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  • Without wishing to breach the piracy regs on MR have you considered changing the firmware on your PSP to an open version? Then you can stick all your legally owned games onto your memory stick and switch between them when you get bored. Saves carrying around a load of UMDs, or you can stick ripped films on there.

    Feel free to delete if this breaches any rules :)

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  • With your help
    I got it to work --
    Much thanks!

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  • The Bluetooth Mouse is still available guys!!
    Would you be willing to trade the bluetooth mouse for a bluetooth MacMice?

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  • Work Units.

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  • May 15, 2011 · Maria Sharapova

  • hey!

    who's a teenager here? ;)

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  • I have an iPad v.1 running iOS 4.2 that won't update to iOS 4.3. Says "Your iPad software is up to date". I've got the latest iTunes (10.2.1) and I've even updated my wife's iPad just fine. Thoughts? The Googles hasn't helped.

    On top of that the 4.3 IPSW is gone from the wife's install so I can't restore to that.

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  • quick and exciting very good :)
    the packaging piece is bland, can you dolly in and maybe tumble the camera a little?
    only critique is that zip up at the end is cut too quick.
    you had it nice and slow at start but at the end something where you can at least see it going up as ending.
    cant get the zipper feel ;)

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  • Could get Kanye West in to have another (well deserved) pop at Bush?

    Let's try to keep this in community instead of having it moved to politics. There's a time and place for political stuff, this isn't either.

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  • So then it wouldn't matter if they could or not?

    Well, do they hurry home and try to do it? Or just forget about making an extra trip home since it can't be done anyway?

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  • Have you tried firing up the Terminal program in OSX and using the ftp command-line interface?

    Does that freeze up as well?no and i have no idea how to do that. terminal is a bit intimidating.

    im using Verizon DSL. Im connected to a wireless router.

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  • haveu tried reparing permissions? and checking the mic/volume settings? I've been able to use ichat AV, and itunes on with 10.2.6 running perfectly and i have the same computer

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  • i love that show but since school started i havent been able to watch it

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  • off hand i'm going to say, what's the point of getting a white iphone if you're going to put a case on it?

    all though, a black bumper on a white phone looks pretty cool.

    Image (

    Reminds me of an Oreo.

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  • It's impossible to do with the Native software. You could install rEFIt ( and do this. It's an advanced task though.

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  • Okay !!

    But do you think after 5 years of use it be more 15 GB the logs?

    Well, to put that into perspective, the last time I purged my log files, they all together added up to about 3GB...and that was after about 6 months...

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  • I picked Christmas because I'm only 16 and I can't go out and buy the latest and greatest Mac and at Christmas I get Mac presents! :D

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  • In a word


    Grey Beard

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  • Yes, I can hear you now:cool:

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  • I figured it out. I did have everything figured out -- but when I was first setting up the server, I set up our test domain, (church).net to a catchall -- in server admin there was an alias set to *

    I deleted the alias, set GoDaddy (which I highly despise) to point to our server, and Ta Da! Works fine.

    Moral of the story. Don't use catchalls.

    Any of the new iMacs are more than enough. If you look at the top end card they put in the MBP its the same 6750M in the low end iMac. The only difference is the low end iMac has 1/2 the VRAM.

    And that is not to put the MBPs down. The 15"ers will serve you well too. The major factors in my mind are, portability vs. extra speed, and ease of repairs. The iMacs are faster and offer more bang for the buck but if the internal HD dies its a PITA to replace yourself. OTOH the MBPs provide less value but replacing an internal drive is just a screwdriver and torxdriver away. had an article detailing how the trackpad vendor may have changed, and that the newer (1.5ghz +) PBs have slower trackpads, even when cranked up to the fastest setting.

    I myself can notice the difference between the newer PBs and my old sony vaio trackpad. (The PB is much slower than I'd like).

    Here's a vote against RapidWeaver.

    The system call does not write to the file. ideas?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>

    int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {

    I should add that I used the install disks that came with the computer.

    As someone else mentioned, try running Disk Utility Repair Disk off of your install disc (while booted off it). Or, just reformat (which will erase the contents). The correct format would be "Mac OS Extended". That should give you a clean slate, provided there are no hardware issues (with the drive, in particular). Memory problems would show with different symptoms.

    If those are the original discs, it should work. Though, from what I can find on the earliest model (desk lamp style), the minimum it shipped with was 10.1.3. If it was any later model, it should have shipped with 10.2. Original discs should be grey.

    10.4, Tiger, should work just fine on that model. I used to run it on a slower 667MHz PowerBook.

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