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  • Just sent #11 fax too

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  • We need more members like you!

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  • We can keep sending emails / call the CNN President.

    He is already on the defensive..

    Read this....
    CNN's Immigration Problem
    Is Dobbs the exception�or the rule?

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  • I am waiting for GC for buying a house myself. I am sure there are many more people who think this way esp in this market.

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  • Many states are "employment at will" states. This includes NY. You can say good bye that day and not turn up again (works both ways). Did you have leave owing and thus were simply using up paid leave before leaving him. If you did not sign a no-compete he doesn't have a leg to stand on, and even if you did no-compete contracts are often unenforceable because they go too far.

    If you left without telling him and continued to draw salary that could be a problem.

    If you are working for a customer that he still does business with, then speak with your managers. If you have a good relationship there the managers may put pressure on him -- like threaten to cancel his remaining contracts.

    IRS explains in their FAQ what to do if you cannot get W2 (linked to earlier in this thread I think). DO NOT PAY A PENNY FOR IT! Do not accept an incorrect W2 either!

    Better still go to a local IRS office and get advice. If you get a helpful IRS customer service rep, then ask to call your employer on a speaker phone with them present, imagine what IRS might do to him if they hear him on the phone attempting to blackmail you! I hear major audit coming! Or ask IRS to phone him there and then on your behalf, so they can ask for the W2 to be sent. If he dares tell them he won't send it he will find himself in a world of pain. The IRS do have a procedure, so they will likely send a demanding letter, woe is he who ignores such a letter.

    Personally I would rather pick an argument with a police officer than an IRS representative. IRS has much more power put him in a world of pain than any other agency.

    Customer service people are humans too, and I've found IRS customer service helpful before, be polite and they will advice they are going to hate the idea of someone being blackmailed for a W2, you might even "make their day".

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  • Looks like for the ROW the EB3 moved by a year. In march it was for August 2002 and in April it is for August 2003. That good for some folks who are rest of me. Still 2 years away for me......

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  • From ILW:

    FBI name check delays that have stalled benefit applications may soon be a thing of the past. We understand that the Executive branch will soon provide name check clearances within a prescribed amount of time. If the clearance is not completed within the designated timeframe, the benefit will be approved by USCIS while the FBI continues to work on the security process in parallel. The rationale to move tothis new process is not just better customer service for benefits applicants but also because it will enhance national security(our security demands that the bad guys be apprehended, not merely be denied immigration benefits). The background for this change of heart by the Executive branch is the fact that many federal courts have been coming down hard on excessive name checkdelays by the FBI. In fact, not only have some courts ordered expedited name check completions but in some cases courts have suggested that the courts have and would use their authority to adjudicate petitions if the Executive branch could not get itsact together. The attorneys and litigants who have sought federal court relief over these last several years deserve credit forforcing the Executive branch to adopt a more effective policy in this area (when it does happen, hopefully very soon).

    I'm wondering where did you get this information?

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  • NBC news is old one on youtube and i rated 5 stars, but i think green card(other one) is new and awesome. rated 5 stars.
    This new one is an excellent work of satire, and I had the power and the money, I would try to show it on every TV channel like a TV commercial... terse and poignant... this is the kind of thing that can spread the news like wildfire.

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  • Most people here fail to realize the cost if immigration is very heavy at a personal level, especially in globalized economy. If we assume that average wait time for Green Card is 7-9 years (earlier it use to be 4-6 years) consier the following:

    1. Professional Growth: This one takes the biggest hit. I know many people at my work who have got GC in past 4-5 years after the usual wait time, they have hit the wall in the career front. Their peak productive years when they were to rise exponentially are gone in waiting. Now most of them are lost in corporate America looking for a place where they can somehow make up for the lost years. I don't think they have found it yet. Most believe that going to home countries might help to find that niche and make up for the growth. This solution might work when the economies of Asia are growing at 8-10%.

    2. Financial Growth: A lot of investment opportunities are lost becasue no one wants to make a long term invetsment commitments in the state of limbo. Besides that most households have to live on single income source making their earnings below average household income. Even after getting GC one cannot make up for this loss. This creates a permanent under class and I not sure what kinds discontent it leads to.

    3. Others: Family (Spouse's professional and others) and presonal stress that one has to go through during the wating years.

    I wonder if there is a study outlining these impacts. This is become all the more relevant when the standard of living and opportunites at home are closing the gap rapidly. Getting GC use to outweigh these cost in the past (90's) but lately questions are bound raise on one's mind if this price is justified.

    You are just nailing it. Well spelled out.

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  • Hi SongLan,

    sorry if I had missed it before: are you from China on EB3? I am wondering about when your PD became current for you to file? This is to compare with my EB2 receipt date in Aug 2005. Thanks.

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  • To IV members who are within driving distance of DC and are not committing to attending the rally, please have a look at this poll and see that there are people flying thousands of miles to attend this rally all the way west from California.

    Please take a day off and attend the DC rally. There are many major world issues and US issues at the forefront of discussions in Washington. We have one tiny slot to make our voices heard. This is our chance. If you are taking one day off, it is only one day. Work extra hours on the other four working days in the week. Act now, take this one important day off and join the rally in DC.

    Join us on September 18th in Washington DC.

    CA Members voting NO in this Poll, we are going to CALL, EMAIL, PM you to change your mind.

    CA Members voting YES, you are all superstars! Please remember to edit your profiles and select "YES" - I am attending the DC Rally. This will enable you to receive the latest updates on the rally from IV Core.

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  • Voted.

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  • Could you please assign date time for every single member that they should file their application on?
    Thanks a lot.

    july 30 th everyone for the benefit of all atleast those who can file before july 3oth

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  • I am not expecting anyone to agree with me.. I dont depend on the company I work with.. I have seen almost all companies , they would keep you until they need you and then throw you away.. It is upto us to take smarter decisions.. I always felt there are 100's of opportunities for those believe in it.. We can't just say with GC life will change.. We stil live in the same world where things will keep changing. I would say after GC people will think of Citizenship and so on.. there is no end to this and life is always be like this (there will be no end to what we want in life). so when are we going to take our own decision?

    I strongly feel that if I want to do something and If I feel it is good for me, then I will definetly do it.

    just my thoughts!!!

    I dont expect everyone to agree with me - esp those who already have houses. my point was for those who are renting to keep on renting.
    btw you can also rent a house - and those are quite cheap too nowadays.
    everyone is 200% safe in their jobs till they lose it ..btw some of the big banks may fold too.
    it is not necessary that yr friends cannot do what you have done - maybe they are smarter and more patient than you ..
    here is an good article for reading ... D4A17CFD35C6D%7D&dist=MostReadHome

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  • Good to know you oppose illegal immigration that is actually destroying American life. My solution to the illegal immigration was same and given months back on this forum. Punish employers harshly with fines (50K per incident) plus 5 years of jail time and put the burden of finding out if person is legal ON the employer. Soon institutions like Equifax/Experian/TransUnion will pop up instead of the current one -EVerify.

    You completely missed the point of immigration and outsourcing. They have NOTHING to do with eachother. Even if they paid me in dollars and gave me a cushy job and paid for every of my expense to run a outsourced part of a company in my home country, I will not go because it's not the money that matters, it the quality of life! I don't want to be driving 1 hour to get 5 miles ahead. I don't want to bribe a peon to get my own birth certificate. I don't want people creating a welcome mat for me on the sidewalk - made not out of rose petals but chewed pan spit.

    I like some of your ideas but won't indudge in any dialogue with you unless you update your profile. the idea of punishing employers is not mine. I read it somewhere in one of the posts on this very site, maybe yours only

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  • Let us Focus on Rally/ Focus on Local Chapter/Focus raising money; if we want to see any change soon.

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  • With all these analysis, is there any formula to actually predict when one could get the GC? I was just curious to know when I could potentially get my GC although I stopped worrying about it a very long time ago.


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  • Here is link to an article from American Public Media

    You can also listen to the audio version of the story.

    Since they have listed the name of affected person, it should be fairly easy to find them and request them to post their experience here.

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  • My wife is using EAD . I am still on H1 and have not started using EAD. Can I still switch to a new employer with a H1 transfer ?. Or since, she is in EAD, should I do an AC21 only with EAD ?. Thanks..

    you can use h1b transfer

    I just pity you man .... cant u understand what i said about my reason to take an LC .......jsut not to wait to apply for i 485 for another x years ......

    Your discussion is going no where ........I wouldnt even have cared if it was a last month's labor .......

    And also USCIS would have initially implementecd this for a good reason and they would not have terminated it if they wouldnt have found that many companies were misusing it ......

    Anyways ....if u have time .....keep going on this discussion, on a topic which USCIS itself closed last month ...

    U told once , twice or n times on this forum that u dont like LS, and yes USCIS heard it and closed it .... so just forget it ....

    the guy who actually started this thread must be enjoying seeing all these posts hahahhahhah

    all right, thats enough bashing guys:D

    i corrected the word....where are my green dots?:confused:

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