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  • guys i posted flyers in areas around LA at Artesia, Temples/Grocery stores around Orange County. Will do more of posting around LA. If you know of places around LA where there can be more of Indians, Chinese, Filipinos please let me know I will post them and try to talk to people around.

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  • Expedite request approved yesterday. Hopeful.....

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  • Kudos to guys like Ragz4u and the rest of you who are following these articles so dilligently. Keep up the good work.

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    Thanks. The most hilarity inducing section of this Q&A is this bit:

    "Q2. Why is this policy being implemented?
    A2. This policy change is in response to a 2005 DHS Inspector General recommendation that USCIS
    align its background check screening policies with those of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement."

    That is SUCH a huge whopper. :D So they waited for 3 freaking years before implementing this!

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  • From their tone, I can tell the were trying hard to be helpful.

    But, no receipt for me yet. July 2nd filer here as well.

    Should I keep another set of 485 application ready, just in case if I don't hear about check cashing or receipt till august 15th ?

    Is there any harm in filing the 485 again (just to be safe).... IF I don't get any indication of action on july2nd app ?
    This is paranoa!!!!!!!! STOP already

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  • my new total 105 ish
    maybe a few more this week.

    If anyone wants about 50 hand addressed envelops to President then PM me.

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  • .doesnt matter even if it is Iraq..please tell me, I am tired of waiting for visa bulletins and putting my life on hold..please...

    I know how to go to IRAQ, Just join Army...they will post you tomorrow ;) .
    Easiest way to go to IRAQ with paid airfare ....;)

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  • Your case is a bit different, I am not sure if you could avoid paying back as GC process is for your benefit so a company could request a pay-back, even though amount is a bit high and you did not get anything in return. I would compare it to a situation where company gives an employee a laptop and expect person to return it when s/he leaves a company.
    helloh1's clause is different - company receives benefits by training its employees so it's just plain wrong to request a pay back in that case.
    So just forget about it and move on, we all make mistakes and here in the US those mistakes usually cost money.

    Thank you "lazycis" I agree with you and take your advise and let this go and be more cautious moving forward!

    Once again I really appreciate for all the folks out there who looked into my request and your great posts!

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  • July 2 filer - receipted fromTSC, received EADs - awaiting FP for both me and my wife (no SR opened yet). No AP Yet.

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  • Urgency of getting a receipt is that once you get the receipt, it means that USCIS has 'accepted' your application and it will not be rejected for lack of initial evidence.

    You can track it by checking your bank account too. You checks will be cashed first before you get the receipt.

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  • been 90+ days no news on AP. called USCIS for delay and now I get an email about RFE on me and my wifes AP.

    any ideas, what type of RFE's being issued for APs?

    response will be greatly appreciated.


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  • For a moment, leave the IIT/merit/experience arguments aside...fact is US graduate schools get taxpayer funds...and one way or other students graduating in US get benefit from those taxes. Senators do not want their tax $$ investments to leave the country...that only is the reason they did something for US graduates in H1...this separate quota may or may not there is no direct benefit for US...stay on H1B and pay taxes good for usa :cool:

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  • Wishful thinking - Would be nice if the court went against AZ and asked the congress and senate to resolve the issue soon through legislative action. Republicans will be against any sort of amnesty, so not a thing will happen till November, but there may be chances of piecemeal legislations to address legal immigration issues if Republicans get the majority.

    I have paid over $10 K in attorney fees so far and Obama wants to legalize the illegals who broke the law by granting them amnesty and asking them to pay a "fine"? If this happened in our home country, wouldn't we all do the same and think the same as the people of Arizona? I'm in favor of AZ taking this initiative .

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  • Got CPO status email on 9/29 for my EAD. No changes for my wife and son.. looks like they will have to wait for some more time :confused:

    Still pending... Just checking to see if there are many waiting like me

    NSC: July 3nd 2008

    FP : Aug 1, 2008

    LUD on AUG 3, 2008

    Still pending approval..

    What a weird system - even for E-Filing (supposed to be online system- easy to organize), we see random approvals. Hope someone realizes and makes the system organized better...

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  • I wonder what is this article all about !!! pls. post the text here so that we can read it !!!!!:)

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  • Increase the Visa numbers, that's what we should be aiming for.
    A one time news event is not going to solve the problem.

    The July fiasco, should be used to start an all out campaign with Congress to increase the Visa numbers.
    Let this opportunity not go to waste.

    Please keep fighting.

    Send flowers on 12th of every month to USCIS or DOS.

    Do not let this opportunity go waste.

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  • Just call IRS and they will talk to your employer for your W2. This has happened with me and stupid indian company "Hexaware" shipped it to me overnight past year after I called IRS. Guess what I also got useless call from so called "Big shots" to apologize for the situation and withdraw the complaint.

    Employers cannot hold your W2. If you can prove with paystubs that you could not file tax returns because they refused to provide W2, IRS will get them. I am sure they wouldn't want to get into trouble with uncle sam just because of ego.

    Unfortunately IRS doesn't help.. And employer get benefit of doubt for lost mail :-) But they'll send you a form to fill and submit instead of W2... At least thats what I experienced... I also thought that employer cannot withold W2.. But yes, they can... due to lost mail concept :-) They'd send W2 copy to IRS without fail.. just the mail to employee would be lost...

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  • If you can try down to Southern Cal. to hand me over the stuff

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  • Your spouse applied for H4/H1? Which one?

    Thank you very much Dinesh for this. Currently my spouse's passport is stuck in the same place for god-only-knows-what reason. The embassy staff said they are auditing every 2nd-3rd application. We have the AP but we were thinking that if we withdraw the H1B application, the embassy people might stamp the passport saying "Application Received" which sometimes can be a euphemism for "Visa Denied". I once got such a stamp when visa was denied to me.

    Since we would then always have to keep explaining at every stage why we have that stamp, that's why we are sticking on with H1B delay. We have been given the same time-frames as you were.

    When you withdrew your passport to travel on AP, did they stamp your passport with any text? Also could you please tell us the procedure you followed to withdraw your passport and whether you could collect it in person? We have been asked to email the US Embassy for withdrawing from our H1B application.

    Thanks buddy.

    The one I put in my earlier post is exacty the same template I used to send to USCIS !

    Is there a way you can get me a sample letter from employer?

    Final Q, how long it took from day1 of EB2 filing to filing I140 this week ?

    My PERM was filed on 30th March, approved on Aug 11th, received approval copy on 18th Aug, and I-140 to be filed this week.

    There was a lot of prep work involved before filing PERM in March. My employer agreed to start the process in Oct'09 and the lawyers started the ads in early Jan.

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