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  • Dunnito

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  • Hello GSC999 ( I forgot your real name :-) ) .
    I prefectly agree with the fact that people are getting a bit overly impatient on the issues here , but I who has been patiently waiting and waiting and working with the state chapters just see a lull and silence on the immigration front ( Skilled and Unskilled ) . No one wants to talk about it or do anything about it on the Hill.Please prove me wrong here , I WANT TO BE WRONG !!!
    DC Rally participant ( 2 + 1) Texas State Chapter member Regular $ Contributer
    Arnab, I understand your point. I mean it. My old priority date was Sept. '02 and after being stuck in backlog for years, I finally decided to change my job, my new priority date is in 2006.

    Now, IV doesn't have control over the schedule followed by the US congress. Having said that, let me assure you that there is positive movement. If you look at recent posts by other members, you will see that momentum. That is the result of your efforts with DC rally and your contribution.

    This last quarter of 2007 is do or die for us. That is why we are asking members to join state chapters and preparing for our next big push. All this may not be what you would be hoping for but guess what, without your efforts we wouldn't have come so far. So have some more patience.


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  • It's really strange the surge in non-legal issues threads..
    If the poster had any genuine hope of getting help she wouldn�t be posting it on a forum for foreigners who obviously have no lobbying power and if we did we will be using it for ourselves first.
    Somebody is trying to establish an association between us and drug and other law breaking criminals..
    Time to put these red dots to a good use.. Get�er boys :)

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  • I do not know in which city of India you took out your PPF.,
    But I heard you have to pay atleast 5% to get PPF back in Hyd.,
    Hope corruption will not be that high by next 20 years in India!!
    I can attest to that. It's not unusual to have to pay bribe from 10-25% to get the PPF money. And even that takes weeks/months to complete. I've personally known relatives in India who had to do that. It's not even considered anything out of ordinary there. Good Luck R2I's.

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  • Aren't you worried about your fingerprints then? Just kidding! Couldn't resist! :)

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  • All,

    We have a head start on Northern CA lawmakers, but we'd like to galvanize the rest of the state.

    We have an excel spreadsheet with the district office info of every CA congressperson. We should just start going through that list and meeting at least a lawmaker or two a week in every sub-region.

    It would be great if members from Southern CA and Central CA would get involved. Dial-in to the weekly conference call on Thursdays, and find out how we put a lawmaker meeting together, what works and what doesn't, what to take etc.

    Also, if you go to the Resources section of the website -- you'll see the new presentation and edited brochure. Check them out and prepare yourself for conversations with legislators and potential members.

    Join the crusade people!


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  • Coming soon..Rated R, for SCARY IMAGES....will make EVERYONE cry!!
    Playing on a computer screen near you!!!.....

    'V-I-S-A B-U-L-L-E-T-I-N...DECEMBER 2009"

    *Disclaimer: Can cause serious mental distress, suicidal thougths, depression, excessive alcohol consumption. Not recommended for EB-XI/C, EB-3 ROW.Country of birth restrictions apply.

    From the director of the blockbuster "Interminable EB-backlog" comes yet another creation "V-I-S-A B-U-L-L-T-I-N...DECEMBER 2009".
    Story, screenplay, Direction; USCIS
    Production; State department
    Music; Labor department

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  • How much does the Transit visa cost?

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  • The bill text says there is NO fee and the applications need to be processed expedited.

    Regulations promulgated under this Act shall provide that applications under this Act will be considered on an expedited basis and without a requirement for the payment by the applicant of any additional fee for such expedited processing.

    So once this bill passes, we can just forget about legal immigration applications for 2 ~3 years, until all illeagul and UNDOCUMENTED applications are processed.

    This is going to effect all legal immigrant community, think about waiting for AP, EAD, H1B application and guess people might have to suffer loosing jobs while waiting for these applications processed.

    We as a community have not even done 5 % of the hard work that DREAM act advocates have done. So such provisions are well deserved by them for the hard work they have done. If we had done enough work for our provisions, there is no doubt our provisions would have seen the day. You need to do some search on all the DREAM act advocates have done in the last few years to reach where they are now. And then compare it our community effort and you will get the answers.

    We recently had an advocacy day. How many of you contributed to it. We failed to even reach a modest budget goal for such a big event. So there is no point blaming undocumented. We need to first blame ourselves for doing nothing.

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  • done..

    2 votes

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  • All;

    The problem here is not just the TB skin test, but the blood test that tests for HIV and the other STD. It is mandatory for the Civil surgeon to draw blood and check for these. My civil surgeon told me he will not accept these 2 tests from any other doctor. I got the TB skin test done at a local clinic before the medical appointment and he accepted that.

    Also, XRAY's are NOT madatory. Only if you have a positive reaction to the skin test then you are required to do the XRAY to rule out TB.

    About, sending the medical reports later, all discusssions here point to the fact that there is no concensus. It would be every attorneys call if they want to submit without the medicals. But, remember USCIS document clearly states that you are REQUIRED to submit medicals. No where does it mention that you can send it later on. So, in the event that you do not submit your Medicals and they reject your I-485, you will really have NO legal basis to appeal other than make a plea.

    I also agree with the person who warned you about the flights getting delayed. You are cutting it too close! Your wife needs to come back earlier. If this is an emergency, then she should come back, get medicals done, submit I-485 and then go back. All this can be achieved in about 4-5 days. Ask for an EMERGENCY appointment at the consulate. PLEAD your case. Dont walk away from the consulate till they give you an EMERGENCY Appointment

    I strongly suggest that she shoudl catch the next flight back and return. You are not going to get this "chance" anytime soon again.
    What will be the basis for emergency appointment ? I was strictly warned not to mention AOS as the basis for the request as it can seriously harm.

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  • MY GC NOW AND NOW NOW NOW.. uuuuAAAAnnnn uuuuuuuuaaannnnnnnnnnnn

    I want my GC now... booohhhoooooooooooooooooooo

    Okie thats it, my prediction thingy done.. back to work with desi tharra.

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  • See ya in two years, may be.

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  • Can you please explain in detail what the RFE was about? What was it that USCIS did not like about your photos?


    Dude, You are looking at not getting a RFE based on the pics. Not that picture people or JCPenny takes great pics and make u look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.
    :D :p
    I got 2 RFE's for pictures only. Those are the only 2 RFE's till date for me.
    I had real bad experience with digital pics. But there are many people who didnt have any issues. So it is all your luck.

    If you have RFE, it sets u back by 2 months for the approval.

    Just my 2 cents.....

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  • I was asked for the AP in India and Germany. The custom officer in India was aware of the AP and immediately completed the process and let me go. In Germany the 1st person ( probability a new hire) did not understand the AP so he asked another custom officer to look at the AP document. The other office looked at the AP and then explained the document to the 1st officer and let me go.

    BTW, the trip last month was the 3rd time I traveled to India on AP.

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  • Freakin - more than 50 people from 2004 are waiting and the same number of people from 2006 get approved!!!

    United States Confusing and Incompetent Service - USCIS

    'Service' my a!@#$%

    EB2-I RIR - NJ , BEC - Philly Approved on 12/20/2006 - PD - 06/18/04
    I140 - Approved on 06/04/07
    RD : 08/08/07 - TSC
    ND : 09/28/07
    FP : 11/1/07
    I485 : !@#????????????? - I don't know (planning to buy Mega million and Power ball lotto with my own algorithm which I believe that I have chance to win, How ever I can not predict the USCIS process)

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  • My employer is not giving copy of my I140. With out I140 how to port it to an other job/employer etc ?

    Can some on advise me !

    I 140 is for the company and it is primary meant to prove that the company is in good rating/standings in the eyes of USCIS. The approved I140 will be with the company and all they do is inform you of the approval etc. It is not necessary for you to change other jobs using AC21.

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  • Guys, there is real substance to what oscarzumaran says as well......

    It is not fair to shout at him unless u understand the issue bereft of any emotions.

    I think the AZ is the right thing to force illegal immigrants out of AZ since its bringing the economy down to its knees.

    Moreover the AZ law is excatly the same as the current Federal law, its just that AZ is implementing it thru a state law, so why shd the feds object to it.

    If you folks think that AZ law is wrong then why should other sanctuary states who prevent illegals from been sent back be allowed to pre-empt the fed law , even these states should be challenged.

    We legal citizens are required by fed law to carry legal docs at any time(even though u may not like it), AZ is just enforcing the law

    IV is all about legal immigration and does not support illegal immigration as I know it, Its a folly to think that if we support the feds they will support legal immigration and give GC's faster......Can anyone be 100% sure that the politicians will not drop the legal provisions from CIR just to get some votes to get the illegal immigrations laws in CIR thru......havent u seen how the healthcare bill was passed

    How could you all support illegals when u are here legally? would you let pakistanis enter India without Visas or let palestines into Isreal just like that?, would Mexico allow Asians into their country just like that, heck NO.

    Stop criticizing folks for stating their point of view, each one has a right to his opinion, so does oscarzumaran.

    I dont care if you give some reds, hope oscarzumaran will compensate with some greens :)
    It is not about the objective of the law. It is about intentions behind it and the effectiveness of it. Sure, throw illegals out.. But make sure noone who are following the law is suffered because of another law. You live here, then you know! SB1070 is not the way to go.

    Ask yourself this question. How many American citizens, you have come across, even know about legal immigration process? This definitely applies to the police!

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  • Why not GC_sufferer do it for us

    I don't think he can.

    I can scarcely believe it... Although I have to say that it would have been impossible to choose between the two entries. Perhaps this is the fairest result in the end. :)

    Actually, I think results from three battles need to be put up - this one, the cartoon characters one and the line art one. Are there any more that haven't had the reults officially put up?

    Better to get a band-aid than leave the injury open and bleeding.

    I hear what you are saying. I am just saying this is a band aid solution.


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