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  • sent both faxes

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  • I have sent the letter to President as well as IV.

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  • Ok, I've seen a lot of threads about go to the rally, actions items, I've reading a lot of guys saying dont ask for your receipt status, dont waste your time etc, etc.

    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

    Question remains open:

    1. When are they going to increase the GC quota?
    2. When congress id going to do something?

    I've the feeling that that's it we made our point but we are still with no GC, waiting receipts..............

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  • Gurus,

    Since EB2-India is current, I am exploring the possibility of interfiling.

    Goal: Interfile in such a way that my new application under EB2 (New case
    category) get attached with old case (EB3) priority date (07/2003) and
    thus enable me to take advantage of EB2 current PD as declared in
    April 2008 bulletin.
    GC Application/s history:

    Employer: xyz
    Category: EB3-RIR Conversion-India
    Priority Date: 07/2003
    Labor approved
    I-140 approved
    I-140 approval date: 06/2007
    AP and EAD approved
    485 receipt date: 07/1*/2007


    Employer: ZAB
    Category: EB2-India
    Priority Date: 06/2006
    PERM LABOR approved
    I-140 approved
    I-140 approval date:08/2006
    No AP/EAD/485 applied under this application

    Notes: (1) Currently working for company CDE on EAD.
    (2) "A" number on both I-140 are similar and different from "A" number
    on 485 file.
    (3) Occupation codes for both category are "Close" and matches the
    job profile with current employment on EAD

    Question: Is my goal achievable? If yes, then what to do and how to

    Thanks in advance for any help to sort this out.

    - BharatPremi

    Be specific and say that your PD is current, I was wondering when EB2 India become current.

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  • 8 more webfaxes done for 10 and 11. ( through my colleagues )
    Another 17 to go. I know I'm slow but I'll reach there. :-)

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  • Yes sir, they do.

    GC lottery is the biggest joke ...

    GC lottery is no joke at all: I personally know several people who won it and happily settled here afterwards.

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  • thanks perm for the reply..

    will they look into IRS records for tax returns etc..? or am I thinking too much..?
    ever heard of such things before..?

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  • great let me know once you see any activity..my 140 too was approved from TSC,how bout u?

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  • This is my first post so forgive if I am not in the right place,
    But I have situation where in I need your inputs to decide.
    I am working at a clients place and they willing offer me a full time position.
    My Labor is approved Oct 2007 and Filed for I-140 receipt pending.
    In this situation should I change my job or should I wait for I 140 to be approved or wait till I apply for I 485 , but as you know the priority dates have retrogressed for EB2 and I heard that they will be unavailable shortly.
    I always wanted to get a full time right from my Masters but ended up as a consultant as I had to get my H1 done.
    Please Advice!

    You cannot change employer and keep I-140 if you have not filed I-485 yet. You will have to start the GC process anew if you change the jobs now. So wait untill you apply for I-485. Wait 180 more days after that and you are free to change jobs if your new job is same or similar to your current job.

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  • im waiting for the groans and moans

    You wont be disappointed.

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  • First thing is that your employer most likely will not send you a legal notice, as it would cause significant time and money for his already depleted financial resources. Even if he does, if such a legal notice is in an email, just ignore it. DO NOT RESPOND.
    If it is in your regular mail/UPS/FED EX/Certified mail (most likely), you should consult your new company's attorney and seek legal help. In any case, as long as you have all your eggs in order, you will be fine.

    May God be with (and only with) your good intentions.

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  • Looks like for the ROW the EB3 moved by a year. In march it was for August 2002 and in April it is for August 2003. That good for some folks who are rest of world....like me. Still 2 years away for me......

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  • I am from NYC too. Lets team up.

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  • Every employment based immigrant who aspires to settle here in US to realize their American dream for their kids better future like the way you think.. if America doesn't welcome him, he will look for competitive job in some other country where he is welcomed or he will go back to his own mother country... if you don't promote the insource of worlds best talent in to US economy...that job will be outsourced for sure in couple of years...young talents on the other side of the planet are working like rocket scientists with innovative engineering brain to keep their economies rising to reach number one position in the world...if you observe the salaries these days in India and china..they are on par with US jobs and more in some companies..there will be no stand to mentality of the people once they struggle for their existence with the job and other issues in the life...it goes with money mostly......if you think on the other side like if govt welcomes those same young talents who can create jobs and can help US economy to continue its journey with out putting per country limit for in sourcing the talent..:cool:

    If Indian bureaucracy is improved, corruption is drastically reduced and transparency is increased, India is the best place. But will this happen with this corrupt minded, useless and nasty politicians?

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  • u know what i think, doggy, doggystyle and devils_advocate are all the same person, or they are anti-immigrants who are teaming up. admin may want to look at them closely... i would.... others can keep an eye on these guys too....

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  • Indeed it was great Christmas new. At last.

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  • May I ask what was your contribution to make a difference?

    Maybe if armchair critiques showed up to the rally rather than shoot bogus messages from their desks we could have had a much larger turnout.

    Nothing came from the rally, huh? There was no letter to pelosi by republican congressmen to increase EB visas, no letter from IEEE-usa and SIA to leading senators and congressmen for the same or no media coverage at all.. right?

    Read the news buddy! If you mean legislative changes from the rally... then take a civics lesson. It has not even been one month since the rally yet. These things take time, but momentum is building (see previous paragraph). Did you expect president Bush to come out in the rally and distribute green cards to all present? If you did, come back to reality...

    The September rally was a disaster!!!! We were promised CIR reform in the beginining of this year. Even after a rally, what has been achieved? Nothing!

    I am sorry for sounding pessimistic, but despite all attempts we have been successful. Is this because of our cause getting mixed up with illegal immigration? Is it due to inaction on part of lawmakers? Is it due to ineffective lobbying by IV? Or is there a need to change the IV strategy and leadership?

    What is the cause, people?

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  • Desi, Do you have some .gov site that mentions this? These site are unreliable and I am sure USCIS will not entertain these as reply to any RFE.

    LoL. You are such an idi***!

    Rest of the post is not for Mr. Kumar. So Mr Kumar, please ignore the rest of the post.

    Here is another link:
    Immigration Rights and Responsibilities of Scholars in H-1B Status

    Search for no later than 30 days after the I-797 start date

    Before you ask: I don't work/study at Boston University.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • Folks, really great. I am around DC and coordinating the Pickups/Dropoffs. Please PM me your flight details if you need to be picked up from the airport or dropped off to the airport, don't be shy, we will make every efforts to accomodate your needs. There is also a separate thread if you need accomodation (we have several hosts).

    Thank you guys for flying all the way from west coast.

    PS: Waiting_4_GC, I have your flight info.

    Yes and any one who feels bad can take admission and complete MS. It takes 3-4 semesters any ways.

    Are you referring to an 'Online' degree by any chance?! Please tell me the name of this University where you get a M.S. in 3 semesters...
    Thats about 27 credits to get a Masters degree.. insteresting. No wonder they will never pass this bill into law.

    Atleast let's all unite now and file properly ! It seems more imminent that uscis will stop accepting applications. Just rushing and filing will not solve the problem, Read below ,

    Source: http://www.immigration-law.com/

    06/27/2007: SPECIAL ALERT: I-485 Cap for FY 2007 Can Be Exhausted Before End of July? Then What Will Happen?

    According to the AILA, approximately 40,000 visas remain in all employment-based categories, other than EW, for FY2007, according to its sources, and that the USCIS has far more than 40,000 adjustment applications in the backlog queue that are ready for approval, not to mention the additional numbers which will be consumed in concular immigrant visa processing. It is thus possible that the cap may reach within a short period in July, even though no one can predict it until after July 2, 2007. The USCIS at this time does not have any policy announced with reference to July 2007 I-485 filings which are filed after certain date in July when the total number is exhausted. However, considering the fact that the USCIS currently rejects the "Other Worker" category I-485 applications even though June 2007 Visa Bulletin show current for certain applicants because the "other worker" category quota was exhausted on June 5, 2007. This raises a serious concern because as we reported earlier today, the USCIS appears to be picking up the speed of processing of backlog I-485 applications in anticipation of flood of July 485 applications. The USCIS hands may be tied, should the EB visa numbers for FY 2007 is exhausted before the end of July.
    The situation is particularly critical because of the USCIS decision not to accept the I-485 filings without the medical report. AILA demanded leniency but the USCIS reportely refused to accept such demand. Since medical report is "initial evidence" to I-485 filing, under the recent rule change, any I-485 filing with the medical report can be rejected or denied. Reports indicate that there are a huge backlog in scheduling medical examination in most of the areas in the country.

    EVEN MORE REASON to rush and file before the USCIS stops accepting applications.

    rajakannan, you seem to be talking out of ur hat.

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