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  • how did you find out ?

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  • Everyone please create your own account at (search with keyword immigration), and vote for all the questions favoring legal immigration so that those question will get more attention.

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  • 1. Check with your lawyer on this

    2. Do not send affidavit for Aug 20th. Then you end up with documents having two birthdates and affidavits for confirming both birthdates. Instead, just leave it and wait. You may or may not end up with an RFE.

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  • Jeez! This is a really deplorable situation. USCIS has all the information and they are asking AILA for help? Why not just ask the guys who have their AOS cases pending? It's so unfortunate that this needs to be done.

    USCIS is really hopeless. Why even ask anybody with AOS pending. Do they not have the data of the people who have applied for AOS ? It is almost like the joke. It is like: "we have lost the AOS cases, please file again"

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  • The last time i talked to iio, she said they are processing I485s received in Apr, 2007 and they will start mine in 2 or 3 months.(mine was received on july 24th and pd is eb3 oct 2003). she said, they will process the applications even if the pd is not current but only approve if the pd is current.

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  • In legal parlance it is referred to as "period of stay as authorized by the Attorney General".

    Parolee sounds to fit somewhere right there from among the options, though in my opinion a person has to re-enter the US as a parolee.

    Par: Parolee

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  • Confucious had said, when it comes to 485 and AC-21, be smart and patiently wait for the time to pass before you transform from your pre 180 days avatar ( to your post 180 days avatar (


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  • ramus, really appreciate your dedication in taking ownership of geeting people to send webfax. For the record sent the webfax, got my wife to send the web fax as well. Since people are so lazy if you ask somebody to send webfax, also include the url alteast that way they might click on the url and send the web fax. the url for the web fax is

    People for your own sake please follow all action alerts, web fax, calling senators emails etc. This is now or never
    Error while sending fax....

    Immigration Voice Web Fax
    Message was not sent
    Mailer Error: Language string failed to load:

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  • Once H-1B extension is received, one gets all the luxuries like any other H-1B. You can change jobs any day you want. Having that said, there are few things you have to re-do. Get the H-1B stamped if you change jobs. You have to re-start the GC process from scratch, yet you get to keep the PD and at the same time can switch to any EB catagory.

    Before LC PERM process started, people didn't change jobs as LC could take any where from 2 to 4 years and re-starting the GC process was just no brainer. Now, as it takes 45days or less (theoraticaly) people easily change jobs and get H-1 transferred as well as get new GC process started and get LC in 45 days and then I-140 approved (with premium processing) in another 2 weeks.

    So you once you change jobs you can get to the same stage where you are in two months if you start GC process right-away.

    For tips to the other readers.

    Some employers has company policy where they support the H-1 transfer (financially also) and then one has to wait for 1 or 2 years before they initiate GC process. The mostly the excuse is "Budget is fixed for a year".
    One can propose a solution to this. Ask them, "What if I pay for the charges incurred for GC process if they agree to initiate right away and when s/he finishes one year of employment, reimburse the charges"

    This has worked in many cases as doing such bothe employer and employee gets best of both worlds.

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  • Guys,

    What steps are we taking for labor backlog reduction.
    Is Quinn & Gillespie gonna help us in this regard ?

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  • .... How come a 5 year old dependent becomes eligible for ebquota (sec 203 clearly lists the quota size and qualifications). ...

    Read section 203(d) of INA or ask an immigration expert to explain it you. You will get your answer.

    Take an example:
    H1 primary gets H1 visa, H1 derivative gets H4 visa( and is not counted in H1 quota). Same with L1.

    Laws are different for H1/L1 and adjustment to permanent resident status (aka I-485 approval). Do not confuse non-immigrant visa with immigrant visa. They are not same.

    Not a legal advice
    US citizen of Indian origin


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  • waitingmygc,

    We can say lot of ways how we can proceed but companies are not in a position to listen to us. They are not desi consulting companies, they are american companies. Who will apply to the positions that appear on job posting sites or magazines? whoever qualify to those requirments on positions will apply to those positions. So there is no question of whether they qualify or not. If position is for 5 years exp, ofcourse most of the resumes will have min 5 yrs of exp. Doesnt matter whether you have masters or not.

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  • My lawyer has everything ready to go, Will monitor the situation and will decide accordingly... Most likely, looks like mine will be applied towards the end of July... Also depends on what August VB has to offer, but her concerns are what if USCIS not receipt nor reject and hold the papers, saying the cases are subject to litigation and will not process until a court decides....? etc... and mean time if the dates become current.... what needs to be done...

    Also one thing, I observed, most of the updates from most attorneys seems to be the same... looks like all are going with what Aila/Ailf suggests....

    Hope some interim relief is provided and this whole mess is cleared in favor of the applicants, as we are ones who are really affected

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  • They could be a couple (husband and wife) sharing same computer with same IP Address and with same PD (cross-chargeability).

    We are in democratic country. Why not ask them first? Give them due process.

    They could be guys from the same company, thay could even be neighbors using the same wireless router, has he ever heard about NAT?

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  • Get HDFC receipt
    Fill DS -160 online (no 156 or 157). You can complete 160 even before paying fees though. You will need to upload photo in DS 160.
    2 days after the receipt was issued, take appointment (online).
    Arrange to drop the docs (copy of passport, copy of 797, Appointment Letter, Receipt) at VFS Center 3 days before interview (this step is unique for Mumbai consulate).
    Appear for interview

    You may also buy a Rs250 Ticket to Start & Stripe Lounge where you can sit inside till your appointment time (instead of standing outside in queue) and they will take you to consulate by bus right before interview. It is worth , particularly in hot (or pouring) month of July.

    Thanks krish for the detailed answer. Btw when Ds 156 and 157 will come into play?
    Can you also share your mumbai consulate experience if you were there recently?
    Thanks dude!

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  • can't make it to DC, made a contribution.
    Transaction ID: 94R50453J99520901

    Good Luck !!!


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  • Hi,

    I have couple of questions about renewing EADs and APs (mine and my wife's current EAD/AP expires on 8/29/08):

    1. I am currently on H1 and do not intend to use EAD in the near future. Can I skip my EAD renewal for now and if I need to use it say couple of months later (example: 5/01/2009) can I apply for extension at that time without any issues?

    2. My wife is currently on H4 visa and she will need EAD to work. Is there any issue if primary applicant does not apply for EAD but the dependent does?

    3. My lawyer had initially applied for mine and my wife's EAD and AP at the time of 485 filing. Can I apply for the renewals myself (is the procedure straight forward) or do I need to pay my lawyer for these renewals?

    4. My wife will need AP for travel purposes since she'll be using EAD to work. Does it make sense for me to apply for AP renewal given that I won't be using EAD in the near future? Only issue I see is if I have to travel outside of US and the officer asks for AP at port of entry. Can I apply for AP at any point in time?

    5. I am assuming that I have to wait for 120 days prior to the expiration of current documents in order to apply for their renewals, correct?

    Apologize for a huge list of questions, but I am trying to make a decision in the coming weeks.

    Any help/pointers any one can give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • but the thing is.. i dont have another strip of rentangle on either side... according to the tutes.. im suppose to have one

    You should avoid phrases such as "fast track green card". That is being presumptious.

    Last year when people were campaigning for the rally, some of the campaign slogans were "come to the rally and get gc now instead of 10 years later". That is pushing people's hopes up without reason.

    The problem with such promises and anticlimaxes is, you will not be able to sustain their interest.

    I think gceverywhere is trying to make an appeal, and just to attarct people to this thread, he named it fast track EB greencard. ;) His intentions are correct ... but the method he chose is not. If this becomes a trend, readers will have tough time.

    Thanks for your responses

    I will check for Singapour Airlines deals.

    Mean while I sent email to German Consulate in Atlanta, their reply was that if you have AP you dont need transit visa.

    Also as I understand AMSTREDAM does not require transit visa? is it true?

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