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  • Good question. I am in the same situation. My GG was approved Aug 6th and happen to attend an interview the same day.
    I already used AC21 and may have used it second time for this if GC was not approved. So question is can you switch jobs within day of receiving CG ?

    From forum search, it does seem ok to switch jobs. Its hard for me to find a valid reason on why we need to stick to the employer for 6 months or 1 yr.
    There are cautious people (to say it right, paranoid people to put it blunt) who will not use AC21 or have the theory of sticking to employer for 6 months or 1 yr.

    I am still pondering, but leaning strongly towards switching job if the offer is good.

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  • My I-140 is approved in 2006 and now i have filed my I-485. My employer has not given me any kind of doucments like I-140 approved document or Labour Substitution document. The only form he gave is ETA 9035E after my substitue labour was approved. If I want to change job after 180 days using AC21 do I need any of doucments from this employer. If my employer is not ready to give , what is other alternative. Plesae advice.

    It would be best to get the labor certification application to know the exact job title, job description and wage rate. If employer is not ready to share a copy of labor certification application, file FOIA application to get the copy of the labor certification application. It may take up to 1-2 months to process FOIA.

    It is highly recommended to get copy of approved I-140. There may be other ways to handle this, but here is a way I would prefer. Ask your lawyer to send you copy of your 485 packet. If your 140 was approved prior to sending 485 application, the lawyer would have sent you a copy of approved I-140 with your 485 application to USCIS. If your current lawyer is not cooperating with you, you will have to get a new lawyer as soon as you change your job, of'course after getting copy of the labor certification application. When you have a new lawyer represent you, file a new G-28 form for your I-485 application, and ask the new lawyer to fill an application to get a copy of your I-140 approval notice.

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  • Based on my receipt numbers and looking up on USCIS website, it appears my AOS application that was sent to NSC has been sent to California Center. I have not seen anybody's case being sent to CSC. Dunno how good or bad it is and whether it sppeds up/delays my EAD processing. Anybody had experience with CSC and got any of EAD/AP/GC approved from CSC.
    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=ace7ec20cfbd4110VgnVCM1000004718190aRCR D

    says that

    "*California Service Center and Vermont Service Center are currently assisting in data entry of employment-based I-485 and related forms (I-140, I-765, and I-131) received at Texas Service Center between the dates of 7/28 and 8/8. As a result, some applicants may receive receipt notices from a service center different than the one they originally applied to."

    Match your application date on that page to your dates ...

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  • There are now couple of threads and several posts in different places on the same topic. I have merged 2 threads.
    be careful when you start a new thread. see if there is already a thread on the topic and post in that thread.

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  • I think, it is a combination of three things.
    1. Laziness
    2. No Accountability
    2. Bad intentions ...as you mentioned

    In my job, I am a software trainer. I teach hundreds of people. I will be accountable (and asked questions) if I delay my work even by one day. There are tight deadlines for everything. (Yes, 5 minute job of renewing EAD will not be 90 days ...it will be 5 minutes only) Even if one customer just soft complains about anything, I will be held accountable and my job will be in jeopardy. There is no such thing in USCIS.

    BTW: I hate when they say 90 days and then exclude the RFE time and the mail accepting time.(They count from the date of receipt and not the date of receiving the mail). On the top of it, the receipt date can be any time they want and not the date of receiving the date. It can become 120 days and when they say "days", it is like one of those commercials which says, " for only 1$ a day ...." instead of saying $365 which they charge for the whole year . subscription.

    Same way instead of saying 3 to 5 months , they say 90 days (so that it does not seem long). they should say , "EAD RENEWAL ONLY TAKES 129600 MINUTES". ..and then in the small print, light gray color at a hidden spot in the bottom, in tons of lines of text, say, "does not include RFE, holidays, Mail transit time, and time before we accept it"

    Can anybody please send me the address of USCIS director ? I want to write a letter to him with a copy to his boss too. Anybody can help me know who his boss is and his address too ?

    You will be barking up the wrong tree or up the same tree a lot of us have already barked up to, by writing to rthe Director of USCIS and his boss.
    Alejandro Mayorkas is the Director od USCIS and I believe his boss would be none other than Ms. Janet Napolitano..

    Poke around IV, there has to contact information for both of these individuals.
    Laziness and Un-accountability are hallmarks of any government organization in any country, so we can discount that. I strongly incline in the direction of "Bad Intentions".

    Afterall these are all clerk level employees who have, what amounts to the future of thousands of people, in their hands. Whenever USICS efficiency/operating procedures are discussed here, I am reminded of what a clerk in my engineering school in India once told me. Mind you, this was NOT a government office where dealinggs of millions of rupees are made. This was a SCHOOL.
    Following is the brief dialoge between the clerk and I:
    Clerk: "Bhai, clerk se hamesha dar ke rehna."

    Me" "Kyon?"

    Clerk:" KUTTA mein ek (one) "K" ( the hindi letter Ka), hota hai aur clerk mei 2, is liya dhyan rakha"

    That dude was so correct.

    Happy hump day.

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  • Not related to this thread but I did not want to open a new thread for this question..

    As you can see I am EB2-I (info above) and am waiting in line for my turn but I am just wondering if L1 route to GC is quicker? If so then how?

    Not that I am trying to do it because I can not :) but I know someone who just got his GC via L1 in matter of months and here we all EB guys are waiting..


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  • Another one -


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  • what is this? there are delivered date and received date with received date before the delivered date. How can they receive before the delivery. Hmmm Did USCIS guys ran early morning 4 O Clock to UPS/ FED-EX/ ETC to receive the app before those guys attempted to deliver :) Even if someone says, "YES", there was 6 days difference between those two days. No idea what USCIS is doing.

    Got Receipt

    Application Received on : 07/03/2007
    Agency : Nebraska
    Status : Delivered on 07/09/2007
    Case: EB3-India Jan 2004
    Returned/Rejected : Accepted, got Receipt # LIN xxx-xxx-xxxx.


    Not sure if nasir is bluffing...But a July 9th filer getting a receipt b4 the rest (July 2nd - July 8th) --- Something fishy isnt it?

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  • -
    - Any advice for everyone?
    knowledge, knowledge and knowledge! The earlier- the better.
    Greatest disappointment that haven't discovered IV back then, say in 2001:D

    Very true.
    Lack of awareness and information is a big problem. Starting the process early is better. I have seen some people undecided about GC and waiting till the end of H1B to start. It is at that time they discover retrogression. Some discover retrogression only after 140 approval. Until then they are not even aware of IV.

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  • bump

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  • I could not able to do web fax., forums are recognising my user id and password and when I enter my user id and password at
    http://www.immigrationvoice.org/index.php getting invalid user id and password.,

    some times when I click on Home link I am getting _LOGIN_BLOCKED alert message few days back I sent a message to web master to this but not received any reply back!!

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  • that smilie says it all :P

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  • Hi,

    "Employee acknowledges that the Company may invest significant sums to train and educate Employee and the Company’s investment in Employee would be jeopardized if Employee were to leave the company’s employment prior to the Company’s receipt of the benefits of such training and education. Employee hereby agrees to refund to the Company all amounts expended by the Company in the immediately preceding 12 months for education or training of the Employee if Employee resigns from the employment with the Company or is terminated by the Company for gross neglect of duty, material breach of the Letter or this Agreement or conviction or plea of guilty or no contests to a felony. Employee authorizes the Company to deduct and withhold such payment in full from any compensation or other amounts otherwise owed or payable to Employee. The payments will be due within 30 days of termination of the employment."

    Bottom line, once you sign in legal terms you are agreeing to the company terms & conditions...as I highlighted above, its pretty clear that if you leave before the set time frame you will be responsible for paying them back!!

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  • my PD is april 2001
    and still waiting , & when we call ins we get a letter
    still in processing time :(
    what can we do?

    Its shocking..really you deserve to get GC soon..

    BTW,what is your 485 RD/ND and service center?? and they say still in processing time:confused:

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  • vhd999,
    Thanks for another report of using AP without problems. I agree with you about conflicting reports from the German mission and airports. Based upon my research, the airlines only need to confirm that the destination country will allow you entry. While going to India, we have a passport and while coming back to the US we have the AP, so it is a simple matter. I don't know why they have a hundred clauses and sub clauses to determine who needs a transit visa. I am also going to carry my I-797 notice of action which is valid until Dec 2011. That should suffice in my opinion. Thanks to all for clearing all the confusion on these forums.

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  • I understand that ... but I have seen the diploma accepted and the 2+3 accepted but of course nothing accepted by an adjudicator (or several) is binding. It is a tricky case. In a case like this EB3 skilled worker with 3 years of experience is always the best route to go and then once approved they can try for EB2.


    2+ 3 you are mentioning is where +3 = three year degree program like BSc / BCS/ BCom programs offered in India. Here I think we are discussing 3 year DIPLOMA program the eligiblity for which is 10th grade. After finishing this program in some universities you are waived 1st year coursework for the degree program in same field. So for regular people it is 10+2+4 to get a bachelors where as people taking the diploma route it is 10+3+3. So in this case of our friend his 10+3 is equivalent to completed only 1st year degree program. the +2 overlaps with what he has studied in +3 and the +1 in commerce will not be counted in coursework.

    Anuj: What subject was your diploma was it a management diploma or engineering diploma? What was the eligiblity for the same? Was the institute reputed like does it have an entrance test? If yes do you know their acceptance rate? Might help in preparing a case

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  • Try getting info from any other consulate...you will feel the same.... I used to feel the same until I dealt with UK / French /Italian consulates for tourist visa....it was as horrible...

    I dealt with the UK consulate and the CGI India at Chicago. Now, agreed this was many years ago, when I used to have a desi passport.

    There was an awesome Asst. Consular Officer (i forget the exact designation), but her name was Deepa Jain. I submitted my desi passpost for renewal at CGI Chicago, using the procedure described on their then brand new website. Waited 4 weeks, nothing. This was in 1999, so I decided to call the conculate, totally expecting nobody to pickup the phone, but to my surprise, somebody picked up!!. I gave them the details of my application and old passport and the lady who answered the phone said "we will call you back".
    Now, knowing what that means, I began to prepare myslef for weeks and possibly months of frustration..BUT...lo and behold, two days after my call to them, Ms. Deepa Jain called back ON MY cellphone to tell me "your passport was renewed and I wil lmake sure it gets sent out today itself!!". To tel you the truth, I was totally blown away, and if Ms Jain is still around in any of the consulates, hats off to you...but I digress..
    Now comes the part with the UK consulate, again, in Chicago.
    I wanted to visit UK and applied for a visitors visa providing them will all the things that they need. Their requirements are very stringent and they want a ton of information too.

    The delightful englishwoman at the counter in UK consulate started to ask me all sorts of questions while leafing thru my documents. When she saw a copyof my Canadian PR card in there, she stopped and asked me to show her the original card, which I did. Once she saw it, that was it. Her next statement was "You may pick up your passport in the afternoon".

    So, two things, it is the desi sarkari babus who mess it up for us, in the consulates and it is the poor image "enjoyed" by our desi passports (which used to be hand written" up until a few years ago) that create problems for us in the non-Indian consulates (European ones to be precise)J.apanese, Korean and othe Asian consulates tend to be much better in this regard.

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  • What does this mean? That there are not as many approved labor cases as anticipated originally by the USCIS????


    Recent discussions have indicated that both the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) and the Department of Labor still have a significant amount of cases in their backlog reduction efforts. As a result, the anticipated increase in demand has not yet materialized and may not for some time. Therefore, in an effort to maximize number use under the annual numerical limit, the Worldwide and Philippines Employment Third preference cut-off dates have been advanced by one year.

    Unless there is a significant increase in Employment demand, it will be necessary to continue this rate of movement during the upcoming months. Such movement could be expanded to include other chargeability areas and preference categories.

    One consequence of rapid cut-off date advancement is the inevitable increase in demand for numbers as adjustment of status cases are brought to conclusion at CIS Offices. Such increased demand could have dramatic impact on the cut-off dates. Readers will be provided as much advance notice as possible should this occur."

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  • logiclife, finding 6 members in Cleveland & 6 in Coulmbus..trying to reach them. Thinking of forming 2 local groups for conveniece to meet local legislators..

    Guys from Ohio, pl respond thru pm or thru this open forum..

    This has also been sent thru newsletter. If you did not get the newsletter, then update your profile here and check to see if your email address is correct.

    Meet your Legislators:

    Immigration Voice plans to organize a nationwide meet-the-lawmaker drives in every state and every district. Two of our volunteers � Varsha and Sanjay � would be helping us to organize this. If you would like to meet with your lawmakers during this recess, then please email Varsha and Sanjay at varsha@immigrationvoice.org and sanjay@immigrationvoice.org respectively and simply put �Need Meeting Info� in the subject line of Email. They will send you all the information that you need on seeking the appointment, taking the right material with you, making a good case for reform and doing the follow-ups if necessary.

    Feel free to ask Varsha and Sanjay for any other questions that you have. They have met with their Congressmen and Senators a few times and they would be glad to help you do the same thing in your state and district.

    A Perfect Opportunity:

    This is the perfect time to meet the lawmakers, as they would be in their constituencies just before they go back to work on Immigration this spring and summer. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, it is very important that everyone meet with his or her legislators locally during this Easter recess of Congress. The members of the House will be in their districts between 2nd April and 13th April. The members of the Senate will be in their states between 2nd April and 9th April.

    Please use the time between now and the Easter recess to seek appointments to meet with your Congressmen and Senators in order to draw their attention on the need for reform in high-skills immigration.

    Immigration Voice.

    President Obama is not just far left.

    He is far too liberal(left) fiscally and far too conservative(right) socially.

    What does that say ? No relief for us from him, we should look forward for someone else to help us.

    Guys, Just wondering if I would need a copy of my Perm and I140 while invoking AC21. I do have a copy of the I140 but my desi employer would not support me in any way. Please let me know.

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