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  • came by at 9:00 to scope it out and decided to stay... i am about number 25 in line.... this line is going to be huge!

    What do u do when you need to go to the bathroom?

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  • Looks like it's dual injected with silicone.

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  • Very interesting..

    "Dropbox" -vs- "Drop Box"

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  • LOL what a clusterf**k. This stupid situation has snowballed into something that could bring down their stock price.

    edit: Holy Hell CMG goes for $229.29 and its up almost 4 bucks!

    No such thing as bad publicity. Plus, animals are tasty. In fact, I think I'll have a Chipotle burrito for lunch today.

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  • OMG! That picture is insane. :eek:

    More (
    Ooh! I want to see this thing from outside like this!

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  • 40 GBs of music is enough so you don't need to keep changing what's on it.

    Since they just did the iPod/iTunes announcement, I somehow doubt there will be an 80GB iPod released that soon.

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  • The memcpy() function returns a pointer to dest. (

    That falls under "esoteric knowledge that nobody should ever bother with". Which means it immediately fails a code review, just like someone writing "a + 1 << i" and expecting people to know which operator has higher precedence.

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  • yah its it ctrl+pageup or ctrl+fn+pageup..

    thanks. i had success w/ ctrl+pageup and ctrl+pagedown.

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  • (

    Category: Tips and How To's
    Link: 10.6.4's Black Email of Death (
    Description:: Somewhere, in recent updates to Safari 5.0 (included in the 10.6.4 update), something went wrong with the way applications pass text to each other. A post at MacFixIt suggests that the fault lies with WebKit, which is now �using rgb(0,0,0) as the value for the CSS �background-color� property for messages�. Whatever the cause, the fix is much easier than some published workarounds suggest...

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  • Bottom line is, Apple's going to get the 'iPhone' name, and Cisco is going to be very well compensated for it. So who cares?

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  • If you installed the program in /Applicaions it should be accessible to anyone on the computer. If you have it installed in ~/Applications/ it will only be accessible to one user.
    I believe copying the app folder to /Applications should do the trick in the latter case.

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  • i was curious now and looked up google and look what i found ..that was the pippin
    and there exists even a museum for it

    ok i was wrong with os 8 but .... if i read that info of the museums site right it really was a macintosh in the wrong market and it could be used to access the world wide web , and surprise it could be connected to a television like the mini today , had this been marketed right as a mini macintosh with a harddrive and more ram it could have been the grandfather of the mini , so it was a product in the wrong market no wonder it didn't sell

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  • Bear in mind...
    Sorry I couldn't help it.

    I have been watching the price of Apple stocks and they are down $20 from last week when I almost bought a single share. Glad I didn't though. If I get this job today or tomorrow I think I will buy one or two shares while it's sagging.

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  • maybe try connecting the dock to a power source

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  • i still need more concrete clarification on whether to trademark or copyright the logo for my company...

    No need to bother. You possess moral rights immediately upon its final form:

    When is my work protected?

    Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.

    Besides, to be frank, it's quite probable that your design will infringe on the copyright of others.

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  • I predict that the author of this article will finally discover the Spelling & Grammar Check function in Word or whatever program they use.

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  • Personally, I would love to work at a mall store. With that in mind, though, I AM a college student, not someone looking for a career quite yet. Although being a store manager and moving up from there might be fun.

    Best of luck to those going through the hiring process, I may be with you in a year or two (I need to get more retail experience)!

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  • Current iOS on Verizon does not support video airplay

    It does have audio airplay however.

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  • So H.264 is a very compressed format. That sets off a flag right there. Ideally you wouldn't be provided footage in such a lossy format.

    Taking the H.264 footage and converting it to DV NTSC is essentially compressing it again (albeit a lesser compression), but it is still increasing the generation count. Instead, I would try throwing it into compressor and transcoding to apple prores 422. That should hopefully alleviate any loss of quality.

    Everyone else going to bed is happy because they're laughing at you.

    Or waking up and laughing! Classic...

    Was it a full moon or something?

    Delightful! This is so much fun, seeing everyone's creativity!


    As Mac developers go, I like the Omni Group and think they're a shining example.

    The Delicious Company, from the people who used to work at Omni, also looks like a promising fun bunch.

    This is a pretty cool collection of clips of Miami Live Electronica Band organicArma playing at the Miami Apple Store. Fans of electronic music, depeche mode, and prodigy would be into them. Or fans of cool visual stuff, too.

    they have a few EPs and music videos on line, too

    Very curious to hear what you think!

    So when are you going to post the Buzz Aldrin up on eBay? I haven't seen it up yet and I have been looking everyday!!

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