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  • They have stopped issuing Interim EADs.

    THis thread is confusing a lot of people. My understanding in once 1485 is pending , one can to county office get EAD card after a month. Gurus please input your comments

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  • ....for your contributions GCneeded and RLNY122004. You can visit the IV Media Drive thread here ( contribute with your writing skills too :)

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  • Maybe we need to make up a set of cards with priority dates for each EB category and have a parrot pick it up.

    I think we may be able to predict much better that way. :D

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  • I used the subject line: US immigration system: problems faced by legal immigrants

    thanks for taking the lead on this issue.

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  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • this bulletin is great for eb2!

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  • Guys,
    First of all, please be decent to each other. Now, to the PBEC issue - this is a major problem, and a huge issue for all of us. Currently, the debate in Senate/Congress is centered around Immigration reform and this is a definitely a good time to raise these issues.

    There are a few things we should strive for:
    1. Keep all provisions of Specter's bill related to EB.
    2. Re-instate per country soft limit.

    If both of these provisions are passed, Priority dates for all countries will be current in EB2 and will rapidly move in EB3. A lot of folks in PBEC might be able to use PERM to apply another labor and priority dates will loose their importance, so it is important that these provisions pass.

    This is just the kind of disingenuous logic we do not want. To suggest that folks stuck at PBEC should just file PERM is (a) just like asking people to drink coke instead of tackling water scarcity (b) reflective of the ignorance of the situation faced by many stuck at PBEC.

    Note that IV has a stated goal of solving the BEC issue (6th listed goal on the homepage). The goal is not to make light of the BEC problem by using apparently simple but false logic; the goal is to resolve the BEC mess.

    Do not try to play down what is important to others and hijack the agenda to suit your problems. We have all come together behind each of the stated goals of IV. Let's keep it that way.

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  • OR

    Have some backup like Canada/Australia/Singapore. Atleast you will continue the same quality of life with little lesser pay and continue with life

    India is an option but the $$ amount for outsourcing is getting expensive and US is finding new options in China/Eastern Europe/Isreal/Phillipines, I'm not sure about future. I know this is just thestarting but in some time the tide may turn and India might loose in the race (hope not).

    Currently India is booming heavily and I HOPE it sustains the pace!!

    The common things we need to worry in India is the dreaded exposure back to STONE AGE culture (especially for women) and some common problems like pollution, too many people everywhere ...

    Meanwhile sit back, relax and enjoy your life and forget what will happen tommrow. Take it easy and everything will be allright

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  • How are you sure that the "sneaking in" of our provisions with the 'undocument workers' provisions is going to alleviate our plight?.

    Note that the staff to support this overhaul is not going to increase overnight. Consider this - 100 people (just a 'supposition' - this is not a hard number) are working on 500,000 applications today; With the passage of provisions for 'undocumented workers', the same staff of 100 is going to work on 11 million 500,000 applications, atleast for the next 1-2 years. Do you understand the mess that this will create? It will be a similar mess as the 'Labor backlog center', where the applications of 2003 are still waiting for their certifications.

    Although I agree that we should work towards supporting the current provisions already in the bill, I still feel that issues such as 'I-485 application without PD current' and 'removal of hard country quota' are important, in order to ensure short-term reliefs. These provisions may not help your specific case, however it may help 1000s of other cases.

    Just my opinion from the limited knowledge that I have of, how UCSIS operates!!!

    Good luck:)

    I understand that you guys have done a lot with limited resources, but trying to isolate yourself from the issue of illegal immigrants issue is not going to help us either. We need to use the momentum of illegal issue to sneak in our provisions (which we already have with the advance degree provision, exception of spouses from cap,capture of unused visa numbers).

    I think you are wrong in stating that I do not grasp the issue that AILA is only interested in illegal immigration issue and not in EB3 retrogression. I know that more than you can imagine, which is why I have been urging the forum to stop asking every one to fax the senators with requests to remove hard limits by country or even concurrent filing of I145 when visa numbers are not current. I read on post by a junior member where that person DID GET A CALL BACK FROM ONE OF THE SENETORS OFFICE AND THAT GUY COULD NOT ARTICULATE THE ISSUE WHEN THE SENETOR ASKED HIM IF THE ISSUE WE ABOUT INCREASING H1-B’S.

    Exactly what happens when thousands of people contact senators instead of one fax from one organization with one point of contact just so that if some one actually calls back from the senator’s office we at least have some one who could explain the situation in a way that makes sense?

    Also, I know how difficult it could be to get an amendment in just as well as you and I also know the fact that the real interest is in solving the illegal immigrant’s issue. The reason for that is the issue that the U.S has is with ILLIGAL IMMIGRATION. The EB retrogression is really our problem, not some thing that is going to raise alarms in the senate. Which is why any amount of hue and cry is not going to change the situation? We should be glad that the advance degree provision, recapture of unused visa numbers and exemption of spouses from cap will make way for a few people and in the process clear up the backlog in EB3 category. We need to back this unanimously instead of trying to introduce new amendments in the last minute. No offence but

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  • And this is the message "Wakup and Be Positive - Ok, PLEASE show your talent - WHAT CAN U DO"..

    lets not go to talent yet.. lets be grown ups first.

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  • plz contribute and update your signature as well.

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  • Start investing money in India.
    r u IV Policeman? Can I see your badge?

    Dear snehaledu, You raise a good point. Am I IV policeman? The answer is NO. Guess, it is the responsibility of all the members to police themselves. And I saw that it was not happening here, thus my question about the relevance of this thread.

    I understood that IV is working on behalf of green card backlog applicants and the intended purpose of IV forums is to provide support for legislative effort. Please help me understand how this thread about $1 is Rs. 44 or whether $1 is Rs. 46, helping in achieving IV goals? I am just scratching my head in an attempt to figure that out. There are many other forums on the internet where you could discuss anything under the sun. There are many other forums where you could discuss everything about exchange rate variations. Why don�t you go and discuss it over in those forums?

    Also, we all should be considerate towards all other members of IV. It was my understanding that IV membership includes people from all over the world. It may be true that majority of IV members are from India. Should we as Indians show a bit of maturity and consideration towards members from other countries? Is that too much to ask? Say, if you come to these forums and for 2-3 days consecutively you see a discussion about conversion rate of Pakistani Rs. to $, how would you feel about it as that discussion will not be relevant for you? Intelligent people understand the signs and fools don�t understand even if someone shouts in front of them. I guess there is no country in the world where its entire population is either all fools or all intelligent. The real question is which category do you belong? You don�t have to answer that question; your behavior will speak for you.

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  • Exactly what happens when thousands of people contact senators instead of one fax from one organization with one point of contact just so that if some one actually calls back from the senator’s office we at least have some one who could explain the situation in a way that makes sense?

    There is another side to that coin, Senators will not be swayed on an issue unless it directly affects a constituent of theirs. AILA has fax and mail campaigns and so do anti-immigrant organizations such as NumbersUSA who according to their organization last week in only 3 days claim to have sent 120K faxes! IMHO one fax will not cut it, a hard copy letter with every single member's name signed to it would be great but picture the logistics with only 2 days to act. I again refer to AILA, AILA has sent letters (see my earlier post referring to the links) but also urges the public and pro-immigrant groups to contact congress enmasse with content that they provide. As for the person who couldn't articulate the issues, that is indeed unfortunate as one in a worst case scenario can always give their personal story, be it retrogression, BECs, H1 cap, H4 inability to work etc etc or if they need to gather their talking points request an appointment to discuss the issue.

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  • hi chisinau,or anyone..

    Hi chisinau..

    It's destiny that I came across your posting.. like you, I am an RN waiting for the DS230 approval also since Oct.2006.. believe it or not ,I was also informed by the NVC to resubmit a new DS230 because the previous one I submitted last year was already outdated. Now, I sent them the updated DS230 last June 27,2007.

    I really want to ask if in your opinion, or if you have some positive information regarding this�do we still have a chance of receiving an embassy interview and medical exam schedule before October 2007?

    I would really appreciate a response.. thank you
    Hi Peyton
    The quota is over and hence the chances of interview schedule before Oct 2007 is not possible. However depending on the origin of country, EB category , priority category you should stand a good chance of interview being scheduled for FY2008. My gut feeling is EB3 ROW would open up with Some 2005 year and EB3 Ind would open up wiht some 2003 and EB2 Ind would open up with some 2004 .

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  • Any hopes in EB3 India priority date movement? Hope they work on some legislation

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  • change - that is all that is left in my pocket


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  • Everyone knows that and should make more noise than you think can :
    Don't stop until you are heard
    Pick up phone
    Write Letters
    Act Now
    Its high time ... now is the only time ...

    Everyone - Read Please -Its for Everyone

    GreenCardRecaptureCampaign.doc ( (

    Everyone should participate
    Let us act to succeed Today

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  • then u have no options... either file ur 485 or dont...if u file then wait till ur priority date gets current and file ur wife's at that time

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  • I respect all the holidays and I would like to celebrate with you guys, but what is the meaning of Diwali?

    here you go ...

    I hope there are new members signing up for the monthly contribution. Most of it I am hearing are the questions about why IV needs the money.
    If you are a new member or recently signed up for contribution, please write here.

    Woooo .. dude... relax ..take a chillax pillax
    Everything ok between you and the "gawd"?

    "gawd" .. look what you started between us :D:D:D

    It appears that you are cracking a joke, but I cannot stop from replying to your post. Why are you asking God to save IV? For the things we cannot do or for the things we dcon't understand, why do we always have to bring in 'God' in the picture? Can't we even crack a joke without brining in God?

    I am just trying to prevent world war III on these forums. Thats why my request for not referring "God'. We will all be much more happier funnier and peaceful if we try not to bring in 'God' in the mix.

    Next thing you will see, someone will post - "God, when will the VB dates move for my category".


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