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  • Unless we know where these files are, it's nearly impossible to say...

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  • Hah, I remember picking one up so I could play Turok 2 with better textures and/or resolution.

    Now that I think about it (N64), I really did like Beetle Adventure Racing.

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  • Hi,
    I have two internet connections here, one via GBit-Ethernet to my Mac Mini and a slower one connected to my WiFi router. I just bought a wireless printer, thus I need to connect the Mini to the WiFi to print.

    I think this is not explicitly specified, but which connection will be used to route to the internet? It would be unfortunate to use the WiFi, as it's about 5 times slower.

    Can I set the wired connection to be default for all connections, and route only the traffic that really has to go into the WiFi? All that comes to mind at the moment is removing the gateway/router address.

    Better ideas?

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  • Cool! How long did that take you?

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  • Wow! Great news to start the day off. Thanks for the help :)

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  • Thank you for posting this review, I was just looking at buying these the other day since my old pair of Shures finally gave out. I was almost going to get them at the Apple Store while I was returning my iPad Smart Cover but saw them on Amazon for a little bit less, no I just have to wait for shipping.

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  • And not only Excel, but to 100% guarantee things look the same, you need to use the PC version (if you're dealing with PC customers) and you need to make sure you use a font that they have, the same screen resolution they are running, etc.

    That's a good point. I have no problems myself, but it's not 'mission critical' stuff where I'm emailing reports to customers, etc. I have a Mac and my co-workers have PC's, and we have had no problems with inter-office compatibility.

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  • I have been using screen in the osx terminal to get serial access, using the following:

    screen telnet /dev/tty.usbserial

    Unfortunately I can't scrollback in screen, which makes copying long config files a process of :apple:-C, :apple:-V, and repeat. Any suggestions for native serial support in the osx terminal app WITH scrollback?

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  • Did someone see my post regarding the minor developers? This is worthy to note as the main ones are leaving the PPC realm, while literally 1000's of smaller and minor companies, such as wondershare and others are still making universal binaries for both intel and ppc - a win win if you ask me.

    Not really. Quite a lot of people depend on the big software developers to get work done. Especially people who need to work with people using Office 2007/2010 for Windows, or who happen to need Adobe CS5/5.5, Final Cut Studio 3 or Logic Pro 9 or a myriad of other Professional Applications just to get stuff done. Many people bring work home, and most of the key productivity software for Mac is now intel only. It doesn't matter about small developers as they don't control the blockbuster software, and most people need at least 1 Intel Mac as they are that much more up-to-date than PowerPC models.

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  • Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    The iPhone 4 was a failure at launch. The antenna is broken. It drops Internet connections and calls if held a certain. The glass claiming to be strong is weak sauce and the only good things on the phone are the cameras and screen.*
    Am I the only one who feels this way?


    ...Oh wait... I think Apple is having hard hearing your complaints over their BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars. Just think, they have to hire HUGE amounts of people just to handle the massive amount of money they have acquired! Maybe you should go put in an application...

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  • If its video editing for after, with a mind to move towards after effects.

    While the CPU is important to this, Really you should look more at the RAM your going to use and how much (lots is the answer), and IMO the most important thing, the GPU.

    In a windows i7 machine, I run 16GB of DDR3 1600MHz ram, and use a PNY Nvidia Quadro FX card. (the 4800 if your interested)

    This made the biggest difference to the editing suite. The difference between gaming cards and professional editing cards is immense. The pro cards do things like effects on the fly, and rendering on the fly, and these are the bits that really make multiple layers of 1080p possible. And I have a friend who runs the 3800 in his, and again this works fantastically.

    And as well as the GPU you can start to look at addional cards, we've been using the matrox CompressHD card for a while. And absolutely love it.

    Also you should look at hard drive arrays. An SSD for the boot drive and to run the programs from. Then a scratch drive, for after effects, plus a media storage drive, plus a project drive, plus a backup drive. (which if you stick the SSD in the second optical drive bay it all just abouts fits)

    But yeah, the other point to note out is that a good few of the plug-ins that we use for Adobe Premiere and after effects are only single processor enabled. so 20 cores at 2.2Ghz isnt going to be as fast as 2 cores at 3.5Ghz. (for those effects at least)

    Video effects, and especially at 1080p are going to be huge, and really test out a system.

    Actually I think AE does use the extra cores.

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  • Last year, Engadget ran a (mostly) correct rumor about the 2G ATV.

    In it, was this little nugget:

    "For those still interested in keeping their content close, there will be an option to utilize a Time Capsule as an external storage component, but the main course will be all about streaming."

    I've been waiting ever since for some sort of Time Capsule / iTunes Server.

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  • I'm very detailed when it comes to taking care of my iTunes library. I have almost 6,000 songs and I average about 80 new songs a month (mostly cd compilations). I rarely every buy actual physical cds unless it's for an album I really love, so it gets the shelf treatment.

    I use all the fields rather normally. I prefer to only have a few basic Genres which I then break down under the "Grouping" tag. I use various tags for various reasons. I use the grouping for the sub-genre, and naming the record label. The lyrics tab is used as a way to put track-lists in songs that are one continuous track. The comments section is used for tracks that are complete (aka they have all the track information and album art embedded into the file itself). And once every year I have a program that runs through and finds the BPM of each track.

    Now don't even get me started on playlists and playlist folders.

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  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news but...
    If you simply see the 'Connect to iTunes' with a USB plug and the iTunes icon, its more than likely that she had the option to 'erase content after 10 failed passcode attempts' checked when she set up her passcode. By entering the code so many times she may have inadvertently deleted the pics herself... along with everything else.
    I hope this isn't the case and that she does get her photos back but if you connect it to iTunes and the only option is to restore there may not be anything left on the phone already...

    With the proper tools they can *probably* still be recovered. If erase content flag was enable they might be gone. I can't say without physical access to the device.

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  • I think it'll depend on the weather for me.

    If it's mild enough, then an all-nighter would be pretty good epic for my first time queuing for a launch :D

    I'm definitely going to be there by 5am though. Most likely in a white hoody and trying to keep warm.

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  • Another option if you do not want to go with a USB player or worry about Audio out from a receiver or AV Processor is the NAD PP3i ($199). There are a few others out there, but they are creeping into the $500+ price range. I am looking at this unit for myself so I can plug my turntable into it, use a USB cable to connect to my Mac Mini and rip the albums with the NAD software ($25 extra). It helps with tagging the songs, removing clicks and pops, and exports to various audio files including ALAC, which is what I use.

    Software RIAA equalization is available at no cost. There is arguments that it might be even more acurate then a real phono preamp, certainly cheaper.

    If budget is unlimited then yes, buy everything. But if you have only $199 to spend. Buy a new photo cartridge or something that really will have a huge impact on the sound.

    The way to ask this question is "given the gear I already own and my budget what new gear will give the best sound?" the answer is different for everyone. For most people the best use of funds is to spend monay as "close to the vinyl" as yuo can. Start with leaning equipment to remove dirt. That has biggest payoff, then look at in this order stylus, cartridge turntable and then the audio interface into the computer. It's is a one-way signal flow later stages can not un-do hard cause by early stages, so work from the vinyl then follow the signal down stream investing in upgrades i nthat order

    So that preamp might be worth it if the gear upstream is up to the task or a total waste of money if the turn table and cartridge as junk. It all depends

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  • Edit: is it really as simple as selecting install from within ifile? I clicked the link you gave for the beta on the iPod and safari let me open the deb file in ifile. Don't wanna mess anything up but man it sure seems simple.

    Edit 2: well I went ahead and installed it, it works! Thanks a bunch.

    Yep, it's one of the reasons iFile is worth every penny. It can even reinstall Cydia, as I have done a couple of times. And no, you usually don't have to uninstall things first, unless they are really messed up.

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  • Get Big Red and that won't be an issue anymore...

    As long as it's a 12" the G3s and G4s can use the same battery.

    Well, there ya go... its yours if you want it.

    I just got my hands on a Power Mac G5. I got it off a guy for $150!! Let me say, it's an incredible machine. Dual 2.5 G5's with 2Gig of RAM. I installed 10.5.8 on it.

    This machine blows both my 2009 13" Macbook and 2008 Mini out of the water when it comes to speed and smoothness. As is it, FCP runs so much better than my Intel Macs that I am in total Awww of it... (can u tell I'm excited about this 6 year old computer :) )

    Since I got it so cheap, I want to upgrade the hell out of it and use it as my primary machine (age of it be damned). I want to expand the RAM fully to 16 GB, put a fast 2 GB HDD in, and get the best possible Video card available.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. What is the best GPU available for this machine??

    2. What is everyone's opinion to the possibility that after I get this thing where I want it, Apple will drop support for Leopard and I will no longer be able to sync my iPhone, iPad, or iPods to it. I of course, Plan to keep my Intel Macs running on the other end of the room (along with my "necessary" PC) but since I sit in THIS chair in my office most of the time, it would be nice to do everything from right here...

    I know you don't hear many people wanting to make an older machine their primary computer, but this thing is really a monster...

    Any thoughts???? Thanks in Advance.

    Al Winters

    Wait a minute, when you say you have a Dual 2.5 G5 and wish to expand it to 16GB - Are you sure you have the Late 2004 Dual 2.5 G5 which is notorious for springing leaks, or do you have the G5 Quad which is from October 2005 - Summer of 2006?

    G5 Quad can be expanded all the way to 16GB and possibly more now that 4GB chips are available in DDR2.

    Thanks for the replies people.

    I have to disagree with the price. Here in Australia the 32gb iPhone retails for $999AU. You can check the Apple Australia site for that.

    So $650AU is a good price, here.

    Secondly, I'm still not sure. Why would he accept to meet my friend as an option? If he truly wanted to scam me he would have brushed the idea off straight away and said no, just send it back. But he didn't?

    Also my friend would be going with her boyfriend and he doesn't know it's a girl so those factors make his reply irrelevant.

    I do also know his identity. If it went bad, I could likely charge him with fraud or take some other legal matter surely.

    The problem with my friend is both her and this sellers communication suck. If they failed to meet on the day, then it would waste a lot of time.

    I wonder why they picked "Allume" as their new name.
    A few years ago, a US law went though that makes it easier to sue for trademark dilution (which is when a "famous" trademark holder feels that its image is threatened by another product or business using the same name, even if there is no product overlap). "Stuffit" and close variations are in use out there for other things, so the name isn't as string as it might be.

    Made-up words like Allume are easier to protect exactly because they're made up; it pretty much eliminates the "common words" defense and it's a lot less likely that someone else will have invented the same word.

    The other part of the story is that Aladdin were initially fighting to keep the name, but after they were bought by IMSI, the new parent company didn't want the legal expenses.


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