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  • I am in the same situation. i got approval notice on sep 1st but no cards...........

    My 485 Case status is like this

    Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

    On September 3, 2010 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    It is almost 45 days??NO FP and nothing happened so far? can anybody in the same situation. please update your status it helps a lot for me.


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  • Right now my parents in India are trying to seek help from local authority so as to say the ADM office - to get the certificate. I dont know how much this will work.........I will keep everyone posted.

    Did you register the marriage in the first place (I am not sure if it is a requirement in India, although most people do register their marriage)? If you did, then you or your (or your wife's) parents should have a marriage certificate that you got at the time of your marriage.

    Anyway, all you can do is to take the commonsense route:
    (i) Try to get the marriage certificate. It should be easier to get marriage certificate than Birth certificate since it is a more recent event. Moreover, as far as I know marriage records are public records; anyone (and thus your parents) can get a copy of the record from the local municipality. It is probably the clerks who is asserting their *importance* at the crunch time by not giving you the certificate what they can find in 5-10 mins.

    (ii) If you cannot get the certificate within the deadline, send whatever evidence you have; wedding photos/videos/invitations, affidavits from your and your wife's parents, etc.; and ask for additional time for getting the actual certificate. This ought to buy you a month or so.

    A digressionary question: if you do not mind, could you kindly briefly state your qualifications (publications, citations, patents, grants, TPCs, etc.) and the list of evidence (e.g., how many letters and from whom) you supplied for your EB-1 application (I-140) [I am assuming that it is EB1-OR]? I will also be in that boat shortly...

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  • I saw my LUD cnahge 09/21 on my I-485 and my wife, and got 4 e-mail from cris, that my application was received from other center(CSC).But CSC transfered on 09/14, and sent transfer notice.

    I am still waiting for my FP.

    What does it mean.Does it mean i get my FP.


    Contributed $100 for Rally.

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  • Franklin, sroym
    IV is not an Indian organization. If this is one of the reasons why few non-indian members are not making donations then please re-consider your decision and start donating.

    Also let us not dillute our fight by expanding the fight to include other problems. Once we achieve desired results, we can continue to pick up other problems and lead the fight.

    What part of my post indicated that I had not donated?! I was responding to claims that other nationalities affected have not stepped up and offered their time to help, in response to some one else's claim in this thread. I also suggested that the media tends to report what it wants to and this is not necessarily the full truth.

    As a side note, you try pursuading people to join up here that don't fit into the demographic most vocal on this forum (i.e. anyone that is not Indian)... Which, incidently, is the group that I know and interact with (i.e. greencard applicants that are not Indian), and try and pursuade them that this group represents them too, when half of the posts say (paraphrasing) "well, its only the indian and chinese group that faces problems". I can guarantee you that this is extremely tricky when you ask people to see beyond the bias on a forum and pony up their cash.

    It is this very reason, that when I see a thread that could be read negatively by this demographic, I do my best to remind people to be sensitive of this fact. How would you feel if you were being begged to contribute money, and then told that this issue doesn't affect you (which has happened to me)? Every single person on this forum needs to realize that, and I'm NOT talking about the core team, they do a fantastic job and acknowledge every single person's issues regardless of nationality, but does every single poster here?

    srikondoji, you will also notice that the FBI name check is part of the IV agenda. There have been multiple posts regarding this. There is even a headline currently posted on the front page about this very issue.

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  • Google for something called "Follow to Join", if you were single then why did you apply for 485? Atleast you could have withdrawn teh application if you had applied by mistake....

    But for follow to join i think there is a clause that the person should be married before 485 gets approved, meaning the primary applicant did not add spouse to 485 and his 485 gets approved or the wife does not have 485 approval then they can use follow to join.

    But do speak to an attorney if follow to join can be applicable in your case (i remember reading some 60 day limit or so) but please confirm and act accordingly.

    Otherwise only other option you have is to get married and bring your spouse on any other visa like h1b or so.

    Dontworry my friend speak to a good attorney they may advice what to do.

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  • As posted above, once you have the receipt call USCIS and expedite your EAD application.

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  • when is "House-Senate Conference Committee " scheduled ?

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  • Hey guys this is interesting and useful info and AILA and AILF should take note of this.

    If they approve EB3/India/APR2004 and EB2/INDIA/AUG2005 saying the dates were current on Jul1 or Jul2 , applying the same logic they can't reject applications that were files when the dates were still current. And also give fair chance to others to react between bulletins.
    You are right, priderock. If indian2006 is willing, his case can be used as an example by AILF but I think we should be happy for those who got approved and spare them any more trouble.

    However, looking at indian2006's case, I had one question.
    If they allocated visa number on 1st July then, why was the approval done on 10th? I think in one of the earlier posts it was mentioned that they need to use it in 7 days or else return it to DOS.

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  • My plan is making the following

    Movie - A full length feature with characters that represent our life (includes H1 to GC process) in US with humor

    Documentary - A professional documentary on our issues like H1 problems, GC backlog processing etc.

    Any other thoughts from your side would help.

    I am an ex NYFA student in digital film making. I would like to make the above two things by end of this year. Any of you are interested can participate. Again I don't need any money contributions. Just need your participation as actors, script writers and as other team members.

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  • I was wondering if your H1 visa was not approved how did you come back on H-4 visa. Didn't your H4 status get invalid when your H1 got approved.

    The approval of your H1 would have invalidated your H-4 visa :confused:

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  • There are reports that there are a huge backlog in medical examination appointments in certain areas. Currently, the USCIS requires the sealed medical report as the part of "initial evidence" for filing of I-485 applications. The attorneys here in Orlando asked the USCIS to change the current policy, allowing I-485 filers to file I-485 without the medical report. The USCIS took such request under advisement. Considering the fact that EB numbers could move backward again, such change of policy may be critically important for some filers.

    Its not confirmed yet so please cautious .. In Virgina there are couple of Doctors entertaining walkins..Please check who are near by DC metro .I finished my stufff in the morning after waiting for 3 hours ..


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  • Done.

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  • I am proud of IV!
    Yesterday, I felt proud to be part of a crowd that is so dedicated, selfless, hardworking, fearless, educated, discplined, understanding!!
    Each one of you were an inspiration. I cannot thank you guys enough for all your effort.
    Logic Life's speech was awesome. I wish he can post it here too, for people who missed it. Vandana....you are the rock star we need!
    Franklin is full of energy!!!!!!!
    People were thrilled to finally see/meet Aman. He deserves the respect he gets from IV members!
    I could go on and on......I have so much to say! Will continue the story in my next post.

    Thank you all, for helping me out with everything. We were like a family...looking out for each other. I really felt sad when I was coming back from D.C. Is there a way, all of us can stay there in the White House :)

    Thanks once again,

    "Full of energy"?!? Are you kidding me?!?

    I was a complete slacker compared to our fearless leader, the drill sargent, the lost and found chap, the spine of organization ladies.

    I barely kept it together! I strongly oppose :)

    Just waiting for my flight back now - its been an experience of a life time. I have done things in the last 4 days I never thought I'd experience.

    Congratulations to all who came!

    The real work now begins and I'm sure there will be an update from Our Fearless Leader soon

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  • I am also trying to stay afloat through the very debatable AC21 process. Currently, my case is being handled by Ron Gotcher and I have been very happy with all the help and support so far. Not to mention, they are really reasonable.

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  • This is really good.

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  • contributions have to be voluntary.. finger pointing would be of no good & on the contrary will be counter-productive..

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  • LoL. The response from the senator (actually from one of his assistants, for Obama did not even read your letter), may appall you thoroughly, but it was completely expected. We may think of our predicament apocalyptic, but from the point of view of a wannabe president, it is not even a problem which requires a careful and personal reading of a letter. With huge issues like Iraq war and 12 million foreigners living illegally in the country bearing down on him, who has time for a few thousand law abiding workers waiting patiently in line.

    How disheartening it can be to realize that let alone helping solve your problem, this country has not even noticed our problem on its radar. Part of our problems is actually caused by illegal immigrants, and yet we are being confused as being one of them. The analogy may sound crude to many, but now I know how the Sikhs must have felt when they were the victims of hate crimes in the wake of 9-11.

    Somewhere in these forums I read somebody�s suggestion to rename the organization to legal-immigrants-first, or a similar sounding name. It may sound wholly redundant exercise to many of us, who are living the retrogression problem everyday, but it will make real difference in achieving our goals. We must first clearly identify and register ourselves in the eyes of leader of this country, before letting them know of our problems.

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  • No response yet from WillIBLucky. Does any other member want to organize the call for this chapter? pls. go ahead. Members need to take active role in the state chapter and keep it alive. It is easy to give ideas and question others but is difficult to actually work for something. I urge chapter members to communicate with each other and organize a call.

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  • You still haven't shown me the text from any of the three bills that says Masters in STEM are exempt from the EB cap. After all, that's the only thing that will prove you or me wrong.


    Jayant aka PD_Dec2002:

    Can't believe you got suckered into this. "gceb1" is up to no good...spewing his frustration at you and lskreddy. He/she cannot justify his own posts to save his/her own butt.

    I count you among the several "voices of reason and logic" in these forums since more-often-than-not you will do the research and provide appropriate links. So just ignore this "gceb1" idiot, and continue what you do. Ideally, everyone should ignore this "gceb1" idiot. :)

    I did not feel like signing along for two reasons: we are not US citizen yet, and I consider myself citizen of the world and will always be. I do not aspire to become citizen of the United States of America.

    Even when Americans sang their national anthem in a church, I felt not right. Churches are not supposed to be linked to states. There should be no country boundary within the Christian world.

    There should be no country boundary within the world we want to build either.

    By the way, if the United States go to war with your country of birth, who will you side with? Will the United States trust you?

    I landed in Canada in April 2005 so I have until April 2008. However if I decide to do this I may move by Jan 2008 latest ( probaly earlier - If you are from a warm state I would urge you never to move to Canada in winter because your life will be hell. Getting used to a new place is bad enough without the clold weather).

    I would love to be an optimist but Im not certain my PD will be current in 1 yr. I think we all underestimate the 245 i angle. If however my PD does get current then this whole issue is null and void.


    As long as your wife is getting paid by Canadian Payroll as a Canadian employee she should be fine. Even better if pay is in canadian dollars and being deposited in a canadian bank account. This should not be an issue.

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