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  • Thanks Ajju

    They won't wait for your PD to be current to issue FP Notice.

    Also, I don't think (my 2 cents) its advisable to travel before FP.. You never know when it will come and if you miss it... its considered as if you ignored it... They will issue one more FP notice before closing your AOS application...

    So its needed to keep track of FP notice...

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  • If I were you, I would not have gone with the repeat of X-ray test unless it was absolutely necessary. X-ray are very harmful to the human cells and tissues. It was a ( Probably honest) mistake by the doctor who was going to give the correct report...and you forced him to take the x-ray again!! hmmmmm....I have nothing more to say.

    I did not force.
    The RFE clearly stated that "Civil Surgeon Should also attached a XRAY report".
    It did not say this, which I wish it did, that "if tb test shows that there are signs of tb, then the civil surgeon should administer a xray and attach the xray report".

    The language in the RFE caused my lawyer to say that, to have no issues, its always best to follow the RFE language code exactly, even if did not make sense. One should always give more data in the RFE response than needed.

    Let me tell you one thing, the RFE language/sentence completely contradicts the rules written on the new i693 form or the document which has been created for civil surgeons on how to do medical tests for immigration. In those documents it clearly says that take an xray IF required, ie, if the tab patch grows beyond certain millimeter etc...But since the RFE clearly asked for it, I had no choice but to force the civil surgeon.

    One writes the rules and others misinterpret it because the language is ambiguous. Its better to be safe than sorry. USCIS has hired new people to do adjudication. None of them are experienced. I dont want them to generate another RFE or deny.

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  • Did anybody fly recently in Lufthansa to India? I wanted to know whether you need transit visa.
    I have booked the tickets in Lufthansa to india in Dec.

    My travel agent says you dont need transit visa if you have AP.

    Since i have time now, i can apply nowif needed.

    Also please give me the details about the appln forms to apply for the transit visa.

    please advise.

    I came back via Frankfurt on Lufthansa last month, on AP no problems.

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  • hmm
    more H1s is not only good for the employers, but also potentially for the economy. More taxes coming in, more pple putting money into the flow by buying things/cars etc. If they look at it more from economy perspective, this cud get approved/passed. Sorta kickstarting the financial situation.

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  • well - for the antis - the ONLY post they liked seems to be "pack your bags and go home". Lets not try to force ourselves to satisfy them.

    Now, when it comes to out of status issues - lot of people do genuinely fall out of status. There is nothing called exploiting the loophole unless someone breaks the laws.

    It is obvious that one must not be on bench, or after layoff without a job. There is no room for loopholes.

    We have always seen that USCIS does treat every petition for renewal on a case to case basis. Grace period (considerable) has been considered for genuine cases.

    Infighting is common - it happens everywhere. People seldom change.

    See - IV is not something like a freedom movement or asking for rights for poor or downtrodden - IV is basically a group of immigrants who are skilled and well educated who want to lobby for a change in system and sort issues. Everyone here has their own selfish motive and that's why this infighting among eb2 vs eb3 , MS vs BS, India vs ROW et al......

    So lets not worry too much because antis paint all of us together because of actions of some people. If people realize and change - well it is good for all - otherwise - "we cannot make the horse drink water .." you know what I mean

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  • mmdial, was the registrar from the place of birth or from another place.

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  • I think your lawyer is screwing you. $7,500 just for labor certification.I know, my lawyer is not cheap, but as a result we were able to file i-485 2 months before my son turned 21. It was big relief for our family.
    Also she is very good in communication - I have copy of all documents, including I-140 approval and I-485 submission (around 3 inches of paper :) )

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  • Thanks for the perspectives.

    Yeah, it's just been a day since I got this news so I am still processing it, talking to friends and colleagues.

    I am going to look around for people who are going to file.

    Thanks for the advice about taking a lead on things, and also pushing my manager to file it.
    And it is true that they are planning more layoffs over the next few months, so I am in the soup if things stay this way. All good ideas, which I am willing to experiment with.

    I am also looking at this as a golden opportunity to do something that I wouldn't have done if my GC process was going on - like move somewhere else to a smaller firm or change my job title a bit.

    Or travel to Canada or Australia and work/live there for a bit, explore the world, and come back later.

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  • Latina: If you are correct then, since it is mentioned in so many posts that IV should achieve a non country quota, it should be clear for us (Rest of the World) category that this won't affect our waiting time; because if you are right that the Sernior voices were never advocating that the Worldwide Category will suffer any delays, it gets confusing after reading so many junior posters talking about not having a per country quota (just one line), that for newbies like me it is not crystal clear, of course I am all for the unused portion of the numbers for Worldwide category going to skilled immigrants from non worldwide rather than to anybody else.

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  • Thanks everyone for the replies and Texcan I am sorry , I am new here so didnt know much about starting a new thread..

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  • [QUOTE=sammas;1967354]Probably the RFE might be related to photos not being sent. A friend of mine received a RFE for not sending the photos eventhough they are not required to be sent but he did not get any Biometrics notice. [QUOTE=sammas;1967354]

    Sammas, May be it was lost in the mail, so your friend did not receive and the USCIS issued an RFE.

    What do you mean by lost in the email? What are you referring to here? I am sorry, I did not get what you are trying to mention here.

    The RFE was to send the photographs. Online status also was changed to Request For Evidence and then once the photos were sent the status was changed back to resumed processing and after that the status was changed to Approved. Hope it is clear now.

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  • After some procrastination, finally i will be posting the mails out tomorrow. You guys are doing great jobs. I will talk around to my friends to send out too.:)

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  • whats going on today....all the law skirters are is this thread the other is the labor substitution thread with 3 yr bachelor degrees....why dont u guys go back to immigration portal and get UN to help u with ur skirting the law issues

    Please be careful before making allegations. There is nothing morally or legally wrong about planning your taxes. Do you claim your spouse or kids as your dependents in your taxes? Why is it wrong to get an exemption for your parents whom you support with your earnings?

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  • I don't think those 2 are related.

    If the recession does hit,

    will the visa bulletin of every month jump faster?

    or will it slow down?

    does anyone know?


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  • thanks, it sure clarifies things.. and from what I read, these applications work in parallel. RFE on one application has no efffect on the other one. you just have to wait for one of them to come through, mostly probably EB1A. once you get approved on EB1A, they will cancel the remaining 2 applications. Good luck..

    Yes, that's what my understanding is as well.
    Thanks and good luck to you too.

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  • There would be many of us who would be able to relate to this article . I don't feel it is totally false, I guess this is the author's Memoir (partly true & partly made up ) & not his autobiography.
    (made up part is what the author foresees in the future - reason given below )

    - If not parents then it might be grandparents who kept waiting/hoping to see their grandson/granddaughter's children but passed away without seeing them.

    - Latter part (what sounds like made up part ) is what the author saw in working/service class families in the US who came here 20 - 30 years ago (i hv myself come across such families) & believes his future would be the same - who knows it can be true for anyone ???

    During youth a guy is busy in his job, is able to pay all his bills as well as save some money for vacation, which happens during long weekends or once a year , life goes by like this but when he grows older/retires & wishes to go back & settle down he finds things are not what he wants or wanted - children dislike staying/going to india , they study in a college in a different city , visit them once in a while , he & his wife r left alone & find it very lonely here. He knows he has not become a multi-millionaire & looks back & realizes he has always lived a hand-to-mouth life - BUT Is this what he wanted ? was all this worth it ?

    He could never reach a conclusion & one day he passes away. Now his wife is left alone even lonelier & she has the same questions.
    She visits india every year for 1 or 2 months - she likes it there. But
    She cannot settle there - it will make her far from her children , She cannot settle here - because her roots are there.

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  • I hope that never, ever, ever happens. Actually, I'm sure it never will. :p

    I second that !

    And also I don't see how that will solve anything. Visa #'s are the problem not the distribution of the #'s.


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  • Here use this tool on Delta to know the visa requirements for travel..

    Visa & Passport Information (

    Have fun

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  • On the lighter side
    Think about this , Your citizen kid can sponsor you when he/she attain 18.

    So who ever planning to have one , start implementing , and parent of 10 month old just wait for 17 yr 2 months.

    >> Your citizen kid can sponsor you when he/she attain 18
    Incorrect. Applicant must be at least 21 years of age to sponsor green cards for parents.

    I have a question regarding use of EAD and living in Canada

    My scenario
    Currrently, I work on H1-B and am living in Canada (I cross US-Canada border everyday)
    I am also a Canadian Citizen and used that to cross border everyday. So, far I never used the EAD

    I recently got laid off, and planing on using my EAD for my next employment.

    Once I start using the EAD, can I still live in Canada and work in US.
    Is it necessary to live in US if one starts using EAD?

    Did you file for I-485? If so, what is the address mentioned in the I-485 application? If it is US address, then you should be residing at that address.

    I-485 application indicates that beneficiary is residing in the USA and applying for adjustment of status.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Please let us know where did you get your stamping and also what questions and documents were asked?


    Mumbai consulate.
    They asked for zero documents.
    I had taken a ton of documents
    Salary slips
    Tax returns
    I129 petition copy
    H1 approval
    Name it I had it

    But he asked me nothing

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