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  • I too, hope iLife is out today. iWork would be good too.

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  • The MBPs get updated far more often than the MP, so they "age" quicker, decreasing their resale value. Almost two MBPs a year, whereas the Mac Pro gets update every what, 18 months?

    The fact that you can't upgrade a notebook has already been said.
    Pop in two 3GHz quad cores, 16GB RAM, a 5870 and some SSDs in a 2006 Mac Pro and you still have a more than decent machine for the vast majority of tasks.
    A 2006MBP, however, is pretty much done these days. A maximum of 2GB RAM and a SATA 1.5Gb/s interface make this machine not impossible to upgrade, by beyond practicality.

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  • Excellent post! Moar!

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  • Alessandra Torresani Leaves

  • Shuttle Launch from the window of a passenger plane. (


    Thanks for posting

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  • no and i have no idea how to do that. terminal is a bit intimidating.

    im using Verizon DSL. Im connected to a wireless router.

    Ok, just thought I'd ask. You can certainly experiment with it. Open Terminal and type ftp. Type the name of the server, your username and password and play around a bit. Type help once you get logged into your server and take a look at the put and mput commands (they're for uploading files). It's ugly, but it works and may be a good workaround until you resolve your GUI issues.

    Just a thought, you can read up on how to use Terminal in help or online. I'll refrain of typing up some huge confusing instruction set on how to do it since it's not really your first choice here.

    alessandra torresani 2010. 12 May 2011 - Los Angeles, California - Alessandra Torresani. Samsung Infuse .
  • 12 May 2011 - Los Angeles, California - Alessandra Torresani. Samsung Infuse .

  • I just wish it was today, since I'm going to be out all day with doctor appointments and other errands. Tomorrow I don't think there's anything to keep me away from the Internet and TV spoilers. Well, I do have several hours of downloaded TV shows to catch up on. Guess I could spend the day with Front Row. :-)

    alessandra torresani 2010. 12 May 2011 - Los Angeles, California - Alessandra Torresani. Samsung Infuse .
  • 12 May 2011 - Los Angeles, California - Alessandra Torresani. Samsung Infuse .

  • The second example is really significantly front-focused, and is shot at f/2.8, so I don't think your focus and recompose technique is to blame (I'd expect a lot less change in focus using the slight focus and recompose you've used here).

    Did you lock focus on the eyes and then recompose? Is it possible that you re-focused after you recomposed?

    i had a similar problem with my nikon 50mm, inconsistent focus and hunting for focus, even after i locked it. Problem was, I thought i locked it, but i didn't check the settings on the camera iteself. I was set up for continuous focus instead of single focus, which accounted for the lens hunting and refocusing everytime i tried to compose a shot.

    not sure if this helps, but once i did realize my error of not resetting the camera for what i was trying to do, the problem was gone.

    Both of these sound like a good analysis of what may ahve caused your issues. I have a nifty 50 which I got recently but have only had it out once so far and did not notice any issues. But I was not doing potrait like fotos either. good luck.

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  • Ok ive been looking for months for a decent photo album app...what I have a question on is this,

    when using a photo storage app it doesnt literally make a copy of this pic to store on your device for the purpose of that app correct? That would be stupid, doesnt it just make like a shortcut or a photo playlist of your existing photos to access?

    I am lookign for a good photo album app that lets me use custom photos for the albums and when I picture with the camera and then import it into the app it will just be more like a shortcut of the pic on the camera roll...

    Thanks everyone :)

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  • Very nice :D

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  • 2010 January «

  • I hope this is standard on ios5. It is pretty rediculous for the data to be there and yet the ipad doesnt use it

    alessandra torresani 2010. Alessandra Torresani arrives
  • Alessandra Torresani arrives

  • Good morning everyone,
    Looks like it is going to be a wet day for queuing.

    I'm heading into Tokyo in a few hours, I'll try and keep you posted as to the line at Ginza.

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  • Alessandra Torresani Clothes

  • They keep it hidden! :D

    lol, so that's where they are hiding it. :D

    alessandra torresani 2010. 12 May 2011 - Los Angeles, California - Alessandra Torresani. Samsung Infuse .
  • 12 May 2011 - Los Angeles, California - Alessandra Torresani. Samsung Infuse .

  • Oh okay, I'm gonna try it now with 4.3.3.

    Don't think 4.3.3 is jailbreakable yet?

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  • Alessandra Torresani

  • Stop whining and get to making the flexible displays that are better than OLED and whatever the "retinal display" is.

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  • Caprica#39;s Alessandra Torresani

  • I am currently using a white Macbook (2.0 GHz / 3GB / GMA 950) from 5 years ago and it is performing admirably for most daily tasks; the only that stretches it a bit is my RAW photo editing on Lightroom 3. I process photos from my Canon EOS 60D, so we're looking at ~20MB images.

    I'm thinking about getting a new machine and am considering the following. Note that I'm not concerned about the hard drive capacity, since I use external drives extensively anyway.

    MacBook Air
    13" / 2.13 GHz / 4 GB 1066MHz / GeForce 320M

    MacBook Pro
    13" / 2.7 GHz / 4 GB 1333MHz / Intel HD Graphics 3000

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  • Alessandra Torresani as Zoe

  • I guess I'll be with you in spirit as well :D

    I have fond memories of running over to the Ginza store after work for the Tiger release. It was pretty incredible how damn long the line was- but it moved impressively fast! I'm still kicking myself for letting the Apple store employees convince me to buy the English box instead of just getting the Japanese one. Oh well :apple:

    alessandra torresani 2010. Alessandra Torresani arriving
  • Alessandra Torresani arriving

  • I finally updated to 4.2.1 and what a disappointment. I can no longer use my sd card connection kit. Says there is not enough power. I would not have updated if I knew this. Is there anyway around this? Software in Cydia possibly?

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  • Pilot in January 2010.

  • You can always downgrade, unless there's something in 4.3.1 you really need.

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  • Alessandra Torresani and Tyler

  • No problem. I'd send you mine but all I got is my iPad 2 now. :mad:

    :confused: :confused: :confused:
    I really, really, really love my lamp, the old G4, but started university this month and realized fairly quickly that something portable would come in handy.

    Now the question is, what to get. I'm considering a few options:

    Get additional iBook 14" (But isn't that too small and slow?)
    Get additional PB 15" (But that'll be bloody expensive )
    Sell old faithfull G4, buy PB 15" + 20 " display for home use (anyone happy with that solution???)

    Also I was wondering, If I get a new machine running Tiger, and keep the old running Panther, won't it be annoying to work with two different OS'es?
    (can't use Tiger disc for portable to install Tiger on iMac G4, can I?)

    Any advice appreciated


    Well what will you use it for, what apps will you run? The ibook is not slow, the only time it will be slow is for running some pro apps such as FCP. Also you might want to consider the 12" ibook since the 14 and 12 inch have the same resolution.

    Insert your windows DVD and repair your bootcamp installation.

    I need invite. please send me at

    Damn one game looking forward to :- Wing Island , turns out to be a turd and my hopes for a pilotwings bit of fun vansihes in a puff of smoke...

    5 / 10

    4.0 Presentation
    First-generation PS2 or GCN stuff. Basic, contrived storyline and archaic production values.
    4.0 Graphics
    Plain, not plane. Simple level designs with minimal artistic or technical stand-outs. Runs at 60 frames in 480p / 16:9, at least.
    4.0 Sound
    Generic background music and Banjo-Kazooie-like character blips minus the charm.
    5.0 Gameplay
    Single-craft missions are usually fun, if shallow. But the formation flying is a bore and a chore.
    5.0 Lasting Appeal
    The single-player affair won't last gamers too long. There is a two-player mode to come back to, but most won't care.

    5.0 Meh OVERALL

    "Where have all the good games gone ?" They better start arriving soon cause I'm getting really peeved. :( Even super swing golf seems to have been pulled for euro release disapearing off the radar :(

    Edit: 1up gave it a great score of 3/10 BAD. :(

    I'll be staying at the Pickwick, 'really looking forward to seeing the city and meeting up with you guys.


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