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  • Fax 11 sent

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  • close to $500 excluding lawyers fees( i dont know how much company paid) .But the sad thing is I made my aged parents and in-laws run for affidavits /scanning etc in heavy rains .

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  • Very helpful if we get to file I485 without PD being current...

    The increase in actual costs to applicants and petitioners will be only 66 percent, however, because applicants for adjustment of status will no longer be required to pay a fee to apply for interim benefits.
    Currently, the I-485 fee is $325. The I-485 customer will also file an average of two Applications for Employment Authorization (I-765) and nearly half will file at least one Application for Travel Document (I-131), while an additional 20 percent of applicants will file a second. These additional ‘interim benefits’ applications allow applicants to work or travel while their status application is pending. The combined fee that applicants currently pay is approximately $800. The proposed fee structure will eliminate the need for applicants to have to pay these subsequent fees that result from processing delays. USCIS is proposing a $905 fee for the I-485 form. When considering the interim benefit fees paid by applicants, the increase for the I-485 is $105 instead of $580; therefore, the overall weighted average is reduced to 66 percent because adjustment of status applicants will pay approximately the same fee that is currently assessed when taking into account those associated ‘interim benefits’ that are paid over a multi-year time perio

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  • Looks like for July 2nd they just started and i talked to 5 other guys( who got receipt) - all of them has a sending time between 9 and 9:30 AM by FEDEX

    Mine went around 11:30 by USPS on July 2nd - so i have to wait for at least 2weeks. 1 hr late means 1 week delay !!

    Kidding - what time yours hit the USCIS building ?

    USCIS mail room received it at 7:55AM on July 2.

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  • lawyer =2250
    medical exam =280
    Birth cerificate =175
    visa screen =435

    total 3207.99

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  • http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=97e19c337879d110VgnVCM1000004718190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    Please share your thoughts.


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  • But consider this: I just posted this in the approval thread:

    Looking at the overall approval trend in IV, , Murthy forum etc it is clear to me that FIFO is out of the door and in most likelihood low hanging fruit is being plucked from the tree. At the next Ombudsman call I am going to raise the issue of USCIS's declared commitment to FIFO but actions that seem completely contrary to it.

    Obviously anonymous postings in open forums cannot be presented as evidence but one can certainly request the Ombudsman's office to ask for monthly 485 approval statistics and the cat will be out of the bag. By the time the wheels of Goverment bureaucracy move it might be a month or two before this data is made available to the Ombudsman's Office; forget the applicants - that will be like asking for the moon.

    Regardless of whether I get approved or not in the next month or two; from a process perspective a monthly approval report going from the USCIS to the Ombudsman's Office each month should hopefully force them to stop this stonewalling and walk the talk.

    This will not only help EB2s down the line but spare a thought for next year when EB2 is current, EB3 has a cut off of June 1, 2006 and we start seeing May 2006 EB3 approvals when 2001/02 EB3s are still pending. Again I welcome suggestions but the focus of my effort is going to be the approval process rather than a personal case or two.

    Good idea delax. I support this action.

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  • Damn, man it feels like you are reading my mind.

    Irrespective of the immigration impact and its direct effect on me, I have tried analyzing the situation at the macro level and I end up at the same conclusion.

    Health care, immigration, social security insolvency etc. no one cares about anything. Companies want to bring skilled labor in and it is being decided by a lottery!! I mean give me a God damn break. In the supposedly knowledge-driven economy, skilled workers are being selected by a lottery!

    Medical emergencies are the leading cause of bankruptcy and there is just talk on the issue, no action.

    Farms are shutting down and moving operations to Mexico. So now the oil will come from Middle East, manufactured goods from China and food from Mexico. And people are Ok with that because "companies just need to pay higher wages to *American* workers" So on top of $ 4 /gallon gas, we will be paying $ 8 for tomatoes.

    There are not the marks of a prospering or forward-looking nation. May be I am becoming cynical as I grow older and may be things are no better in other countries like Canada, UK etc. But sometimes I feel as if I am watching a bad comedy show in slow motion. I question myself if my son, a US citizen by birth, will end up growing in a 2nd world country.

    America was built by immigrants who came here with no sense of entitlement...just hope.....whether it was the Jamestown settlers....the Bavarian farmers....the Irish escaping the potato famine....the East Europeans fleeing communism.....and the recent Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other Asian populations looking to escape corruption and nepotism back home....

    I fail to see how people these days forget this....one of my good friends acknowledges that his grandparents came as refugees fleeing strife in Europe but at the same time curses immigrants for the current woes.....and this guy is not a racist....an entire generation has been brought up to use the i-word as the substitute for the n-word since that is now politically incorrect....:mad:

    Like the Klan leaders of yesterday, the Lou Dobbs of today never desist in blaming the 'immigrants' for everything....:(

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  • Send you a PM also.

    Can you please send it to me also

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  • (3) Note also the USCIS memo that went into effect by mid June:http://www.uscis.gov/files/pressrele...heet041207.pdf
    This states that, unlike earlier, petitions filed without initial evidence are more likely to be rejected than to be RFE-ed. (See towards end of first page).

    Could you please post the correct link? This one is not working. I wanted to check about the initial evidence

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  • I filed I-140/1-485 concurrently July 4th. Got my EAD and AP. I-140/1-485 still pending. Is it true that you get FP notice only when your I-140 is approved?

    I know lot of people who got FP notices for concurrently filed I-485

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  • July 19filer (@TSC), awaiting FP for both me and my wife (no SR opened yet).

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  • Despite of my request on RED dots and interpretation issues,

    Some one gave me a RED dot for this posting. It is as follows

    1. Interpretation issues... 10-21-2008 03:40 PM What is "con traversal" dear ? ))

    Guys, we need keep away these kind of people from IV participation. There should be some restrictions (rules and regulation). These are the people who don't know what they are doing. GOD only can save them.

    We are here for to work and live and represent as a forum to fight against a broken system. Looks like we have issues among us.

    We either take away GREEN/RED dot concepts from bothering others or do some thing else (display who has given RED/GREEN dots).

    Core member do some thing.

    The least you can do is ignore the dots, the more you talk and complain, there are people wanting to give you more, it is like this.. the more I listen to Shawn Hannity, the more I turn democrat.

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  • Understand that, but do you really think (s)he is worried about that at this moment any more than his next board meeting with the board members and CEO. Not increasing H1B quota itself and allowing lottery for highly skilled program, go figure sends some signal that they do not care if you graduate from MIT or from an unknown university in tahiti. How do you really test highly skilled??? by lottery?? dah!!!

    From a senator or CIO level of view if you can get it cheap why not. It comes down to Toyota carolla or Mercedes CLS550 when you are only concerned about getting from point A to point B, enjoying the ride is not in question here.

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  • Be on the safe side man... Get her here atleast one full week in advance and have her medicals done here. Dont take a risk for few $$$$:)

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  • I Pmed you all the information, then you go silent. I am getting ready to board a plane in 20 mins and will be unavailable for an hour and half.

    PM me back if you need help.

    Just trying to help you dude! Dont ask for help and disappear!

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  • seem to be like the three classes in railways in Asia. First (EB1), Second (EB2) and Third (EB3). So unfortunate. :(

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  • There was a soft LUD on mine as well as on my wife's I-485 :D. Mine was filed in NSC on July 2nd 2007 and transferred to CSC for receipts and transferred back to NSC :confused:. Currently mine is not within the priority date :confused: . Not sure why there is sudden LUD this month :eek:.

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  • I think the most confusion is caused by our willingness to interpret the definition of discrimination too broadly. Let's see what exactly is done here when an employer refuses a visa sponsorship for a prospective employee.

    I think no one on this forum will deny that an employment authorization H1b folks possess is limited in nature and valid only as long as the H1b recipient is working for the sponsoring employer. Should such an employee leave his sponsoring employer the employment authorization ceases to exist and a new employer must seek another employment authorization for his newly hired employee, a process commonly known as an H1b visa transfer.

    According to the Workplace Fairness website the following stands true:
    An employer should not ask about your citizenship status during a job interview. The employer can only notify you as a job applicant that, should a job be offered to you, you will be expected to provide evidence that you are legally entitled to work in the US within the first three days of starting work. The employer should say this to every job candidate, as saying this selectively may be illegal discrimination.
    The only valid question during an interview or as a part of a pre-screen process could be "Are you authorized to work for any employer in this country?" This question will NOT constitute any discrimination, as per the law employers have to verify the work authorization status of all new hires by the way of I-9 form filing within 3 day period after employment commencement.
    NO H1b person can answer YES to this question, therefore an employer has a right to refuse employment to any such applicant. Employer's willingness to apply for a visa transfer is a pure good will and no employer can be forced to do so under the current law.
    As for the insurance, banking, etc., the decision to extend such services is always based on the risk assessment. You might argue that an H1b holder does not represent a greater risk for a US lender (insurer) than an ordinary US citizen. I am sure that all these insurance companies have their own studies somewhere which prove that people with no permanent status in the country represent a greater risk for their business, than those who possess such status. Providing that there are some stories about H1b workers who maxed out their credit lines, abandoned their houses and fled the country after being laid off, I do not think that any court in this country would side with non-immigrants on this matter.

    But we can always keep complaining on here how badly treated and unprotected we are.

    Ofcourse at first they will say its a crazy idea and wouldn't have any impact.
    But got to try atleast and try to convince them
    Efforts have to be collective. Try to get supporrt from coworkers, friends - ask them for a honest opinion and see what they have to say

    Congratulations !

    To others,

    How about if IV publishes his brief story( off course with his permission), congratulating him on IV behalf, in all national news paper ( with or w.o his name ) Date of entry, profession, long time wait- reasons and all opportunities he may have missed, couldn't buy house, collage-tution probelms etc and all struggles he has his family might have faced. point by point.

    Money would come from special campaign. NY TIMES, USA TODAY, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Miami Herald etc. News paper industry is struggling so won't cost much to buy a half/quarter page with a title - " An untold story of legal immigration" Or similar kind of eye catching title. Not more than 10-12 lines stating thousands others are waiting in line...

    There won't be difficult to get more his kind of cases to run it on regular basis in future.

    Any one ?

    I agree 100%. And send one copy of the news paper clipping to OBAMA !!

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