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  • Hey everyone, I am looking for computing suggestions for college.

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  • can run tiny umbrella on an ipad 2. I tried to save shsh blobs and nothing happens. I did this on my iphoen last month and it worked fine

    Get the latest version of TinyUmbrella. It needs to be updated each time a new firmware is released.

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  • To whomever asked about the trackpad, no it seems fine to me. And i took it to class today, and it was jsut fine. Still haven't given it a full class workout yet, as I want to wait till i have a bag to carry it in.

    Maybe I need to workout some more, but man, my campus is huge and I get sick of carrying around my 15", much less a 17". As much as I would love to...

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  • Might want to try G.E.M.M. The biggest selection "on the Planet." Haven't purchased cds from them but have purchased numerous vinyl and the grading condition is spot on.

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  • A little ducttape will fix it right up.

    "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

    Red Green

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  • You can ONLY do a tethered jailbreak on 4.3 (or 4.3.1) currently.. as someone has stated here..

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  • True.
    An 8MP cam with with a better lens will destroy it.

    Cameraphones will always be a bit gimped purely because of their size and multifunction nature.

    Very soon it will make no difference as these cameraphones will supersede single-function point-and-shoot cameras in sales. In due course it won't be worth it to manufacture them unless they're higher-end. And by point-and-shoot I mean a Canon Powershot SD1000, for example.

    Device convergence. Cameraphones have been catching up very nicely as of late. I can do so me pretty astounding things with my iPhone 4 camera plus photo software. The only real issue yet to be sorted out is zoom.

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  • Why...?

    16 MP in a phone for what?

    Because they ran out of ideas.

    When all else fails just slam a bigger camera in there. Just play the specs game. Never mind the software ecosystem.

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  • Now all I want is a way to get the behaviour of the OS9 Finder.

    The OSX Finder is seriously flawed.

    ...and this for everyone who suffers from the silly gaudy childish look of OS X and misses the clean elegance of OS 9 (it not necessarily the extension conflicts and the lousy task-threading).

    1) The Classic Platinum Theme ( Installable on OS X using either's ShapeShifter or Duality 4

    2) X-Assist ( or ASM ( to give you an application switching menu in your menubar.

    3) FruitMenu ( to give you back an editable / customizable Apple Menu, to give you a hierarchical menu-view of System Prefs so you don't have to launch the entire %&## System Preferences pane and then reach with your mouse a second time to invoke the specific PrefsPane you want. And to use as a launcher.

    4) WindowShade X (, to be able to minimize windows the classic Macintosh way, not like some Windows PC-wannabe. (Will also minimize-in-place to a small icon)

    5) PullTab (, to pry that damn Dock's filthy hands off the keystoke combo Command-Tab, thus freeing it up for apps with original rights to it, like FileMaker Pro.

    6) To get your Trash can onto the Desktop where it belongs, there are several apps that purport to be able to do so, but I prefer to just use TinkerTool to make everything visible in the Finder, then make an alias to .Trash and put the alias on the Desktop. Find a nice MacOS 9ish Trashcan icon on the internet and paste.

    7) Now to dispense with the godforsaken Dock itself. Two choices: you can minimize it practically out of existence by pinning it to the left edge of your screen and then edit in a text editor, manually changing the tilesize parameter to 1, which will give you a Dock about the size of a pinhead in a place where you won't mouse-over on it very often by accident; or you can nuke it entirely. To nuke it entirely, first copy from /System/Library/CoreServices and make that copy a startup item for every user account on your machine (towards the top of the list); then make an AppleScript consisting of tell application "Dock"; quit; end tell, save it as an application, and add that to your startup items (towards the end); then, finally, sudo rm the original from within CoreServices. Hickory Dickory, baby :)

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  • I'm after 1 or 2 more people to add to my army of 4 other Beta testers for a game I'm working on.
    There are a few requirements-

    1) A PC and/or bootcamp. The beta is tied to individual systems too, so not jumping from system to system! A good controller is recommended. I'm using an Xbox 360 wired controller to dev it, all 4 face buttons, the start button and 2 shoulder buttons are in use so you'd either need something similar or you can always use a keyboard.
    2) A softspot to 2D games. This may be ported to the PSP or DS, unlikely for big screened consoles. so it's 2D. In the style of Super Metroid and co. Infact it plays more like an exploration game at the beginning so theres little combat. Very retro gameplay, RPG levelling up system. That sort of thing really.
    3) Commitment. It's going to be a long project with updates coming out at irregular times. But you will be expected to play through, give comments on my forum etc.

    The game itself is very much in its infancy, estimated release is late 2007 and is unpaid, but full term beta testers will get free copies of the game... if you're not sick of it by this stage :p

    screenshots and other info on my site! (

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  • Anyone spoken to them to confirm if they have a reservation list at all? :confused:

    I checked with the store to see if they were doing pre-orders/reservations but they said that it would be on a first come, first served basis. It looks like Orange have back tracked on it as they originally said that they would be taking pre-orders.

    I was thinking of heading there for about 7/7:15 ish too. The lady I spoke to yesterday at the store said that as long as you are there by about 7:45 it should be ok but that it depends on the numbers in the queue. However she didn't know what the stock would be so it was a guess.

    Guess I'll see you there :)

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  • A friend of mine was in a similar situation. He ended up getting a base 15" MBP and got the optibay. He's a professional photographer and said he needed the space (both hd and screen). He loves his setup.

    They did have the hi-res antiglare in stock, but not all stores do

    Personally though- if you're just using aperture and final cut express a bit, and don't mind an external- I'd say wait for the 13" MBA to get updated.

    They're amazing, especially if you're gonna be traveling a lot.

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  • Comes in White & Black battery powered, 10 hours battery life with quick recharge time for the ladies.....

    (No pics needed use your imagination)

    That already exists!

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  • hey people, thanks for these tips.

    just one question before i try this,

    if i firstly consolodate my library back to the default place in the 'my music' folder and then copy my library folder from the pc to the mac. then drag the library folder to the itunes icon... will all the playlists and stuff stored in the xml file be updated??


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  • Are you doing this for internal traffic only? Or from traffic being routed between en0 and en1?

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  • Traffic increased dramatically today for unclear reasons.

    One person had mentioned that the site was mentioned on TechTV last night... so perhaps it was again on TechTV today.

    Regardless, I apologize for the downtime today. The server just wasn't prepared for it. As a result, we had to shut down the forums for a while, and have now limited the forums to registered users only.


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  • I can't comment on the HD650 with a macbook pro personally, as I do not exactly have one. Of the few times I've tried it out, it was at a friend's and at local music stores. I'm an audio technica kind of guy, so I tend to stick to their products. I know the lower impedance audio techncia cans sound pretty good on my brother's macbook pro and my iMac via their intel hd integrated card and headphone jack.

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  • I'd appreciate any links to distributed computing forums, not of the folding @ home type but for closed, professional grid-based computing. It'd be good to read up on what other people are doing in respect of this these days.


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  • Sun ( has the just released public grid online, but is U.S. only at the moment. still an interesting read.

    most of the rest of my links would be linux... were you looking for mac, or grids in general?

    Mybae Apple are updating EVERYTHING !!!! :D :D

    you can only run gpu3 with nvidia 400 series cards, unless you run the command like this:

    fah -gpu 0 -forcegpu nvidia_g80 -advmethods -verbosity 9 -local

    try that with what you did before and see if it works!

    holy crap you're a genious :) it actually started computing now i think, though it errored out right away with an 'unstable machine' error. first time its gotten that far at least. here's the log

    it was trying to use core_15 earlier which was probably the issue. i wasn't forcing it with g80. i'm still not sure from those linux instructions what all we need to do on os x with the wine dll wrapper and stuff though. maybe its not actually seeing the card who knows. thanks for the help:)

    looks like it might be an issue with the nvidia cuda driver and 10.6.5?

    Does anyone really use Illustrator CS to it's abilities to create vector artwork on the scale of photographic portraits?

    You know, after 16 years on the Internet you'd think I'd know how to find ***** by now.

    Thanks much. No idea why I only looked on eBay and Craigslist.

    If only they made a website where I could search a whole BUNCH of websites at once. Hmmmmmmmm......

    No problem.

    I use the deals section on Lowendmac ( to find what im looking for if i cannot find it on ebay/craigslist

    Screenaid should be in the Hall of Shame.. Maybe yours was a beginners luck purchase but keep ordering and they'll get you. Google screenaid before you order anything. Several of my colleagues in the industry have blacklisted them

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