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  • checked with uscis ...she has mentioned we have to wait 90 days for the great receipt .Thats what shows in their system.

    if receipt takes so much time how about EAD.

    Earlier they mentioned 45 90 days.No idea.:(

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  • i did not inculde the P.O Box is this an issue ?
    I used the below add for FEDEX.
    Nebraska Service Center
    850 "S" Street,
    Lincoln, NE 68508

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  • This is going crazy - If your Receipt doesn't comes in another 3-4 weeks will you Diefard fans of Robin Williams planning to visit him or send him flowers ??

    We all are going nuts beyond limit - I'm not excluding myself :D

    I am also a July 2nd 7:55 filer at NSC, signed for by R Williams. No receipts yet!

    PD 04/2006 EB2 INDIA
    I-140 NSC AP 10/2006
    I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
    I-131 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
    I-765 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
    I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
    I-131 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
    I-765 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending

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  • May 24 PD, still no change in status.

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  • Its so depressing & frustrating Not to see any movement in EB2 dates. For the past 3 months there had been no movement in the EB2 dates. Every time I open with a hope that something will happen but its the same shit each time.
    Don't know when this wait for GC will be over, friend of mine who spend equal or may be less time as me in UK had now got the PR of UK, some who went to AUS, S'Pore got PR within 1 yr and same with Canada...but this US is the only sucking place with screwed up policies which benefits only the business and govts.

    You are EB2 and should be very happy. Imagine the pain of EB3 guys.

    You will get your greencard in no time.

    If you are depressed and frustrated in EB2, what do you think EB3 is?

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  • It will reduce net pay for citizens of countries without totalization agreements with India, specially because the EPF contribution in India applies to total gross pay without any upper limit.

    Isn't this exactly what we have to go thru here in US by paying SS Tax?

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  • Just like the the department of Homeland Security has USCIS to make sure that only very few highly-skilled immigrants get visas (thus causing the USRBD), they should also have the "Agency for USRBD" to counter the damage caused by USCIS. Don't let the RBD suck you in like it threatens to suck Ranga in! Let's go make our voices heard in DC!!

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  • Reno_john,
    You are spamming the forum with the same post complaining. If you have specific questions, call us/email us or PM us.
    Do not spam the forums. This is a warning.

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  • Thanks for the replies. I already consulted lawyer may be again I need to double check with other lawyers.


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  • Your mom had GC in 80s? Why are you in EB queue? You should have gotten your GC by now. Just kidding:D

    Story of my life :D

    Hindsight is 20-20, she regrets sometimes because its so difficult now (back then in the 70's they had given her a GC when she landed at the airport with all sponsorship documents), but I tell her whats done is done... they did what they thought was best at that point in time :) so no regrets!

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  • Thanks to all for your feedback. All very helpful. I should have mentioned that I captured this image during a break at a trade show and, since I'm from Illinois and any flower is appealing at this time of year, I couldn't just let them go.
    Russell hit the point I was trying to get to, but apparently didn't explain very well. In this kind of shot there, by default, is not focal point in the scene and, as Russell has demonstrated, you have to create something that isn't there from the human eye perspective. He was able to achieve the necessary composition in PS and it works quite nicely. The dilemma I face with these shots is that the visual impact is the planter full of blooming flowers and attractive foliage. One option is to have the planter be the focal point of a larger scene, but in this case, the larger scene was the grounds of the Anaheim Convention Center. Not a scene I want to capture. So the image becomes what's in the planter and then the problem is, what part of what's in the planter. Obviously, I could have gone for a macro shot of one cluster of flowers, but it was the collection of flowers that was attractive. From what Russell has demonstrated, the solution seems to be a semi-macro shot. To achieve that in the camera requires a narrow DOF and placement of the chosen flower cluster at one of the "rule of thirds" points. I guess, in the final analysis, there's no real good way to get a captivating image that shows a portion of the planter with as many flowers in focus as possible. (Of course, I could carry a small cherub figurine with me on business trips to plop into planters such as this as a focal point. Plus, it would be a good conversation piece at the airport security check in. ;) ) Thanks again to jliechty, lecter, and Russell. Additional comments appreciated.

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  • What happens if your I-485 is denied? Are you able to fix any issues or do you start all over? And on what grounds would they deny?

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  • When we do dual filing with PERM...

    Can we transfer the PD of (approved : EB3 + I140 ) to PERM ( EB2 )?

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  • I got exact query.

    All you need is Affidavits from you Father, Mother and any other close relative. Ask them to go to your local court house. There will be people sitting there who do prepare affidavits and notarize them. They need to do it on 10 Rupees stamp paper and get it notarized. They shall have the date of birth affidavit template at court house.

    Once they have them, ask them to scan and send them to you to save time. Also ask them to DHL the originals so that you could recieve in 2 or 3days.

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  • What you think , doesn't matter.
    Cant fly through FRANCE/UK for sure, without a valid US visa stamped.

    People had issues even with Lufthansa, but as per law on the German Consulate , a person should be able to transit through Germany. But i would avoid it.

    Emirates/Direct AI/Continental should be OK from East Coast.

    Alright. I did not realize that this was a case of no valid visa on passport. I cannot attest to that.

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  • Welcome to our news member Selvaela..

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  • You are merely a beneficiary of 140 application, the petitioner is your GC sponsoring company - only the company or representative has the authority to make inquiries. First step, you should ask your attorney or company to call USCIS and mention that your 140 is outside processing time and also you had responded to an RFE , it has passed standard response/decision time (usually 60 days) - ask the CSR to open an SR. For the most cases that I know, this has triggered a decision with in 45 days from the date of SR. Hope this helps.

    I totally agree with you. Legally that�s all you could do.

    But if you approach your Senator office, all they wanted to know is that your GC is dependent on it. When Senator sends congressional enquiry, USCIS does not question Senator about who requested.

    I am not sure about legality of it; as long as it works go for it. Before asking Senator�s help, try your attorney and SR etc, mention in your letter to Senator that you tried all avenues before approaching him.

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  • :) May be you are caught on Name Check process.. Call USCIS and get your namecheck status.

    Also USCIS process is a complete mess, if someone entered you under CHN quota then 2020. I hope that may not be the case as they have accepted your application even your PD 2007. You should be fine, have patience Use AC21 if you are not happy with your employeer. 6 months from approval of I-140 count that and move on.

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  • If your labor is pending 180 days you can apply for a 1 year visa extension. If you get your I-140 approved under premium processing after your labor approval and before your visa expires you can apply for a 3 year visa extension. You can apply for any other new visa L, J, F etc., and continue to stay inside the country but not H visa otherwise you have to be outside the country for 1 year.

    I hope this helps and good luck on your green card pursuit...

    Since that you are already a business owner in the US, I would recommend you also look into other options.
    You know it could be not completely right on my part to tell you ways where you could become permanent residents Legally. But a little thought and research will show you ways.
    If not feel free to private message me and i can try to provide you some tips.

    N. :D

    Yes, you're right, Berkeleybee, that no restriction on AC-21 job portability contradicts labor certification stage. But isn't it also true we can change our job to whatever we want once we get GC? Due to the false system, if we lost years waiting in line, why can't they change the rule to make up for it? I think it is a legitimate and justifiable demand.

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