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  • I should mail him back and remind him to tuck his period inside the parentheses.

    Periods shouldn`t be inside of paranthese (unless it`s a compete sentence), so you might not want to do that...

    Edit: jsw kind of beat me to it... :p

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  • I like the "wooden" looking ones

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  • Preserve it in case you want to go back to 4.2.1 - the newest baseband isn't 100% compatible with older firmware. 4.2.1 is great as it doesn't have the "glitchiness" of 4.3.x

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  • Uh oh.

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  • Are you trying to ftp to a windows box with firewall enabled, but not configure properly for ftp? That is exactly what happens.uh, i dunno...what do you mean by windows box? i do have firewall enabled, and i am uploading to a website of mine (

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  • When u go mac u never go back;)

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  • I remember having a similar problem back in the late 80s - I had a Commodore 64, which plugged into a PAL TV and had the British keyboard layout. When I first got a PC, it came with an American keyboard (as all PCs sold here do) and I had to get used to it.

    Fast forward 15 years, put me in front of a British keyboard and my typing slows dramatically. So you'll get used to it.

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  • omg, all this to work at a friggin retail store?!?! I thought you were applying for work at 1 Infinite Loop or something and "creative" meaning you were designing products... someone explain to me why would anyone want to work at a mall store?

    It's not just a mall store, Apple is nothing like any other mall store. First no mall stores offer full benefits & retirement packages to there employee's only managers and above. Second the benefits and hands on training is incredible and they use you and train you so that you will be ready to work at 1 Infinity Loop or Maden, NC at the billion dollar facility. Plus they give you all the training in the world to be a teacher, educate another, work for other companies using Mac products and the list goes on and on. Yes they have an intense application process but once you're in with Apple you connections will never seise to grow. The atmosphere as well is fun, exciting and different than any other store.

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  • Im getting at my local att store at midnight. Yesterday they said they were getting a shipment in at 8am and 11am. They dont know definite numbers but they said more than last year and they got over 100 3gs last year :eek:

    me to my friends and i r gonna campout around midnight! 7 hours of waiting but the end result will be worth the wait!

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  • LOL, it took me about 20 min. to make this. Seriously though, do you think a phone is really in the works?

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  • Sounds cool, I might have to give it a whip...10 freaking dollars..pump us to death.


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  • Congrats on your new $560

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  • I have just purchased an apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse,

    Yeah, I use a Apple wireless keyboard and the Magic Trackpad with my MBP and external. I don't bother with a stand at all.

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  • Coolbook will help with the heat and fans

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  • OK we know apple supposedly has some kind of super secret planned for the Final Cut meet thats supposed to begin in a few minutes...

    Now, I'm going to make my own personal leap of logic here based on rumblings over the last few weeks.

    Touch screen tablet, newton 2, multitouch tablet.

    Now here we have final cut.

    Even though the product isn't exactly geared towards just that I can almost see some kind of Wacom Cintiq apple device. Multitouch gestures, pen input for graphics editing, tablet format. Basicly a handheld multimedia editing platform for pros. Maybe would need to link to a Mac Pro as it won't itself be able to process the graphics of an HD Video or something similarly intensive.

    Yea I know my head is in the clouds but it would be a fun toy.

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  • oh and subl1me; its an amazing mouse, probably wouldnt use it for desktop PC/Mac use but for portables... yea... highly recommended.

    nice...thanks for feedback on that....can't wait 'til mine ships!!

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  • apple 5770 / 5870 supports xfire afaik.

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  • It has been like this for a very long time now.

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  • Originally posted by Geert
    yesterday while browsing the forums I got kicked out.

    Arn, am I a registered user?
    'cause during MW forums were only for registered users and I could not get on.

    I couldn't get on during MW either, I know I don't have the most posts around here, but I'm around a lot and I though a few hundred would make me a registered user?;)

    Oh, well, probably just overload.

    The best option for the OP since his mother's ipad is still on 3.2.x is to jailbreak it with Spirit or whichever jailbreak allows for unthethered for 3.2.1 and wait for an untethered jailbreak for 4.3 which is (by all information) close to being finished.

    This would give you the advantages of the jailbreak, and then you could update in a few weeks to 4.3 and get whatever features you want with that.

    He can still jailbreak, just not update to 4.2.1. It's much better to jailbreak the 3.2.1 and wait a few weeks/(days?) for the unthethered jailbreak for 4.3 to come out.

    Hi all,

    Just curious to see how many have a apple laptop and and Ipad. Work just bought me a MBP last week and I already have a Ipad 2. Just trying to justify the two, maybe I sell the ipad 2 because I have to keep the laptop. By the way, I love both of them...I use the Ipad 2 for reading books, magazines etc...

    Thanks for the comments or thoughts...

    you make a device that streams media from your mac to your tv .. and you dont call it iTV call is apple tv! .. cuz callign it iTV would be too easy ..

    Nice! :D

    *claps excitedly*

    Definitely different from Bill Gates mansion.

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