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  • I wish....;)
    Your friend == singhsa3 ??? - Just kidding

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  • The purpose of the PPD test is

  • Though the website says sold out, I called just now and got a queen room for 109+tax for one night 17th. Thanks for the help.
    Sure, I modified my booking from one bed to two incase some one still needs a place to stay. You ar always welcome.

    Infact, the group rates are even cheaper. We could get two double beds for $105/night

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  • Interpret your test showppd

  • The kids from the second marriage can definitely come. He can call the first wife get her the green card, then divorce her and go and marry the second wife and bring her here.

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  • It is not workable option. How can you ask and convince your attorney to wait till the end of month and file. It is really foolishness and stupidity. If something happens, everybody will suffer. So, start sending whenever your docs are ready and good to go. Since we got a month, all filings will be distributed to whole month, and nobody or media cares. If they receive all on a particular one day, then it will be in news unnecessarily. Then, everybody starts hating GC applicants like the way it is happening for H1Bs because of mass filings on Apr 2nd 2007.

    So, please don't bring these ideas to forums for your personal benefit. If you are waiting on for some documents to end of next month, just you only wait, not all of us. We want to go and file. Most of us are already waited enough time to get a chance like this.

    Happy filing.

    There is a very good chance that something will happen soon if we rush. if you are smart enough to think that filing on july 1st will guarantee your acceptance, then you are wrong buddy. As per the other threads and discussions from lawers , immigration officers, and info pass applicants that we have seen so far, uscis can change and will probably change the rules of accepting the application if the demand and rush continues. Already we are seeeing 45 days backlog of receipt.

    besides lawyers just have to instruct fedex to pickup and deliver it on july 30th, how difficult can it be ?? except they should have little more room to pile up the applications until july 30th :)

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  • For those of you celebrating the defeat of Democrats because they sabotaged CIR due to the "path to citizenship" it's time to get real. Conservatives (both Dems and Repubs) are more than comfortable shutting the door to ALL immigrants. Don't fall into the trap of anti-immigrant legislators, don't let them turn this into a wedge issue.

    Turning on the undocumented is not what we want to show to the outside, it is a losing proposition and will turn off the public.

    As to what to do now, I'm puzzled. CIR is effectively dead in the US House, probably the Senate as well. The voters said loud and clear this week that they want the focus to be on JOBS not anything else like grandiose immigration legislation.

    What to do now? Looks like another 2 years tacked on to the wait from my perspective :/

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  • Neverif your ppd skin test

  • IV is not a help group. If some one want to join a help group then go join a "Depressed people Organization". This is a make happen group, where we all fight for what is right. But unfortunately, we are just as strong as number of people actively supporting.

    He did everything right and followed the process but now for a VERY stupid reason, he has to wait for 6+ years now. So, the simple question I ask now is what justice it is by having such a complicated Green Card process full of so much uncertainity and unfairness.

    Thus, this guy of course should do all what you stated but must do much more, which is stand up for himself.

    How can you be so mean specially at a time when he is under tremendous pressure. IV should try to comfort him and suggest him some alternatives. Contact your attorney ASAP and ask him to try to have a good write up and send the application again, who knows USCIS might accept your application (worst case ur app will come back again), but make it fast dont delay anymore.

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  • PPD result measurement was

  • Roughly $ 500.

    Thanks ramus for starting this thread...


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  • Skin Testing or Mantoux

  • Aren't you worried about your fingerprints then? Just kidding! Couldn't resist! :)

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  • Hey brother,

    I am not trying to question your intent just trying to get some knowledge of facts. However your reasoning suggests that there are numbers available to overflow from EB2 World to EB2 India. What if there are just enough numbers to keep EB2 World rolling. I will be interesting in learning more about how these allocations work. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

    If you are really interested in learning more how these allocations work, You might want to talk to 2 depts in Bureau of Consular Affairs.



    Their numbers as per foia


    Try your luck and enlighten all of us. Tell them that the VB is more exciting than the BCS rankings.

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  • Guys, This discussion has no relevance if the bills won't pass. So it is extremely important to call the specific House members. We are not trying to filibuster whatever you chose to dicuss. However, we are in crunch time and need all hands on the deck to gather support for the three bills. Please Please call the House members listed in this thread:


    This is the most important thing right now. Kindly help.

    Thank You!

    I don't understand. The post above does not even include the bill for US masters STEM

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  • The PPD is not a vaccine,

  • I like this. Simple and straight to the point. Will use this as a template and make changes. Thank you.

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  • over the next over the next 75 years, new legal immigrants entering the United States will provide a net benefit of $611 billion in present value to America�s Social Security system, according to official Social Security Administration data.

    Over 50 years, new legal immigrants entering the United States will provide a net benefit of $506 billion in present value to America�s Social Security system.
    The 2004 Trustees Report, utilizing the intermediate projections, assumes an annual level of 800,000 legal immigrants and 200,000 emigrants (people who leave the U.S. legal immigrant population) for a net level of 600,000 per year. The Trustees Report also assumes a net level of 300,000 annually for �other immigration� (illegal immigration).
    The average age for those settling here as part of this �other immigration� each year is 21 years for men and 22 years for women, which is younger than for legal immigrants. The SSA�s Chief Actuary Office analysis discussed here assumed no change in illegal immigration, though it notes that it is possible that illegal immigration could increase in response to legal immigration cutbacks, which could �partly offset� the negative effect of legal immigration reductions.

    Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan has pointed out the important role that immigration can play in addressing Social Security. In February 2003 testimony before the Senate Special Committee on Aging, Greenspan stated, �The aging of the population in the United States will have significant effects on our fiscal situation. In particular it makes our Social Security and Medicare programs unsustainable in the longrun, short of a major increase in immigration rates, a dramatic acceleration in productivity growth well beyond historical experience, a significant increase in the age of eligibility for benefits, or the use of general revenues to fund benefits.�
    More recently, Chairman Greenspan noted the advantageous position of the United States versus the more rapidly aging populations of Europe and Japan. While between 2000 and 2030 the number of working age adults will decline in Italy (-19%), Japan (-15.8%), and Germany (-15.1%), the working age adult population will increase by 18.9% in the United States over that period due primarily to immigration. In concluding his August 27, 2004 speech at a symposium sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas, Greenspan said, �Aside from the comparatively lesser depth of required adjustment, our open labor markets should respond more easily to the changing needs and abilities of our population; our capital markets should allow for the creation and rapid adoption of new labor-saving technologies, and our open society should be receptive to immigrants. These supports should help us adjust to the inexorabilities of an aging population. Nonetheless, tough policy choices lie ahead.�

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  • Bring the ppd test letter

  • Thanks heywhat and abhijitp
    I will re-file it tommorrow.

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  • 86580 – the PPD testing.

  • Same situation here too. My husband came to this country in 1999. Filed for greencard in 2004. Labor was sent to philly BEC and it got cleared in September 2007 so we too missed the window too. Not sure what to do

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  • he had my ppd test also

  • I have several friends who were waiting for GC desparately and they thought it was the final destination. They had many reasons why to get GC and once they get, they will be free and can do / will do everything possible. But, once they got it, they settled in a permanent job. Without GC, they were working for the same client with even more pay and life was good if not better.

    I was thinking the same way; because I am no different.

    Oflate, I realised, I am un-necessarily worried about something which is not in my control. I realised that I am well paid, with this pay even the benefits I am not getting are compensated. Why am I worried? Should I be after GC in order to get peace of mind? I started looking it little differently. I am in this country to earn more money and live comfortably. I am already enjoying what I wanted. Then, why am I worried still? May be it is in human nature to always look for something which is not in the hands.

    I still need GC for other things like Children education and get some other benefits (our education / starting business etc). I agree, but there is lot of time for that in my case. There are several people who are in the same state as me if not all. Everyone's needs are different.

    I thought I will just share my ideas so that atleast some of the people will be happier.

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  • What is supplimentry exam? Is it that you did some extra courses after finishing your requisite courses for Bachelors? or are you refering to clearing your backlog subjects ( subjects from previous semesters that you had not cleared?). Where did you get your degree India or US?

    supplementary is clearing the backlog subjects.(from previous semesters). So basically my degree completion is completed in 2002 (as I understood recently even though I was allowed to work and join the job I got in 2000 after my course completion). I got my degree in india. the problem is, the degree certificate they gave had date of dec 2000 in big letters and june 2002 in small letters (in parenthesis next to the dec 2000 date). the attorney took the date in big letters (dec 2000). I didn't know much about progressive experience and was not completely aware of progressive experience of EB2 requirement

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  • you can see the PPD

  • 1. Doesn't matter who it is citizen or not - you have to show legal status. If you read the law carefully, you will be put in a holding prision and given a change to prove legal status (contact family tobring your passport), etc. This is not a traffic stop - a decision will not be made on the stop. That's why there are strict rules stating who can be asked.

    2. By law you have to carry identification. Does this mean as a citizen or non-immigrant visa holder, you have to roam with all your docs? No! This is why we fought so hard to make sure US-states give driver's licenses?ID cards to people here legally ONLY. So, you just carry your DL.

    3. Item 1 above applies here.

    Do you think the people who wrote this Bill did not think of all this? You have to be pretty naive to think that only you thought of these senarios. There is no racist movement behind it.
    Sorry, you are an IDIOT!

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  • have produces Ppd test is

  • When is the December visa bulletin coming? Can someone ask their lawyer?

    Why is nobody predicting? Are we all becoming so pessimistic?

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  • mar ppd test Tuberculosis

  • I never said 80,000 FB visas are reserved for EB. Then those numbers would not be called as FB visas, would they?

    Any way, if you look at the statistics (page 52, http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/CISOMB_Annual_Report_2007.pdf), USCIS has not fully utilized all available EB visas for 12 years out of the 15 years. Hence I said, USCIS is THE bottleneck. For the 3 years (out of the total of 15 years), unavailability of visa numbers is THE issue. But for the majority of the years, lack of visa numbers is NOT the issue.

    I asked you for the proof that 80,000 FBs are reserved for EB immigrants ( or somehow available !). You did not show me any !

    Why not to use that very same ID you have been using for 2 years to post this one also? That way others will know you have been a member and also contributed in the past. No confusion and peace.

    Man - U guys love to quibble about stupid things rather than focus on the big picture. All my thread says is - I'm doing X .... Please consider doing it as well if you think it is worth your while ... Thats it - Nothing more - nothing less. And here we're having a discussion about how long I've been a member of IV and yada yada yada ...


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