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  • There's nothing to avoid really. It's near the best version of lemmings since the Amiga ones.

    A brash thing to say! I'm expecting this to be an inch shy of perfect now.

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  • If you've never used Cydia or TinyUmbrella to cache her iPad's SHSH files, having the 4.2.1 firmware on-hand will do you no good, as (I believe?) Apple has already stopped signing the 4.2.1 firmware.

    If that's the case, you can only restore to 4.3.

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  • TK-Maxx

    I'm a UK Style guru

    I work at Primark. Rarely shop there though.

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  • I have found SL to be very stable.

    I am curious as to how you define "crash". As a software developer, I have always considered a crash to be a segfault in which some bug causes the program to unexpectedly exit. However I have found that, via feedback from my users, that folks have many different perceptions as to what a crash is.

    As for the software you mentioned having issues with - I don't use steam (not a gamer), I use itunes somewhat regularly to play some music while I work, or to update my phone's software, don't have any crash issues. I use iWork from time-to-time - don't recall it ever crashing. The most unstable software I use is MS Office.

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  • I was actually just going to ask pretty much the same question and am interested as well.

    What I wanted to do was put Windows 7 along with OSX on my 240gb SSD while also partitioning my my 750gb HDD that I'll install in the optibay drive so one side is for Windows in NTFS and the other for OSX.

    Possible within disc utilies, right? Sorry, I am a new Mac user =D

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  • Very nice :D

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  • i Spy

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  • I don't like Graphite because it's not grey, it's slightly purple grey, which I think doesn't look good for some reason.

    Calibrate your monitor!

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  • If you want a true fresh state, use the Software Installation and Restore media that came with your system. See Apple Knowledge Base article #42929 ( and if you have DVDs, the process for either of the PowerBooks should be the same as for your MacMini.

    This is easier than trying to figure out what you need to delete.

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  • I just released a free WordPress theme called iFeature for free. It looks like Apple's website and even has a feature slider, social networking, and sharing options.

    Let me know what you think!

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  • Hello all, I have recently received a iMac G5 for very cheap, I tested the machine and i have no display. The first 2 LEDS come on and the third does not. i believe the issue with it is blown capacitors, although im not 100% on this. I have never dealt with a capacitor issue so i'd figure i'd ask if that really is the problem, so it can be fixed. Heres an image of my iMac
    Are the ones on the left needing replaced? Theres about 15 in the machine that look similiar, and few that look like whats on the right.
    If this is indeed my problem, where could i get the capacitors that i need?

    Do you see those lines across the top of the capacitors. Those are there so if the device fails it will be a more or less controlled explosion where the metal slips on those lines. Failed caps are dead on obvious and make a big mess

    If yu really do think one is bad un-solder it and test it. It takes all of 5 minutes and you've got not much to loose

    There is absolutely no way to diagnose this without some test equipment. Get at least a multi-meter and likely a meter and an oscilloscope. Then

    If you do need to replace them they are 25 cent parts and you don't nee a perfect exact match any electronic parts place will have them.

    There is no way to look at this without some test equipment, you cannot see the signal in the traces with your eyes not can you visually see a defective component except in the extreme case of one that has let out some fire and smoke

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  • Get either a Seagate or an Hitachi.

    I could tell you bad stories about pretty much all the brands of hard drives that are around today. Seagate and Hitachi are the least trouble prone.

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  • Some people had said that their 3G iPads were showing messages saying that AT&T required a data plan whenever they tried the switch.

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  • Chillin in the reservation line. This is crazy how many people showed up.

    I showed up about 3:50am and found a line with 100 or more people. With the supply issue I don't they have that many for walk-ins so I came back home and went to bed. It will be interesting to see if anyone post how many they had non-reserved.

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  • The server is behind our primary router and on our primary network. I sometimes use another computer on the same network, and sometimes use the server's own GUI to do tasks. Typically when I need to change something on the server from outside the network, I'll use screen sharing rather than remote server admin.

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  • not to sound like a jerk......but Search is your friend........there's many threads about people needing cases or what type of case is good for them.

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  • Post the exact error message. An "invalid selector" error usually shows the exact selector expected.

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  • Come on Will - you know you want one!! Just give into the inevitable....

    I bought the first gen a year ago and never regretted it ( sold it on eBay before the new one was announced :-)) it is by far the best gadget I have ever owned and believe me I have tried many! I even had a brief flirtation with a Galaxy Tab over recent weeks - but it only took me a few days before I gave up and stuck it back on eBay! Once you have tasted Apple other fruits taste just bland ;-)

    I can't wait to get the new one particularly for AirPlay with my Apple TV.

    I would be going to Bristol if I wasn't working today. Hope that there might be one with my name on somewhere in London.

    One last small point - can you veleive that Orange block this site on my iPhone because they say it is "adult content" that really annoys me - it wouldn't happen on my 3 SIM used in my iPad!

    Ring orange up and say you want adult content turned off, I think you can do it without speaking to a human also ;)

    No but seriously, it's not just porn they block, they block many other sites under that stupid block.

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  • on that page, click on the links for �security architecture� (, �security concepts� ( and �security services� (, as well as the
    �glossary� ( and other links.


    Yes! Macbook Air

    If you installed the program in /Applicaions it should be accessible to anyone on the computer. If you have it installed in ~/Applications/ it will only be accessible to one user.
    I believe copying the app folder to /Applications should do the trick in the latter case.

    Hi Craig

    I also have a 2007 MBP which had 2 upgrades from Tiger.

    When I upgraded to an SSD, I saw that my Library folder was around 12gb in size and was not getting the full benefits of SSD which had been advertised. 2gb were for email database but I had no idea of other 10gb...

    The best I found was to re-install and start afresh with new installs and just the apps I needed.

    I used an application which copied folder names into a text file. I formatted the computer and picked and chose the applications I wanted to reinstall.

    Used TimeMachine to copy My Documents folder back and done.

    Just keep in mind I used Firefox sync which copied my bookmarks, history etc. (although Add-Ons had to be reinstalled).

    Couldn't have been happier to just format it rather than messing around.

    I also find this is the best way. I had to format my MacBook Pro yesterday because it wasn't shutting down properly (afterwards, I found out it was just one program causing the problem :mad:). Although it probably wasn't entirely necessary, my computer is now running better than when I bought it new around 12 months ago.

    I wonder if the maker of Shazam was glad to be featured or sorry it wasn't their $5 Shazam Encore version.

    With the new software apn settings can't be changed

    You mean iPad or iPhone? I don't have to change anything on the iPad, just the iPhone APN. Currently using iPhone 4 with 4.2.1.

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