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  • That is accurate I have done 10+2+1+3

    For EB3 one needs to show 4 years of degree and 2 years of experiance. Normally every degree year is equivalent to 3 years of experiance. I don't know how USCIS sees diploma. In your case a very strong evaluation certificate is needed.

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  • Originally posted by =VALOR=
    Ehmmmmmmm ..............:whistle:

    True. Sorry.
    np dude :) i was just messing with ya :P

    a vote for kit isn�t a wasted vote ;)

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  • Hope they get the same type of canned, useless answers we get when we call up USCIS.

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  • Kumar,
    Thanks for your detailed postings.

    One question to Kumar and other knowledgeable readers here.

    My child is now over 21 years of age, however is OK with our present EB-3 filing. We all are on EAD. Now if I go for EB-2 route, my doubt is that my child who is already 21 plus years, will not be eligible to be beneficiary in this new EB-2 route...or is there any way?
    Thanks for your attention guys.

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  • Pappu and Forum Admin,

    1. I would recommend you to discuss with USCIS on EB1 Application Fraud for MNC( Consulting Service Compnaies) Managers by their Employers. This is one issue we should be more careful. Brought up this issue with USCIS and Recommend more scrutiny on these kind of applications since a lot of fraud in this area and by passing the whole process and harming every genuine applicant.

    2. Remind USCIS about the quarterly spill over according to the Law


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  • Nope.

    For a consulting company ( unless it is some outsourcing company like Infosys), a company cannot produce the following info for a first time H1B candidate

    A letter from the client company sponsoring the project and a copy of the contract between the U.S.-based petitioner and the client company, stating the timing, terms and agreement for your project.

    Consulting companies exists for the reason that clients won't make an offer to the candidate unless he is already in US.

    Before starting to blame consulting companies, ask yourself a question.
    How many of you got a job offer from a US company ( non-consulting) when you were in India ?

    Either you came to US through a consulting company or you were a student in US.

    Per your logic if someone tries to stop/end bribing in India, you will question them saying-

    Before starting to blame Bribe seeking entities, ask yourself a question.
    How many of you bribed an entity to get your work done, or asked for bribe to do the work for someone?

    What you are saying..about consulting companies not having a "job" at hand to offer is the mis-use of the Visa. This is the loop-hole that cause small time shops to jsut bring a lot of people onsite and then start sending resume arranging interviews etc....and then when this size increases they resort to means like not paying enough or providing them company guesthouse and kitchen + some money to buy grocery and few more buck but not the entire salary..... This is all how it started (the mis-use started)....and that is why consulates have imposed stricter checks.

    It same with the foreclosure crisis...uptil now Bank gave loans (equivalent to visa) w/o complete and proper documentation..which cause ppl getting loands/home when they cannot afford it... now when this whole mess is identified..they want to implement strict enforcement of not giving No-Document, 0-Zero payment loans etc... and you are suggesting to ask people the same question - Have you received such loans in the past ..if yes then why object now... ?

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  • As one of the contents in our rally in DC and SAN JOSE we can mention something like


    Ifv other media picks this up, CNN may start getting worried and change its course. It is all not about lawsuits or legal, but about truth and how to expose truth.

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  • 08/22/2007: October 2007 EB Visa Bulletin Prediction of AILA

    * Based on the discussion with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, DOS, the AILA has just released the following predictions:
    o EB-1 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    o EB-2 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    o EB-3 (All Countries): Similar to January 2007 VB
    o EB-3EW (All Countries): 10/01/2001
    o EB-4: N/A
    o EB-5: C

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  • May visa bulletin will be here today(most prob.)..they r doing the 'cut and paste" of last bulletin right now..:D
    any comments on new bulletin?

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  • I have noticed soft LUD's on all receipts including I140, H1B with all other receipts (485, EAD and AP) for my self and my spouse after using AC21 with H1B transfer.

    Not received FP yet and did not call Service center for it.

    Any clues? or any experienced the same.

    I have notice one more soft LUD on new I 129. I don't know whats going on.

    Any one with same or similar experience?

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  • also I read few months back that out of some 70K SWITCH ppl in usa, they filed GC for less than 100 employees. Do you think only 100 out of some 70K H1B wanted GC??? Another proof that they do not want their employees to move ahead.

    Where did you get this stat? It is BS. My company itself processed more than 1000 GCs last two years. To manage the perm load, we had to hire extra paralegal staff apart from distributing PERM applications to more than 3 law firms.

    And do you know that many folks who got GC from our company did not resign within 2 years of getting GC. They are highly motivated and achievers.

    Amongst SWITCH there are some companies which do not sponsor GC as a policy. I am not denying that. But that doesnt mean that they are wrong.

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  • do we have a real poll number: how many have actually send it?
    i did.
    probably many others did as well. need to know....

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  • How come such legislative efforts are not even in IV's radar now....

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  • Guys, these are all good suggestions.

    However, it is a fact that EAD/AP etc are given in certain circumstances only. Eg to students on OPT, applicants for Adjustment of Status etc. I dug through INA and it specifically says that the Attorney General shall provide Work permits to applicants waiting for Adjustment of Status applicants. I don't have the time to dig through again and provide a reference, but in any case:

    USCIS can't just go give EADs to whomever they please. Legislation is required to authorize these benefits. Students are allowed to work on OPT because Congress legislated that they may, not because USCIS thought it was a good idea.

    The bigger point that I am trying to make is that whether we get EAD/AP as a derivative of I485 filing even with retrogression, or as a beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition, is immaterial. Legislation is required to bring about these changes.

    If you think about concurrent filers in situations where USCIS takes a long time over immigrant petitions, then you are better off with EAD/AP being a benefit of 485 filing rather than waiting for the I140 approval. You get EAD/AP in a couple months instead of waiting for i140 approval then filing for EAD/AP.

    At this point, I am going to go back into hibernation. Thanks.

    BTW, please don't quote a whole post if all you are going to say is "I agree".

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  • done..

    2 votes

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  • If you join as a PM somewhere need to be aware of things line earned value, risk register, critical path, management reserves, contract change control system, stages of team formation, types of Org..etc..etc..which is common terminology for PM' unless you want to join as a PM and blink you want to get certified..

    Most manager jobs require this certification you would go to a dentist to deal with problems with your teeth...not that a general physican cant do it..but a dentist specailises in teeth care..just like it PM is a separate proffession..I have seen MBA getting PMP ceritified..

    For a Reason ..among all the certs ...this is the 1st or the 2nd most sought the world..

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  • Welcome. I urge you to browse this wonderful site and try to gather more information as to what IV has to offer and its history.

    BTW: "sub prime" has nothing to do with the real estate market or the location of the house. It is a financial term to describe a "risk" category invented for the layman. People who got loans even though they do not have the 'prime' credit rating and paid zero down payment are the ones who are walking away from their houses. These foreclosed houses can be anywhere and probably in better locations than not, as their prices would not have precipitously climbed during 2003-2006 crazy years.

    Yup, I know what sub prime is and more. What I meant to say was more that 60% of the foreclosure was due to the sub prime crisis. A lot of these come from the Low Income Group and were sucked into the ARM with 5 yr fixed and variable therafter. They usually don't buy homes in a $500,000 community. They bought houses in a 150K community. Most of the houses in those areas are not what a typical, highly skilled immigrant earning good money would be interested in buying. Atleast not in my area. But you are right. These houses could be in good areas too. With 12 million foreclosed homes, say 6 million are in good areas and with 500K immigrants in line, perhaps buying 250K houses, its about 4% of the foreclosure market. Now tell me, how can that help the economy?

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  • Lawsuite may not work in all occasions. If visa's are not available how can USCIS approve a petition? The law say a VISA should be available in order to approve a GC.

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  • You can watch it on at 7pm PST. Not live though...sorry :(

    I am at work. can i watch it on computer?. can anyone please post a link to watch it online live?.thanks:)

    I want to bring out the plight of legal immigrant community that has been silently suffering the consequences of a broken immigration system. It really baffles me that all the focus in immigration debate is on ILLEGALS when highly educated LEGAL immigrants who play by the rules, pay taxes and follow the law are left in the lurch. Attending to legal immigrants plight will also send a positive signal to the ILLEGAL community to see the perks of being LEGAL. Right now, it seems more rewarding to be ILLEGAL than pursue the LEGAL route towards immigration. What an irony!
    The country based quotas imposed on Employment Based green cards are not only unfair but self defeating because the benchmark is country of origin and not qualification! Since these EB category based green cards are awarded for professional skills, imposing a country based quota just does not make any sense. I urge you to work with Congress and change this discriminatory policy and reinforce that America is truly a society that celebrates meritocracy.
    The immigrant community is really looking at President Obama to deliver on his promise of CHANGE - Change that we can believe in.


    I left my previous employer more than 6 months back , he didnt paid me my final paycheck and i complained to DOL since 3 wehn i asked for my W2 he said me to do whatever i feel and he is adamant at not giving it....moreover he said that his company has suffered losses worth 25K and his lawyer has sent a legal notice in this regard....and when i said how will we file taxes he says he wished for me to be out of status and go back.....

    Since i have complained to DOL and also it is more than 6 moths since i left his organisation giving proper notice and have email confirmations, can he issue me legeal notice.....?please advice...

    He is also saying that he has written to USCIS that I am fraud,....though I have been working in fortune 100 companies and now also working in reputed company and never lied for anything and was on project from day 1 since I came to States....? can USCIS cause problems for me in future...

    Also, he seems to have closed his company..

    Folks please advice....

    You dont need W-2 for filing taxes all the time. As long you have paystubs and i shows howmuch you paid taxes federal and state..that is enough..Please go to HE block or any other CPA who can file taxes and he can help you..
    I did same thing 3 years back..and there was no issue at all...

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