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  • They have special love for 45 days. recently they have come with 45 days expiry days for the labor, How insane a dept. can be , this is a perfect example !!!!!

    I wonder why they didn't write
    9+10 = 45

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  • Are you considering actually creating something in AS1?


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  • Hi Gurus,

    I have a question regarding the Labour and I 140, I have joined company A with a promise of approved labour.

    My company has filed for my I140 and it got approved.

    I have asked for a copy of my Labour and I 140, the company representative says, these documents are Employer Centric, so they cannot give me those documents.

    I am really shocked to hear this, As these documents are related to my GC, I thought they should be with me,or alteast a copy of it, but that i snto the case.

    I would like to know if any of you guys had faced this problem, or is the reason given by the representative a genuine one.


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  • to convince them by saying that if a person can legally work in the US, a fact they acknowledge, the person can very well study! I don't think there would be any law that explicitly states this because it seems to be illogical that someone can work legally in a country, but not study! The reverse makes sense and that's why there are explicit laws about that. Good luck!

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  • Dear friends

    I'm very excited to say that I got my green card approved. Thank you for all of your support.

    My status change will not change a bit of my support to IV. I will continue to contribute what I contribute now, until we are sucessful. I'm not successful, until everyone of you is not successful in pursuing your green card. I hope and pray that my stand will motivate non contributing friends to contribute.

    Friends and folks, we did not have any organization to support ourselves. So far we had to take anything shoved upon us. But the emergence of IV changed all that. Contribute and support IV. Because IV is our voice!!!



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  • A couple of years back, my wife, who was on OPT back then moved from OH to TN. All she had to do was to give the written test in TN to get the TN license.

    Also, from my past experiences, I can suggest you to try again by going to a different DMA. Speak to the manager, if possible and reason with him/her. Good luck!

    Actually, I took all my documents and initially I was issued Maryland driver's license then he saw this note and called his supervisor and his supervisor cancelled Maryland Driver's license and gave me back Ohio driver's license. May be its matter of whether someone looks your ohio driver's license carefully or not. but bottomline now, I am not able to get Maryland driver's license.

    Should I goto different DMA? is it illegal if someone gave me Maryland license even though there is "non renewable/non transferable" written?

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  • It is upto can intimate them for job changes...or wait for USCIS come back to you...they usually send you RFE...if you want details about how to intimate USCIS, please take a look at below link...somebody got GC after invoking it is upto you. As far as job description...your labor has good covers everything...I think u r can go ahead and join compnay....but i am not an your attorney...

    I have same question......if for example as above someone changes to SAP....what should be done in terms of notification to USCIS..?

    Do we just go ahead and join the new job / consulting firm and get a letter from them to match the O*NET code or description as above...?

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  • no i did all steps :D yay for me!

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  • Not sure if people understood the question. Based on this data it shows India got much more then what was in the quota and there were more GC given than the yearly total limit. If this is true, why do I keep hearing that in forums that there were 250K visa's over the last 5 years that were lost because they GC's were not processed in time? If anything there were more visa's given and a disproportionately higher # for India.

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  • Uptill 2001/2002 H1B transfer/extensions used to take 15 days to 1 month. Now they take anywhere between 4-8 months. You'll see once the premium I-140 comes into being. The regular I-140 will take forever. Premium processings have implications on regular processing. Basically they are discouraging people to file in regular queue.

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  • I think this person is just making fun.Whatever he is stating here cant be true just creating confusion-It cant be India.
    this is his first post too.

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  • cool thnx guys... it has cleared my confusion...

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  • Thanks for the responses.

    I have the affidavits and the birth certificate with me. The problem is with the misspelled names on those when compared to my passport.

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  • Thanks all for the very useful informations. Yes - I called the DI office today. As per their instruction, booked the infopass appointment for SFO. I will update the result soon.

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  • haha, good to know I'm not the only one.. and Thanks guys! :D

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  • Dependents do not have an A#. Only the principal applicant. You leave this box blank for the H4 holders application.

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  • My wife got all the AP paperback after her return from India. One AP have stamp. Two AP papers are not touched.

    When I traveled using AP for the first time, this is what happened to me. Neither the Airline nor the Immigration Officer retained the originals, when my family members returned back and they had all 3 with them. I think it depends on airline and the immigration officer whether to hold a copy of your AP are not. It is better to be prepared for this.


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  • Hello,

    I have an unfortunate situation. My parents names are misspelled in the Birth certificate compared to the Passport parents name page. Do we need to submit the parents names page of the passport when we submit our documents for 485 ?? Please let me know if this will be a problem and if there is a work around for this ??

    Also if I have a Birth certificate (with my actual full name - dated in 2007 though), do I need to submit the affidavits ??


    dont confuse dated dob cert with the registration long as the dob cert has the registraation date within 3 years or less, i believe, then u r ok...

    Can pls add poll to this by month. We atleast know 3 cases..

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