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  • Shows the power of "phone calls" vs faxes/emails/petitions

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  • If your husband is on H1-B he should NOT have an expired I-94 as this would mean he is out of status. I presume you have extended his H1-B (I797 approval) which would have your new I-94 attached to it.

    beyond this - i concur with others that i recently did go to India on vacation with family on AP and there is no longer a requirement that visit outside while I-485 requires a valid reason. This clause was for an old situation when all categories were current and people got their GCs within months of filing I-485 and they didnt like you travelling during this short period. With GCs now taking years for approval they cannot ask you to remain in this country indefinitely without travel.

    that being said - I have heard of horror stories from people arriving at certain ports of entry (SFO If im not mistaken) where the uninformed IO has questioned them on their reason for leaving and threatening to take action because "vacation" is not considered as valid emergency travel. I would therefore prepare some kind of answer incase you come across one of these buffoons.

    Can soneone help me with this question.....please....

    My husband is on H1B and I'm on Ead.....both of us have expired I-94 stamps.....we are planing to go to our home country this year...we want to apply for advance parole......my question is.....can we enter U.S both of us with AD?
    I read on Uscis website that you need to have personal reason in order to go to your country while I-485 is pending....and you have to prove your personal reason.....is that true....we want only to visit our parents.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • how is this possible.......mr mustang plzzz come back to throw more lite and enliten us.....

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  • http://www.whitehouse.gov/OpenForQuestions/

    Press view questions and search for immigration. You need to complete a simple registration to vote for existing questions or ask a new questions. This is a chance to force President to answer direct questions.

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  • Was you 485 filed initially at VSC and then transfered to TSC? If so you must have received the orignal transfer notice. That should suffice as orignal 485 receipt.

    My wife had gone to DMV in fair oaks mall and they had asked her to produce the original I485 and unfortunately we don't carry it. Our license is going to expire next month.

    Anybody know what we can do in this situation. Has anybody got a licence recently from VA state.


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  • Like I mentioned earlier, I personally know 2 cases as I am writing this. Both visited Mumbai office and both are stuck with 221(g). It may not therefore be generalized that Mumbai is better or worse than any other place. It is a matter of who you encounter with, timing and luck.

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  • Thanks Morchu.
    I will go ahead and will apply EAD with $180/ as filing fee.

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  • When you search by Nationality, it doesnt return any results.
    Once you search by Category (EB), it returns results, but then when you try to sort by a column heard, it loses this restriction.

    Also, the sorting doesnt seem to work.

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  • Hi,

    may I know what would be the problem if the name is not mentioned in the birth certificate. It was issued right after I born, without specifying name.

    my parents name, date of birth ,date of place are there in the birth certificate.

    filed I485 in late june. I guess they might send RFE.
    Thank u


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  • yeah!!
    how can i do the poofiness??

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  • A US company is a US company, be it Microsoft, or Cap Gemini, or whatever. For all you know, you may be working with Oracle's consulting division. Are you considered direct employee for Oracle or from a consulting company?

    I have friends from Microsoft and Oracle who just got approved after 7 years + in EB2. I also know people from Consulting companies who got approved in 4 years.

    I do not think there is any logic or facts to support this argument.

    Well, I didn't said that I just proved my theory. It was just an assumption.

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  • On Page 3 they say total Employement based preferences number was 162,176

    Than on page 6 they say total Employement based preferences number was 147,148

    147,148 is the limit for EB category where as 162,176 are actual issued visa numbers for fiscal year 2007

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  • Hi workvisaforall,

    I am applying for renewal (paper based) for EAD and AP for both myself and mywife. IS it best to send all the documents ( EAD, AP and related docs) for both of us) in one single packet to USCIS or its best to send each appliction separately? any inputs will be appreciated.



    Please see responses below in color.

    Good luck![/QUOTE]

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  • A friend of mine got his approval email yesterday.

    His details are:
    PD - April 12 2003.
    I-485 RD - Last week of June 2008, ND - July 16th 2007.
    Received RFE 5/14/08. (Previous I-94 copies, Wife's Vaccinations)
    Reply to RFE - 5/30.
    USCIS got acknowledgment 5/31. Soft update again on 6/02.
    485 - AD - 6/03 received email about card production ordered.

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  • Thanks for the news vinabath. You know what?

    Indian cricket team won the world cup last night. They beat West Indies.

    Congratulate Kapil, Srikanth, Ravi shastri, Gavaskar, Mohindar Amarnath and other team members.

    Nice one buddy. LOL.

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  • Otherway is, as the person status is in pending which is not illegal ----- Where did you find this from ????

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  • Super..if you are all charged up join your state chapter today and brainstorm with your peers and lets fight this together..but first things first JOIN YOUR CHAPTER..

    He is in the Tri State Chapter and hope we will see some action from him soon :)

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  • Ok, proper previews have been added thanks to krilnon! Click on the bolded View Entry link next to each entry to see it.

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  • I just checked my transfered h1b petition. It says reciepient date as aug, 23rd and work permit starting august 28. My previous company (A) fired me on 23rd. So, this is my case.
    I also would like to remind you that after shifting to Company B I got my H1b visa stamped. This is the second time I am going for stamping for visa renewal.

    Given that my h1 transfer recipient date is aug 23rd (same day I got laid off),am I still safe?
    Please also let me know if I could use adv. parole if some worst happens and get my h1 renewal visa gets rejected. Please respond me as soon as possible. Thanks.

    1. check if ur H1 sal =Sal Received (considering 8k)
    If sal received - 8K > H1 Sal , then its difficult for you to claim unless he has given you some hike

    2 Does any of the pay checks mention any advance ?

    3 If you have to return 8k, you can ask him to reduce the tax which u have paid which will be 30% So you might return 5.5K


    I think we need to send flowers with thank you note to IV core members and congress woman.Let us get vote and send flowers to those addresses.

    Thank you

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