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  • Now I think new people are running IV.
    Aman Kapoor (Walden Pond) is not controlling now. That is the reason these idiots have got the admin previlages. Now they do nothing worthwhile. Bunch of jockers.

    If this was about you being having admin previledges,you wud have been taken to trial for misusing this board.....AH...

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  • Please park you dollars in some tangible asset. Property is a good place to do that. If you a saving in dollars use that as your 20% down payment and get good fire sale property in US. You should know that if you wait for your GC to buy property your dollar will be worth only 50% its value or less in a year from now. If you use your dollars now to buy property you will get a good bargain and also your monthly payment will be 50% or more cheaper five years from now.

    Buy gold but not in paper but as metal and hold it so you can feel it.

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  • correction: EB3 ROW = 01JAN05 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Just 1.25 more year and I would have been current! Damn!!!!

    are you dreaming ... India EB3 is 01AUG01

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  • ...

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  • Very sad to hear about this.

    I don't know what else to say. I am sorry to hear that this happened.

    I'm sorry, I haven't monitored the web-site since my last posting.

    Today reality hit me very hard. I am in my late thirties and I haven't had much adversity in my life regarding financial, career, family, etc.

    However; today reality really hit me hard.

    One gentlemen, his name was Raja Pitchai. He had asked me to help him file his I-140 and ask for cross chargeability to his wife's place of birth (singapore). USCIS accepted his package and his 140 got approved in a couple of months. (his priority date; india became available one month later anyways (he was from india eb2).

    He was the one of the nicest guys I have talked to. Very courteous fellow.

    They couldn't approve his case because he was stuck in name check. Well, his wife called me today and told me that he passed away last week (brain tumor). He had two U.S. citizen children but him and his wife have no relatives here.

    She doesn't seem to be interested to stay here (she wouldn't be able to keep the greencard process going anyways because the death of the petitioner is automatic denial). She is leaving USA and was going through all the things she needs to wind up. I don't know if she would have stayed here if she got the greencard and I didn't want to task. Reality really him home today.

    I need a couple of days to get over this.

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  • I partly agree with you. But Employer petition is not the right answer to points based system. A fair way would be to keep employer based system of H1B (with portability) as an entry point in the country and criteria to stay. But allow self petition after say X years (4 maybe) of continuous employment at wages higher than prevailing wages and in your area of expertise. In that case Labor cert can also be eliminated because if you have continuous employment for 4 years, the business definitely needs you.

    So the process can be:
    May 2006: Come here on H1B
    May 2006 - May 2010: Work at wages greater than prevailing wage may be 10% higher
    June 2010 - Submit your W2s, paystubs, Tax returns, Application for Green card
    July 2010 - Get green card and enjoy :)

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  • Agreed this is discrimination, what stops us from fighting this discrimination using legal class action lawsuit? Is it the money required or did a lawsuit fail earlier that inhibits us to file class action lawsuit?

    I agree with some senior members when they say that no one individual will come forward for the lawsuit . And I ask why should they ??

    And I think, even if one single or 2-3 people do come forward it will not be possible.

    This is the reason we have forums like our IV so that all can come together and take a decisive step together

    Who can stop IV to file a lawsuit USCIS ? NO ONE

    Many members went on blabbering about how long the process is and how expensive it is ... REMINDER if we can come together and collect upwards of 35k FOR "Lobbying Efforts" we can definitely collect funds for a lawsuit.

    Some one here rightly said ...If we are retrogessed and there is a queue ..Is it because of you or me ?? NO it is due to the inefficiency of the USCIS.


    Again , I want to reiterate , I think if IV core takes lead...hires a good attorney ....we will have funds for it....we have proved it in the past that IVians can contribute

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  • I am having a gala time reading the threads, thanks for the free entertainment folks :D, please keep going.

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  • Nope. UK and Pakistan would then join the club of India & China. ROW is an artificial construct. The reason USCIS posts priority dates for India, China, Mexico and Philippines separately is that applicants from these countries are typically, and especially over subscribed. ROW countries are just countries which are not typically over subscribed in the EB category.

    So what you are saying, in other words, is 7% limit is for every country in the world (Except USA:)) correct?

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  • I am amazed by your calculations and how much effort you put into this. What is the conclusion come october. EB2 I will move fwd or will be current or will be retrogressed?

    In 2007 the total EB1+EB2 VISAS are 70859

    IN THE WORST CASE the total (EB1+ EB2) Visas for 2008 are 111,016
    which are 40,000 more when you compared to 2007

    IN THE BEST CASE, (ASSUMING USCIS USES ALL 28,795 unused VISAS of AC21 FOR 2008 ) the total (EB1+ EB2) Visas for 2008 are 133,212
    which are 62,000 more when you compared to 2007.

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  • Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:31

  • I do not know why this issue is more important for people to discuss. Just because Mr Khan is asked to be a common man? He is not a world famous actor. He is a famous actor to a very very small minority Indian Community in USA. Why should USA give VIP treatment to any star actor from any country of the world? If he was an official ambassador/senior diplomat/Minister, it us understandable. He is simply coming to USA to make money. He will still come again to USA to make money even if he is strip searched again and questioned for more than 66 minutes. Indian government seems to have crossed the line by complaining. This VIP culture that is so prevalent in India needs to change.
    If Indian government really wants to complain, why are they not complaining against the long wait periods for H1B stamping in India. Ordinary Indian citizens going to India for stamping sometimes have to wait several months in the name of security checks. This takes a toll on their life and job in USA. There are several other issues Indian Citizens face in USA. If Indian government has chosen to interfere with the internal matter (in this case national security) of USA, why is it keeping quiet on other matter of importance to its citizens? Indian government needs to stick to its policies and not bend its rules for VIPs.

    As someone said, if his intention was to publicize his new movie and make more money from his share of profit, he may have succeeded.

    I agree with some points here and I dont with others:

    First of all, whether a person was traveling in official capacity or not was he profiled? Because of his name , skin or status? Whatever it is.

    Second, if we give same treatment to brad pitt or tom cruise, would it be acceptable to americans and you too. Would it be a process or would you then dismiss it as nonsense and inefficiency of Indian admin? How you see things in perspective is also important.

    Thirdly, Shahrukh, though not an official and is here making money, is a high profile person. His case and this incident , embodies the unreasonable and insensitive treatment many many commoners get by hands of inefficient US administration.

    You pointed out right, hundreds and thousands are facing security delays, stamping issues, issues at POE etc. Thats what this incident highlights.

    If a high profile person from India, Shahrukh, faces so many problems, then people can imagine the troubles of the commoners.

    I would see this as a "representative" case for many Indians and highlighting it would give some negative publicity to CBP and restore some "common sense" in general.

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  • --thanks...edited my comments per your suggestion - logiclife

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  • Every body knows what happend to kannadigs in chennai, and riots on kannada businesses.
    If you want tell me I will give you the THE HINDU ( Chennai Edition) news paper dates so that you can refer to facts.

    What ever the drama is being played in Srilanka by aravas if they are going to play those tactics in USA .... immidiately will be kicked out:p

    Come on guys.. I can't believe that I am seeing such a support to language terrorists.

    Oh, now I understand why you dont make any sense. :cool:

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  • Have you folks seen the movie Magadheera, one of my friends showed it to me, awesome movie i must say :cool:

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  • A GC cannot be filed directly from a TN or E3 status.

    As mihird said, not much difference. I am a naturalized Canadian working in US for last 7 years (country of birth � India) � Canadian citizenship does not help much in I485 stage since you will fall under the quota of country of birth. One small advantage is consular processing � Canadians can apply for CP at Montreal which used to be faster. But with retrogession and improved AOS processing in USA makes this irrelevant.

    Another general advantage is use of TN1 visa instead of H1B. You can actually start/continue green card processing while in TN1 visa status � it needs some careful planning but it can be done. Basically you cannot get/renew TN1 visa once I-485 is filed but until then you can continue on TN1 while your labor/140 is under process and while you are waiting for the dates to get current. But this aspect is generally misunderstood and many lawyers insist on transferring to H1B even before starting the labor process (which happened in my case leading to my present state where I am extending h1b beyond 6th/7th year). Basically with a good lawyer and flexible employer you can use TN1 as long as possible, so that you don�t get into 6th/7th year h1b tensions � this can be a slight advantage in some cases.

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  • Is IV fighting for all of us on this?

    People are just discussing and discussing but nobody is doing anything. Are any lawyers doing anything?

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  • don't we have something better to discuss on this forum rather than shah rukh khan's personal issue.

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  • I am not sure why everyone is complaining but your post has quite a lot of facts as well, well written !!
    Whaaaaa Whereeeeeee Whennnnnnnn
    Ooo my gosh is it possible that there is one person on this forum who got the intent of the post

    Now my mind is telling me (Careful this is about to blow up in my face. This person is going to do an about turn and start abusing you as to how you are not needed iun this forum)

    Well no way to know but here goes

    If you really meant it - Thank you for the input.
    If you did NOT mean it - Thank you all the same

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  • Byeusa, the best of luck to you and your family! I'm in the same boat: already approved by Buffalo, just waiting for my second daughter to be born (any time now :)), and we'll be on our way to Canada. We plan to settle in Calgary, but after I've heard of the new MS office in BC, I might seek to go to Vancouver -- the time will tell.

    I've been in the USA for almost 13 years, got two of my bachelor's degrees here, 9 years of progressive IT experience. Three companies and three I-485 attempts later, I've been stuck in retrogression over the last 2.5 years. My family, my business, my life -- everything has been affected, much the same as for most folks on this forum. So, with two US-born kids we'll go up North; our friends are waiting for us in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver.

    Dugg both.

    Wow! So we have reached to cannibal state of survival? And we call ourselves as highly skilled.

    Sometimes I think that outspoken & sometimes rude guy, Sanju was right. We are educated illiterates.

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