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  • MIRAGE!!! thats a hell of surprise that your friend contractor actually spend money to sponsor H1 and also the airfare!!! amazing. Pls take a little time to visit the murthy website, which apparently now has become a place for all the desperate people to cry. There are many reported and believe me inumerable non-reported cases where the candidate themselves pay for the H1b, which is completely ilegal in the first place, OK. Now your friends brother jumped simply because he was paid below the prevailing market rate and he was better qualified. So many of those who come here through contractors are not very qualified. Anyway nothing is going to help with we arguing against each other, right? lets hope the CIR prevails and the visa system is better regulated regarding (qualifications, advertisements, pay scale, benefits etc).

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  • Pls check your PM

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  • u r PD is March 2006, when was it current...???

    In case u r GC got approved while u r PD was current then, sorry to say as for as my knwoledge goes, you may not have much option other than bringing u r spouse on F1/L1/H1.

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  • I don't think the analysis for EB2 C&I is accurate.

    Current does not mean beyond your PD. There is no mention of PD's being current anytime soon.

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  • Great news. By some distance this is the best news on skilled immigration front this year. This will allow all the H4 dependents who have spent time on H4 for more than 6 years to start working if they get a job with H1B.

    Where did you find this memo "the"? Is it already implemented or is this something USCIS is proposing?

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  • If you really looking for long term solution then you should focus on action items that core members asking us to do...Have you done any of these?

    members will file 485 whenever they can and whenever they want to. I don't think even single person should buy this idea.

    Sorry not mean to hurt you but this is just bad idea.

    Most of us are concerned about short term goal of getting the application to uscis as quickly as possible , but think of the end result of whether your application be accepted if we rush, the uscis can come back and reject at any time from any date as it happened to Eb3-other workers. In any case there is a very good chance that your wife will kill u ;)

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  • H-1B - Specialty occupation : April 02, 2007

    This has not changed in 1 month !!

    Nice !!

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  • MHB's face spoke more than words can say. Not sure acting or genuine expression captured by the cameraman but great.
    Showed his frustration and disappointment very well. Overall a well done and convincing piece.

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  • Everyone,

    We have received information that the Comprehensive Immigration Bill will be voted soon and the bill will be closed for amendments on Wednesday. That leaves only 2 working days to get something done

    The text for the bill was only released in the evening on March 28th

    As you have seen from the document released by IV that H2A workers will now be able to get citizenship in 11 years and self petition themselves. But legal skilled workers
    1) will not be able to self petition
    2) the wait to citizenship as it stands today is definitely more than 11 years
    3) and all the left-over visas from EB1, EB2 and EB3 will now go to EB5 category

    We really need to make sure that everyone is aware of the unfair treatment meted out to legal skilled immigrants and will be doing the following

    1) We will be putting up webfaxes to send to senators asking for similar treatment to legal skilled immigrants too. They should be up by 5.00 PM EST. Make sure you login and send a webfax ASAP.

    How can I send the fax?

    a) Login,
    b) click on the 'Home' link on the top of the page,
    c) then click on the 'WebFax' link on the left hand side menu options,
    d) enter your information,
    e) Select webfax # 10 and #11 and your state
    f) Send the fax

    2) We need to contact each and every company like Microsoft/Intel (and any other to which IV members belong) that depends on skilled immigrants for their functioning. We need to make sure that their HR and CEO know about this.

    a) If you are not comfortable with speaking about this to your HR/CEO (and we don't see any reason why), please send us the email id of the right person in HR and your CEO. We will not put your name anywhere but send a polite email to them on behalf of Immigration Voice. We will NOT spam them (just a single email) and will not name any person in the email. Remember that this is just to get their attention so that they can do the right thing.
    Email or with the subject - Contacts for <Company Name>

    b) On the other hand if you are comfortable speaking about this directly to your HR/CEO that carries a lot more weightage. Contact us and we will give you all the material you need to talk to your company decision makers. In that case, email or with the subject - Willing to speak to folks from <Company Name>

    A list of companies where there are already IV members willing to speak to their employers is in the second post (summary post). Send us an email and we will put the folks in the same company in touch with each other so that they can approach their HR/CEO collectively

    3) We need to contact each and every media person that we know of so that they also realize the urgency of the situation. If you have any leads for any media contact, please send an email to or with the subject Media contact for <media Name>

    4) Last time we sent about 385 faxes. This time 385 will not cut it. We need atleast a couple thousand faxes to get our job done. We need every member of IV + spouse and much more to achieve the kind of deluge we intend. Get atleast 5 new members to IV. I am sure most of us can call up atleast 5 more friends who might not know of IV but will be affected by the above. This may, for all practical reasons, be the final push from IV and we need as much support from everyone as possible.

    5) If you have any other idea to get our information out to everyone, email or or with the subject line Other Ideas

    Also a quick note, please do not expect a reply from IV core members to your emails unless you are speaking to your firm's folks and need some info from IV. We are really busy in getting everything going. Thanks for understanding.

    Please spread the word.

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  • Hi

    Today I got a call from an officer in "immigration and customs enforcement" asking for an appointment to visit my residence for checing my immigration status.
    I am on H1B visa.

    I would appreciate if someone could give any sort of information related to calling for a home visit.


    Immigration office can come to your home to check on you if your application is family based, like spouse living together or not. But since you are on H1B, I don't know why would they come to your home. They should check with ur employer and do the verification.

    This is just my opinion.

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  • I doubt this law will cause any trouble. For analogy, there are laws around carrying current insurance papers. Once I didnt have my current insurance, since every six months new ones get mailed and I forgot to keep them in the car. I showed the police officer my previous expired insurance and mentioned that the insurance-id is the same. He accepted it and asked me to carry the current copy in future.

    The cop will fine you if you did not have the insurance card; under the present bill, the latino has a chance of being deported and not fined......huge difference!

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  • In my case I got a hard LUD followed by a soft LUD on 9/24/2008 and the message was the same. I was very confused if my case was transferred to NBC as I was going out of the country and did not want to miss the interview if anything came up.

    After numerous attempts like calling NSC, making an inquiry through the congress rep and taking an Infopass appointment I was still not sure what was going on. Had already been through the NSC->CSC->NSC xfer and this new transfer again, god knows where!!

    This thread kind of calmed me a bit as it clearly showed that I am not the only person who is seeing this message.

    So, in effect this thread definitely helped me and am sure helped some other folks as well.

    This is a discussion board and I don't think you can classify anything as being dumb or foolish. If you are a master at knowing rules and interpreting them better than others GOOD FOR YOU!

    it probably means.. they are opening each and every mail they have recived and checking if the docs are in order or not..if they are.. they file it...else they send an RFE...

    i dont someone can be so f@#$% dumb as not know this simple procdure..

    there are so many posts..i got a LUD what not.... its annoying...
    its like.. USCIS touched my lu(n)d..will i get a GC now..

    grow up ..
    i may have offended some purists on this board.... idgaf..<:-|

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  • Hi all,

    Mine is a different situation, i was with my employer till mid of last year and did not inform him while leaving his company and joined another job (h1 transfer) he is now saying that the vendor did not pay him some money and i have to pay that amount and he is demanding that amount for my W-2.

    He also said that he would take legal action if i didnot pay his losses ( i did not sign any document with him other than my h1b papers) no agreements,

    I am going to call IRS after feb15, but is he going to go to court?

    Please suggest me.


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  • guys please vote for encouragement

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  • funny it says ...

    "...... we can likely expect to see the following cutoff dates in the October, 2009 Visa Bulletin:...."

    EB2 Worldwide: Current
    EB2 China and India: Outlook is "grim" and there may be further retrogressions until later in the fiscal year.

    Can anything be grimmer than U (EB3) and 01-JAN-2000 --almost 1999 (EB2) which it is currently?

    It may be "U" (that's not grim for us for sure, we can take anything now --some have lost it waiting long... so try out?)

    Or ohhh wait r they creating a new record assigning something like 1991 for EB* (India) rather than U?

    U don't even see cars that old on roads :D

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  • If you are a software engineer and street smart then you don�t need PMP to continue growing in your field. I am a software engineer and my understanding is as follows. Currently most of us are working under a manager who is either not good at management or not having the required level of technical skills to understand the project complexities for doing proper project management. As the salaries in the software field are good most of the people moved to software field irrespective of what their core skills are. So, people who are good at project management and working as software engineers should do PMP to rejuvenate their skills and bring some good project managers to the software industry.

    Even if you are not good at project management, you should do PMP to understand the environment you are working. That is especially to keep yourself in the shoes of your manager. The advantage of doing that is, if your manager is blaming you for his mistakes, you will know what to talk with your manager and avoid yourself burning out because of your manager mistakes. This is something that is very common in the software industry. It doesn�t matter where you are and what you are doing, it is always helpful to know role of a project manager to keep yourself in a better position.

    Also PMP is not just $500 thing. I can say you should be ready to spend at least $700 and allocate lot of time (It takes lot of time if you are parallel working) to understand PMBOK and its related material.

    Also to keep your certification active, you should get 60 PDU every 3years, but this is not a big deal.

    To keep yourself motivated till you get the certification, keep this in mind. �Most of the best paid people are the best managers� you cannot make that kind of money unless you start you journey towards that direction.

    PMP can be considered as one of the subjects (in detail) in MBA (like a subset of MBA), and should not be compared with MBA, as MBA will provide you with more skills in more directions in handling business.

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  • Hi guys,
    My checks got encashed yesterday.My application reached at NSC at 8:26 A.M. on july 2,2007.It looks like they are working on our applications.As long as our papers are filed correctly,we shouldn't worry.I was also anxious like you. Just have patience.

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  • I faxed. Is this FAX going to all Senators or only my state senators ??

    Should we target key Senators ?? if yes please let us know which ones??



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  • Atleast someone is hearing our voices.

    Does H4 to H1 conversion counts H1B numbers right?

    I applied on May18 for I-140 and will be applying to I485 soon.. and would get what happens to EAD and AP...I cant beleive they are
    waste..Probabaly people with pending I-140 will be subject to the new systems..??..what do you guys think??..Its not pratical to drive people down the Queue again..

    Isn't concurrent filing still available?

    Yes Concurrent filing available,,, but no premium processing for I140.

    check with your lawyer.


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