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  • Would you stop putting your quotes at the bottom of your posts like that? It's driving me insane...

    Just for you!

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  • Aluminum. And I got it last May, so its whatever Revision that is.

    So when you turn the machine upside down (with it facing you as normal) and take the battery our there is not a little door exposed facing you? Are there instructions printed under where the battery is?

    It should look like this with the door open (sorry about the quality, camera phone and max file size here)

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  • This has to be the least hyped(and cared about) keynote since steve jobs returned to Apple. I didnt even know when it was going to be until I read on a videogame website that there was this 3d game for the new iphone.
    Apple computers and software is not bad, its just being neglected. I am afraid that Apple is no longer creating great computers that beat out other pc's. They are halting that, and concentrating on entertainment(movies & music) and other gadgets...iphone,ipod, apple tv, airport...etc.

    1. I disagree. I think this keynote was very hyped, one of the most talked about before hand. Traffic/interest at the site during the keynote was the highest ever.

    2. I think what we've heard about Snow Leopard is exactly the direction Apple should be going. More substance, than style. Some people might have been happier if Apple devoted time on a flashy new interface for 10.6, but in the long run, we are going to benefit much more with the kind of performance enhancements they have described.


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  • I have a Wee Bee and I love it.

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  • I can leave my SSD as is (that is, I can continue to choose to boot from that and have it run Snow Leopard).

    I can installed Lion on the Hard Disk and choose to boot from that if I want.


    Question: If my home folder is stored on the Hard Disk for when I run Snow Leopard with the SSD, how do I prevent home folder complications when I install Lion on the Hard Disk? Don't want it to mess up the snow leopard experience.

    Lion will create a new Home folder to its own partition. You can, however, change the location of the Home folder to be the same as Snow Leopard's. I have done that since my Lion partition is only 50GB. That way all your data will be in the same location, no matter what OS you use.

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  • I'm looking at upgrading my Mac Mini to 8GB of RAM (from 4). I checked out the Apple store (eeek, I know) and it was around $600 CDN for the 8GB of RAM!!!!

    Question, though...based on what I know of the type of RAM in the mini, I can purchase some non-Apple branded RAM form my local computer store for about $100.

    I know Apple is over-priced, but this is insanely over-priced. Am I missing something or risking anything if I go with the non-Apple RAM?

    Specifically, the RAM I'm looking at getting is this one:

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  • Ouch, I can see Steve cringing about this.

    Nice gadget, but what is up with the 'half-hat' design and the protruding metal bars from the skip?

    The hat was just folded in half so people wouldn't have to actually put it on, and could just hold it up.


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  • How do install lion on a external?

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  • Hi, I'm going to be ordering a 12" PB in the next couple of weeks, whether the much rumored revisions happen or not but in would be cool if they did. This will be my first Mac and I'm very excited but I have a couple of questions:

    1) What do you guys think of Bluetooth mice?
    In my experience with Apple's BT mouse, I have only noticed lag when I had my BT keyboard hook up as well. Macally's mouse got great reviews, so I would recommend you go for it.

    2) RAM - I'm going to max out the RAM (1.25g) so is there any advantage to the RAM Apple installs on built-to-order machines that makes it worth the $400 price tag or is this just the cost of convenience?
    Simply convenience bought a 1gig Corsair chip for my 1.5Ghz 12" powerbook and have had absolutely ZERO problems. Just make SURE it's guaranteed to work in your machine and you should be just fine.

    3) I'm going to be doing a lot of video editing work with this computer, I know it's not the ideal machine for it but it's what I can afford and it should do the job until I can buy something better.
    Any sort of laptop holder is fine. I have used the iCurve and am currently using the podiumpad (only real difference between them is height, the iCurve forces you to use an external keyboard) but besides that, you are going to be just fine. Fans wouldn't help much unless they were inside the case, but I have run Halo, the Doom 3 demo, Final Cut, InDesign, etc. without any problems. Yes, the internal fan does turn on and the powerbook gets warm, but never HOT.

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  • I have a listing on ebay for my new iPod Shuffle, 1 GB. It is new, and this is a great price for anyone interested in the Shuffle. I will ship USPS Priority Mail for free also.

    Here is the link to the ebay auction;

    Also, only PayPal is accepted for this auction. I have a 100% feedback rating and score of 103, so you know I will take good care of you. I will ship out within 24 hours also.

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  • If you're willing to spend that much then why not just get a baseline 2011 MBP?

    The Intel i series of the new MBPs will be far better than that C2D found in that macbook. See here (

    Hahaha thats weird, you quoted me right before I changed that post to include what you're talking about.

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  • There are 4 Apple Stores in Manhattah. :p

    Even more reason 4 apple stores and then think of all the best buys

    ...americans help me out here there is a store in NY that does electronics.....SNAP just came to me there its called JR Electronics !

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  • Looks much better than the old one.

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  • Looks nice but I am confused about what it is trying to say. They sell products now? :confused:

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  • You can ONLY do a tethered jailbreak on 4.3 (or 4.3.1) currently.. as someone has stated here..

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  • Hi Guys, Im new to the forum but thought its the best place to ask. I have a interview for the role of a Apple Creative this week and just wanted to find out what happens at these event and how to they select the right candidates if we all in one big group?

    any heads up would be good.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Originally posted by edvniow

    Yes, but they were the ones that first came up with the Powermac pic, if I'm not mistaken. :)

    True, but it's because it seems like MB (I can never get the spelling right) just posts anything they sent. They seem to have gotten lucky on that one (if that's what you can call it :-)

    But it's still a fun rumor. Although I would personally prefer their last rumor over it. (Dual G4s)

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  • Howdy. I have a Logitech G5, Logitech G9, and Razer Lachesis. I love 'em all but none has a Mac driver. :(

    Do you use a laser mouse? If so, which do you use?

    (I don't game, but the higher sensitivity works nicely for larger screen resolutions and some graphic design)


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  • Yes I agree. I have a thin logitech wireless backlit keyboard and its been on for 4 months and I haven't changed the battery. It is also charged via USB so it works even when it runs out of battery.

    Now that would be a good suggestion for the next version of the apple wireless keyboard (I have the 3 battery version). Sure a USB "charging" port could be added to the back (now that the new version is already 2 battery / 1.5 inches space saved).

    Apple is great with reducing component size (so sure such a charger would be cool).

    PS is there an easy way to check the battery level within the bluetooth wireless keyboard from OS X (or is there no checking hardware within the keyboard)?

    Don't knock OS 9.
    I remember using OS X for the first time when I was probably 14 and I couldn't stand it. It wasn't that I didn't like it but everything seemed so much different on OS 9. However I love OS X now. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    Yeah huge probems, Starbucks filer coffee was plentiful though and the odd cupcake from the cloud hotspot people.

    So what time then 7? And where just outside? is me

    Also... FYI i came across this:

    To enable tethering in 3.0! I know off topic but I thought it was worth it! :)

    This thread is full of win.

    I would have choked that chicken to death.It would probably be a long hard struggle

    That was fast. Now I can update :D

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