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  • Go with the 5th Gen Nano[/B]

    If you..
    - want superior battery life
    - want superior capacity
    - hard drive fragility isn't a issue for you
    - interested in holding video (16GB nano isn't going to do much for holding video)
    - don't mind the larger form factor (some prefer it, fits much more comfortably in hand for me in comparison to the nano)
    Go with the classic

    Very well put, and I agree with your conclusion. To the OP, my recommendation also would be to go for the classic.


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  • I like it! But then I wholeheartedly embraced the "all for technoart and technoart for all" concept a long, long time ago... ;)

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  • Holding option and clicking "shut down" will bypass the dialog box.

    Alternatively, you can press Control + Option + Command + Power/Eject Key - according to this page (

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  • Yes, that does look very cool. :) Would you please post a pic of how you wrapped the PS printout for the top layer around the rounded corners of the top casing? I didn't understand that. :(

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  • or ClickToFlash (though Flash may be needed) does allow downloading YT videos.

    I'm not willing to install Flash for this, sorry.

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  • I have noticed the speed improvement too. Subtle but just feels more solid and smoother if that make sense.

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  • (

    For the n00bs hold down CMD+Shift+3

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  • right i need a nap have turned my brain to mush! haha.

    i think i understand, im so use to stuff like drag a drop. NOOB! lol

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  • I've never found the server healthy enough to watch until 48 hours later anyway. Pity they only put the MW'07 onto the ITS. Perhaps they'll do it with the '08 - so it can download in full and the be watched.


    I hope it will be the hi-res version....ya think? :confused:

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  • yes, the ethernt card, the motherboard, and the cooling fan , and power supply are going to skoker....

    the floppy drive goes to mxlews

    sorry, guys, I still have to figure out shipping :)

    And the rest are already gone!

    thanks guys for cleaning out my closet :)

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  • Wow there's so much variety in everyone's preferences. I feel pretty ignorant not even hearing about EE or silverstripe until this thread (also for mixing Ruby on Rails as a CMS rather than a framework :o ) I really enjoy theming in Drupal, although it is a challenge.

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  • So, where did you get the Beta from? I looked at the download/beta section of Stanford, but didn't see it.

    Its intel only. However, to get it you have to request to join the beta team in the forums.

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  • I think if we were going to see a Blu Ray drive offered, it would have been part of the Mac Pro updates last week, so I'm doubting that's pending soon. There are third party drives available, though.

    3G iPhone has been expected for this Summer at earliest all along, so I'd expect an announcement at WWDC in June with immediate or very soon availability. If there's not a 16GB by then I'd expect one then. We'll most likely know 100% when it's coming too, because the FCC filings have to be submitted months in advance.
    Are third party drives compatible with Macbook Pro? I'm talking about one you could actually put in the notebook and use on the go. I'd like it to be fully functional for both storage and BD playback.

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  • Thanks for the replies guys.
    I have Call of Duty 2 which really is great fun on Multiplayer, but I'm looking for something new.
    I purchased Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II but am not enjoying it very much, so I will return it tomorrow and swap for something else. Supreme Commander looks so cool but I am worried about how it will perform... it says it needs a 256 meg Vid Card recommended and I like my games to look good... Is Medieval II any good?
    oh, and I quite enjoy strategy games. Civilization IV is highly recommended too... and I love Civ III.

    Thanks again,

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  • Originally posted by MacFan25
    I'm glad to hear that you are liking your iBook. You will probably get used to the keyboard soon. :)

    I've already gotten used to it, its just a pain sometimes. I just think If apple says they're giving me a UK keyboard layout they should do so, not some barely modified US keyboard. If thats what they want to give me the advertise it correctly.

    They can mess with the layout of the modifier keys all they want, but they shouldn't mess with the layout of the input keys. Otherwise they can't really say it follows that keyboard layout.

    But then apple doesn't really seem to care about its non-US customers very much.

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  • i tried the demo for syphon filter and it really wasn't that fun. im thinking about The Warriors...

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  • Sherway Gardens usually has less people lined up since it is not very easy to get their by TTC. Well it had less people during the iPhone 4 launch compared to some of the other malls.

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  • Can anyone give me a list of all the song names on the ipods in the apple music store? Also can anybody give my the name of the song that is on an ipod at the store. Its name has the word voodoo in it and it is electronic. I want to know the band and the song name!!

    At least from my experience, the songs on the displayed iPods and Computers vary. It's not a uniform tracklist sent by apple, just a collection built by an employee/manager.

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  • Chillin in the reservation line. This is crazy how many people showed up.

    I showed up about 3:50am and found a line with 100 or more people. With the supply issue I don't they have that many for walk-ins so I came back home and went to bed. It will be interesting to see if anyone post how many they had non-reserved.


    No, I haven't installed any hacks, themes, or anything like that. I think altering the OS is just asking for trouble.

    The only beta software I'm running is iChat AV, but I haven't done much with it and I rarely run it. I also ran Safari when that was beta (though I never ran any of the "unofficial" versions).

    There also aren't any error messages in the Console.

    Even if they did, would it matter. Most guys have them in cases anyway.. only part of my beautiful iPhone I can see is the screen :mad:

    I've installed Lion on a separate partition on my hard drive and made it my startup disk. I still have Snow Leopard installed on the side, but haven't booted into it for a couple months.

    The only applications that might use this are military applications. Which are most likely classified applications. But in short, no, a normal application wouldn't use it. ;)

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