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  • Hi,
    I just got my H1B visa and I am working. My wife is currently on F-1/OPT. We are both in the USA. Could you please advise me what is the required documents/steps to apply for her for H4 visa? are there any inf on the web? can I do that myself?
    Thank you,

    Like PMAT mentioned, I-539 is to be used, and you can do it by yourself, if you'd like. Download the latest form from (immigration forms).

    You will need, I-129, photocopy of your passport, your I-94 (current), Photocopy of Marriage certificate.


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  • Dear All,

    It seems my company had audit and my employer was asked to submit client letters for all employees.

    Q's is will it have any impact on 485 process for the employees in case of any issues in the company in other areas ?

    Please let me know.

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  • Once your wife's starts using EAD, her H status is invalid (H1 or H4).

    EAD to H4: Fastest way to get back to H4 would be travel outside USA, stamp, and reenter using H4. You should be maintaining the H1 status all the time.

    EAD to H1: In my opinion, she can get back to H1 as long as her H1 is not expired. COS to H1 or extension can not be done past expiry date.

    Hope this helps!

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  • pls someone respond, who has a clear understanding on this query. I would like to hear to an Attorney's view.

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  • I agree with Clockwork - PD is your labor filing date and not approval date. Good Luck.

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  • Do you have project in hand already?
    What do you mean by you need to start the ' job' on Octt 25..Is that mean you need to join the client for project??
    You can always say different at embassy because they dont know your start date

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  • Days come and go..
    Months come and go..
    Years come and go..

    Visa bulletins come and go..
    RFEs come and go..
    Priority Dates come and go..

    Bills come and go..
    Senators come and go..
    Presidents come and go..

    Even, Recessions come and go (happened only a few time in the last century)..


    Most of the immigrants come here but never go back.

    Enjoy your stay here and live the fullest and stay focused with your job / career. Coz that�s what keeps you going and I bet everyone here will get their green cards some day.

    PS: I am a EB3 applicant waiting in the line for GC(hoping to get it in the next decade).

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  • did it twice already. will do it how much ever time it takes to get the right job. cant let the life suck in eb3 india wait. already waited too long in 485 filing time. cant ruin my life anymore. never informed no one abt my move. cos, in my opinion there will be no time, where they will get to process my eb3 india application with pd jan 2003.

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  • Send an email to the reporter. I did..

    if others want to comment regading the green card issues they can write to her at

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  • When we use the recent I94 (from the H1), do we need to say "were you inspected by an immigration officer?" as "yes"?
    The start date for this should be the date of entry at the airport or the start date on the recent I94?

    You were inspected by the immigration officer thats how you got the I94, there is no I-94 vending machines out there, atleast that I know of.

    Your second question is not clear. Ur Date of Entry is ur start date of the I-94, so whats the question.

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  • The system will release unused/canceled slots regularly. Usually early in the morning. Keep checking every morning and you will get open slots. Once you get an open slot, book the appointment immediately.

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  • Jaime:

    Eagerly waiting for your profile to change to YES for the rally!


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  • This is indeed good news, how long can we stay in dark, we should all know at what stage we are at, as of now I do not know if my case has been pre-adjudicated or not, have background check done or not ??.

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  • Employment Letter is a part of the initial evidence. There is a memo recently saying that any missing initial evidence will result in denial of application without RFE. Try to cajole your employer and gather as much evidence as you can about being asked for $$$ for helping you file 485

    well.looks like I am not going to get any offer letter until I pay them $$.
    In which case, I dont need offer letter, as they will file since I will be paying $$.


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  • Sorry to hear about your situation. You are out of status the minuet you lost your job and the 180 days clock has already started ticking i.e. out of status for more then 180 days and still in the country may result in 5 yr entry ban.

    I don't want to scare you but just sharing the law details.

    Now you best course of action would be to get a job ASAP and get your H1 transferred. For this process immigration will ask for your last pay stub and if there is a big gap then they might reject your visa but again it is hard to say anything as it totally depends upon the officer.

    Also, hire a good attorney if you can.

    Staying in the US after losing a job on H1 is a gray area, especially when you have a valid i-94 hence getting a good attorney is very important.

    Also, you might want to look at student visa or visitor visa to maintain your legal status.

    Good luck

    Do you have any idea about the other legal options in terms of immigration i might have.?

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  • Hi guys,

    My LCA got denied today (reason unknown) and my H1-B has expired on Nov. 1 as well. :(

    I also have a pending I-485 petition with approved I-140. I also have a valid EAD. So I assume, I am currently shifted to AOS pending status working on EAD.

    My question is whether this denial negatively affects my pending I-485 application? I assume not but just wanted to confirm anyways :confused:

    Thanks for you responses.

    Your H1B LCA denial will not have negative impacts on your GC. To keep the records clean, fill out a new I-9 form and submit to HR.

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  • I dont know the answer. Please call NVC to get the correct answer.

    Thanks girishvar

    So ones I have new passport should I have to send copy to Consulate or NVC?

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  • It's 12:29 am here. I can work tomorrow. My phone number is in my portfolio. Feel free to call tonight, or just email. But phone is better not home.


    I got a contract offer at company A (Industry: Health) at a big city. Currently I am working for a State Government as a contractor. As per salary is concerned not much of a difference between the two contract positions. Me and and my wife are currently working but at different places. 2-3 months back we thought of moving to a big place so that the probability of the other person getting job would be more and we can stay together at the same place so I applied for Company A. They accepted my resume but because of the economy and budget constraints they hold the position and after sometime I forgot about it. I dropped the idea of moving and didn't apply for any jobs because of the current economy situations. Now last week after more than 2 months they reopened that position and interviewed me and I got the offer yesterday. Now I am in a dilemma whether to take this offer at Company A or stay where I am until the economy goes little better. My current job is stable. Added to that my wife's contract getting over in Jan 2009. I am cracking my head here thinking what's right thing to do.

    1. If I moved to Company A and my job is good and then after Jan my wife can look for a job at that place. (chances are more because of Big City). Everything is good.

    2. If I moved to Company A and crisis is soo bad and I lost my job and from jan my wife contract is ending. After that it's just nightmare.

    3. If I stay where I am and once the economy stabilizes atleast a bit and look for a job.

    I really appreciate your suggestions. I know they are people in our forum who studied current economy so good and can give me a valuable advice. Thanks.

    if you have more money done it to IV why do u
    want to donate to USCIS

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