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  • I jailbroke it because now I can add cydia apps that bypass some shortcomings of the native iPad (password protecting specific apps, mail enhancements, widgets, etc)

    In my second post on this thread, I stated that I just reset the iPad and still have the same problem.

    Just go to an Apple retail store, they'll fix it for you. Worst case scenario you'll get a replacement but since you jail broke the device, it may void the warranty without the exception of this issue. You don't seem to be clear enough of your problem.

    Did you have this issue of the apps icon disappearing before you jail broke it? If you did, why didn't you go to Apple to look at it for you?

    Or... Did this happen after jail breaking and the problem still persists even after factory reset?

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  • I never moved any system files and never would. The only things i put, or tried to put, on the external was 1 sample library for elektrik piano and the saved songs in my garageband folder. thats it.

    I guess this drive is just either faulty or way too slow to meet my needs. I contacted the company about a refund/return ..we'll see

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  • What are these files? Are these safe to delete?

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  • Location is the bay area. i have pictures keep in mind the scratches and dings. im not here to try to scam anyone but the machine is in working order.

    Our records indicate that your product is covered for service and telephone support under the AppleCare Protection Plan which is estimated to expire on March 26, 2009.

    Hardware Overview:

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  • That article is very good but it's directed mostly to manufacturers and industry standard setters rather than end-users.

    Unfortunately, it's a bit tricky. After TRIM Enabler came out about a month ago I did a secure erase. Nonetheless, the other day I ran Stellar Mac Data Recovery to undelete a file and it found a LOT of old files (almost a GB worth) that I think pre-date the secure erase. I might try a more "scientific" test when I have more time.

    I plan to pass the MacBook Air down within the family when I get a new one, but I agree manufacturers need to get on the ball.

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  • At least 5.0.3 works (launched it from my SL partition).

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  • Just curious. I got my new pb and am overall very very happy with it. But i am a biologist and work that i do requires up close scrutinay of several photographs. These horizontal lines make that very annoying. If this is a software problem i wont be that discouraged, but if it is hardware i may have to get a pre-october refurb. Anyone have any insight into this issue?

    Another possibility is that the problem is in the wetware. Some uses see it others don't. It might be that some hardware has it. It might be that Apple had it in the initial machines but not now. I say that because I just got a PowerBook 15" and the screen is beautiful. No lines. No flicker. No waves. Bright and crisp. I love it.

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  • white iPhone 4 has not been launched. Did you converse your black i4 with some kind of conversion kit?

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  • Apple
    Brita (filtered pitchers)
    Nalgene (water bottles)
    Chicken Express (sweet tea)

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  • Premiere will use the other cores, but for me i'd rather 4/6 cores with a higher clock speed and the matrox compressHD card, than a more expensive 8/12 core machine, with lower clock speed and no budget left for the compress card.

    I understand. I'm honestly thinking of purchasing an iMac (after the refresh). I'll add the maximum amount of Ram (or atleast 16GB) and get the best processor from the Apple Website. I think that will be the best option for me. If I become unhappy, I'll sell my iMac or return it within the 30 Day Mark.

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  • Originally posted by sparkleytone
    hmmm i didnt know i could do that. i always take the trouble to do the 'sudo rm -rf System\ Folder/' action...which gets really annoying with odd characters and such

    thx for the inadvertent advice

    Hmm... I think you're right on this one, and you do need the \ before the space, otherwise it'll treat "Folder" as an argument, and not as part of the name of "System Folder" which could be a real problem if Folder is a valid argument.

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  • Right, I am asking for a bit of help from you guys (and gals) my parents are moving to France soon, and currently they're using my year old iBook and my brother's PC, they want their own laptop, and they keep putting off buying one, they both like my iBook, but won't get one for themselves due to the price :o I thought I'd surprise them and buy them one for Christmas, I just need a hand finding what I'd need.

    I don't particularly want to buy them a new one as I have very little money myself, so I thought I'd go for a G3 iBook or something, here is essentially what they'd be using it for, and what they'd need:

    Transferring & viewing photos from DigiCam (USB 2.0)
    Browsing the internet & e-mail (Airport)
    Word Processing
    Music storage (20GB+ HD)
    Watching DVDs (Combo Drive)
    Something thhat could run at least OS 10.3.9

    Could someone give me some idea of a particular model and how much it would go for (on here or ebay).

    Any help is very much appreciated.


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  • I think I saw that house in a documentary somewheres - sort of ugly and nothing at all special... who cares?

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  • I will try to avoid Macrumors and Engadget but it will be hard. I just can't wait!

    Same! But the chances of me going to the darkside and checking before the video comes online is quite likely :p :D

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  • A good friend of mine really wants an iPod mini, and I thought it would be nice to get her one for Christmas. Problem is that you can't get them anywhere anymore. Apple had some for a while on the refurb section of their website, but they are all gone now and the only place I have seen them is on Ebay for like $250+!:eek: I don't really want to pay that much, so I thought I would see if there was anyone here who has one is good condition that they might feel like selling? Any color is fine, although she would prefer green. Also, if anyone knows of a place where one can still buy new/refurbished iPod minis, I would be interested in hearing about that too.

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  • maybe he is agent smith...

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  • When I used to shoot weddings I did photo journalist type of photos. Doing 3 hours of posed photos would be a nightmare. ;)

    Seriously! Hour and a half would be the most I could use, my time would be better spent on something else.

    But, as long as your sister is pleased with the shots, awesome! You should see if you can post some up here when she gets them!

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  • Maybe the disk image you created is corrupt?

    Congress appears to disagree with the President

    and congress is wrong. (

    Not sure how you saw a 12" Powerbook over a decade ago since they didn't come out until 2003 ;)

    But seriously, they will hold 1.12GB of RAM in the original 867MHz models, and all the ones after than will do 1.25GB of RAM. For a short time you actually could get CPU upgrades through a company that you would mail the PowerBook to and they would upgrade it to 1.67GHz or something like that. I've owned both a 867MHz model and currently a 1.5GHz one. Go for no less than a 1.33. They have faster RAM, much better graphics chips, and more HD space by default. My 1.5GHz is wonderful in Leopard with the maximum RAM installed and its 64MB GeForce Go5200 graphics card. Probably wouldn't hurt to find a newer & faster HD, but for a secondary computer, 60GB is plenty for me.

    whoa. i didn't even know this forum existed! :eek:

    can i be old skool? well at least i know i'm older skool than the newbies & regulars. :p

    BTW, i also remember shrek and cleo. :)

    Oracle did no such thing. Were you maybe thinking of Sun? Many years ago?

    You gotta admit, those are some of the fugliest and un-Mac-like applications out there.

    Sorry, I meant Oracle have discontinued their Oracle database for OSX.. the last release for OSX was Oracle 10g. Oracle is now 11g.

    Agreed - they aren't particularly pretty but since OO v3 things have got better with the use of Aqua. However, I'd rather them look ugly and have them not available on OSX at all...

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