidate for filing EB I-485 applications in July, while those with some potential wrinkes in the case may stay away from filing the application in July.
    For the foregoing reasons, people should seek assessment of one's case by legal counsel for appropriateness of filing EB I-485 now and becoming a potential member of the class of the lawsuit. It is absolutely no and no to jump into filing the applications without the appropriate legal counsel.

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  • See what the last para of the memo says....

    During this timeframe the USCIS will determine whether
    it is able to process these cases with in 15 calendar days of reciept.

    "IF SO" premium processing will be once again made avaialabe for FORM I-140 petitions

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  • well here is 14th -

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  • I got my license renewed till 2013. No issues at all. I am on EAD.
    I love NY!

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  • i do wonder if the poll results from earlier polls if used to compare with the current one would help get an idea of the trend - kind of overlaying the snapshots in different points in time and then determining what the situation was and what is and then extrapolating based on data that is already known/ published by uscis applied to the trend. question is if we have the poll data from earlier polls?

    good idea. A google search beings up:


    almost the same sized sample (~450)... this was right before the july 2007 fiasco, but includes 485 not-yet-filed, so is in essence the same thing as this poll.
    2003 got somewhat cleaned up (used to be 15% is now 1%)
    2004 is more or less same, of slightly higher (98 votes (24%) now. was 84 votes(20%) then)

    so looks like big improvement in 2003, but 2004 barely changed overall?

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  • e-mail won't do it. Put it in writing or wait until 90 days passes from the receipt date
    This is like the banana joke in an old tamil movie, it is over 157 days and the USCIS now wants to go by processing times which mention july 3rd processing date, which is still late, but then they will say it is just one day over your receipt date.

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  • And God Bless you Javadeveloper and God bless everyone

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  • Fact is you can always make smaller contribution using pay pal or make $100 one time contribution in every few months.

    You have no intension to make contribution, so just try to find excuses for not contributing.

    Might be thinking �it not my fault�. only if IV lowers contribution amount�. You can keep thinking this and make yourself happy.

    I shall say please don't repeat the same thing over and over again. ... if it doesn't work it doesn't.... yes... i will leave this forum soon, if things remain naggingly same.

    And please remember it's bottom up that works here not top-down.

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  • Roy Beck, Norman Matloff and Lou Dobbs are jerks, these clearly racist, xenophobic assholes have some appeal to the fringes of the right and a few on the left.

    Most of the Democratic lawmakers give a damn to these idiots.

    I rarely call anyone a racist - but here it is, the evidence is all there on Youtube, and the internet.

    Sorry for the language IV - but these freaks deserve it.

    No need to apologize. All these desperate actions show that NumbskullsUSA is scared and trying hard to scuttle this by any means - fair or foul. More power to us and wishing failure for their evil racist agenda. NumbskullsUSA should be designated as a hate group like the KKK.

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  • Bulls eye. this is what I am thinking.

    I am looking for an answer in general for all.

    As Chandu pointed out, in general, AOS (pending 485) status gives some protection in terms of maintaining legal status in between jobs. 'Technically' once six months are completed at the employer on whose job the I-485 has been submitted - we should be good. But the issue is AC21 process is not a well streamlined one - no forms etc. Earlier the volume of these cases might be very low for USCIS; now after the July 2007 there are lot more people in the I-485 stage and recent economic conditions could have contributed to large number of people using/potentially using AC21 process to change jobs. Heard many issues - hope USCIS will streamline the process for AC21 job change issues.

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  • Hey guys, Our collective voices worked.
    We got a partial correction on their on line article at the bottom which was just added after our e mails started hitting their inboxes. It is good that they realised their error. A pity it did not make it into their print edition.

    See at the bottom under Amplification.

    Thanks everyone for writing to the editor

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  • This was discussed before and I cannot find it now..but here is an extension of the degrees idea.

    1. Get everyone involved in the GC process to make a copy of their degrees/ qualifications/ certifications/ patents/ papers/ publications/ etc

    2. Format it into standard size (perhaps A4)

    3. Get a stamp on each of those sheets that says 'TRASH' or something else - maybe 'REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN' or 'KEEP TALENT IN THE US' - we can work that out. - it has to be bold, in RED, if possible across the page.

    4. Get each State Chapter to create a binder/ maybe more if we can get enough participation.

    5. We can submit a copy of that to local congressman and senators. We can also put all states together and send that to the White House, perhaps.

    This will take a lot of coordination from all state chapter...but it is doable.
    Any thoughts???

    Please don't shoot me down if you don't like it :) I just wanted to put my 2 cents in :p

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  • Why is llc less risk? i know that the legal paper trail requirements are lower... but i dont know of any other major benefit than ability to share profit and loss disproportionate to ownership stake... which could be a double edged sword too... what risk is covered in llc that is not covered in corp?

    in fact i chose corp because it was cheaper.... thats it.

    the low risk lies in the fact that any adverse decision you may have to take ever (God forbid) like bankruptcy does not affect your own personal credit history and assets. I am not sure whether the same exists for corp or not. So I may be wrong regarding the low risk factor of LLC. But I always had the notion of starting any venture as an LLC and then moving on to a corp.

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  • My last post in the matter. By our perspective, what I meant was, if you see an article talking about common topics such American Compititiveness or Illegal immigration you can always send an e-mail to the reporter and talk about plight legal immigrants. In most cases you will see a response from the reporter, whether they publish it or not is generally a matter of who you represent and audicences to the cause and other issues . That's why I said if IV as an organisation sends an e-mail (it could be me or you but representing IV itself) there is a possiblity that you will be taken seriously. But repeating the same issue to the same reporter 100 times will not make it any important it might even have a deleterious effect. I have seen this method working in the past. If you disagree with my approach, let's agree to dissagree on our approaches.

    --> Hear you totally sending one single message but what will you release for press and how often will you do it. If I am not mistaken, You are suggesting that we come up with a list of issues and do a press release and that should be fine. Well, Its a good idea and I am sure we had PR releases when there were events.

    If you are saying that we should do a press release now instead of sending personalised emails, I guess its gotta be more with the $$ than being able to do it. Not all reporters, do leave an email and google might do the job. I have tried sending emails to such reporters and the response has been lukewarm over the past 2 months. Here is what one reporter has to say.

    Well, you�ve got a hard sell now because everything is so centered on the elections, and the larger immigration story centers on the undocumented (who are far greater in number than high skilled immigrants, at least those seeking green cards.) A lot of media outlets also don�t have immigration reporters per se. If I were you I�d target business reporters. But make sure they haven�t already done something on this in the past year, because even though not everyone listens to or reads everything we do, we do tend to wait a while before repeating the same topic.

    Mostly the problem is we all have tons and tons of possible stories and not enough time to do them all, so I can understand your frustation

    Do you think that if 3 or 4 more of us has written to her, will she re consider it? may be or may not be. I dont think they have so much time to cause a detrimental effect. They dont want to write on it, it goes to /dev/null :)


    If this is the case no matter how many e-mail we send it will not have any impact on him/her. That debate is almost like Conservative vs. Liberal debate and no amount of convincing can convince the other side.

    I thought that was what we are doing. 25, 10, 1000 are all numbers, if 1000 is a spam why 25 isn't a spam. I think it is subjective.

    --> Well, There is too much prediction on this forum than sending emails to people. Forget about email, I doubt if every member has sent the webfax. When you call it SPAM, Is it 100% unsolicited, undesired and one of those email that should have gone to the bulk folder but came to Inbox? I dont think so. But by doing copy/paste, we might be just telling that we are seeking attention. By writing in our words, may be we are expressing a concern. Public can always write to media and lawmakers. Circling back with the number 25, I dont consider it a spam if 25 people express a genuine problem in their own words


    Anyway, I will contact a local reporter and see how it goes, but I will not send e-mail to this editor becasue there are already e-mails sent by others conveying the same thing.

    -->I will be very happy if you can elicit a response easil y and will learn the tricks from you ;) Sure, You can refrain from sending an email to this editor as I clearly see that there have been ~ 10 or more emails.


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  • Thanks to all members of IV who have made it possible for our voice to be heard! Keep up the good work!:)

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  • TMC Net: (http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2006/04/26/1610336.htm)

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  • This is a problem because the DL people do not understand the immigration law. I was in a similar situation 2 years ago in Iowa. Tried to explain to the manager of the office, but got a lecture on how good their public transport system is. Then I went to another DL office in a rural county. The counter clerk refused, asked to see the supervisor who agreed to extend for 6 months by which time my extension came through.

    Expectation is itself on July 2nd courier based Apps were around 20000+ but ofcourse after 2nd the no. of applications significantly reduced hope for the best

    My PD is current for almost a year and Name check is cleared in July 2008.

    No soft or hard LUD's sofar. :mad:

    Chris- how did you find out your NC has been cleared?

    Thank you.

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