jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme

jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Bowyer#39;s 2009 paint scheme
  • Bowyer#39;s 2009 paint scheme

  • This will NOT work for "any iPhone/iPod touch." This needs to be made clear for anybody who thinks this is a one-size-fits-all solution for everybody.

    Apple cryptographically "signs" firmware releases these days. This happens during the restore process, and unless Apple signs off on the restore, you'll get an error message. Even if you could bypass the error message, without the signatures specific to your device for that iOS version, your device would never boot up.

    Apple prevents downgrades by refusing to sign anything but the latest version of software. This is where Saurik's SHSH collector and TSS server come into play, for those that take advantage of his services.

    The reason it worked for YOU is because you have a second-generation iPod touch and you were downgrading to something less than 4.0. Apple didn't start using device-specific (ECID-based) SHSHs until 3.x on iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd-gen, and 4.x on all other devices that support 4.x (including iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2nd-gen). So, unless you are collecting your SHSHs for each Apple software release, if you are on 4.2.1 on your iPod touch, you would be able to downgrade to 2.1.1 like you did, but you would not be able to downgrade to 4.1 or 4.0.

    Also, you didn't technically need iREB for this. All you used iREB for was to get the iPod into DFU mode. You can do that yourself, manually, using the power and home buttons...instructions for doing so are in abundance on-line.

    If you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3rd-gen, or iPod touch 4th-gen, you can't downgrade to any release without the corresponding SHSH for your device. Period.

    -- Nathan

    You sure about that? It worked fine for me when going from 4.2.1 to 4.1 on my touch 4g. I did get the error message you speak of but after editing the hosts file I no longer got that error and it went right along with the restore.

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Jeff Gordon 2009 Eldora Dirt
  • Jeff Gordon 2009 Eldora Dirt

  • boo freakin hoo ... get a new phone

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. jeff gordon car 2009.
  • jeff gordon car 2009.

  • follow the link. the guy has some great designs.

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Jeff Gordon Retro Pepsi Paint
  • Jeff Gordon Retro Pepsi Paint

  • Again, proving my ignorance...
    "AP" is what? "Associated Press"? Or, I mean, "Associated Press?"

    No, I don't - that looks like I'm using "Associated Press?" as a phrase.

    I'm so confused. I think I'll just speak my posts from now on and supply the link to the audio file.

    No, wait, I'll have to record them with my iSight... otherwise, I'll not be able to do the "air quotes". "Air quotes." Dammit....

    I think what you meant to say was:


    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Jeff Gordon - front/side
  • Jeff Gordon - front/side

  • Hi guys,

    I unfortunately am unable to press the option key while starting up as its locked and I was wondering whether theres anyway of allowing the disk to be ejected (after the windows installation) from windows without having to switch back to mac?

    Thanks :)

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  • Jeff Gordon is no Johnny Cash

  • I am 99.975439% sure I'll be there!This number seemed suspiciously over-precise.

    So I checked it.

    It turns out that Kingsly is exactly correct.

    You're welcome.

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Jeff Gordon 2011 Paint Scheme.
  • Jeff Gordon 2011 Paint Scheme.

  • Aladdin Systems, maker of StuffIt , one of the most-used Mac applications ever, changed its name to Allume Systems last month.

    The long-standing web site is now redirected to They still have the magic lamp logo and refer to themselves on the web and in e-mail as "Allume Systems (formerly Aladdin Systems)".

    They changed in order to settle legal disagreements with Aladdin Knowledge Systems ( ( or (, maker of dongles and other security products. I happen to use products of both companies, and I sometimes went to one web site when I meant the other. There was probably longstanding confusion between the companies (and maybe also with Aladdin Enterprises ( (, the original maker of Ghostscript).

    Aladdin Systems must have had little choice but to make this change, because they are sacrificing a huge amount of name recognition.

    I wonder why they picked "Allume" as their new name. And why not call themselves StuffIt after their most famous product, since they already have (

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Jeff Gordon Retro Pepsi Paint
  • Jeff Gordon Retro Pepsi Paint

  • Bootcamp will run just fine on both the models listed.

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme
  • jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme

  • Do you know by any chance how to downgrade?

    Yes I do! :D

    1. Go to Then scroll down to iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Apple TV and then click the arrow to scroll down and select your device and firmware. Then click download and save it to your desktop or downloads folder.

    2. Go to and on the right you can download TinyUmbrella according to your operating system. Save this to desktop or downloads folder.

    3. Go to and download iREB RC4 according to your operating system and unzip the file to your desktop.

    4. Once all downloads are complete plug in your device and run iREB. Then choose your device, and follow the instructions to get into PWNED DFU mode. Then open TinyUmbrella and click on Start TSS Server. These programs will bypass a few errors in iTunes when you are downgrading.

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  • Late Model Diecast 2009

  • Don't worry, you'll be fine. My 2011 i5 under a heavy load.

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. jeff gordon 2011 paint scheme.
  • jeff gordon 2011 paint scheme.

  • I found this interesting:

    Notebook Owners
    Your one-year warranty includes replacement coverage for a defective battery. You can extend your replacement coverage for a defective battery to three years from the date of your notebook purchase with the AppleCare Protection Plan. However, the AppleCare Protection Plan for notebook computers does not cover batteries that have failed or are exhibiting diminished capacity except when the failure or diminished capacity is the result of a manufacturing defect. Apple offers a battery replacement service for MacBook Air and all MacBook Pro notebooks with built-in batteries. You can purchase replacement batteries for late models of Apple notebooks directly from the Apple Store.

    So what constitutes defective. Is there are criteria for measuring this that is disclosed or it it up to the repair tech?

    The way I view this is that it essentially means 99.99% of the time the battery is not covered.

    That article provides some insight. In general, it has to be clearly defective before Apple will replace it. For current Macs it is 1000 cycles until it should drop below 80% but of course, Apple won't replace it if it has 999 cycles and it is at 79%.

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  • champion Jeff Gordon and

  • I'd be cautious. Either the PB had a malufunction and doesn't work right or it's a scam. Although, I don't have much experience with eBay so it could be legit. Is there a way to track a persons buying/selling record?

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Jeff Gordon No. 24 2009 Paint
  • Jeff Gordon No. 24 2009 Paint

  • TRIM and Capsule Rebel are great cases. If you go for the TRIM make sure your order the black one, because the colored ones will stain within days if you are not careful.

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Jeff Gordon 2011 Paint Scheme.
  • Jeff Gordon 2011 Paint Scheme.

  • Finally got it at 4:28 PM CDT. Slow D/L speeds but it's back.
    Thanks to all that responded.

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. 2007 Jeff Gordon Hot Hues
  • 2007 Jeff Gordon Hot Hues

  • These are ok value for money options, try not to go with the OCz though if this article is anything to go by:

    OWC, Micron\Crucial and Intel are the best brands and use the most quality components. With OWC being better than the Micron\Crucial which uses a slower Marvell Controller.

    Thank you, another VERY IMPORTANT variable for me is to be able to upgrade the Firmware of the SSD over time, do you know if OWC provides that option ?, also do you know is the OWC SSDs have the TRIM option ?

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme
  • jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme

  • a time capsule server would be nice. dual drives with RAID1 (back up/mirror the 1 drive), raid-0 one big drive, or split -- each drive is independent so you can back up one set of machines to one and store files on the other.

    they need proper ventilation in them for sure, with the powersupply and the wireless cards causing heat on top of the hard drive being a huge heat component its a wonder they havent redesigned it to some degree yet.

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Jeff Gordon National Guard
  • Jeff Gordon National Guard


    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. Jeff Gordon In Car Audio
  • Jeff Gordon In Car Audio

  • Well I hope I get a WD one too :)
    I always had WD drives (good experience results in staying with the brand:D) but I never had a Seagate so I didn't know which of the two were better.

    jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme. jeff gordon 2005 daytona 500
  • jeff gordon 2005 daytona 500

  • I feel your pain. I want the same thing.

    The add-on keypads don't really do it for me no matter how nicely they integrate. It's not the same as a full size keyboard. Sure you get the numpad, but you still don't have proper cursor keys and 6-key pad above the cursors.

    Just called the Emeryville Apple store, and asked them if I could camp out there. They said they don't care but that I should check with Bay Street security. They gave me the number. The lady I talked to said that no camping is allowed on the sidewalk or street and police will be out that night. The time people can start lining up is at 7am. I called the Apple store on Powell in San Francisco and they said it no problem, no one ever gets bothered. Guess thats where I will be!

    i would put down like 100-150. becouse of the hastle / possibility of having to pay for it to be fixed.

    Aren't we playing strip poker? ;)

    To bad, iBlue just lost her current hand. Let's see, have to remove something. What could that be? :D

    Sorry e. :eek:

    The thing that is holding her hair up.

    Nice picture BTW.

    At my Uni we aren't suppose to have out own wireless networks, but I know of atleast 4 dorms that do. They simply hide the network so only they know what it is.

    ppc, intel, xscale, vax, big endian.... hell, i don't care! load it on anything that will still turn on! we are getting killed, and seeing the daily output line FINALLY start to trend up is a wonderful thing!!!

    congrats on the amazing output '64 ;)

    welcome back to all the 'took the summer off' people...

    ...I just completed my first WU for Team MacRumors!


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