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  • I know one of my friends got his GC in April this year EB3 India, PD Aug 2001.
    So they did approve some cases, very few though.

    Is this something to be concerned of, Absolutely. USCIS should release the monthly statistics of approvals in each category.

    It is something to be concerned about, they don't seem to be have approved any EB3-I after July 07 (or may be they approved a very tiny number).
    June 03 was the cutoff in June 07 and after that it hasn't crossed Nov 01 ever, till date. Very weird.

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  • Let me acknowledge..This thread made me easily come out of holiday blues. Above thats its friday...!!!!

    My take on this situation....ask your freind to apply for concurent H1b's..it works out well with concurent wives...!!!!:):):) He can bring one wife on each visa..!!!!

    May be he can apply for blanket H4...

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  • Preponing visa interview without very valid reason cud be harmful. u never know, if they catch ur wife telling a lie then ull be walking on thin ice.

    I disagree with this statement. Your most compelling argument of preponing your visa interview is that they have opened slots which were not earlier available and you would like to finish this process and keep some time incase some additional documentation was required, you would have the time to get it. Also, there is NO RULE that says you cannot prepone appointment.

    Also, I suggested you get a fresh appointment at Mumbai (your original appointment was in Chennai - correct?)

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  • Ask her to do all the immunizations and get a immunization record. Take an appointment here on Aug 15th. Go to the doctor, pay him more and tell me you need ASAP and get the report the same day.

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  • just been informed that the newscast is going is to happen tommorow. apparently there was some "breaking" news!! guys make sure you tune in tomorrow!!
    So far there is nothing broadcasted which seemed to be breaking news.

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  • I am on a non immigrant visa and am fairly close to getting my green card through EB-1 under current system - so am basically screwed if the new law passes. I have sent my share of web faxes and have made my wife/ friends at work do the same. I view green card as a logistical convenience and not a do or die thing. If GC does not work out and my work visa upper limit expires - my company would move me elsewhere (or I can get another job somewhere else)....I dont consider myself beholden to any country except India (my country of birth) and would happily move around till I can afford to settle down comfortably in India

    However, if I think rationally without being condescending, here is my take:

    Legislators in a democratic country are answerable to the people who vote (that excludes all of us). If the Indian MPs start listening to the thousands of neighboring country (no offence intended - just illustration of a point) immigrants while making up their mind on any legislation - I would be damn pissed off - regardless of whether they pay taxes or not.

    When we all came to US on work visas - US Govt did not make any promises about green card nor did they extend an express invitation to most of us (there may be some exceptional scientists/ educators etc here and I beg their apology)......the contract was between us and sponsoring employers..not with the US Govt...US Govt may choose to legislate the way they deem fit without asking us or listening to us- regardless of what 1 million folks have to say

    The opposition to the new law from skilled, legal non-immigrants is not united....nor are the demands uniform....a divided front can never be a strong front.

    No matter what IV or any other organization does (not to take anything away from the great work being done here)......the senators/ congressmen would listen only to those who have voting rights....I dont think anything is being done here to change public opinion of the common US citizen.....and I am not even sure how to do that....common US citizens think that Indians (and other work visa holders) are here to take away the nice white collar jobs which they took for granted.......

    Senators/ congressment do not (and they should not in a real democracy) have any opinion - they are supposed to mirror the opinion of the voting majority...the reason they care about the illegal immigrants is because the ethnic segment from which an overwhelming number of illegals come from - their legal US citizen brethren have put their electoral weight behind this.....since many families are like 50% legal and 50% illegal......

    with all due respect to you sir, Can you please explain us what to do? If someone want to pack bags and leave they can always do that and my humble advice to those people is dont waste your time on these forums.

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  • I must say I haven't seen so many interesting !!! people at one place....AMAZING ..Please send one to Bush Bhai...May be they will consider yours a special case and immidiately grant you GC...you are one really SMART...:D :rolleyes:

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  • Pl respond

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  • As I have already accepted that my decision of choosing CP was not right during the time of recession. When dates became current, I thought mine will be current in a month or so and CP is a faster process to get green card as 485 filers some time stuck in name chack and all ( as I know couple of friends). So that was the only reason I filed Cp instead of 485.

    There is one ideom in Hindi -" Chaube jee chale chhabbe jee banane aur reh gaye dubey jee"
    So I am dube jee now.:rolleyes:

    Hope you are able to work through this situation tinku01. I sympathize with you. Good luck.

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  • u r PD is March 2006, when was it current...???

    In case u r GC got approved while u r PD was current then, sorry to say as for as my knwoledge goes, you may not have much option other than bringing u r spouse on F1/L1/H1.

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  • Guys we should put this on youtube and hit with star ratings and supporting messages for moore...........


    CNN never tell truth no matter what it is...immigration, health care, .....

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  • :cool: Yeah, wait till the next one.

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  • Possibility of CIR happening diminishes each day passing by and as always every one acknowledge Immigration Reform as an important issue, but the reality, it is not as important as the other issues, economy, jobs, housing crisis, etc .

    Only window the Democrats have to do something about CIR is in the lame duck session, but it is easy said than done and could cause a deep divide among the parties that already have a bitter relation. If not in lame-duck session, then nothing untill after 2012 election.. that pushes to 2013.

    One of the promise Obama ran the first presidential election on was CIR and if none is done on that, he probably should write off the Latino votes, without which he cannot win again. Also getting a CIR through the Republican controlled house, that the Senate also agrees on -- don't think it will happen and well.. Also time now is to plan on re-election strategy for 2012 election for Obama and team.

    Only slim chance is before this congress term ends and not sure, if they can get something through. There is a very slim chance it might occur.. but again Media and special interest groups could blow it up too...

    Will have to see how it goes.. or if the blame game / finger pointing keeps continuing...

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  • lawyer =2250
    medical exam =280
    Birth cerificate =175
    visa screen =435

    total 3207.99

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  • This 6-month wait period after GC is the biggest myth esp among the desi community. I have never heard or seen any problem with citizen ship of anyone who switched job within 6 months of getting GC. If you have GC, you are as good as citizen except a few more rights that come with citizenship so enjoy your independence and work on your career !!

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  • Ram_C,

    I am also July23 filer. Transfer TSC - CSC Finally NSC.
    Today, I got FP for my wife for Dec-01 (Saturday:confused:).

    Hoping, mine will also come soon.

    One more thing...we called USCIS on 23rd Oct separately. They didn't open SR. My IO or Cust Rep said wait [more time-no timeline] and u will get ur FP notice. On the other hand my wife's IO or Cust. Rep said you get in two weeks. Now I see that her FP was issued on 5th Nov (2 weeks timeline).

    goood luck all

    as far as I know USCIS haven't published any FP related time lines.

    hope everyone will receive FP notice soon

    good luck :)

    There is a petition to capture lost visa. If lost visas are recaptured, there will be some relief.

    At least that would definetely help. Apparently over the past 5 years they have lost 180,000 visas just becuase.


    2) Job security for PMP's. The only job that will not be outsourced to India or China is that of a project manager.

    Wrong !! I work for IBM and IBM just recently outsourced almost all the PM's and SDM's job to India only ( Not to China because of English speaking ability ). IBM got tonnes of skilled MBA's with english speaking. As of now hardly I see any PM's from US during calls. But I admire you for all the other points. well said.

    Dear vine93:

    Your statement may be an unique case in one IBM project. I was a PMO overseeing a large IBM implementation project and all my peers at IBM had PMP's. However, for implementation projects MBA's are never considered better than PMP's, however they are at par. MBA with PMP is a unique combination and it will help your career growth. Yes i too have a MBA with PMP.

    However, you said one important aspect of a Project manager, i.e. communication. The PM needs to have a good command over English communication, both speaking and writing, otherwise life will be a struggle. Many of the Indian, Chinese, Korean and other people from Asian countries have a very strong accent with their English communication....which can become a hinderance in getting the top job. Also note that a PMP will get a job if he is technically qualified and has a PMP, however for the top jobs your soft skills like communication, people skills and networking takes precedence.

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